Dublin Event Guide 652: Are we there yet? – Events, suggestions and more

April 18th, 2020
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  18 April 2020 – No 652

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Are we there yet? – Events, suggestions and more



Hi all!

If you have kids or ever have been an (English speaking) kid, you know that question: “Are we there yet?” I have never been an English speaking kid ;-) but I understand that this is the typical question that kids ask when they are in a car with their parents on a longer trip to somewhere when they get bored and can’t wait to arrive.

Well, in the current situation, I bet this is something that you have wondered once or twice and NOBODY has an answer for you yet.

So what can we do in a situation of uncertainty? We have a number of options, but the best one – I think – is to huddle together (doesn’t have to be a physical huddle right now!) and support each other. We started this whole Covid-19 situation with a “We are all in this together!”, but to be honest, I think we need a reminder of that again. It seems the togetherness is slowly being replaced by fear and worries about what others could “do” to us and it is up to us to change track again!

I have a dream! And in my dream, we will all celebrate and enjoy life TOGETHER again, no matter when it will be that we can get rid of all the restrictions. It will happen and I – for one – will be ready to celebrate. ;-) But we can only celebrate together if we don’t see others as a danger to our life. They are no danger even if temporarily they come a little closer. The lockdown is not in place because your life is in immediate danger, but because hospitals wouldn’t be able to look after you IF you needed their help. That’s a huge difference.

In my blog post this week, I am describing a few worrying events where the CARE has been replaced by FEAR and panic. (www.joergsteegmueller.com/2020/04/17/the-corona-files-we-did-go-too-far/) Let us stay together so that the bad aspects of this situation do not get out of hand and that the party at the end is a MIGHTY one! ;-)

To help with the good sides and the enjoyment of life while we are locked in, I searched for great events and other ideas to make the next week as good as it can be. Importantly, do not just check the Saturday/Sunday event listings, but also the sections after that where every week there are lots of non-time-specific suggestions.

I soooo appreciate your help and support and if you could express what you think about the weekly posts on www.facebook.com/DublinEventGuide we might be able to help even more people.

The Dublin Event Guide totally relies on your help to pay the bills and if you bought me a virtual coffee, this would be amazing help on that side! You can do that here on the “Buy Me a Coffee” site: www.buymeacoffee.com/DublinEventG THANK YOU!

And here are two other ways to help:
You can donate directly via www.paypal.me/DublinEventGuide
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I appreciate all your help and support!



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The Lockdown

One of my neighbours is a quite fit 80+ year old and I do the shopping for him every week at the moment. But he really would love to get out for a bit, so he asked me if he is allowed to. And in case you get similar questions, remember that the answer is a definite YES! But there is also a BUT. And that “but” is that the recommendation is that he doesn’t leave his own garden, but there are elderly people who HAVE to go out (my elderly mother needs to go to the doctor regularly).

What should they do then? They should stay as far as possible away from others (in this age group ideally more than 2 meters), not enter enclosed spaces and preferably wear a mask (self-made is ok if out in the open). They are ALLOWED to go out, but they should not HAVE to go out.

And I told my neighbour that I will happily do the shopping and leave it at the door and that if he feels he HAS to escape the house for a breath of fresh air, he can do that without feeling guilty for not doing his own shopping.



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Plan the future you!

After some specific suggestions on how to deal with mental health challenges two weeks ago and suggestions for physical exercise last week, I have some suggestions for the planning of your future this week.

For a moment, let’s assume that all will go back to total normality on 05 May. If you followed the Covid-19 situation closely, you know that this will not be the case and that we will have a gradual “normalisation” process that could be a long process. But let’s assume it will be a switch from one day of lockdown to the next day of total freedom (and work again).

That means, you now have 16 days left to think about your “new” life and to make the first steps. 16 days is not tooo long for that and you might want to use that time wisely.

So here are a few questions for you:

1) Do you want your life post-Covid to be the same as pre-Covid?
1a) If your answer is YES and your job is waiting for you, you are sorted!
1b) If your answer is NO or if your job is not there anymore, then the next question is “What would you like to change?” Write it down! Then think about how to achieve that and next talk to others to see if they have some ideas how you can get to the new stage of your life.

2) Maybe you have no need to think about your job situation, then this question is for you: Is there anything that you would like to learn? A new skill? Any area in which more or new knowledge could help you to do your job or master life better?

16 days to think about it! GO!!! (And if anybody needs help, feel free to send me an e-mail with your questions. If I can, I will be happy to help for free. My e-mail address for this is myfuture@inspiringleadershipacademy.com The Inspiring Leadership Academy is one of my side businesses.)

Here are some free events for you!!


+ Daily Pilates 08:00-08:30 www.facebook.com/events/1500168963495500
+ Virtual Serene Saturdays 08:30-09:00 www.facebook.com/events/3054758454580330
+ Alan Keane’s Family Art Class 10:00-10:30 www.facebook.com/events/207511640506651
+ Rainbow Phil’s Pirate Adventure for kids 10:00-10:30 www.facebook.com/events/2052232918256289
+ Yoga Flow Balance and Twists 10:00-11:00 www.yogafitness.ie
+ Mindfulness during the Madness – Online Family Event 11:00-12:30 www.facebook.com/events/2875922919161461
+ Live Storytime for kids with Wee Bookworms 11:30-12:00 www.facebook.com/events/212447123315441
+ Latin Fit 11:30-12:30 www.yogafitness.ie
+ Where is the Body of Alexander the Great? – Talk 13:00-14:00 www.facebook.com/events/266134454393568/
+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys 13:00-13:30 www.facebook.com/events/254532415703584

+ 1sqm Online Karate Seminar 15:00-16:30 www.facebook.com/events/1167979896897511/
+ Virtual Rave 18:00-00:00 www.facebook.com/events/566563023953728
+ Film Network Ireland – Networking Event 18:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/249483296194502/ (Free for first 100)
+ One World: Together At Home – Concert on livestream 19:00-03:00 www.globalcitizen.org/en/connect/togetherathome/
+ Online Karaoke 19:30-20:30 www.facebook.com/events/259666775205055/
+ Johnny Rayge – Live 20:00-22:00 www.facebook.com/events/217414859537747/
+ Guitar Night Live – Ultimate School of Music – Webinar 20:00-21:00 www.eventbrite.ie/e/102429314838 (Registration required)
+ Digital Dinner & Chat with Tabero 20:30-22:00 www.facebook.com/events/1115511968793586
+ Luna Matos  – Brazilian Singer 20:30-23:30 www.facebook.com/events/231393374587645/ (Instagram Live gig)
+ Shine Your Light 21:00-21:30 Put a candle in your window to join this community event.
+ Cormac De Barra – Harpist 22:00 www.facebook.com/events/1132263307122187/
+ Softer Stranger Selves – Gig with 7 bands/performers (pre-recorded) 22:00-23:30 www.facebook.com/events/630030694508160/
+ David Guetta Live 23:00 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr2FLgmWCJA


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+ Daily Pilates 08:00-08:30 www.facebook.com/events/1500168963495500
+ Yoga Flow for Neck and Shoulders 10:00-11:00 www.yogafitness.ie
+ 10 minutes at 10 – Meditation 10:00-10:10 www.facebook.com/events/520263465594620
+ Spiderman live for kids 11:00-11:30 www.facebook.com/events/1110438095981309/
+ Stretch and Relax / Chair Yoga 11:30-12:30 www.yogafitness.ie
+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys 13:00-13:30 www.facebook.com/events/254532415703584+ Bachafitness – Free Dance Workout 15:00-16:00 www.facebook.com/events/657109661793773/
+ 1sqm Online Karate Seminar 15:00-17:00 www.facebook.com/events/222354529000536/
+ Songs of Support with John Spillane, Roy Buckley & Pat Fitz 18:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/149340206498646 (Donations for Cork University Hospital appreciated)
+ Zar Acoustic Live 18:00-19:00 www.facebook.com/events/2581933795428438
+ Anchor Within – Reiki Distance Healing & Meditation 19:00-20:00 www.facebook.com/events/173368423670088 (Registration via the ticket link required)
+ One World: Together At Home – Concert on RTE2&BBC 19:00-21:00 www.globalcitizen.org/en/connect/togetherathome/
+ Gardiner Street Gospel Choir Mass 19:30-20:30 www.facebook.com/TheGSGC/



Next Week

+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys – every day 13:00-13:30 www.facebook.com/events/254532415703584
+ Yoga or Zumba classes every evening Mon-Fri 19:30-20:30 www.yogafitness.ie
+ Ukulele Jam Session Mon 13 Apr 19:30-21:00 www.facebook.com/events/1146639549003851



What can I do while being locked in?

Here are some suggestions for activities that are NOT watching TV. ;-)

0) “One World: Together At Home” – Concert
Do you remember or have heard of Live Aid in 1985? It was a huge live fundraising concert for famine relief in Africa. And this weekend a similar concert (but not live!) as a fundraiser for the World Health Organisation is taking place. It is all pre-recorded, but has a great line-up. Lady Gaga has organised the whole thing.

The event will be in two parts. There is a live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Twitter and Instagram that will run on Saturday  from 19:00-03:00 and there is also a 2 hour long broadcast on BBC and RTE2 that will run on Sunday from 19:00-21:00.
All detail can be found in the FAQ on this page: www.globalcitizen.org/en/connect/togetherathome/

Some of the biggest stars are involved and among many others, these people are in the 2-hour broadcast:
Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, Awkwafina, Celine Dion, Chris Martin, David & Victoria Beckham, Eddie Vedder, Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Kerry Washington, Lady Gaga, Lang Lang, Lizzo, LL COOL J, Matthew McConaughey, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Pharrell Williams, Shawn Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift and Usher.

And there are even more contributors on the live stream. The full list is on the website above.
And if you prefer to watch the whole event in bite sized chunks, you will find the contributions here www.youtube.com/user/GlobalPovertyProject/videos

1) The weekly Museum’s Tour will be in another great museum in Dublin. It is quite small and a bit different than others, but if you have never seen the National Print Museum in Beggars Bush, this is your perfect opportunity: www.nationalprintmuseum.ie/collection-and-permanent-exhibition/online-resources/

2) Deadline for these Art Competitions is 01 July:
There is the prestigious Zurich Young Portrait Prize by the National Gallery www.nationalgallery.ie/art-and-artists/zurich-young-portrait-prize-2020 and for adults it is the Zurich Portrait Prize www.nationalgallery.ie/art-and-artists/zurich-portrait-prize-2020

3) Learn something new: Of all course platforms that I have tested, I still think that Udemy is the best one. The only thing that is a little annoying is the randomness of their special offer pricing. Sometimes the cost per course is just EUR 9.99, but at the moment they are a bit higher again. Have a browse here click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=/WFVYmx8raQ&offerid=507388.9273&subid=0&type=4
I was looking for a Photography course during the week and found a really interesting one here click.linksynergy.com/link?id=/WFVYmx8raQ&offerid=507388.1462428&type=2&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.udemy.com%2Fcourse%2Fphotography-masterclass-complete-guide-to-photography
Udemy also released a long long list of completely free courses for the time during the Covid-19 crisis and you will find this way: Click on the link above and then type into the search field “free course”. In the “topic” field on the left (on a desktop) or via the “Filter” function on mobile, you can choose what area you are interested in.

4) And if you want to expand your knowledge further, then reading is strongly recommended. Buy your eBooks (or paper books) from Amazon here www.amazon.co.uk/?&tag=dubeveguiforf-21 and you will also help the Dublin Event Guide.
I prefer Book Depository, though. Usually the books are cheaper from them and most importantly delivery is always included in the price: www.bookdepository.com/?a_aid=dubevg
Let me recommend two books again this week:
+ The first one is “The Money Tree : A Story About Finding the Fortune in Your Own Backyard” the brand new book by Chris Guillebeau, the author of “The $100 Startup”. I am reading this book at the moment and it is really good. It is a story about a guy who is in some financial trouble and needs to turn his financial life around with simple steps. A really good read! (www.bookdepository.com/book/9780593188712/?a_aid=dubevg)
+ The second recommended book is the must-read for everybody in marketing or sales and also everybody who otherwise deals with any customers. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” is an outstanding book about the psychology of why people say “yes”. (www.bookdepository.com/book/9780061241895/?a_aid=dubevg)

And if you are looking for a great site that provides book summaries, check this one out: readitfor.me/91927

5) And for physical exercise suggestions, have a look at this site list that was created on the Irish Government website: www.gov.ie/en/publication/5a4293-staying-active-during-covid-19/

6) Gardiner Street Gospel Choir Online! You might remember that I am part of the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir. In normal times we sing at a weekly Gospel Choir Mass in Gardiner Street Church every Sunday at 19:30. But we have no “normal times” right now. So, we did put in a lot of hard work and moved the mass online!
If you have never heard us, put your head in the virtual door and join us for a bit or for longer. And if you have heard us before you know how great the choir is and we hope to see you. The mass will take place at 19:30 every Sunday and it will be live streamed at www.facebook.com/TheGSGC/ Last week we had about 120 attendees and since then 2400 people saw the mass on Facebook. Join us on Sunday! ;-)

7) Music Network Ireland’s new contemporary music concerts, the “Butterfly Sessions” are continuing and Music Network Ireland is also running some free training courses for musicians.
The first two training courses are “Music in the Digital Environment” and “Publishing: The Fuel that Powers the Music Industry”. Find all details about training and Butterfly Sessions on www.musicnetwork.ie/

8) And here is another collaboration video from friends: The Vintage Vibe Band from Dublin did a collaboration with the Concrete Jungle Band from Lanzarote. They sing the Bob Marley song “One Love, One heart” and are having a lot of fun. You can find it here www.facebook.com/vintagevibesband/videos/721519941924974/

9) The GAA are providing free access to past GAA matches at the moment. 113 All-Ireland finals since 1961 are in the archive and there are also provincial finals from 1961 and All-Ireland club finals since 1989.
Over 500 football and hurling matches are available. If you are a GAA fan, your dreams just came true: www.gaa.ie/gaa-now/archive/

And this is it for another week! Have a good weekend and new week. Stay sane and safe and stay away from irrational fears if in any way possible!Take care,–Joerg


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