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Event Guide 89: EAR Festival, Literature Symposium, Opera Live Screening, Life is no picnic, Bewley’s Debate, Dublin Book Festival

| DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events) No. 89
| 27 Feb 2009                      Subscribers: 3487

Hi all!

Last weekend I went to the 3-day long “Breakthrough to Success” seminar AGAIN. :-) I went there before and had written about it here a number of times, so this time I hadn’t initially planned to do the whole seminar again, but some friends went and I ended up doing the whole seminar again. The amazing thing is that the huge motivational and inspirational effect STILL works for me and I STILL think EVERYBODY should do this seminar. I know now that not everybody is ready for it, but if you are ready and interested in changing some aspects of your life to the better, then you have another chance to go to the seminar in September (11-13 Sept). You can already register here www.breakthroughtosuccess.eu/?af=CLA1035324 and with approx. 550 people at it this time (There will be 5000 (!!) in London at the end of March!), it is a good idea to register well in advance. If you want to know a bit more, contact me or have a look at this promo video www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IyCgRS4pFY .

Last night (Thurs) I went to the launch of EYP Dublin. (EYP stands for European Young Professionals). It was a very successful event and I suggest that you keep an eye out for future EYP events brought to you by Ty Richardson and his team. More information about EYP can be found here: www.eypglobal.org/Dublin It was great to meet lots of new people and to meet some of you the first time, others the first time in person and others again after not meeting you for a while. So a quick Hi! to Monika, Susann, Nives, Cornelia, Ronny, Emanuele, Marcel, Roberto, Kevin, Tudor, Alan and Ty.

And finally: I regularly mention Krav Maga, the self-defence system for everyone, which is taught in Dublin by Patrick Cumiskey. I train twice a week and help teaching as well and many of you have asked me about it. At least 20 of you were among the approx. 950 people that we train every year, but more are interested in finding out more. You can see a short video clip that was done for TV3’s morning programme “Ireland AM” here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mjnutlK9Uk Oh and this week Rachel, Michal, Nolan and Piotr are in Lugano to do their trainer certification. Good luck! To find out more about upcoming courses check www.kravmagaireland.com

A big thanks to Mike G. and Andrej G. who sent me a donation this week. Every donation is hugely appreciated and I am looking forward to YOURS! ;-)

And please read this: This Event Guide is sponsored by Esme E, Cliodhna D, Brian L, Padraig S, Kathie S, Orla niF, Jef B, Susanna N, Kate C, Nicola J, Claus Sch, Gordon S, Jeanne M, Fiona O’C, Marta M, Angela C, Isabelle F, Saundra S, Meisoon N, Ruth F, Valerie McN, Estelle O, Aoife M, Mairin M, Fionán O’L, Maeve L, Blaithin O’D, Ciara D, Mike G, Andrej G, www.stickyfingerstravel.com (The travel guide for parents travelling with their children.), www.target2020.com (…a training company that focuses on personal and career development.), www.thepaulkanegallery.com (A great Art Gallery, located at 6 Merrion Square, which supports contemporary Irish artists.) and www.a1computers.ie in Cabinteely (…who repair computers, printers and sort out Internet problems fast and who sell computers, laptops and low priced printer cartridges). The main sponsor is www.kravmagaireland.com, the self-defence training centre for everyone, which provides 12-week or 2-day self-defence training courses for beginners.

I am grateful for all support, the sponsoring is picking up, but YOUR support is NEEDED too! Going to free events saves you a LOT of money. True? ;-) Knowing about these free events is essential, so that you then can decide if you want to go or not. True? This is at least worth 1 Euro per month, which is just 25 cent per newsletter!? Do you agree? Can I count on your 12 Euro per year? Feel free to give more if you can, but please do seriously consider the 12 Euro.
To contribute go to “http ://url . ie/v6z” and just remove the three Spaces in the web address (I have to write it like this, otherwise Spam Checkers complain about the url .ie address.) you then can donate using PayPal or your credit card!
Alternatively you can transfer your donation directly to “Joerg Steegmueller, AIB, SortCode 93-36-78, AccountNo 03556043” or send a mail to me (dublineventguide@gmail.com) and we can arrange a different route for your donation. This Event Guide is a hobby project and NOT a commercial enterprise, so I do need donations!

All events listed in this Event Guide are free of any admission charges or at least appear to be free unless otherwise stated. I try to find confirmation in all cases and do my best to double-check the information. However errors can happen and therefore no guarantee for correctness can be given.

______Joerg’s Picks______________

Since this newsletter is getting longer and longer with all the free events available, this section is meant to provide some help in picking and choosing the events I will or would go to. This is not the “best of…” list and if an event is not listed here, it by no means implies that the event is not interesting. Instead my “picks” are just based on my personal preferences, so if it helps you I am glad, but feel free to ignore this section completely! :-) All events mentioned here are described in detail further down.

Here could be your advertisement!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to advertise in this Dublin Event Guide for Free Events, please contact Joerg via dublineventguide@gmail.com to find out the conditions/parameters. Short advertisements can be placed at virtually any point in this newsletter, but are limited to 5 ads per newsletter with a max of 5 lines.

This weekend I recommend a visit to some events at the EAR Festival (e.g. Fri+Sat), then I will try to visit the Moxie Studios and might go to the Opera Ireland Live Screening of Don Giovanni (Sat). On Tuesday the “Life is no picnic” exhibition interests me and the Bluegrass Night on Thursday sounds good. If I had an interest in dresses, I would probably go to Sew and Tell on Thursday. ;-)


Have you ever heard of Funky Seomra? It is a club/disco event where you can dance to funky world music in an alcohol-free and drug-free atmosphere. David Mooney started Funky Seomra in September 2008 in the Cultivate Centre in Temple Bar and it was immediately so popular that in January he moved the event to the RDS Concert Hall. The RDS is a big concert and exhibition centre in Ballsbridge. The usual frequency of Funky Seomra is once a month, but sometimes special events are sprinkled in. The next event will take place this Saturday, on 28 Feb from 20:00-01:30. And after that on the 14 March is a special St. Patrick’s Day Weekend event. Funky Seomra made 3 (!!) pairs of tickets available for the 14 March event and I will tell you more about it and how to enter the competition next week. But maybe you want to check it out already this week? Admission is EUR 15 and more information can be found here: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34897260145 and here

The pair of tickets for the Arambe Productions event “An Evening party of intercultural music” with the 7-piece traditional group De Jimbe and a number of solo acts on the Irish circuit, including renowned Irish whistle player Cormac Breathnach, flautist Emer Mayock and singer Donna Anita Nikolaisen, was won by Saundra Stephen. Congratulations!

All events in this Competition Section are non-free events, but the organisers are making free tickets available for you to win. I usually get lots of competition entries and unfortunately not everybody can win, so even if you are not the winner, please consider going to an event to support the organisers. :-) If you don’t win, and will go to the event, please help showing the organisers that promoting their event in the Dublin Event Guide is beneficial and mention to them that you heard about the event through “Joerg’s Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”. Thanks!

______Dublin News______________

Congratulations to Stephen Stewart, a Dublin Event Guide Community Member and a friend from the Gardiner Street Gospel Mass (who will never be forgotten for his trademark “How’s it going?”) for winning a great price recently. The 2009 Digital Media Award – Student Section (www.digitalmedia.ie/2009/finalist.html) was won by Stephen with this winning entry “Appeal to the people of Africa”. You can watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4-dc6ZEGmM

And Brian, a brand new Dublin Event Guide Community Member alerted me to his Irish-American Stories Project here www.Irishamericanstoryproject.com. Have a look at his website and feel free to browser and read the posted stories.

It doesn’t stop! More news from Dublin establishments and this time it is unfortunately “terminal”. The Thomas Reads Group, which really consists of many many different little companies is going through the examinership process due to their huge debts and a decision for the first four pubs is made. Three pubs will be closed (Thomas Reads Smithfield, The Life Bar in the Irish Life Mall (Abbey Street) and Bodega (former 40ft) in Dun Laoghaire) and the remaining pubs including The Bailey (Duke Street), Searsons (Baggot Street), The Winding Stair (Ormond Quay), The Globe (South Great Georges Street), Ri Ra (South Great Georges Street), The Harbourmaster Bar (IFSC), Thomas Read Parliament Street, Pravda (Liffey Street), Floridita (Abbey Street), Dawson Lounge (Dawson Street), Ron Black’s (Dawson Street), Lincoln Inn (Lincoln Place), and eight bars at Dublin Airport are still in danger of going down the same hole unless they can be rescued.
I mentioned before that it is particularly sad that the Thomas Read Group is affected because in many of their pubs free events were offered regularly.

It seems that the current US Embassy in Ballsbridge, a quite iconic building, will not stay there for too much longer. The preference is for a new build somewhere else because the current embassy doesn’t meet the security requirements. www.independent.ie/national-news/us-embassy-to-move-from-ballsbridge-1650741.html


A few weeks ago I suggested/invited everybody on the distribution list who has recently started a company – out of need or because they saw this great opportunity -, to send me some information about their venture and I promised to let everybody in the Dublin Event Guide Community know. I got a good few replies and am still open to receive more. Initially I had planned to list all of these business ideas here together, but to keep the size of the newsletter a little under control, I will now distribute them over a few weeks.

Suzanne O’Sullivan is a Yoga Teacher and Holistic Dietician in Dublin and with her classes and her website myyogabody.ie she is working hard on getting the word about Yoga out. If you are inexperienced and would like to try it, talk to Suzanne about a free Yoga class and for everybody else, check her schedule and talk to Suzanne if you are interested in practising Yoga with her or if you are interested in her help as a Holistic Dietician. All contact details can be found on myyogabody.ie. When you contact Suzanne, please mention that you heard about her in the Dublin Event Guide for Free Events!

Do you feel tired? …lethargic? …anxious? Suffer from headaches? Have trouble sleeping? Suffer from digestive issues and/or IBS? Do you need some help achieving your goals? Releasing your fears? If any of these conditions trouble you, then Aisling Catargiu, a Systematic Kinesiologist, might be able to help you. Aisling works with each client holistically to bring the whole person to optimum health and balance by focussing on all aspects of the person; physically, nutritionally, mentally/emotionally and energetically. If you are not exactly sure anymore what Kinesiology is, have a look here www.kinesiology.ie/2009/ask/whatis.htm and then contact Aisling Catargiu, DipAK on 087-933 8799 or via aislingcatargiu@yahoo.com. Please let her know that you hear about her in the Dublin Event Guide for Free Events

Next week I will describe two more opportunities that Event Guide readers saw to fight against recession and doom&gloom. Support the small start-up companies if you can!


‘Hughie O’Donoghue: Recent Paintings and Selected Works from the American Ireland Fund Donation’ is an exhibition of 27 works by Hughie O’Donoghue which will be on show in the Irish Museum of Modern Art from 03 Mar-17 May.
(Museum Detail: Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, www.imma.ie, Tues-Sat: 10:00-17:30, Sun+Bank Holidays: 12:00-17:30. from 05 June-18 Sept: Thurs: 10:00-20:00)

The Process Room at IMMA will be showing ‘The Wrestlers: notes on a sculpture’, an installation piece by Fergus Byrne that presents aspects of recent work looking at martial arts, wrestling and contact improvisation that includes a series of live events in the space. The Wrestlers will be in show until Sunday 1 March 2009.
(Museum Detail: Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, www.imma.ie, Tues-Sat: 10:00-17:30, Sun+Bank Holidays: 12:00-17:30. from 05 June-18 Sept: Thurs: 10:00-20:00)

‘New Figurative Works’ with paintings, drawings and sculpture by Michael McWilliams will be on show at the Crow Gallery in Temple Bar from 24 to 28 February 2009. (Gallery Details: Crow Gallery, 6 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, www.crowgallery.net, Open: 12:00-18:00)

‘The Persistent Grid’, an exhibition of drawings, sculptures and video pieces by Niall Flaherty will be on show in Monster Truck Gallery & Studios from 26 Feb – 03 Mar.
www.niallflaherty.com (Gallery Details: Monster Truck Gallery, 73 Francis Street, Dublin 7, www.monstertruck.ie, Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun: 13:00-19:00, Wed closed, Thurs: Opening night 18:00-20:00)

‘Bonfires’, a photographic by John Duncan, will run from 26 Feb-04 April. (Gallery Details: Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, 5-9 Temple Bar, www.templebargallery.com, Open: Tues-Sat 11:00-18:00 (19:00 on Thursday))

‘Facsimile’, an exhibition of video and photographic work by Martin Healy is running from 25 Feb-28 March. www.martinhealy.net (Gallery Details: Rubicon Gallery, 10 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, www.rubicongallery.ie, Open: Tues- Sat 12:00-18:00)

The Origin Gallery on Harcourt Street in Dublin 2 is presenting an exhibition of new work by Emer Martin. It will open on Thursday 26 February 2009.

John Brennan will exhibit at the Hallward Gallery on Merrion Square from 03 to 31 March 2009. (Gallery Details: Hallward Gallery, 65 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2, www.hallwardgallery.com, Open: Tues-Fri 11.00-17.30, Sat 12:30-16:30)

‘Reverb: An Exhibition of Youth Arts’ will be on show from 27 Feb-11 March 2009. The exhibition will take place at the Concourse, County Hall, Dun Laoghaire. ‘Reverb’ is a celebration of the work of local young people that aims to create an awareness and understanding of local youth arts practice and process to date.

thisisnotashop on Benburb Street is inviting to ‘Hardware’ by James Merrigan, a fabricated site-specific installation. The exhibition will run from 27 Feb-08 Mar. The opening will take place on 27 Feb from 19:00-21:00. (Gallery Details: Thisisnotashop, 26 Benburb Street, Dublin 7, www.thisisnotashop.com. Open: 11:00-19:00)

Sycamore Gallery in Temple Bar, Dublin 2, is presenting an exhibition of work by members of the Print Collective. ‘Unfinished Business’ will run from 26 Feb.
www.twomb.com/print-collective www.sycamoreclub.com

Ronan McCrea’s ‘New Town Centre Project (Extract #1)’, is a multi-channel 35mm slide projection installation with synchronised sound developed in response to the particular geography of the Blanchardstown Town Centre, will continue at Draiocht Arts Centre in Blanchardstown until 4 April 2009. www.ronanmccrea.com

“Loneliness in West Germany” is the title of an exhibition by Declan Clarke which will be on show in the Goethe Institut (37 Merrion Square, Dublin 2) from 30 Jan-28 March. Admission is free. Clarke has created two new film works along with a number of interventions in the Goethe-Institut’s reading room, gallery space, library, car park and an upstairs apartment.
As part of the exhibition there will be a number of screenings:
* Mon 09 Mar at 18:00
The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (1975) 106 mins,
dir. by Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta
* Mon 23 Mar at 18:00
Before Your Eyes- Vietnam (1982), 114 mins
The Words of the Chairman (1967), 3 mins, dir. by Harun Farocki

‘The Palimpsest of Home’ is a multi-media exhibition of work by Angela Anderson, from 03-15 March. The exhibition will be opened by Shane Cullen at a reception on Friday 6 March 2009 from 19:00-21:00. (Gallery Details: Signal Arts Centre, 1 Albert Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow, www.signalartscentre.ie, Open: Tue – Fri: 10:00-13:00 & 14:00-17:00, Sat – Sun: 12:00-17:00)

‘Coming down in Colour’ is an exhibition of paintings by John Duffy that will be on show at the Blue Leaf Gallery in Marino from 04-17 March 2009. The exhibition will be officially opened by Brian Maguire on Tuesday 3 March 2009 from 18:00-20 Mar.


Megan McDonald is signing copies of “Judy Moody Goes to College” in Eason’s  O’Connell St, Dublin on Fri 27 Feb from 11:00. www.eason.ie/events

The UCD Earth Systems Institute is inviting to a weekly seminar about climate change. The next public lecture will take place on Fri 27 Feb from 12:30-13:30 in The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. The topic is “Down to Earth – soils and climate change” by Professor Christoph Mueller & Dr. Thomas Cummins, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science
An overview over the whole seminar programme until June 2009 including links to abstracts is here www.ucd.ie/earth.

Botany Seminar on the 27 Feb 09 with the title “Influence of the Gulf Stream position on lake nitrate concentrations in SW Ireland” by Dr Norman Allott, Centre for the Environment & Dept. of Zoology, School of Natural Sciences, TCD will take place on Fri 27 Feb from 14:00 in the Botany Lecture Theatre, Botany Building. All are welcome. www.tcd.ie/Secretary/Communications/Noticeboard/ls_notices.html#12700

The EAR Festival of New Music is taking place from 26-28 Feb and admission to all concerts and events is free. The venue is The Lab in Foley Street and you can find out about all the events here: ear.ie/future_events.htm
Electro Acoustic Revue (EAR) is a Dublin-based collective of composers and performers who specialise in the electroacoustic medium and its interactions with instrumental music.

As part of the EAR Festival of New Music (Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 February 2009) there will be two screenings of Irish and international audiovisual works in response to the theme of ‘The Table’. The screenings feature works by Akkato, Regina Bartschi & Michaela Funfhausen, David Bickley, Sinead McCann & Naomi Sex, Frank Niehusmann, Thea Stallwood, Alicja Rogalska and others. The screenings take place at 16:00 on Friday 27 February, and at 16:00 on Saturday 28 February 2009. www.ear.ie (Gallery Details: The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1, www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/ArtsandFacilities/Pages/TheLabFoleyStreet.aspx, Open: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00)

As part of the EAR Festival “Thalassa – Muir” is taking place on Fri 27 Feb and Sat 28 Feb at 21:00 each evening. The performance combines poetry, composed and improvised electroacoustic music, dance and visuals of the sea. Ancient and Modern, Irish and Greek! It will take place in The Lab in Foley Street, Dublin 1 and admission is free on a first come, first served basis. Please note that there is no entrance after the performance begins. Thanks for Margaret G for telling about this event.

* James Sheeran (Acoustic/Rock/Trad) is playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. And The Eastern Harps (Trad) are playing there from 20:00. Admission is free.
* Sahaja Meditation program every Friday at 19:30 at 4/5 Eustace Street (bell 3, next to the IFI), Temple Bar. For more information contact Seamus on SHarten@upc.ie www.templebar.ie/home_ns_9_action_view_nid_229.html


An interesting free symposium for everyone with an interest in literature will be taking place on Sat 28 Feb in Dun Laoghaire.
“Europe in Popular Literature” – Symposium is organised by the National Association of English Studies. It will take place on Sat 28 Feb in the IADT in Dun Laoghaire, Room A019. The event starts at 09:30 and you can contact aoife.leahy@ireland.com for more information. There will be discussions about “Irish Writers and Travel Literature”, “Nineteenth Century Popular Literature” and “Twentieth Century Gothic and Science-Fiction”. The symposium is absolutely free and everyone is welcome.
You can get to IADT by bus (46A) or by DART. Map: www.iadt.ie/en/Visitors/MapsDirections www.indymedia.ie/article/91161

Moxie Studios in Dublin 8 will be holding their first Open Studio Day on Saturday 28 Feb 2009 from 10:00. Moxie is located at 86 Jamestown Road, Dublin 8, just beside the Blackhorse LUAS stop. Visitors can meet Moxie artists and see their work as well as available spaces, video and music projects, browse through our rummage sale and grab a bite to eat at the Moxie BBQ. For more information contact: bear@mox.ie I know that originally Moxie Studios wanted to run a Car Boot Sale, but I can’t find any reference to it in the new announcement. …and unfortunately the website www.mox.ie is eternally “under construction”.

Sat 28th from 12.30 -1.30 The SuperNatural Food Market is taking place every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. This Saturday 28 Feb, the Super Natural Market – in conjunction with Dublin City Council – are presenting a Fairtrade talk from a producer member of a costa rican coffee cooperative. He will be there to talk about the benefits and benign, transformative effects of Fairtrade on their community. And the necessity of micro economy and the power of our consumer choices, certainly a timely topic! Check it out and if you have never been there, then check out the Super Natural Food Market as well! www.supernatural.ie

Robert Vaughn will be signing copies of Robert Vaughan Fortunate Life in Eason’s in O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 on Sat 28 February 2009 at 12:30.

Gordon Smith will be signing copies of Unbelievable Truthin Eason’s Dundrum Town Centre on Sat, 28 February 2009 from 13:00

Baby Chill Zone from Clap Handies will be available in the Shopping Centre the last Saturday of every month. The Baby Chill Zone, which is especially for babies from “zero to crawling”, will provide a resource for both you and your baby to take a break from the buggy and stretch your legs, with sensory equipment, activities and fully-trained staff from Clap Handies to ensure an interactive and engaging session for you and your baby. Baby Chill Zones commenced on 7th February 2009 on Level 3, adjacent to House of Fraser, and will take place on the last Saturday of each month going forward; the next Baby Chill Zone will take place on Saturday, 28th February followed by a session on Saturday, 28th March and Saturday 25th April.

* Our Museums: Linking Archaeology and Natural History Talk: “Worshippers of Animals” for all ages (Workshop) on Sat 28 Feb from 13:00-13:45 in Kildare Street. “For 3000 years the Ancient Egyptians worshipped many animal Gods, from Anubis, the jackal God of Death to Thoth, the Ibis God of Science. Ceramics Room”
* Adult Gallery Talk: “Art O’Murnaghan’s Leabhar na hAiséirghe (Book of Resurrection)” on 28 Feb from 12:00 in Collins Barrackin the Understanding 1916 Exhibition. Talk by Sandra McElroy, NMI.

Nearly every Saturday from 15:00-16:00 a National Gallery Family Programme will provide an opportunity for adults and children to enjoy the excitement of learning about the arts through a wide range of free Gallery-based activities including exploring storytelling, music, art, poetry and drama. The topic of this week’s event is “The Wilderness in Winter” with Alex Davis. The programme takes place in the Baroque Gallery and is suitable for children from 4-10 years.

For details see Friday.

As part of Opera Ireland’s public access programme, the sell-out opening night of Don Giovanni will be relayed live from the Gaiety Theatre to Meeting House Square in Temple Bar and to Liberty Hall for a free public screening. “With glorious music, singing and spectacle, this could be a great, fun way to experience the magic of the live performance and catch the opera bug!” On Sat 28 Feb from 20:00 you can watch Don Giovanni on Meeting House Square in Temple Bar (Non-ticketed Free Event! Limited Seating Available – Come early and dress warmly!) or in Liberty Hall (Tickets are FREE but booking is essential (Limited Availability). To book your tickets contact: Dublin City Council 01 2227846 or email sinead.connolly@dublincity.ie)

Check the same event on Friday for all details.

The Recession Club Live at Cassidy’s in Westmoreland Street is featuring Gary Day (Morrissey Bass Player) playing hits of Rockabilly, Ska, Punk and Indie. Lauren told me a looong time ago that there was free admission, but I wasn’t able to confirm that, so check it out before you finally decide. The gig is starting at 21:00 on Sat 28 Feb.

* Meet the Gardener in Phoenix Park. Until 03 March a gardener will be available on most Saturday mornings from 10:30-12:30 in the Victorian Walled Garden (Ashtown Demesne) in Phoenix Park to answer your questions. The service is free. To check if this Saturday is one of the “most Saturdays” contact 01 677 0095 or phoenixparkvisitorcentre@opw.ie. www.heritageireland.ie/en/Dublin/PhoenixPark
* Don’t forget that the Temple Bar Markets (Temple Bar Food Market on Meeting House Square and – on a long break until 14 March – the Temple Bar Designer Mart near Cow’s Lane) are taking place every Saturday from 10:00-16:30.
* The SuperNatural Food Market is taking place every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. www.supernatural.ie
* Enda Reilly (Acoustic/Rock/Trad – www.myspace.com/endaderoad) is playing from 19:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Fiach (Acoustic/Rock/Soul – www.myspace.com/fiachmusic) is playing there from 21:00. Admission is free.
* Island of Tranquility – A meditation evening organised by the Worldview Project at 19:00. worldview.project.googlepages .com/invitationtotheislandoftranquality (Pls remove the space before the “.com” in the web address.) is taking place in 24 Burlington Road near the Burlington Hotel in Dublin 4.
* La Vie Latin Club – ObsessionSalsa are running this event every Sat in La Vie, 1-5 Exchequer Street from 22:00. Entrance is free. Best latin tunes, salsa, reggeaton, meringue, bachata will be played. www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33256271269
* Havana Tapas Bar is inviting to a Salsa Night with afro-latin percussion every Sat night 22:30-02:00. Bachata, salsa, merengue, reggeaton with resident DJ Papi Chulo. Food is available until 00:30 and usually there is plenty of room to get dancing.

______Sunday __________________

Until December 2009 an impressive programme of workshops for children will be provided in Phoenix Park every Sunday from 10:30-12:30. Participation is free. The max number is 20 and the workshops are suitable for ages 5+ (Parental supervision required.) The children’s workshops combine art, nature awareness, history and heritage and are taking place at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre.
Next Workshops:
* 01 Mar – Spring in the Walled Garden
* 08 Mar – Trees what would we do without them
* 15 Mar – St Patricks Day Cards
* 29 Mar – Medieval Life includes visit to Ashtown Castle
Bookings & Further Info: 01 6770095 or phoenixparkvisitorcentre@opw.ie

Every Sunday a free “Sunday at Noon” concert is taking place. Until recently that concert always took place in the Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square but it has now been moved to City Hall for a while. From 12:00-13:00 typically classical music will be performed for you. No booking is required. This Sunday the Sextets in the City IV will perform Brahms: String Sextet No. 2 in G, Op. 36 and Tchaikovsky: Adagio from ‘Souvenir de Florence’. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=265

On Sun 01 Mar Dr. John MCullen (Chief Part Superintendent) is inviting to walks and talks at the arboretum beside the Visitor Centre. The topic is the National Tree Week and admission is free and all are welcome. Phone: 01-6770095

* In Collins Barracks the “My Museum” Family Event covers “Block Printing – The Albert Bender Exhibition”. On Sun 01 Mar from 15:00-16:00. “Visit the exhibition ‘A Dubliners Collection of Asian Art’ and learn all about techniques involved in woodblock prints. Then create your very own print using different materials.
* A My Museum event for Age 7-12 in Kildare Street is running from 15:00-16:00 and has the title “Time Capsule”: “What did people leave behind them in the past? Make your own time capsule with Education Assistant Marie Plisnier to leave your mark for posterity. No Bookings required. First come first served.”

“Sunday Sketching”, the weekly workshop in Hugh Lane Gallery (Parnell Square) for 7+ year olds from 15:00-16:00 is this week entitled “Exploring Cubism – Transation and Rotation”. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=222

The National Gallery is inviting to a lecture entitled “Baldassare Castiglione, by Titian (1485/90-1576)” by Dr Philip Cottrell, University College Dublin. It will take place in the National Gallery on Sun 01 Feb at 15:00. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html#4

*The Mary Stokes Band (Blues) from 18:30 in Bruxelles near Grafton Street and near the Westbury Hotel. I listened to them a few times and they are brilliant! I understand that the Mary Stoke Band will play this week and next week (15+22 Feb) after that they will either only be in Bruxelles every 2 weeks OR only once a month. Nobody seems to know for certain! :-( Tnx Francois G. for pointing out a change!
*Jazz in The George in George’s Street from 16:30-18:00: Jazz Band Zrazy.
*Sunday Roast is the event in Thomas Reads “The Oak” in Dame Street/Parliament Street every Sunday from 21:00. Provided are free live music, games & roast potatoes.
* “Loose Change” play in Gibneys Pub, New St., Malahide every Sunday from 18:00-20:00.
* The Tangenteers (Rock/Reggae) are playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Francois G reported that this 18:00 performance is not taking place. I am trying to find out more.
Ro Byrne (Acoustic/Rock/Indie – www.myspace.com/earthquakehair) is playing there from 21:00. Admission is free.
* A Brazilian Band is playing on Sunday evenings in the Odeon and I am told that admission is free until 21:00.
* Songs of Praise, a Rock Karaoke is taking place every Sunday from 21:00 in The Village in Wexford Street, Dublin 2. www.getpraise.com
* Gardiner Street Gospel Mass in St. Francis Xavier Church at the top of Gardiner Street near the junction with Dorset Street every Sunday at 19:30. Everybody is welcome independent from your level of religiousness. www.gardinerstreetgospelchoir.com
* Ballymun Gospel Choir Mass at 19:00 in Virgin Mary Church, Shangan Road, Ballymun.

If you are just looking for Sunday events, please check the event list for Saturday as well. A good few events are taking place on Saturday AND Sunday, but it wouldn’t make sense to list them twice.

______Next Week_______________


Transmission Projects: Part 4, at DIT Portland Row, is a multidisciplinary performance and installation which seeks to challenge the boundaries between artwork, exhibition and audience, as part of the final year project-room series. Participating artists include Ieva Andersone, Sarah Bracken, Peter Dowie, Gerard Erraught, Emma Lanigan and Fiona Marron. A collaborative performance and opening reception will be held on Monday 02 March 2009 from 17:30 to 19:30.

As part of the current exhibition showing at The LAB, ‘a silent year’, produced by Culturstruction and featuring films by Gareth Kennedy, Ruth Lyons and Bea McMahon, The LAB would like to invite you to a discussion presented by Gerry Cahill Architects (GCA – Gerry Cahill, Ciaran O’Brien, Mary Byrne) and artist Gareth Kenny on Monday 02 Mar from 18:30-20:00. GCA and Gareth Kenny will discuss their work and engage in the debate surrounding the quiet year(s) ahead following the post-boom collapse of the construction and property industry.
This talk is free but seats are available on a first-come first-allocated basis.
www.gca.ie www.thelivesofspaces.com www.after.ie

This year is the International Year of Astronomy (UN and IAU declaration) and the Irish Astronomical Society is therefore providing lots of events this year. There are for example Regular Public Stargazing by the Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers both in Dublin and farther afield and there are  regular and special talks about astronomical issues. This week there will be a talk on Mon 02 Mar from 19:00 in Walkinstown Library and on Tues 03 Mar from 19:00 in Raheny Library. The topic is “Saturn and the Cassini Mission to Saturn” by Deirdre Kelleghan. Both talks will be followed by informal star gazing through members telescopes (weather permitting).

A series of six public lectures, supported by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, will take place at University College Dublin from 02 Feb – 23 Mar. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride are the seven deadly sins that were deeply rooted in Dante’s spiritual and cultural makeup and affected the conception and composition of his Commedia. Five scholars of Italian language and Literature and one historian will speak about violence and deviancy in the late thirteen century, Giambattista Vico’s philosophy and Leon Battista Alberti’s architecture…
The lectures are:
* 02 Mar at 19:30 – Marco Dorigatti, Lecturer in Italian Literature, St Hilda’s College, Oxford: “Dante and Sloth (Accidia)”
* 23 Mar at 19:30 – Christian Moevs, Associate Professor of Italian, University of Notre Dame: “Contemplation, Deadly Sins and Dante’s Paradiso”
All lectures will take place in Lecture Theatre N, Newman Building, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4. And more information can be found here: www.iicdublino.esteri.it/IIC_Dublino/webform/SchedaEvento.aspx?id=256&citta=Dublino

* Pint&Picture or Cine Café. Howard Linnane’s film screenings are homeless again and he is looking for a new venue. Ring him on 085-1351822 (new number) to check on his plans and when the screenings will resume.
* From 21:30 in the International Bar, Wicklow Street: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Jacqueline Tuck. Entry is free. The music styles vary from pop to folk to traditional. www.myspace.com/jacquelinetuck
* From 21:30 a traditional Irish music session is taking place in Kennedy’s Pub in Drumcondra. Admission is free.


A visual arts exhibition with the title “Life is No Picnic on the Streets” created by homeless people will be in Filmbase, Curve Street, Temple Bar from 03 Mar-07 Mar. The exhibition is a collaboration between three visual artists and Depaul Ireland residents. It is the first project of this nature to take place at Depaul and the work produced is testament to the talent among the homeless population. The exhibition was previously shown displayed at Electric Picnic 2008. The exhibition is open from 10:00. rachel.sherlock@depaulireland.org

Margaret G. reminds me that Rathmines Library in cooperation with the DIT Conservatory of Music is inviting to Lunchtime Trad sessions again. The concerts are
* Mar 03 Mairéad Ní Fhlatharta sean nos
All events take place on Tuesdays in Rathmines Public Library and start at 13:15.
Admission is free. www.dit.ie/conservatory/Events/IrishTraditionalMusicConcerts/#d.en.19364

Les Huguenots – Giacomo Meyerbeer’s second grand opera (1836) served as a model for both Wagner and Verdi but is far more than just a precursor. It will be screened on Tues 03 Feb from 18:00 in the Newman Building, Lecture Theatre Q, UCD. The event is organised by the UCD School of Music, Dr Wolfgang Marx, 01-7168563

A new lecture series, entitled “Blaze Away – A History of Duelling in Ireland” started on 03 Feb at the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History in Collins Barracks, Dublin 7. This lecture series coincides with a newly opened exhibition at Collins Barracks, also called Blaze Away. The lectures will examine the history of creating and using pistols and swords in Ireland before mass manufacturing as well as the evolution of small arms technology in the twentieth century.
“From flintlocks to Armalites: a survey of swords and guns in Ireland from 1778 to 2008” by Lar Joye, NMI.is the next lecture in this series. It will take place on 03 Mar at 18:30.
The Lectures will take place on Tuesday evenings between February and March at 18:30 in the AV Lecture Theatre at the National Museum of Decorative Arts and History, Collins Barracks. The lecture series is free of charge, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
For further information on the lecture series please contact the Education and Outreach Department at Collins Barracks on tel: 01 6486 453 or e-mail: bookings@museum.ie. www.museum.ie

See Monday for a detailed description of this event in Raheny Library.

* In the Bankers Inn on Trinity Street (off Dame Street) at 21:30: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Dave Murphy. A contribution is requested but not required. This is a listening club so is very quiet and features a lot of experienced songwriters trying out new material. www.myspace.com/davemurphyandfriends


Declan Bermingham (Horticultural Foreman in Phoenix Park) will do a guided Tree Walk for Parents and Toddlers at 11:00 on Wed 04 Mar. Tel.: 01-6770095

On Wed 04 Mar at 13:00 Paddy Sammon, a Foundation Scholar in Classics in Trinity College Dublin, talks about links between Irish poets and Greek songs. Sammon is a frequent visitor to Greece; he is a member of the Irish Hellenic Society, the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens and the Durrell School of Corfu. The talk will be illustrated throughout. Admission to this lecture is free and open to the public.
For bookings & information, please contact: RDS Library, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Telephone: 01 240 7254; Email: library@rds.ie or pembrokelibrary@dublincity.ie

The DIT Conservatory of Music is providing Classical Music Recitals at your lunchtime. The concerts are:
* 04 Mar – John Quigley (Piano)
* 11 Mar – Gráinne Stafford (Soprano) & Trudi Carberry (Piano)
* 18 Mar – Stefan Ionut-Corlade (Baritone) & Trudi Carberry(Piano)
All recitals will take place in he Theatre in DIT Conservatory Music and Drama, 163-7 Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 from 13:10-13:50. Admission is free.

A Chapters And Verse Lunchtime Reading is taking place on Wed 04 March from 13:15-14:00 in Chapters Bookstore, Parnell St, Dublin 1. Contributors are Eamonn Lynskey and Anne Morgan.

The National Museum in Kildare Street is running a Medieval Music Lecture Series on the next few Wednesdays. The upcoming talks are listed here:
** Wed 04 Mar 13:00 & 18:30: ‘Profiles in Performance: Musicians and the Music Profession in Medieval Ireland’ Adult Lecture Dr Ann Buckley, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.
** Wed 11 Mar at 18:30: Schola Gregoriana Maynooth Adult Lecture
Giovanna Feeley will direct the Schola Gregoriana Maynooth. Experience the beauty of this ancient music form. No booking required.
** Wed 18 Mar 13:00 & 18:30 “… the sound so Melting and Prolonged …”
A brief look at the Early Irish Harp Adult Lecture Siobhan Armstrong, of the Historical Harp Society of Ireland, one of Europe’s best known early harpists, will give a lecture/recital, which traces the development of the Early Irish harp.
** Wed 18 Mar 14:30-15:30 Adult Workshop: Beginner’s Taster Workshop with the Historical Harp Society of Ireland Adult Lecture
Having heard about the illustrious history of the early Irish harp, a limited number of participants will have the opportunity to try out this extraordinary instrument themselves. Booking is essential. www.museum.ie

Comhlámh’s next First Wednesday Debate at Bewley’s Cafe Theatre (Grafton Street) is on 04 March at 18:15-19:45. The title of the debate is: “On Being Irish: The Irish Government Integration policy  – all talk and no action?” The speakers are Dil Wickremasinghe, MD, Diversity & Equality Works and presenter of Newstalk’s Global Village show; and Clement Esebamen, Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister for Integration. The chair for the night will be Robin Hanan Chief Executive, Irish Refugee Council. Audience participation is welcome, admission is free, but limited to 50 people so early arrival is advised. www.comhlamh.org/bewleys-debates-are-back.html

Scriobhneoirí Óga – Authors Reading in Irish is run by Cumann Scríbhneoiri Úra na Gaeilge, which was founded in 2007 to cultivate new Irish Language literature. Its members are young and have diverse literary interests, including poetry and drama. The association’s first publication Blaiseadh Pinn was published by Cois Life in September 2008. You are invited to the Central Library to hear these authors read their work. Admission Free. Booking Essential. The event is taking place on Wed 04 Mar from 18:30 in the Central Library in ILAC Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1.
openlearning@dublincity.ie or 01-8734333. www.dublincitypubliclibraries.ie

The Spanish Cultural Institute in Dublin invites regularly to interesting talks and film screenings. All talks and screenings are usually in Spanish but translation into English or subtitles (for films) will be provided.
The next film screening will be on Wed 04 Mar at 18:30. The film is a documentary about the multi-facetted society in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Northern Africa.
The title is “Natural de Melilla”.
dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha53643_16_2.htm The Instituto Cervantes is in Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2 (at the back of TCD near the National Gallery).

An illustrated talk by Fiona Loughnane about “Women Artists and Modern Painting in Ireland” explores the contribution of women to modern art in Ireland. Fiona Loughnane lectures in Visual Culture at the National College of Art & Design.
Ballymun Library. The talk is starting at 18:30 on Wed 04 Mar. Admission is free, but booking is essential at 01 8421890. www.dublincitypubliclibraries.ie

LASC, the Latin America Solidarity Centre invites to the next Thursday Night Talk, which exceptionally takes place on Wed 04 Mar from 19:00 in Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1.The topic is “5 Years Under Military Occupation: What Has the Future in Store for Haiti?” www.lasc.ie/activities/TnT.html#2009
Talk delivered by José Antonio Gutiérrez, Research and Development Officer, LASC

* The “Havana International Language Exchange” is taking place every Wed from 17:30-19:30 in Havana Tapas Bar in George’s Street. The majority of people there are Spanish or English-speaking, but French, Italians, Polish and Chinese are sometimes coming to and everybody is welcome to meet for a chat to improve your Spanish or English.
* “The Zodiac Sessions” is a regular open mic event from 20:30 in Bruxelles (between Grafton Street and Westbury Hotel) for unsigned musicians. Admission is free and there is a different line-up every week. www.thezodiacsessions.com/
* “The Song Room” is another open mic event. It takes place in The Globe in George’s Street at 20:30 on Wednesdays as well. www.myspace.com/thesongroom


The National Gallery on Merrion Square is inviting to ‘Art for the Active Retired Day’. It is a day of free events and will take place on Thurs 05 Mar from 10:00-16:30.
Special talks, tours, music and drawing. A programme will be provided at the Gallery. Equipment provided, just bring you and your friends. The event is in in association with Active Retirement Ireland. All Welcome. No booking necessary.

The Loft in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre is the top floor there and it opens every weekend Friday to Sunday. A collection of local designers, artists, jewellery makers and vintage clothing sellers run it and every Saturday there is a DJ playing great retro tunes. Lisa tells me about an event there and she said as well about The Loft “Its a cool way to spend some time as its a totally relaxed environment with couches for the boys to sit and chill and lots of very reasonably priced goodies for the girls!”
The next free event is ‘Sew and Tell’ on 05 March where the designers will provide sewing demos, there will be various workshops, a dj and all designers/artists/vintage sellers will answer your questions. The event takes place from 16:00-19:00. www.myspace.com/theloftmarket Lisa’s own business is all about vintage clothing and is called “Perk Up!” you can find out more about it here www.perkupvintage.com/6

“From Corot to Yeats” is the title of a Public Lecture at 17:00 on Thursday 05 Mar. Kathryn Day-Carrigan, frame conservator will discuss the history of early to late 19th century frame styles, with a particular focus on the conservation programme for the Hugh Lane centenary exhibition, Hugh Lane 100 Years. Admission is free but early arrival is recommended. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=245

Jane Cassidy alerted me to an event in The Bernard Shaw Pub in South Richmond Street, near Portobello. On Thurs 05 March “Big Time” will place and Big Time at the Bernard Shaw Pub Portobello brings a Bluegrass Night with live music from Sweet Chin Music. bodytonicmusic.com/events/bigtime/2009/feb/18/big-time-bluegrass-night/ Unfortunately no start time is specified.

In the series “Bearing Words” this week Christine Madden, Literary Reader at the Abbey Theatre, discusses the power of the written word. The event is taking place on Thurs 05 March from 18:00-18:45 at the Peacock Theatre (next to the Abbey Theatre) Admission is free but booking essential on 01 87 87 222. www.abbeytheatre.ie/whatson/talks.html

The talk by Anne McLellan entitled “Revolutionary Irish Women Doctors 1916 to the Civil War” will focus on the lives and work of three revolutionary doctors: Kathleen Lynn and Brigid Lyons-Thornton, who took part in the Easter 1916 Rising, and Dorothy Price who was a doctor to a column of the IRA during the War of Independence. Anne McLellan has a background as a medical scientist and a journalist and has contributed a chapter on revolutionary doctors to the book ‘Lab Coats and Lace’. She is currently researching the contribution of Dorothy Price to the eradication of TB in Ireland for her PhD. The talk will take place on Thurs 05 March from 18:30-19:30 in Cabra Library, Navan Road Dublin 7. cabralibrary@dublincity.ie or 01-8691414. www.dublin.ie/calendar_details.aspx?eventid=1174

The Dublin Docklands Authority are running a series of talks in the CHQ building at Georges Dock, IFSC. They are Urban Landscape Talks and are free.
The lectures are:
* 05 Mar: Martha Schwartz (who designed the Grand Canal Square (with the light poles))
*26 Mar: Agence Ter (they designed the Linear Park which is starting construction this year, this is a park which stretches from the Liffey at Spencer Dock to Amiens Street Bridge)
The talks of these world renowned designers should be very interesting for anyone interested in any sort of design.
Thanks to Paul H. for letting me know about the talks.

From 05-07 March Italian writer Dacia Maraini will be in Dublin, invited by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura and University College Dublin. At the Istituto Italiano di Cultura she will talk about “Today’s Italy and Me”, while at UCD she will give a lecture on “Translation”. Her lecture in the Istituto Italiano will take place on Thurs 05 March at 18:00. But since the website of the Istituto is anything but clear on that, I strongly recommend that you ring the Istituto beforehand to check: 01-662 1507 or 01-662 0509. Admission is free. The Istituto Italiano di Cultura is in 11 Fitzwilliam Square East. Monday-Friday 10.00a.m.-1.00p.m. & 3.00-5.00p.m.

Dr. Concetto La Malfa will deliver a lecture about “Known and less Known Attractions of Italy” at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge. The lecture will be accompanied by the broadcasting of two short documentaries, one about the Sicilian archaeological heritage and the other about Andrea Palladio and the Venetian Villas.
Information. The event will take place on Thurs 05 March from 18:30. I assume it is free, but wasn’t able to get any confirmation in time. The venue is the RDS building.

On Thurs 05 March the National Performing Arts School will be running free Salsa classes for Adults on Thurs 05 March from 19:00-20:00 (Salsercise) and 20:00-21:00 (Salsa Dance). This will be followed by a full term of both courses starting on 19 March. The NPAS is in a new and purpose built building in the Docklands on or near Sheriff Street, Dublin 1. Classes will be run by John Heslin & Evelyn Carty (Salsa Supreme) – Irish Professional Salsa Champions 2008. www.npas.ie www.thestudios.ie


From 20 Feb 2009 to 1 May 2009 the Department of Music in TCD is running a series of public lectures on Irish Traditional Music. The background, forms instruments, practices and aesthetics of Traditional music in Ireland will be explored. The event is taking place from 11:00-13:00 in the Boydell Recital Room, Music Department, House 5, College. Further details from Gráinne at musicsec@tcd.ie or 8961120.

The UCD Earth Systems Institute is inviting to a weekly seminar about climate change. The next public lecture will take place on Fri 06 Feb from 12:30-13:30 in The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. The topic is “Towards Zero Carbon Building” by Vivienne Brophy, MArchSc, MRIAI, UCD Energy Research Group, UCD School of Architecture, Landscape & Civil Engineering. An overview over the whole seminar programme until June 2009 including links to abstracts is here www.ucd.ie/earth.

A Botany Seminar with the title “Controlling alien invasive aquatic plants using biological control” by Dr Jan-Robert Baars, School of Biology & Environmental Science, UCD will take place on Fri 06 Feb from 14:00 in the Botany Lecture Theatre, Botany Building. All are welcome. www.tcd.ie/Secretary/Communications/Noticeboard/ls_notices.html#12701

Dublin’s Book Festival is taking place from 06 to 08 March 2009. The City Hall in Dame Street will be transformed into a book lover’s paradise for the second annual Dublin Book Festival. “Come and meet some of Ireland’s greatest writers, poets, children’s authors, thinkers and media personalities in a relaxed atmosphere; immerse yourself dozens of free readings, interviews, debates and book launches; or just grab a book from the festival’s bookshop, and enjoy a cup of coffee while you admire the grandeur of one of Ireland’s most magnificent Georgian buildings.” Entry is free and the whole family is welcome. The event starts at 10:00 on Fri 06 March and finishes on Sun, 08 Mar at 18:00. www.dublinbookfestival.com


Next Sunday is International Women’s Day and in the week starting with the 08/09 March numerous events will take place. Keep an eye out for them. I will report in next week’s Event Guide about what I was able to find.

The Dublin Book Festival will take place over the next weekend, so make sure that you have some time for it and check out www.dublinbookfestival.com and the Programme of Events www.dublinbookfestival.com/schedule.html.

______This is odd!!______________

Well, you thought you have heard everything? Not so with Ryanair. I am not sure if Michael O’Leary is serious with this suggestion, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me. On the other hand, as long as many people can’t hold back on a 1 hr and 50 min flight and have to buy overpriced sandwiches and wine on board, I can get cheap flight prices. So, I am happy for everyone who will ring in mid air for really high charges or who will buy a Ryanair scratch card and I am happy to endure the advertisement. After all I benefit from other people’s spending. Ryanair wouldn’t get rich from me in respect of food/drink/scratch cards etc and consequently they would have to increase the prices if everyone were to spend as little as I do.

Not as late as in previous week, but again, this issue is sent later than I would prefer. I am not sure yet how to change things so that I get at least some sleep on Thursdays, but something HAS to change!

Enjoy the weekend!


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