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Event Guide 112: Phoenix Park Motor Races, Northside Music Festival, TCD GAA Have-a-go Day, Open Air Opera

| DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events) No. 112
| 07 August 2009                      Subscribers: 4632

Hi all!

Writing this Event Guide every week is a lot of work, but I have to say that it is a pleasure to provide you with information and with a service that otherwise would not be available. It is a pleasure because soooo many of you are so nice and really do care. I got a lot of lovely mails last week to cheer me up and to support me and it is great to experience that! Thanks a lot!! …and it did help!

August has firmly arrived and while the weather hasn’t changed much from July, I have to admit that we are not doing tooo bad this year. Ok, it is raining often and according to Met Eireann, July 2009 was the wettest in the last 50 years! But amazingly it was also a July that had above average temperatures! So, a lot of rain, but a bit warmer. I can live with that better than with “cold and rainy”. ;-) And I guess rain is something we just have to live with on this green island even throughout the summer.

Another slightly uncomfortable but unavoidable thing: I need to talk about money today. With more than 4600 subscribers the only way to send this newsletter is by using a professional e-mail distribution company. I currently use iContact (www.icontact.com/a.pl/318993) and that is working quite well. However, a new contract period is starting in a few weeks and just to pay for the continued sending of this newsletter I will have to pay close to EUR 70 per month. Your donations are much appreciated, but unfortunately they are not enough to cover these costs, so I need to look for sponsors again and need to see what I can get through advertisement. A company approached me last week and asked me to advertise a free event that they are running in Dublin in September. They are prepared to donate some money depending on how many of you will go to the event. It is not ideal, but here is what I will do: On Tuesday of next week, I will send you a promotional mail as a separate mail. The subject line will start with “Dublin Event Guide featuring…” to differentiate from the other mails. This is a once or twice off for the moment and – if I can find some other interested companies – at max there will be one or two mails per month that are of a commercial nature, under no circumstances there will be more.
I know that some of you will be unhappy about this and I do even expect a few people to cancel their subscription as a consequence, but if you can live with the advertisement in newspapers, magazines and TV and even pay money for it, then I think it is only fair to raise money for the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) that way. I am sure all of you who APPRECIATE this weekly newsletter will understand!! Ohh and yes, there is an option to avoid ANY commercial features and advertisement!! Just donate lots of money and I won’t need to divert my focus by looking for advertisers!! ;-)

Laughing makes most of us feel better, so in this week’s “feel good” slot I present a video to you that Umar R found last week and he sent me the link on Twitter. It is from the Jay Leno show and will teach you LOTS of amazing “facts”. ;-)
By the way: This video clip is NOT about stupid Americans! It is about stupid PEOPLE and about people that just didn’t switch their brain on before they talked and about people that weren’t served well by the educational system. The fact that they are American is because it is the Jay Leno show. I am certain that similar amazing “facts” could be discovered by asking people in all other countries. Keep in mind as well, that obviously only the funny and whacky answers were selected for this clip, so it is not a representative sample of answers.
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______Joerg’s Picks______________

Since this newsletter is getting longer and longer with all the free events available, this section is meant to provide some help in picking and choosing the events I will or would go to. This is not the “best of…” list and if an event is not listed here, it by no means implies that the event is not interesting. Instead my “picks” are just based on my personal preferences, so if it helps you I am glad, but feel free to ignore this section completely! :-) All events mentioned here are described in detail further down.

– Join Irish Adventurers on Expedition Cruise – Special Price Offer-
New Horizon Expeditions, an Irish company, are inviting you to travel to Antarctica in January 2010 on a fantastic trip. Travelling via Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, you will board our ship the M/V Plancius to sail to Antarctica!
Stunning landscapes, wonderful wildlife, visiting colonies of tens of thousands of penguins, watching whales as they feed in the rich waters, seeing Leopard, Fur, Crabeater, Weddell and Elephant Seals as they bask on the shores and ice floes are just SOME of the amazing experiences on this trip. You will also visit one of Antarctica’s Research Stations and there may be the opportunity to visit Port Lockroy, the first British Research Station in Antarctica which was established in 1944 AND you’ll also have the opportunity to camp on Antarctica or kayak while you are there! How many people get to say they have done that!
Guided by experts, this is a trip of a lifetime! The expedition is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and all you need is a sense of adventure. We are offering this trip at a one off special price for 2009.  For more detail about the trip and pricing just send a mail to info@newhorizon.ie and include ANTARCTICA 2010 in the subject line. www.newhorizon.ie/index.htm
Know of someone else who might be interested?  Why not forward on this mail and also get them to sign up to the Dublin Event Guide too!

There are a number of events taking place this weekend, but only really one BIG event. I find it interesting and will definitely try to get there, but I do understand that it is not everyone’s “cup of tea”. The big event this weekend is the Phoenix Park Motor Race Event on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately I have to work on a tender response (day job) for parts of the weekend, so I won’t get much of a chance to do too many things. In addition we have a big rehearsal on Sunday afternoon for our gig in the Olympia Theatre on 16 August. www.doylemusic.net/ So I will be quite busy. During the week I didn’t see much that is tempting me. The Acoustic Monday on -surprise!- Monday is an option and then on Thursday there is Soul Power in “The Living Room”. I hope I will make it this week.


Nathan Kingerlee’s Outdoors Ireland is running a guided night climb of Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest peak, to be on the summit for dawn. The next climb is in the second half of August, and Nathan has given me with a place on this night climb for a competition (a value of EUR 85). The lucky winner is Irina Adashkevich! Congratulations! If you took part in the competition but didn’t win, you will possibly get a mail from Nathan as well. Not to spam you (he is a nice guy) but to offer you a preferential price for his  this climb or something similar in the future.
Nathan runs Adventure Breaks, Yoga Adventure Breaks, Canoe Trips, Rock Climbing and Hill Walking tours and you can find out all the details on www.outdoorsireland.ie.

New Horizon Expeditions provided as book as a competition price. Aptly the book is about polar expeditions and in the “Joerg’s Picks” section a little further up you can see that New Horizon Expeditions are organising an Antarctica Expedition, so – in a lot more comfort – you can follow the footsteps of “Tom Crean, an Illustrated Life” by Michael Smith. The book details the life of Ireland’s polar explorer, Tom Crean, who was instrumental in several historical attempts to conquer the South Pole with Captain Robert Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton.
The lucky winner is Ronan Hickey! Congratulations! A copy of this great book will be on its way to you shortly. Check out that New Horizons Expeditions ad and check their website www.newhorizon.ie/index.htm

All events in this Competition Section are non-free events, but the organisers are making free tickets available for you to win. I usually get lots of competition entries and unfortunately not everybody can win, so even if you are not the winner, please consider going to an event to support the organisers. :-) If you don’t win, and will go to the event, please help showing the organisers that promoting their event in the Dublin Event Guide is beneficial and mention to them that you heard about the event through “Joerg’s Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”. Thanks!

______Dublin News______________

Do you have a digital clock? Check the time at 12:34:56 and if you can see the date 07/08/09 as well, you will see 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. It will take another 100 years until you can experience that again!! …and who knows if you will still have the pleasure to see it then. ;-) www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25894584-421,00.html

Yes, there is nothing that makes sense in this headline. ;-) Twitter is the message service that allows you to send 140 character-long messages and DVD are usually watched on some TV screen or similar NOT via Twitter. I first couldn’t believe it, but it is true, a number of Irish Twitterers are organising to watch a DVD together (i.e. at the same time) and to talk about it on Twitter. There is a number of comments I could make regards this, but since I know some of the partaking Twitter users and some are friends, I will only smile at this idea of a meet-up via Twitter to watch a DVD together. ;-) Why not!? :-P Maybe I am just not young enough to understand. LOL The film is “Princess Bride” and the “meet-up” is taking place on 13 August in case you are interested. www.mulley.net/2009/08/06/as-you-wish-princess-bride-twitter-evening-august-13th/

Niall D and Joseph J both reminded me this week of the travel website with a difference. You probably have heard of Couch Surfing, but if you have not, then check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couchsurfing. In essence it is a way to find free accommodation on your travels provided as a service by this big online community. In other words, you can stay overnight on your friends couch in the city that you visit for holidays with the only difference that you hadn’t known this “friend” before and only met him/her via www.couchsurfing.org. The Couch Surfing Community in Dublin is meting up regularly as well and you can find out about their events on the website. A regular meeting is the Acoustic Monday and all details are here www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=40790. The next Acoustic Monday is on Mon 10 August at 21:00 in the Elegance Bar on Ormond Quay, Dublin 7.
And if hitch hiking is your thing on holidays, then have a look at hitchwiki.org/

Can you help Cathy Alabanese? Cathy (www.fittpt.com) is running regular Fitness Bootcamp classes for women in Phoenix Park. All was well while the summer was ok, but now with the colder and wetter seasons approaching and with lots of people being interested to continue their training, Cathy is looking for an indoor venue. It should be a sports hall or community/church hall that can fit 30+ people comfortably (approx size 1-3 tennis courts). She would need the place two evenings (e.g. Mon+Wed or Tues+Thurs at 18:00, 19:00 or 20:00) from October to April. The venue should be in the D15 area or areas surrounding Phoenix Park (Cabra, Stoneybatter Smithfield etc.) and the cost should be fair. If you have a venue you can contact Cathy on cathy@fittpt.com or through her website www.fittpt.com. If you have a place available and you and Cathy will cooperate, she will show her appreciation by giving you a 3 months free boot camp membership for yourself (if you are female) or for a lady that you nominate.


In order to beat an economic downturn not governments can help, but individuals are needed that take the initiative and to create new markets and new opportunities for themselves and for their customers and hopefully employees. If you are one of the courageous people who has recently taken the risk and has started a company and if you could do with spreading the word, I am happy to help you! My contribution will be to let the 4000+ readers of the Event Guide know about your new business and hopefully that will kick start something big for you. In return I expect you to tell your clients and friends about the Event Guide – not a demanding task, I would think. :-) (Please note that this offer is for start-ups in relatively early stages, not for established companies/enterprises. If you are established and you want to reach the readers of this Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) I will be happy to discuss the (very affordable) advertisement options with you. :-) )

If you want to promote your start-up/young company here for free, let me know: dublineventguide@gmail.com.


The two artists Sara Baker and Fiona Marron will exhibit in FOUR. ‘Plant Dreaming Deep’ by Sara Barker in Gallery 2 focuses on the room as an abstract notion. ‘For who knows what’ by DIT graduate Fiona Marron is part of LAUNCH 09 in Gallery 1. The exhibitions will open on Friday 07 August 2009 from 18:00-21:00 and will run until 01 September 2009. (Gallery Details: Four Gallery, 119 Capel Street, Dublin 1, www.fourdublin.com, Open: Tues+Wed+Fri: 11:00-17:00, Thurs: 11:00-19:00, Sat: 12:00-17:00)

A Paintings exhibition by Ramie Leahy will run in the Oisín Gallery from 05-11 Aug.  (Gallery Details: Oísin Gallery, 44 Westland Row, Dublin 2, www.oisingallery.com, Open: Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00, Sat: 10:00-17:30)

‘Compendium’ is an exhibition of painting, sound, stories and text by artists Colin Crotty, Dan Hays, Anne Kelly, Dennis McNulty, Padraic E. Moore, The Otolith Group and Peter Saville. The show will run from 31 July – 12 Sept. (Gallery Details: Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, 5-9 Temple Bar, www.templebargallery.com, Open: Tues-Sat 11:00-18:00 (19:00 on Thursday))

From 05 to 28 August 2009 a site-specific installation of work by Seán Shanahan will be on show at 85-86 St. Stephens Green in Newman House. The installation rises through the stairwell from ground level to 1st floor and engages with the architecture of a Georgian building that contains rare samples of the finest 18th century plasterwork in Dublin. For further information contact Ruth Ferguson 01-475 7255

‘Mutability’ is a summer group show of work by five painters. The exhibition will be on show at the gallery from 06 August to 17 September 2009 and features work by Kathy Tynan, Hugh Delap, Deirdre Hayden, Anthony Kelly and Sheila Rennick. (Gallery Detail: Stone Gallery, 70 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, www.stonegallery.ie, Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:30, Thurs 10:0-19:00, Sat 11:00-17:30)

‘Childish Things: An Evening of Interactive Art and Music’ with Stephanie Power will take place at Unit H, The Market Studios’ project space, on 08 August 2009 from 19:00-00:00. Stephanie Power revisits some of the abandoned creativity of childhood with the creation of an oversized colouring book that will be coloured and painted by those attending. A backdrop of looped music for participants to play along with on a large selection of instruments normally used by children will also be installed. For further information please contact Áine at: 087 0671009 or aineivers@hotmail.com. I couldn’t find out if the event is free, so please check! (Gallery Details: Unit H, The Market Studios, corner of Mary’s Lane & Halston St, Dublin 7
(Turn onto Mary’s Lane at Slattery’s Capel St, UNIT H is opposite Dublin City Council fruit markets), www.themarketstudios.wordpress.com))

‘One doesn’t have to look very hard’ is an exhibition of work by Liam O’Callaghan, Tamsin Snow and Lucile Desamory. The show has opened on 06 Aug, but unfort I couldn’t find the closing date. www.dublinartmill.com

‘Beauty and Banality’ is an exhibition by Crawford College of Art & Design graduate Edel O’Reilly that will be on show from 06 to 28 August 2009. (Gallery Details: Bookcube Gallery, 203 Lr Rathmines Road, Dublin 6, www.bookcubegallery.com, Opening Hours: not specified on website!)

‘The Elephant in the Room’, a group show of work by Moxie Studios members from the last three years to now, at Plane / Site, off Baggot Street. The show will open with a reception on Friday 07 August 2009 from 18:00 and runs for two weeks. www.mox.ie

‘Glendarragh 10 Years On’ is an exhibition of work by current and past members of Glendarragh Studios, near Newtownmountkennedy, to mark the studio’s 10 year anniversary. The show will feature work by Chiara Browne, Dara Clear, Jean Clyne, Fiona Coffey, Riain Darcy, Fergal Flanagan, Fiona Flinn, Michael Gemmell, Cathy Henderson, Joanna Kidney and Yanny Petters, amongst others. The exhibition runs from 08 August to 12 September 2009. The Mermaid Arts Centre is in Main Street, Bray, Co. Wicklow (www.mermaidartscentre.ie, 01 272 4030) and the Mermaid Gallery is open Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:00. Admission is free.

‘Fictitious Interludes’ is the Video and Photography Exhibition by Saskia Vermeulen in the Signal Arts Centre. It will be on show from Wed 05 Aug-Sun 16 Aug and the opening reception will be on Thurs 06 Aug (19:00-21:00). (Gallery Details: Signal Arts Centre, 1 Albert Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow, www.signalartscentre.ie, Open: Tue – Fri: 10:00-13:00 & 14:00-17:00, Sat – Sun: 12:00-17:00)


Jervis Street Shopping Centre and Arnotts Project in the shopping centre are inviting you to live band performances every Thurs, Fri, Sat in August. The bands and times this week are
07 Aug: Bipolar Empire (13:00) + The Brilliant Things (14:30)
08 Aug: Aoife Corcoran (13:00) + History of Herry (14:30)

On Fri 07 Aug at 17:00, the Kill Krinkle Club Single Launch will take place in Tower Records in Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

Every First Friday of the month, Phantom 105.2 is organising the Phantom First Friday. On 07 August they are back in The Academy in Abbey Street with The Rags, The Minutes, Orphan Code & Ghostcat followed by late club with DJs Michelle Doherty and Derek Byrne. Doors open at 20:00 and admission is free before 22:00 (admission after 22:00 is EUR 5).

* James Sheeran (Acoustic/Rock/Trad) is playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. And The Eastern Harps (Trad) are playing there from 20:00. Admission is free.
* Need to wind down after a tiring week? Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Temple Bar every Friday at 19:30 at 4/5 Eustace Street, Temple Bar (next to IFI, ring bell no. 3). These are drop in classes, newcomers are welcome. For more information email info@sahajayoga.ie or check www.coolspirit.info or www.sahajayoga.ie. Classes are also on Mondays at 19:00 in Blanchardstown Library.


A unique and rare event is taking place this week. Last year the race was cancelled and who knows what will happen next year. If you are either interested in motor racing or you want to see an event in a very unique and extraordinary environment, you should go to the races. If you like taking photos, then definitely go to Phoenix Park, there should be great photo opportunities.
On 08 and 09 August 2009 this Motor Race in one of Europe’s biggest Parks instead of on a race course will take place and will celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Irish Grand Prix. Motor racing has taken place in the Phoenix Park since 1903 and during the period 1929 – 1931 the Park was the venue for the first ever Irish Grand Prix, which led to the annual motor racing event that continues to this day. Allegedly the Motor Races in Phoenix Park were originally the model for Albert Park in Melbourne which also set up its own race meeting and is the venue for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix today.
This year, the paddock for the racing cars will be located in the Main Car Park in Farmleigh, and the cars will be there from Friday 07 August.
This entire event is free for spectators and there is pedestrian-only access to the paddock area through the main Farmleigh gate. Cars can access Farmleigh via the back gate on Whites Road during the event. There will be lots of exciting racing cars as well as static displays to see in the paddock ranging from the historic to modern day cars, so come along to see the cars and meet the drivers!
Practice starts at 09:00 on both days and the events will finish at 17:00. The full racing timetable is on www.phoenixparkmotorraces.eu/
For motorists: Phoenix Park will largely be closed for traffic from 07:00-19:00 on both days, so make sure that you avoid the area.

(Please see Friday for details.)

Eoin Vaughan, the GAA development officer in Trinity College informed me about an interesting event on Sat 08 Aug on the Clanna Gael GAA grounds in Ringsend. They are launching a pilot “Have a go day” where people with no prior experience of Gaelic games will get coaching in the basic skills from some of Ireland’s top coaches.
Participants will learn about the ancient game of Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football, Irish handball and Rounders (like baseball). Eoin tells me that interest has been phenomenal so far and that they expect a big turnout on the day from people all over the world. Have a look at
www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=124863194383 to find out more.

Why, why , why is Dublin City sooooo unorganised??? The events they are running are usually well run (by external Event Management companies), but the information flow and the organisation before an event is soooo bad. I would be happy to help them, but they can’t even keep the information they issue correct and up-to-date. It is such a pity!
This week there is a perfect example: Urban Living on Smithfield Plaza is a slightly odd event. It has a lot of potential but is a bit more a plant workshop than an event about Urban Living. That is not much of a problem once we know WHEN it will take place! The Dublin City website says clearly that Urban Living is taking place on 08+09 August: www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/Events/Pages/EventsinDublin.aspx It is a little odd because there is not enough content to run the event successfully over two days. But I am not complaining about MORE events. ;-) But let’s look at the NEXT page of the same Dublin City website: www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/Events/SummerInDublin09/Pages/TheSMITHFIELDFESTIVAL.aspx Here we find out that Urban Living is now called Urban Garden (makes sense!) and that it is combined with Eurocultured, a cool music festival, which is taking place on 15 August, but there is no date for Urban Garden!? Maybe it is on 15 August as well? Or on 16 August? Well VisitDublin.com, the official Dublin Tourism website has a suggestion:
www.visitdublin.com/events/alldublinevents/Detail.aspx?id=235&mid=6194 They seem to think that either Urban Living (I thought it was Urban Garden?) is taking place on 15 August (Oh, was that not Eurocultured on the 15th??) and Eurocultured is taking place on 16 August, or both are taking place on both days. But Dublin City website clearly says that Eurocultured will be on 16 August. Arrghhhh! Are you confused??? I definitely am! This is one HUGE mess and it results in a total confusion of the people, YOU, who are meant to go to these events. The result of that is that people won’t go and then maybe the event is declared as not successful enough to repeat it next year.
Sure you could download the Event Newsletter from Dublin City here to hopefully clarify everything: www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/Events/Documents/first_doc.pdf But, wait, WHY is that still the July version on 07 August?
So, after all that confusion, what is my guess/bet/expectation? Here is what I think is the full picture: There will be NO event on 08 Aug or on 09 Aug. Instead the following weekend, 15-16 Aug, the Smithfield Festival will take place as a combined event where on BOTH days aspects of Urban Garden and concerts of Eurocultured will take place. Why do I think that? Because by coincidence I came across this website www.myspace.com/eurocultured …and I decided to IGNORE that a) Urban Garden is not mentioned and b) Saturday and Sunday is 15+16 August NOT 14+15 as specified on this MySpace website. Grrrr!!!
By the way, if you want to express my and your own frustration to the Events Department in Dublin City, you can do that by sending an e-mail to events@dublincity.ie. I won’t do it…at last not just yet…I better calm down first. ;-)

(See Sunday for details.)

Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown is inviting to a number of sites and locations in their “Summer of Heritage” between 15 June and mid September, free guided tours are provided in Cabinteely House, Marlay House, Deansgrange Cemetery, the Obelisk on Killiney Hill and the Oratory on Library Road in Dún Laoghaire. Many guided tours will take place on Saturdays and Thursdays. The brochure with all the information is here: www.dlrevents.ie/pdfs/HeritageBooklet.pdf

The South County Dublin Horticultural Society will hold their 83. annual Summer Flower Show from 14:00-17:00 on Saturday 08 August 09 in DúnLaoghaire/Rathdown County Hall, Marine Road, DúnLaoghaire.
There will be plant stalls and a raffle. Admission is free. www.dlrtourism.ie/events/display.asp?EventID=500

* Adult Gallery Talk: “Ireland Welcomes You: Irish Tourism Posters from the National Museum Collection” on Sat 08 Aug from 12:00 in Collins Barracks is a talk with with Dr Linda King, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology, in the AV Lecture Theatre and ‘Come Back to Erin’ exhibition.
* “Inspectorium! Sea Shore Sensation!” on Sat 08 Aug from 14:00-16:00 is for all ages and takes place in Collins Barracks. “Have a closer look at sea shore species, and bring along your own collection to be identified” www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=554

On Sat 08 Aug at 15:00 a “Yeats Family” Tour will take place in the National Galley on Merrion Square. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html#4

* Don’t forget that the Temple Bar Markets (Temple Bar Food Market on Meeting House Square and the Temple Bar Designer Mart near Cow’s Lane) are taking place every Saturday from 10:00-16:30.
* The SuperNatural Food Market is taking place every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. www.supernatural.ie
* The Dublin Food Coop runs a food market every Saturday (09:30-16:30) and Thursday (14:00-20:00) at Newmarket in Dublin 8. Fresh local and artisan produce, mainly organic, and other products for sustainable living are on sale. www.dublinfood.coop
* Sunday Market & Car Boot Sale at Kart City
Old Airport Road, Santry, Dublin 9. The Kart City Weekend Market is open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 08:00-16:00 and until the end of May all car boot sellers can sell for free. sundaymarket.ie/
* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Saturday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* The Art Walk on the Liffey Boardwalk between the Ha’penny Bridge and O’Connell Bridge will feature 18 different artists every week from June until September. It runs every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00-17:00.
* Havana Tapas Bar is inviting to a Salsa Night with afro-latin percussion every Sat night 22:30-02:00. Bachata, salsa, merengue, reggeaton with resident DJ Papi Chulo. Food is available until 00:30 and usually there is plenty of room to get dancing.

______Sunday __________________

Please see Saturday for details.

Until December 2009 an impressive programme of workshops for children will be provided in Phoenix Park every Sunday from 10:30-12:30. Participation is free. The max number is 20 and the workshops are suitable for ages 5+ (Parental supervision required.) The children’s workshops combine art, nature awareness, history and heritage and are taking place at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre. The upcoming themes are:
09 Aug – Fish of the Park
16 Aug – Bats in the Park
23 Aug – Bark and leaf rubbings
30 Aug – Kings and Queens of Ashtown Castle
Bookings & Further Info: 01 6770095 or phoenixparkvisitorcentre@opw.ie

On Sat 08 Aug a Norwegian Choir will sing Popular Choral songs from 13:00-14:00.
On Sun 09 Aug from 15:00-17:00 the Dublin Concert Band will perform Popular Big Band Music.
Most other days of the month, there is music on the bandstand as well. The following link provides the details: www.phoenixpark.ie/media/St%20Stephen%27s%20Green%20Bandstand%20Summerfest%20August%202009.pdf

The LBGT community is inviting to a “March for Marriage” on Sun 09 Aug 09 from 13:30. The march will gather at Dublin’s City Hall, Dame Street, and will end with a rally at the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform on St Stephen’s Green. www.marriagequality.ie/events/2009/08/09/march-for-marriage/

On Sun 09 Aug from 15:00-16:00, Lazik will perform outdoors in the Albert College in Glasnevin, continuing the Northside Muisc Festival. “Lazik is a quintet specializing in the fusion of east European music: Bulgarian music, Serbian, Gypsy and Klezmer music… with the melodies of the west: Irish music, Breton and Scottish music. An ingredient of Scandinavian power and a few Turkish spices are added to the mix too. www.dublin.ie/calendar_details.aspx?eventid=1500

* A free-themed Family Tour on Sun 09 Aug 09 from 15:00 for Ages 7+ in Collins Barracks.Free themed tour for family groups. Places are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=476
* “My Museum Family Event: Stories from the Heart” on Sun 09 Aug 09 from 15:00-16:00. This is a workshop for Ages 5+ in Kildare Street. Join storyteller Susie Minto for fun and fascinating tales of Lughnasa, the harvest festival. No booking required. Event limited to 30 people. First come, first served.

The Picture This! Kids Art Workshop will look at “Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat” by Claude Monet, with Rachel O’Dwyer, (Room 23). The workshop will start at 15:00 on Sunday. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html#4

* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Sunday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* Gigs in The Mezz. Every Sunday 5 acts ranging from Soul to Funk, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and Alternative/Indie music will perform between 15:00-21:00 in The Mezz, Eustace Street, Dublin 2 (in Temple Bar near Dame Street) Admission is free.
* The Mary Stokes Band (Blues) from 18:30 in Bruxelles near Grafton Street and near the Westbury Hotel. I listened to them a few times and they are brilliant! It is not clear to me if the band is currently playing every two weeks or only once a month. I will try to find out.
*Jazz in The George in George’s Street from 16:30-18:00: Jazz Band Zrazy.
*Sunday Roast is the event in Thomas Reads “The Oak” in Dame Street/Parliament Street every Sunday from 21:00. Provided are free live music, games & roast potatoes.
* “Loose Change” play in Gibneys Pub, New St., Malahide every Sunday from 18:00-20:00.
* The Tangenteers (Rock/Reggae) are playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Francois G reported that this 18:00 performance is not taking place. I am trying to find out more.
Ro Byrne (Acoustic/Rock/Indie – www.myspace.com/earthquakehair) is playing there from 21:00. Admission is free.
* The Brazilian Samba Rock Band +55 is playing every Sunday at the Odeon in Harcourt Street from 20:00-22:00, followed by a DJ playing Forro, Axe, and a mixture of Brazilian rhythms and salsa beats. Admission is free before 21:00 and EUR 5 after that.
* Songs of Praise, a Rock Karaoke is taking place every Sunday from 21:00 in The Village in Wexford Street, Dublin 2. www.getpraise.com
* The Burning Effigies are playing afrobeat, jazz, funk and soul every Sunday from 23:00 in Turk’s Head in Parliament Street. www.turkshead.ie

If you are just looking for Sunday events, please check the event list for Saturday as well. A good few events are taking place on Saturday AND Sunday, but it wouldn’t make sense to list them twice.

______Next Week_______________


Once every month, this time on 10 August, the Acoustic Monday is taking place and doubles as a meeting for the Couchsurfing (CS) Community. The evening starts at 21:00 and goes on until 01:00. The venue is the Elegance Bar, Ormond Quay, Dublin 7. This is already the 7th CS Dublin Acoustic Monday event and “all those living, residing near or traveling through Dublin will gather to create a memorable night and mark out yet another successful summer for CS Dublin!” The idea, as some of you know, is to have musicians come and perform unplugged covers or songs of their own in a soft, smooth and mellow atmosphere with as few amps and light. All are welcome, beginners, experts, locals, and guests. Candlelight, chilled-out atmosphere and talented and unknown musicians alike with relaxed quick changeovers, cheap drinks and the creme of couchsurfers, all in one place. A night to remember! If you want to come and sing/play, please confirm this via the website www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=40790
Please also confirm on that website that you are coming even if you just want to listen and enjoy the night. Directions: From the Porterhouse on Parliament Street cross over Capel Street Bridge to the north side of the Liffey and turn left. The Elegance Bar, formerly ‘Blue Goose’, will be on your right 3 mins later, just after Sin É!!

It was confirmed to me that this event is still taking place and a number of people commented in a very positive way. Unfortunately I haven’t experienced it myself yet, but it seems that it is an event worth recommending.
A new event has been happening on Monday nights (every Monday night) in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre, 78 Grafton Street. The recently-formed music collective called the ‘Lazy Band’ is playing roots, trad and folk songs from Ireland, England, America and anything else they like. Admission is free and the bar serves during the show. Some people order up pizzas from downstairs. Laid-back atmosphere, unplugged and informal, and worth a visit! The event starts at 20:00 and goes until 22:00.

* ‘Hugh Cooney Don’t Like Monday’, a cabaret and live visual performance by Hugh Cooney, will take place every Monday night from 20:30 at The Pygmalion, South William Street, Dublin 2 (formerly Ba Mizu in Powerscourt Shopping Centre). Admission free. www.myspace.com/hughcooneycomotions
* From 21:30 in the International Bar, Wicklow Street: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Jacqueline Tuck. Entry is free. The music styles vary from pop to folk to traditional. www.myspace.com/jacquelinetuck
* From 21:30 a traditional Irish music session is taking place in Kennedy’s Pub in Drumcondra. Admission is free.


* In the Bankers Inn on Trinity Street (off Dame Street) at 21:30: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Dave Murphy. A contribution is requested but not required. This is a listening club so is very quiet and features a lot of experienced songwriters trying out new material. www.myspace.com/davemurphyandfriends


An artists panel discussion to accompany The Prehistory of the Crisis 2 in the Project Art Centre in Temple Bar (39 East Essex Street) will take place on 12 Aug at 18:00. In this discussion the artists, Susanne Bosch, Anthony Haughey, Daniel Jewesbury and Sinéad McCann will discuss in detail the premise for the exhibition. Admission is free and seats will be issued on a first come first served basis. www.projectartscentre.ie

On Wed 12 Aug, the Northside Music Festival will continue with a performance of Mezzo Soprano Liz Ryan. “In her new show ‘Nobody Does it Like Me’ eclectic mezzo Liz Ryan combines the wonderful world of popular opera, with its frequently batty story lines, favourite songs, and comedy songs. Liz is no stranger to opera lovers across Dublin and is a regular performer for Dublin Arts Office Music Programme. With a warm vibrant voice, a devilish charm and an eye for the ridiculous, Liz presents a versatile program for all lovers of the voice and its myriad talents.” He event takes place on Wed 12 Aug from 19:00-20:30 in Carleton Hall, 53a Shelmartin Avenue, Marino, Dublin 3. Admission is free. www.dublin.ie/calendar_details.aspx?eventid=1501

* CoCo Markets at Docklands. Every Wed from 15 Apr-28 Aug from 12:00-14:30 a CoCo food market is taking place at Excise Walk in the IFSC. www.dublindocklands.ie/index.jsp?p=94&n=341&i=26
* The “Havana International Language Exchange” is taking place every Wed from 17:30-19:30 in Havana Tapas Bar in George’s Street. The majority of people there are Spanish or English-speaking, but French, Italians, Polish and Chinese are sometimes coming to and everybody is welcome to meet for a chat to improve your Spanish or English.
* “The Zodiac Sessions” is a regular open mic event from 20:30 in Bruxelles (between Grafton Street and Westbury Hotel) for unsigned musicians. Admission is free and there is a different line-up every week. www.thezodiacsessions.com/
* “The Song Room” is another open mic event. It takes place in The Globe in George’s Street at 20:30 on SOME Wednesdays. The frequency got less predictable in recent weeks/months and you should check the website before going. www.myspace.com/thesongroom
* Traditional Irish Music Session in Hedigan’s (The Brian Boru) in Phibsborough from 21:30 every Wednesday until July. If you play an instrument you are especially welcome (all levels are welcome).


“Opera in the Open”, the free lunchtime operas return to Dublin city. Now in its tenth year, ‘Opera in the Open’ returns with five free performances of well-known operas each Thursday at 13:00 from 06 Aug – 03 Sept. Do something different at lunchtime this summer and listen to opera in the informal and intimate setting of the grounds of Civic Offices on Wood Quay in the city centre. ‘Opera in the Open’ is an initiative of Dublin City Council Arts Office as part of its remit to make the best of art and culture accessible to all in the city.
13 August: ‘Giulio Cesare’ by Handel
20 August: ‘Don Pasquale’ by Donizetti
27 August: ‘Hansel und Gretel’ by Humperdinck
03 September: ‘Idomeneo’ by Mozart
The performances feature Janyce Condon, Stephen Fennelly, Mary Flaherty, Victoria Massey, Simon Morgan, Niall Morris, Sandra Oman, Donna Gallagher and Liz Ryan. Musical direction is by David Wray, stage direction by Niall Morris and narration is by Ted Courtney. www.visitdublin.com/events/AllDublinEvents/Detail.aspx?id=237&mid=6152

Jervis Street Shopping Centre and Arnotts Project in the shopping centre are inviting you to live band performances every Thurs, Fri, Sat in August. The bands and times are
13 Aug: Leopold (13:00) + Deshonos (14:30) + Bipolar Empire (18:00)
14 Aug: The Strutts (13:00) + The Cades (14:30)

On Thurs 13 Aug at 17:00, This Is How It Ends will perform in Tower Records in Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

On Thurs 13 Aug at 18:30, Chapters Bookstore in ParnellStreet, Dublin 1 is inviting to the book launch of Juliet Bressan’s new book “Entanglement”.
www.chapters.ie/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=eventlist It is a little strange that this book launch and the Chapters And Verse Reading is happening exactly at the same time and I wonder

Seven Towers and Chapters Bookstore, Parnell St, Dublin 1 are inviting to a Poetry Reading Night on Thurs 13 Aug from 18:30-19:30. The theme is “Animals” and the contributors are Dublin artist and poet Alma Brayden, Phantom 105.2 FM and former Radio Caroline DJ Steve Conway, Dublin poet Catherine Ann Cullen, New Zealand poet Ross Hattaway, Dublin poet Éamonn Lynskey, Wexford based poet, playwright and director Noel Ó Briain, Dublin novelist playwright and screenwriter Oran Ryan.

Ariel Hernandez (guitar) from Buenos Aires and Dermot Dunne (accordion), are playing Latin music in St. Pappan’s Church, Church Lane Santry Dublin 9 on Thurs 13 Aug from 20:00-21:00. Only three more concerts in the context of the Northside Music Festival and this is one of them, so don’t miss it! www.dublin.ie/calendar_details.aspx?eventid=1502

SoulPower, a really great funk soul tribute band, is a must see! I know them well and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thursdays are bad for me because I am writing this Event Guide on Thursday nights, but I will definitely try to go to this gig next Thursday. This 8 piece band play the music of all the great soul artists, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Charles Wright and many more. The lead singer is amazing and all the band members are hugely talented and experienced. So if you are feeling funky, get yourself down to the Living Room (formerly the Bleu Note) every Thursday from 21:30. Admission is free. The Living Room is at the corner where Parnell Street (the street that passes by the Cineworld Cinema) meets Capel Street. www.soulpowertheband.com

“Dun Laoghaire – Life in the Day” is the title of a silent film and live music on Meeting House Square in Temple Bar. It will be screened on Thursday 13 Aug at 22:00 (Bring warm clothes!)
“Dun Laoghaire-Life in the Day is a rather unusual collaboration between composer/bass player Ronan Guilfoyle, and musician and broadcaster Ellen Cranitch.  It’s a silent movie, filmed in and around the Dun Laoghaire area, and documenting the ordinary day-to day life of this unique town, to be accompanied by an especially composed score, performed live by Metier, the DL Ensemble in residence.
Ronan Guilfoyle, Dun Laoghaire born and bred, has always had a deep affection for this stomping ground, its rich culture, history, topography, atmosphere, and not least, its people. His idea to celebrate this in a multi-faceted way, through the media of film, composition, and improvisation, is a tribute to the richness of the area, to the diversity and vibrancy which create the character, colour and individuality of this borough.

His ensemble, “METIER”, the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Ensemble in Residence, is one of the most cutting edge and innovative groups of musicians working in Ireland today. Comprising the finest of jazz improvisers, it is a tightly knit ensemble, virtuosic, creative and dynamic. Guilfoyle’s specially composed score for this film will allow each an amount of freedom to react to the images on screen, providing an immediate and compelling engagement for the audience.
Ellen Cranitch’s images provide snapshots of the landscape, streetscape, maritime identity, and soul of the town. These, combined with the intensity of Guilfoyles composition, will make for a totally unique experience.”
This is a free event so just come along on the night! blog.templebar.ie/?p=198

* The Bionic Rats play live Reggae and Ska every Thursday in Turk’s Head from 22:00. Admission is free. www.turkshead.ie


(Please see Thursday section for details.)

On Fri 14 Aug at 17:00, the Melophobia Band will perform in Tower Records in Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

A Family Fun Day is taking place at Smithfield Plaza, Dublin 7 on Fri 14 August from 15:00-18:00. The description says “Games, sports, circus workshops, music workshops & loads more. Come along & have fun. Children should be accompanied by an adult.” It seems that this day is organised by Dublin City, but the information is as usual for Dublin City, a little sparse. www.dublin.ie/calendar_details.aspx?eventid=1559


This section contains lots of events this week that happen in the future some of them require free tickets and it is mentioned where this is the case. Put the events in your diary and for the ticketed events hurry to request your tickets:

Jervis Street Shopping Centre and Arnotts Project in the shopping centre are inviting you to live band performances every Thurs, Fri, Sat in August. The bands and times are
14 Aug: The Strutts (13:00) + The Cades (14:30)
15 Aug: The Lights (13:00) + Bipolar Empire (14:30)
20 Aug: Fear the Foliage (13:00) + Fiona Melady (14:30) + The Brilliant Things (18:00)
21 Aug: Heritage Centre (13:00) + Autoban (14:30)
22 Aug: The Minutes (13:00) + Myp Jeep (14:30)
27 Aug: Junah (13:00) + The Eskies (14:30) + The Mighty Stef (18:00)
28 Aug: The Last Remaining Lights (13:00) + Identity Parade (14:30)
29 Aug: Reemo (13:00) + Carose (14:30)l

Eurocultured on Smithfield Plaza on 15-16 Aug
All detail will be provided in the next editions of the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events).

Is this Festival in your calendar? It will take place at the end of August. So there is another bit of time, but it is THE must-go event in greater Dublin for me – make sure you don’t miss it. The website is up and you can already check out the programme. The festival will take place on 29+30 August and I guess we are hugely lucky this year that it has not been affected by budget cuts. Who knows if there will be enough money to bring it back in 2010. festivalofworldcultures.com/

______This is odd!!______________

This is not a “This is odd!” in a weird or annoying or incredible way, but it is unexpected or surprising information! But very interesting information. Have you ever commented – in a discussion with friends maybe – on taxes in Ireland. Or do you have an opinion about who should pay more and who should pay less? In that case you should definitely try this quiz to se if your expectations/assumptions are right and then read the information. You will be surprised about who is actually paying the largest proportion of taxes in Ireland! I was surprised! Have a look at:

Have you paid EUR 4 or more for a tea (water + tea bag!) in a hotel? Or maybe you have stayed in an Irish hotel over the last few years or had friends or family staying there and nearly handing over a small mortgage for room and food charges? Let me put it like this: When it came to rip-off, hotels definitely knew how to do it! They earned very well and because business was so good more and more hotels were built. A ridiculous amount of hotels opened in the last 2-3 years and still there were weekends when everything was booked out. But now things have changed! Prices have dropped, customer stay away and what would YOU do at the first sign of some difficulties? YES, you quickly would demand from the government to help you, wouldn’t you? Well, you probably wouldn’t, but that doesn’t stop the Hotel Federation to come with the daft idea that they should get help. Amazing!

Another Event Guide completed. Yippee! This weekend is a little quieter again, but the Phoenix Park Motor Races is definitely interesting, even if you are not a mad motorsport fan. Enjoy the days off and I might see some of you at some of the events!


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