Dublin Event Guide 657: UCD Festival, (No) Africa Day, Online Literature Festival – Events, suggestions and more

May 23rd, 2020
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  23 May 2020 – No 657

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UCD Festival, (No) Africa Day, (Online) Literature Festival –
Events, suggestions and more



Hi all!

This is the 10th Dublin Event Guide since the last few live events in person happened. 10 weeks!! Who would have thought that. :-O And it also is 10 weeks of a sort of contradiction: A “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)” while there are now real events? ;-)

But, as the saying goes. “you have to roll with the punches”! So when all events got cancelled, I decided – as you know if you are a regular reader – to include a) some of the online events and b) to add lots of other suggestions for activities. And your – much appreciated – support confirmed that I was on the right track.

Last week, I also got a mail from a Dublin Event Guide reader, who we might call “Sue” for now (I changed the name.) and I would like to share her mail with you, if you allow me. Sue wrote:

——————-Start of Mail—–
Hi Joerg!
Thank you so much for still sending the Dublin Event Guide every week even when there are no events. I have struggled with mental health problems for years and when this virus hit us and we were locked in, I was really really worried. I love meeting people and it helps me staying sane, but without that….!?

But what really helps me are your great suggestions every week for things to do. I love the virtual tours, have read books that I never knew about, did online Yoga and even found an online course, that helps me through the Corona times.

I don’t have much money, but have sent you a small donation and hope that other people will help too. Please keep the Dublin Event Guide going!

Thank you so so much,
——————End of Mail–

Aww, thank you, “Sue”, and thanks to everyone else who supports the Dublin Event Guide by just opening it, by telling others, by leaving messages or clicking on L(*ike or S(*hare on FB, by sending me e-mails and also (and admittedly importantly) by helping with donations!

This weekly newsletter wouldn’t exist for 657 weeks (that’s more than 12.5 years!) without you!

A bit of a “smushy” start, I know, but it had to be said! ;-)

And before we move to events and activity suggestions, I have to mention this again. If you want and can support the “Dublin Event Guide”, please help with some virtual coffees or maybe even a 10 Euro donation via Paypal to keep this weekly newsletter going. Every cent is MUCH appreciated and the money is not going in my pocket but will be 100% invested in the the Dublin Event Guide!

You can contribute here on the “Buy Me a Coffee” site: www.buymeacoffee.com/DublinEventG
Or even better (because I don’t have to pay any fees) you can donate directly via www.paypal.me/DublinEventGuide
And for the Revolut users among you, it is super easy via 0872931571.



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Closer to Freedom Day


While the Health Minister (Simon Harris) and the Chief Medical Officer are still trying to tell us how dangerous everything is, many have moved from “lockdown” to “no care in the world”. The truth is probably somewhere in between. And it is starting to get recognised (not in official Ireland yet, it seems!) that that “holy grail” is most likely:

“Protect the high-risk groups as effectively as feasible and at the same time, open up society and the economy again as fast and as much as possible.”

Will there be a second wave (of some sort)? Virologists are near 100% certain, but they also think that we have to have that second wave (while protecting the high-risk groups) to achieve a natural community protection. It might take until October or November and it would be wise not to assume that all is over!

And for the people that prefer to wear masks, I calculated the cost of the self made paper napkin masks that I mentioned last week and for which you find instructions here gturl.eu/PaperMask The price for 50 paper napkins is around EUR 2 and I found rubber bands in a hardware store for EUR 3. So if you can make 50 masks for EUR 5, then each mask is only 10 cent. That’s not bad!



Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


The Countdown

More and more people are expected to go back to work and if your job hasn’t opened up yet, then we all sense that it is coming closer and closer. Is now the time to focus on the upcoming “Freedom” or should we still make use of the Restrictions?

I am still trying to use the time to learn and read and work on side projects because I know that as soon as things open up again fully, I will find VERY little time to continue working on them.

I can’t tell you what you should do, but if you started to learn new things in the last 10 weeks, keep using the available time, it might never come back in our lifetimes in the same way (and that is good on one hand and bad on another!)

Here are some free events for you!!


++ UCD Festival @ Home – Find all events for today (10:30-20:30) at festival.ucd.ie/live-events/ A number of events are also listed separately in today’s event list.
+ Daily Pilates 08:00-08:30 www.facebook.com/quantumflowperformance/
+ Morning Meditation to Kick-Start the Day 09:00-09:20 www.facebook.com/mariamorningmeditation/
+ Alan Keane’s Family Art Class 10:00-10:30 www.facebook.com/AlanKeaneArt
+ Rainbow Phil Songs and Stories for kids 10:00-10:30 www.facebook.com/RainbowMusicPhil/
+ Yoga Flow 10:00-11:00 www.yogafitness.ie
+ The Really Rubbish Science Show: Plastic – UCD Festival 10:30-11:00 www.facebook.com/events/698813477542071/
+ Dance Fitness Class – Girls with Attitude 10:30-11:00 www.facebook.com/events/881957835609566/
+ Make a lighthouse – Kids’s Craft Workshop 11:00-12:30 www.facebook.com/events/270058054180348/
+ Kids ask Dr Tony Holohan about Covid-19 – UCD Festival 11:30-11:45 (?) www.facebook.com/events/611147233091266/
+ Mindfulness during the Madness – Online Family Event 11:00-12:30 www.facebook.com/events/2875922919161461
+ Live Storytime for kids with Wee Bookworms 11:30-12:00 www.facebook.com/events/212447123315441
+ Fitness Class by YMCA 12:00-13:00 www.facebook.com/events/2651519318427954/
+ The Really Rubbish Science Show: Graffiti UCD Festival 12:30-13:00 www.facebook.com/events/249502946299196/
+ Ireland Performs: Ryan McMullan 12:30 events.cultureireland.ie/events/
+ SCOOP Arts Auction 13:00-16:00 www.facebook.com/events/855259424972161/
+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys 13:00-13:30 www.facebook.com/events/284420185894782
+ Electrifying Million Volt ‘Lightning Show’ – UCD Festival 13:30-13:45 www.facebook.com/events/703827017037286/ (Registration required)
+ At Home: Victorian Afternoon Tea – National Library Talk 14:00 www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx
+ Leadership in Sport – Learnings for Business – UCD Festival – 14:00-15:00 www.facebook.com/events/690146768476872/ (Registration required)
+ Live Pizza Lesson via Zoom 14:00-15:00 www.facebook.com/events/630081214251351/
+ Paddy Sherlock’s Mini Concert from Paris 15:00-15:30 www.facebook.com/events/3254402741237652/
+ 1sqm Online Karate Seminar 15:00-16:30 www.facebook.com/events/271919917272760/
+ Ireland Performs: Lilla Vargen 15:30 events.cultureireland.ie/events/
+ June Caldwell on Nuala O’Faolain – Talk 16:30-17:30 www.facebook.com/events/237060950934067/
+ Enda Reilly – Dublin Songs 17:00-18:30 www.facebook.com/events/642487312999764/
+ Belfield in 2070 with Jonathan McCrea & Mark O’Connell – UCD Festival 18:30-19:30 www.facebook.com/events/712766162828908/
+ Ireland Performs: Curtis Walsh 18:30 events.cultureireland.ie/events/
+ Long Live House – Phever’s House Party with Graeme Park 19:00-00:00 www.facebook.com/events/1493949867474771/
+ Online Karaoke 19:00-21:00 www.facebook.com/happymankaraoke
+ Belfield 50 – Celebrating its Architecture at 50 – UCD Festival 19:30-20:30 www.facebook.com/events/240737664034564/
+ Marriage Equality Referendum – 5 years on – Discussion & Music 19:30-21:00 www.facebook.com/events/262840534768129/
+ Jack Lukeman sings Folk 20:00-21:00 www.facebook.com/events/2327216740906150
+ U2 Special – performed by Niall McCarney 20:00-22:00 www.facebook.com/events/238099214311981/
+ Guitar Night Live – Ultimate School of Music 20:00-21:00 www.eventbrite.ie/e/105684432984 (Registration required)
+ Guto Piazza – Live in the pub – Gig 20:00 www.facebook.com/events/247817143196867/
+ N.O.C. Band – Live Deckin’ Session 21:00 www.facebook.com/events/2668700176789195/




+ Daily Pilates 08:00-08:30 www.facebook.com/quantumflowperformance/
+ Man Yoga 2 09:30-11:00 www.facebook.com/events/801431143598123/
+ Snow White live for kids 11:00-11:30 www.facebook.com/events/241611833837682/
+ Stretch and Relax / Chair Yoga 11:30-12:30 www.yogafitness.ie
+ Ireland Performs: Eleanor Shanley 12:30-13:30 events.cultureireland.ie/events/
+ SCOOP Arts Auction 13:00-16:00 www.facebook.com/events/855259424972161/
+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys 13:00-13:30 www.facebook.com/events/284420185894782
+ Maker Chat Live – Virtual Convention 13:00-15:00 www.facebook.com/events/598015264150761/

+ Grease – Popup Singalong 15:00-15:20 www.facebook.com/events/717516049054319/
+ Paddy Sherlock’s Mini Concert from Paris 15:00-15:30 www.facebook.com/events/3254402741237652/
+ Ireland Performs: Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh – Music and song from Donegal 15:30-16:30 events.cultureireland.ie/events/
+ Zar Acoustic Live (80s, 90s, grunge, pop, rock) 18:00-19:00 www.facebook.com/events/2581933795428438
+ Ireland Performs: Laoise Kelly – Traditional Harp 18:30 events.cultureireland.ie/events/
+ Hombu Karate Dojo – Live Q&A 19:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/625657371631267/
+ Anchor Within – Reiki Distance Healing & Meditation 19:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/617362488987581/ (Registration via the ticket link required)
+ Luka Bloom – Live 19:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/278282376683508/
+ Circle of Light – Meditation & Conversation 19:00 www.facebook.com/events/670901200147755 (Registration required)
+ Online Deep Sleep Workshop 19:00-21:00 www.facebook.com/events/250728439472177/
++ Gardiner Street Gospel Choir Mass – Africa Day 19:30-20:30 www.facebook.com/events/1456617101175955/
+ Love Letter to the Earth – Celebrating Laudato Si 20:00-21:30 www.facebook.com/events/236833304435003/
+ Tuatha Dea’s Virtual Smoky Mountain Pub Crawl at The Rampant Lion Scottish Pub in Gatlinburg, Tennessee – Live music 00:00-02:00 www.facebook.com/events/1098654880516457/
+ Cabaret with Joan Curto from the Auditorium Theatre (Chicago) 00:00-00:30 www.facebook.com/events/283828869289898/


Next Week

+ Morning Meditation to Kick-Start the Day- Mon-Sat 09:00-09:20 www.facebook.com/mariamorningmeditation/
+ Storytime for kids Mon-Fri 11:00 www.facebook.com/pg/leafhertford/events/
+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys – every day 13:00-13:30 www.facebook.com/events/284420185894782/
+ Paddy Sherlock’s Mini Concert from Paris – every day 15:00-15:30 www.facebook.com/events/3254402741237652/

+ Monday Morning Mindfulness Mon 25 May 08:30-09:00 www.facebook.com/events/729947907543382/
+ Yoga classes Mon,Tue+Thur 20:00-21:00 www.yogafitness.ie
+ Zumba with Thomas Creighton Mon 25 May 19:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/225717865427859/
+ Out Of Your Mind – Morning Meditation Workshop Tue 26 May 10:30-11:30 www.facebook.com/events/173370103964935
+ Ruby Sessions at Home Tue 26 May 20:30-23:00 www.facebook.com/events/2411359412411716
+ Make your website work for you – Google Webinar Wed 27 May 11:00-12:00 learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage-ie/f2f
+ Trinity COVID-19 Immunology Project – Inspiring Ideas @ Trinity 13:00-14:00 Wed 27 May shor.by/TYvI
+ Instagram Close Reading Workshop: Heaney and Writing – National Library Wed 27 May 13:00 www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx
+ The Bird Song Project: Online compilation for Bealtaine 2020 Thurs 28 May 20:00 www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx
+ Women in Research Ireland Webinar featuring Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell Fri 29 May 13:00-14:00 www.eventbrite.ie/e/105780426102 (Registration required)
+ Friday Night with Mikey Smyth – Online Gig for a charity Fri 29 May 20:00-21:30 www.facebook.com/mikey.smyth.37
+ National Concert Hall Livestream: Tara Erraught & Dearbhla Collins 20:00-21:00 www.facebook.com/events/574339043461662/



What can I do while waiting for Freedom Day?

Here are some suggestions for activities that are NOT watching TV. ;-)

1) Virtual Tour of the week
This week’s virtual tour will bring you to my home country ;-) and to one of the most magical looking castles. It is called Neuschwanstein, is in Bavaria in Germany and the virtual tour is first a fly over here www.airpano.com/360photo/Neuschwanstein-Germany-Virtual-Tour/ and after that we will go inside.
The inside tour is not a fully virtual tour, but just a few pictures here www.neuschwanstein.de/englisch/palace/tour.htm but the outside tour is great!
And just because it is so pretty, I have added a Winter picture of the castle here www.thewanderinglens.com/winter-wonderland-gateway-fairy-tales/

2) Laya Healthcare Super Troopers
Laya Healthcare runs a SuperTrooper programme to encourage children and their families to live happier and more active lifestyles. There is a website at www.supertroopers.ie/ and every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00, the Super Troopers’ Stay at Home Live Series will take place on Instagram. www.instagram.com/layahealthcare/3) Abbey Theatre Online Screening & International Literature Festival
Cyprus Avenue is a play that runs until 31 May in the “virtual” Abbey Theatre. You can watch the performance on the Abbey’s website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages and more information can be found here www.abbeytheatre.ie/whats-on/cyprus-avenue/

The International Literature Festival is this year an online event and you can find all the chats/talks/discussions at soundcloud.com/ilfdublin/tracks

4) Online Courses
Udemy courses are still expensive this week, so my recommendation is to only browse, but not to buy. I will let you know when the prices will have dropped again. Check courses and put them on your wishlist here: shor.by/GqCk

Social Media Scheduling Tool, MeetEdgar, is making their signature Social Media course available for free for a limited period of time. It is called “Social Brilliant –
Social media marketing strategy for brilliant results”. If you are an entrepreneur or otherwise interested, you can sign up for free to this EUR 199 course here: edgar-university.teachable.com/p/social-brilliant/

5) Books
Check our the app “Story Shots” for all book summaries. The basic version is free. Both are free in the basic version.
To buy your eBooks (or paper books) I recommend Book Depository because they are usually cheaper than others and they always include delivery for free (and by using this link you help the Dublin Event Guide): www.bookdepository.com/?a_aid=dubevg

And my book recommendations this week are for people that are interested in entrepreneurship in general or that are about to or would like to start or already have started a new company:
+ The first one is “The Lean Startup – How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries. The Lean Startup is about learning what your customers want and about constantly testing your own vision and plans and adapting and adjusting before it’s too late. (www.bookdepository.com/book/9780670921607/?a_aid=dubevg)
+ The second book is “The Art of the Start 2.0 – The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything” by Guy Kawasaki. The book gives great advice on topics such as innovating, recruiting, fund raising and branding. (www.bookdepository.com/book/9780241187265/?a_aid=dubevg)

6) Africa Day
Africa Day is the yearly celebration of the day the Organisation of African Unity was formed on 25 May 1963. And when the day falls on a weekday, usually the Sunday closest to is used for celebrations. This year, this will be this coming Sunday on 24 May.
In previous years there have been great festivals in Dublin for Africa Day. The best one was in the gardens of Dublin Castle. IN recent years Africa Day was celebrated at Farmleigh House, but out of the blue and seemingly without any warning, last year, the sponsor of the event, Irish Aid, which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs, just cancelled the festival shortly before the day.
This year, the upcoming Africa Day is not even mentioned on the Irish Aid website and there is NO event planned or organised by Irish Aid or the Department of Foreign Affairs.
After the cancellation last year, the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir decided to do a special Africa Day event and it was a huge success.

This year we will do the same again, but all online: The Gardiner Street Gospel Choir is part of a weekly Gospel Mass (we often call it Gig at God’s Gaff ;-) ) and this Sunday from 19:30 the African Gospel Choir Dublin will be with us. The mass is a Zoom call and it is also live streamed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheGSGC/ Come join us and celebrate Africa with us, check out the Facebook Page from 19:30.
7) Covid Bridal Fashion? :-O
Have you seen what a Dublin Bridal Shop (Angelo Bridal in Dorset Street) is displaying in their window? Could that really be the new fashion for brides?
I am obviously not a bride, but I would rather not (YET!?) get married than wear this.

And this is it for another week! Have a good weekend and new week. Stay sane and safe and smile, laugh and stay in contact with your friends!Take care,



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