Event Guide 175: Kinopolis, Dublin Marathon, Toejam Mini Mall, Brownbread Mixtape, Halloween

October 22nd, 2010

| DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events) No. 175
| 22 Oct 2010 Subscribers: 7441

Hi all!

It was great to meet a good few of you last Saturday at my “Wealth Creation Mindset – Seminar”. I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone, but from the feedback forms I know you got something out of this full day seminar. 45 people were there and the people attending AND many of you who couldn’t make it on the day “challenged” me to a) run the seminar again and b) provide other seminars that have to do with NLP, Mindset, Successful Living and Wealth. I take on that challenge and you will hear from me again about it. (If you want to hear about the next events first, send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with the subject NEXT TIME.)


However, in the meantime, it is back to the weekly task of informing you about all these interesting and wonderful events that are taking part in Dublin. With already quite wintery temperatures outside, you can imagine that outdoor events will be less and less frequent until March again, but there will still be Halloween events and then Christmas markets and in addition the indoor activities will pick up another bit. So no need to sit at home, being bored. Dublin is full of activities at any time of the year.

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This space in the newsletter is called the “Feel Good Slot” and often I link to a video or something similar that either gives you a warm feeling or that is inspirational. Today, the video is quite different than normally. It is educational and talks about “The surprising truth about what motivates us”. It is not only hugely interesting, it is as well the best way of presenting a subject I have ever seen. The whole talk is animated and it just blew me away when I saw it – and that was independent from the extremely interesting content. Have a look at this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc

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All events listed in this Event Guide are free of any admission charges (or at least appear to be free) unless otherwise stated. I try to find confirmation in all cases and do my best to double-check the information. However errors can happen and therefore no promise for correctness can be given.

______Joerg’s Picks______________

This section is intended to provide some help in picking and choosing from the huge number of events by sharing with you what I will/might or would do. This is not a “best of…” list and if an event is not listed here, it by no means implies that the event is not interesting. Instead my “picks” are just based on my personal preferences. All events mentioned here are described in detail further down.


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This week I have LOTS of competitions for you – maybe too many? I know that competitions are very popular and many organisers made tickets available. I hope you like them.
What will I do at the weekend and after? A friend of mine is visiting from Milwaukee and a few other friends are wondering if I am still alive of if I only exist virtually, so if possible I will spend some time with them.
Today I will go to the Ideal Homes Show, just out of curiosity. Tomorrow our Gardiner Gospel Choir Guitarist Anthony is getting married to his lovely future wife (Congrats!), so I will be at the mass for them because the Gospel Choir will sing. In the afternoon I will be at the Toejam Mini Mall and the evening I will probably spend with my visiting friend. On Sunday and Monday I will take it easy. Do a little bit of work, but have no specific events planned.
Next week will be full of Halloween events for kids. SO if you are a parent, you will be kept busy. They are not really my thing, but have a look at some of the Science Gallery events during the week AND at Brownbread Mixtape on Wednesday.


The festival of Hallowe’en, or Samhain as it was originally known, dates back to ancient times in Ireland. Marking the beginning of the dark season it is especially associated with the dead and the otherworld of the Sí (the fairy people of Ireland), as the veil between their world and ours is at its thinnest. This Samhain, join the people of the Leprechaun Museum in Jervis Street on the evening of 28 Oct, as the museum comes alive with the spirit of the otherworld as they explore stories, superstitions, eerie games and the rhythms of life that have existed in Ireland for thousands of years.
16+ advised. Places are limited, so book early. Tickets can be booked online (EUR 15) or on the night (EUR 20) for online bookings go here www.leprechaunmuseum.ie/latest-happenings/hallowe-en-samhain-evening-event-on-october-28/ The Tour start times are 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 21:00 and 21:30. Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour, followed by Hallowe’en refreshments, games and stories. www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104510916281895
The nice people from the Leprechaun Museum are making one pair of tickets available for you to win. Send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with LEPRECHAUN in the subject and your name and mobile phone number in the body of the mail. Your mail has to be with me by 12:00 on Tues 26 Oct.

The Centre For Creative Practices (CFCP) is hosting Roger Doyle at their Experimental Music Evening on Mon 25 October and they are making a pair of tickets available for you to win.
The event runs from 19:00-21:30 and takes place in the Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP), 15 Pembroke St Lower, Dublin 2. Tickets are EUR 5 for members and EUR 7.50 for non-members. The event is a monthly evening for new & experimental music & art. Incorporating talks, gigs, exhibitions, installations, screenings, workshops and all happenings of artistic expression. Next Monday, Roger Doyle will present his two ‘cinema for the ear’ compositions “The Room In The Tower” and “Adolf Gebler, Clarinettist”. His idea for each is to compose a live soundtrack for an imaginary film with playback of pre-recorded acted scenes coming through loudspeakers, with dimmed lighting as in the movies, together with live musicians. In this way listeners are given the impression they are present at the screening of a film, but one they cannot see, only hear. For more information check www.cfcp.ie/eme/index.html To win the pair of tickets send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with the subject EME and your name and mobile phone number in the body of the mail. Your mail has to be with me by 20:00 already tonight Fri 22 Oct.

“Where on Earth is Heaven?” is the title of a talk and film screening by documentary film maker Jonathan Stedall. It will take place in the Unitarian Church, St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2 on Sat 30 Oct at 19:30. Admission is EUR 5 and tickets will be available at the door. Stedall worked for the BBC for many years and made documentary films about Gandhi, Tolstoy, Jung, Betjeman, van der Post, the Camphill Movement and many ordinary people. One of the threads which runs through his work is the question of meaning and spirituality in modern times and of finding the relationship between our earthly and spiritual natures. His recent autobiography is called “Where on Earth is Heaven?” and he will be speaking and showing excerpts from his films at this event.
Martin Henry, the organiser has made 2 pairs of tickets available for you to win. If you would like to win a pair of tickets to this talk send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with the subject STEDALL and your name and mobile phone number in the body of the mail. Your mail has to be with my by 15:00 on Tues 26 Oct. www.jonathanstedall.co.uk/

The Comedy Drama “Into the Jest” by Martin McDonagh will run in the International Bar in 23 Wicklow Street from 01-06 November. “Into the Jest is an intense rural Irish drama so entrenched with black humour that it will tickle and taunt. Far removed from the hustle n’ bustle of city life, the show consists of two short plays depicting firstly themes of bitterness & bickering in revealing the family secret to themes of murder and mayhem over a family pet in the second, all taking place in Ireland’s forgotten West.” Tickets are EUR 5 and can be booked by calling 086 8557755.
The organisers are making TWO pairs of tickets available for a competition and to win you have to send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with the subject JEST and with your name and mobile phone number in the body of the mail. The tickets are for the performance on Mon 01 Nov. www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161054590580350&v=info

The ART FAIR 2010 RDS will take place from 05-07 Nov in the Main Hall of the RDS. Within the space and elegance of the Main Hall, in the historic complex of the RDS Ballsbridge, the Artists and Galleries gather from all national and international corners to show and sell their work to the Art loving Public, with works on canvas, sculpture, prints, photography and other media. Live music and interactive demonstrations will also take place including a pottery demonstration and painting classes. Visit www.rds.ie/artfair for more information. Tickets are EUR 10 for adults and EUR 8 OAP, Students, children under 17 (Children under 12 are free)
The organisers are generous and have made FIVE pairs of tickets available for a competition in the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events), so if you would like to win a pair of tickets, send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with the subject ART FAIR and your name and address (!!) in the body of the mail. The tickets will be sent to you! Your mail has to be with me by 13:00 on Mon 01 Nov.

Argentine Guitarist Sebastian Pecznik will be in The Globe/Rira in South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2 tonight (Fri 22 Oct) from 19:00-20:30 (Doors at 18:30). A milonguita will follow the gig until 22:45. Sebastian is back after his sold-out concert last January and the nice people from Compadrito Tango are inviting you to join them and Sebastian on a magical journey in which the guitar – as a solo instrument – expresses the sensuality of Tango music. The repertoire includes pieces by Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo and other renowned Buenos Aires musicians. Tango dancers Simona Zaino & Hernan Catvin will accompany. www.myspace.com/sebastianpecznik/ Tickets are EUR 10 at the door for concert & milonga. The winner of a pair of tickets for this evening from the Dublin Event Guide competition is Isabelle Rigal. www.tangofever.net

Did you grow up on Dublin’s Northside? Or were you a keen music fan when you were young(er)? Do you maybe remember “The Grove”!?!?!
For 30 years, from 1967 to 1997, Dublin’s longest running teenage disco, The Grove (Social Club), attracted teens from near and far to its northside location and some of you might have grown up with it or at least have heard of it. A number of times every year there are Grove Reunions and the next one is a Halloween Reunion in The Good Bits (Store Street, Dublin 1). It will take place on Bank Holiday Sunday 24 Oct from 21:00 and tickets are EUR 15 and they are available from www.tickets.ie You can find out more about the Grove Social Club here: www.thegrovesocialclub.com/
The organisers have made 3 pairs of tickets available for a competition and the winners are Greta Keegan, Damien Birrane and Noel McKenna

This mid-term, Dublinia, near Christ Church, has planned a host of interactive entertainment to keep kids entertained. From a pig catcher chasing stray pigs on the run through Medieval Streets, to tales of death and disease, treasure hunts with historical treasure and a Viking with an axe to grind. These and lots more are on offer at Dublinia, this October as part of the “Celebrate bringing ‘History to Life’” festival, a four day event, running from Sat 23 Oct to Tues 26 Oct .
Dublinia has only been renovated recently and focuses on the exciting Viking and Medieval past of Dublin. The sights and sounds of Viking and Medieval Dublin will be brought to life during this mid-term break and visitors to the heritage centre Dublinia will be transported back in time. A detailed event schedule and further information is available on the events page on www.dublinia.ie
Admission to Dublinia is EUR 4.95 for children and EUR 6.95 for adults, family tickets are EUR 20.00 (for two adults and two children) and to launch their mid-term break series of events, Dublinia is very generous and is making SIX (!!) Family Tickets (2x adults + 2x children) available for a competition. The winners will be notified during the day today.

GAMER Expo 2010, the largest Irish exhibition dedicated to computer gamers and gaming technology, was meant to take place in the Citywest Events Centre, Dublin, from Fri 29 – Sun 31 Oct. Unfortunately this event was cancelled/postponed due to some fire regulation issues at the venue. The organisers apologise and told me that they will let me (and you) know when a new date is set.
Unfortunately the competition many of you were interested in is therefore not going ahead. If you already bought tickets, get back to the ticket agent to get a refund or check www.GamerExpo.net

All events in this Competition Section are non-free events, but the organisers are making free tickets available for you to win. I usually get lots of competition entries and unfortunately not everybody can win, so even if you are not the winner, please consider going to an event to support the organisers. :-) If you don’t win, and will go to the event, please help showing the organisers that promoting their event in the Dublin Event Guide is beneficial and mention to them that you heard about the event through “Joerg’s Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”. Thanks!

______Dublin News______________

There are quite a number of initiatives taking place at the moment that all aim to improve Dublin. One new one, run directly by Dublin City is called “Your Dublin, Your Voice”. You are asked to complete a short survey before Fri 10 Dec to share your Experience of Living, Working or Studying in Dublin. If you help with your opinions you will be entered into a prize draw and two lucky winners will each receive a voucher for two people for an scenic helicopter tour of Dublin. Go to the survey here: surveys.delve-surveys.com/dccpanel?friendref=133545975
Once you register and complete the first survey you will then become a member of the ‘Dublin Opinion Panel’. As a panel member you may be contacted up to four times per year to complete a short survey about Dublin…and you can win more prizes.
For more information about the whole initiative check www.dublincity.ie/YOURCOUNCIL/Pages/Yourdublinyourvoice.aspx

Are you bothered, bewildered or just bogged down with life at the moment? – Mary Keating, MA, trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist, is available for appointments in Custom House Medical Centre, IFSC or at 20 Lower Baggot Street. Please phone 01-6776253 or 0868783086 or email mkeating@iol.ie for enquiries or to make an appointment. Her fees are appropriate to circumstances, so talk to her if you could do with some help and support. www.agalma.ie/therapists/mary-keating

A1 Computers one of the main supporters and sponsors of the Dublin Event Guide is looking for a Computer Shop Sales Person for Dun Laoghaire. If you are interested in this full-time job, see www.a1computers.ie for more information and how to apply.

Free Pre-Employment Training and Individual Support is provided by the EPIC (Employment for People from Immigrant Communities) Programme. It supports legally resident EU and non-EU adults who have permission to work in Ireland to Gain Employment and/or Education. For more information contact 01 87438490 or check www.bitc.ie/epic


In order to beat an economic downturn not governments can help, but individuals are needed that take the initiative and to create new markets and new opportunities for themselves and for their customers and hopefully employees. The banks don’t help anymore, the government doesn’t want to help, so we have to help ourselves! The Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) will help you if you have recently started a company and if you could do with spreading the word. I hope being mentioned here and being seen by the 7000+ readers of the Event Guide will kick start something big for you. In return I expect you to tell your clients and friends about the Event Guide and once you have made a nice bit of money, a donation would be very appreciated. ;-) (This offer is for start-ups in relatively early stages only. Established companies can contact me regarding very affordable advertisement options in the Dublin Event Guide.) If you want to promote your start-up/young company here for free, let me know: dublineventguide@gmail.com.

More to come!


Based on your feedback, I have decided to do the following with the Exhibition section in this newsletter from now on: I will provide you with a link to a near-comprehensive listing of exhibitions provided by www.visualartists.ie. For me to list all exhibitions would only be doubling their good work and would be an inefficient use of my resources. The link is visualartists.ie/category/listings/exhib-lein/
On top of that I will every now and then include here a small selection of exhibitions that either are not mentioned in the Visual Artist listing or are note-worthy to be mentioned separately.

“Don’t Look Now” features work by Sam Boyd, Grainne Finn, Giita Hammond, Lorna Melody, Hannah Mullan, Sarah Verdon, Eoin Williams, Patrick Wall, and Robert Parkinson. It will be on show from 27-31 Oct (13:00-17:00) in the The Back Loft, 7-11 Saint Augustine Street, Dublin 2 and the launch of the exhibition will be at 18:00 on 27 Oct. Ideas of fear, fate and foreboding, omens, signs and intuition are central to this collection of work in textiles, print, animation, photography and sound inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s short story and Nicholas Roeg’s 1973 film adaptation. www.facebook.com/dontlooknowexhibition


The autumn Ideal Home Show will take place at the RDS Simmonscourt from Fri 22 – Mon 25 Oct. The Ideal Home Show is Ireland’s biggest exhibition for home improvers. 30,000 visitors will meet 300 exhibitors who show the latest ideas in home improvement, design, interiors, furniture and décor, kitchens and bathrooms, energy saving technology and a wide range of lifestyle and wellbeing products. Free tickets for admission on Friday or Saturday are available on www.idealhome.ie/autumn/free-ticket-dublin/

The Children’s Book Festival 2010 will run from 01-31 Oct all over Ireland. The Books Festival is encouraging young people across Ireland to Make Friends With Reading, with hundreds of exciting book-themed events and activities taking place nationwide. The festival kicked off on Fri 01 Oct, with 50+ authors and illustrators due to visit libraries, schools and arts centres throughout the land over the course of the month. Other activities include storytelling sessions, printmaking workshops, quizzes and competitions and many more, ensuring there will be countless opportunities to strike-up new friendships with books of all styles and genres.

The Ink Slingers Creative Writing Hour takes place every Friday at 13:00 at the Irish Writers’ Centre. It is a free creative writing session that is organised and led by the Centre’s voluntary arts administrators. The hour includes writing exercises and prompts to get ideas flowing. It is open to everyone and is suitable for all levels of experience. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

Luan Parle will be in Tower Records in Wicklow Street on Fri 22 Oct from 13:00 for an in-store event.
And at 18:00, “More Then Conquerors” will perform in Tower Records. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

“Burning Down the House: Bowen, Keane and the Ascendancy Novel” is the title of a lecture by Dr Éibhear Walshe on Fri 22 Oct at 13:00 in the National Library. Dr Éibhear Walshe, senior lecturer in the Department of Modern English, University College Cork will talk about the photographic exhibition “Power and Privilege: photographs of the Big House in Ireland, 1858-1922” in the NLI. Admission is free.

Two young Irish-based writers invite you to join them in celebrating the launch of their debut publication on Friday 22 October at 19:00. Kathy D’Arcy, from Cork, will launch her first collection of poetry, Encounter. Erika Meyers, from Ohio, USA, will launch her novel, Strangers in America. Both authors will read from their works. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

The Fire & Ice Theatre Company is inviting you to two benefit performances of Paul Kennedy’s “Be My Love in the Rain” with all proceeds going to the cancer ward at St. Luke’s. The two performance evenings will take place at 20:00 on Fri 22 + Sat 23 October in the United Arts Club, 3 Upper Fitzwilliam St., Dublin 2. There will be no admission charge but you are invited to donate for the cancer hospital.
“Be My Love in the Rain” is a new Irish play set in contemporary Dublin that explores issues around love, loss and mental illness.”It’s a girl’s night out. Janet and her friends are drinking and dancing in a night club, eyeing up the talent. Janet has a brief encounter with Michael. Love happens and she is swept off her feet. His dark past comes back to haunt him and he leads her on a downward spiral into a world she could never have imagined. Things begin to fall apart and she desperately tries to hang onto her own sanity. dublinarts.com/?p=363

* James Sheeran (Acoustic/Rock/Trad) is playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. And The Eastern Harps (Trad) are playing there from 20:00. Admission is free.
*Graeme McKenna is playing an acoustic gig (Trad to contemporary) every Friday in the Maldron Hotel, Kingswood near CityWest from 19:00.
* Need to wind down after a tiring week? Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation (not physical yoga, but “yoga meditation”!) classes every Friday at 19:30 at 4/5 Eustace Street, Temple Bar (next to IFI, ring bell no. 3) and every Monday from 19:00 in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15. These are drop in classes, newcomers are welcome. For more information check www.coolspirit.info or www.sahajayoga.ie.
* The Covers play Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Later: DJ Carlos Irie. Admission is free.


Every weekend on Sat and Sun the Point Village Market is taking place from 09:00-17:00. It is an outdoor food market with a flea market-like add-on. The market is next to the Point Depot (O2), right beside the last Luas stop “The Point” on the Red Line. In addition to the market, there is outdoor entertainment every week on a truck stage. You can find more details here: www.pointvillagemarket.ie/events

The 5th Polish Film Festival Kinopolis is starting on Wed 20 Oct and will continue until Mon 25 Oct. For the 6 festival days, Kinopolis will take over Cineworld, Filmbase and D-Light Studio, where you will have the chance to see over 16 Polish films and meet 4 special guests of the festival. There will be film screenings every day and on Saturday and Sunday (23-24 Oct) there will even be free screenings in Filmbase in Temple Bar. I will tell you more about the free screenings next week but don’t miss out on all the other activities until then: www.kinopolis.com.pl/ or www.facebook.com/KINOPOLIS.DUBLIN A Non-Polish audience is explicitly invited by the organisers.
The free screenings in Filmbase are
23 Oct: 12:30 SHORT WAVES – Polish Short Film Festival
24 Oct: 12:30 BYE, BYE DUBLIN dir. / re?. Rafael Lewandowski

From Sat 24 Oct – Sun 25 Oct the “Lifestyle Sports – adidas Dublin Marathon Expo” will take place in the RDS Main Hall. It is an exhibition for runners/sports enthusiast and is the venue where every single one of the 10,000+ participants of the Dublin City Marathon has to collect their race number. So, the event will be busy. Opening hours are 12:00-18:00 and the venue is the RDS in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Admission is free.

The Science Gallery has opened a new exhibition. From 15 Oct – 17 Dec the Science Gallery in the Naughton Building on the TCD campus will feature “Green Machines: Kick-Start The Revolution”. The exhibition is exploring the potential of green technology and sustainable design to revolutionise our world. There is a ‘green wave’ of innovation that is propelling a new generation of start-ups from Silicon Valley to Shanghai to propose a host of solutions to our current environmental challenges. From electric vehicles to renewable energies, from hydroponic vegetables to bamboo bicycles, sustainable design and green technology offer huge creative and commercial opportunities for budding inventors. The Science Gallery will feature 18 such projects and inventions. Access the Science Gallery from Pearse Street near the Pearse Street DART Station. Open: Tues-Fri 12:00-20:00 and Sat+Sun 12:00-18:00. www.sciencegallery.com

The Toejam Mini Mall takes place on Sat 23 Oct in The Bernard Shaw Pub. “The Mini Mall will be the Toejam Carboot Sale in concentrate form. All the best bits from the Carboot Sale – the grub, the gargle, the DJs, the stalls, the junk, the treasure, the vintage clothes, the cakes, the banter – all taking place in the newly extended Bernard Shaw beer yard and Big Blue Bus area. All the fun and folly of the Carboot Sale minus the cars basically.” The Toejam Mini Mall runs from 12:00-19:00 and admission is free. The Bernard Shaw is in 11-12 South Richmond Street, Portobello, Dublin 2. The Carboot Sale was declared as illegal by Dublin City Council, who – on one hand – try to breath life into the city and – on the other hand – do whatever possible to stop REALLY good events from taking place because of silly planning rules. Hopefully the guys from the Bernard Shaw will be able to get a permission for a Carboot Sale again, until then the Mini Mall is better than nothing. :-) m.bodytonicmusic.com/events/toejam/2010/oct/13/beatyard-toejam-mini-mall/

Nigella Lawson be signing copies of her latest cookery book “Kitchen” in Dubray Books, Graton Street, Dublin 2 on Sat 23 Oct at 12:00. www.dubraybooks.ie/news.asp?

Gok Wan will be signing copies of his book in Eason’s O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 on Sat 23 Oct at 12:30. www.eason.ie/events/upcoming

On Sat 23 Oct from 12:00-17:00 “The Fashion Stage” will take place in The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1. A limited clothing line, focusing mainly on vintage, contemporary, t-shirts, dresses, accessories and jewellery is available. This will be a regular event, but since it is essentially a retail store in a nightclub with no direct cultural element to it, I will mention it only this week. www.bodytonicmusic.com/events/stage/2010/oct/14/fashion-stage/

Halloween fun and games will take place in-store in Gap in Dundrum Town Centre on Sat 23 Oct from 12:00-18:00. Enjoy halloween stories, monster colouring competitions, trick or treat and fancy dress. www.dundrum.ie/events/halloween-party-in-gap-this-saturday/

+ The Adult Gallery Talk “The History of the Kildare Street Building” will take place on Sat 23 Oct from 12:00-12:30 in Kildare Street (Archaeology). Join the talk, given by a guest speaker, about the stunning 19th century Kildare Street Building, which is open to the public 120 years this year. No booking required.
+ Admission to all exhibitions at the National Museums of Ireland is free. Museum Opening Times: Tues-Sat 10:0017:00 and Sun 14:00-17:00. Closed Monday (Incl. Bank Holidays).

On Sat 23 Oct at 15:00 the National Gallery Family Programme “Storytelling with Gordon Snell” will take place. The National Gallery is accessible via entrances from Merrion Square and from Clare Street. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html

Lignum & UCD Symphony Orchestra Scholars Concert
The UCD Symphony Orchestra and UCD Music Society present a unique musical evening: The Lignum Clarinet Ensemble (Netherlands) and the UCD Symphony Orchestra Scholars play works by Steve Reich and Terry Riley on Sat 23 October at 19:00 in the UCD Memorial Hall Richview (Building 50 in F1 on www.ucd.ie/maps/UCD_Map_2009.pdf). Admission is free and there will be a wine reception to follow. www.ucd.ie/events/calendar?dt=d.en.66729&sd=Saturday,23October2010

A new trad session has started on 25 Sept in the Schoolhouse Hotel & Restaurant in Ballsbridge (2-8 Northumberland Road). Every Saturday from 20:30 singers, guitar, fiddle, banjo, accordion, whistle, pipers, bodhran etc are all welcome to join in. www.schoolhousehotel.com/

* Don’t forget that the Temple Bar Markets (Food Market on Meeting House Square, Book Market on Temple Bar Square and the Designer Mart near Cow’s Lane) are taking place every Saturday from 10:00-16:30. The Designer Mart is on winter break and will return from 13 March!
* The SuperNatural Food Market is taking place every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. www.supernatural.ie
* The Point Village Market is taking place every Sat+Sun from 08:30-17:30 next to the Point Depot (a.k.a. The O2) at the final LUAS stop in the Docklands. There are more than 100 stalls every week and you can find out more here www.pointvillagemarket.ie/
* Dublin Food Co-op is open every Saturday (09:30-16:30) at Newmarket, Dublin 8 for organic wholefoods and sustainable household products, plus over a dozen producer stalls offering organic fruit and veg., baked goods, dairy produce, wines, hot and cold food, etc. Additional Co-op opening Thursdays 12:00-20:00. www.dublinfood.coop
* The weekly Honest2goodness food market with fresh meat, vegetables, fish, baked goods, wines in Glasnevin is open from 09:30-12:00. It is behind Lidl in the Industrial Estate just after the Glasnevin Cemetary coming from the City Centre. (www.honest2goodness.ie)
* At the Blackrock Market in the centre of Blackrock and you can find just everything. The 50 stalls sell collectibles, antiques, handmade goods, books, food. www.blackrockmarket.com/ Opening hours are Sat+Bank Holidays: 11:00-17:30 and Sun: 12:00-17:30
* Yoga in Phoenix Park with Fiona from www.twopalmsyoga has come to an end for this year due to the colder weather. If you liked Fiona’s classes contact her on www.twopalmsyoga.com. If/when the event resumes in Spring, I will tell you about it.
* Meditation through Breathing: Every Saturday from 11:00-12:00 this event will take place in Iveagh Gardens (at the back, near fountains). The event is free of charge, but since it is weather dependent, you are asked to call beforehand to ensure the class is on (087 2045168). Suitable for all. No previous experience required. Wear comfortable warm clothes and bring a yoga mat/light blanket.
* Car Boot Sale in Tallaght – Every Saturday from 09:00-15:00 a car boot sale is taking place at the Victory Centre, Firhouse Road, Tallaght. Ring 086-3394009 / 086-1961815 for more information. www.gumtree.ie/dublin/01/58061901.html
* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Saturday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* The Black Sheep play Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Later Dj Glenn Brown (Dublin Calling). Admission is free.
* Havana Tapas Bar is inviting to a Salsa Night with afro-latin percussion every Sat night 22:30-02:00. Bachata, salsa, merengue, reggeaton with resident DJ Papi Chulo. Food is available until 00:30 and usually there is plenty of room to get dancing.

______Sunday __________________

The weekly Children’s Art Cart Workshops at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre is taking place every Sun from 10:30-12:30. Up to 20 children can participate but they must be supervised by an adult. Children 5 years & over. The next workshop is most likely on 10 Oct, but the website doesn’t provide the title at the moment, so please check with the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre (Phone 01-6770095) if the workshop is going ahead. www.phoenixpark.ie/newsevents/title,12181,en.html

On Sun 24 Oct from 10:30-17:00 a special Peas and Pods Hallowe’en market wil take place in the Food Co-Op In Dublin 8. There will be a great selection of stallholders with amazing goods ranging from toys and clothes to books, bikes and beds. The Peas and Pods market is especially for parents with (small) children. www.peasandpods.ie/

The Sunday Concerts in the Hugh Lane Gallery are back. They were called “Sunday at Noon” but don’t seem to carry that name anymore. They are free concerts of mostly classical music in the Hugh Lane Gallery. Before the summer these concerts took place from 12:00-13:00, but currently the galleries website doesn’t tell us the starting time. Assume it is again 12:00-13:00! On Sun 24 Oct the concert is “Dulra featuring Caitríona OLeary” with Adrian Hart (fiddle), Kate Ellis (cello), Emer Mayock (flute, whistle, uilleann pipes) and Mel Mercier (percussion). DúLRA performs music from their new CD ECSTASY. Thrilling instrumentals, hauntingly beautiful singing and arrangements. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=578

The next event in the Lavery, Passion and Politics Lecture Series is on Sun 24 Oct at 13:30 in the Hugh Lane Gallery: The title is “John Lavery – Irish Artist Reporter” by Lecturer Kenneth McConkey. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=519

Saucy Sundays is a new live music session happening in the The Grand Social (former Pravda). It will run from 15:00-21:00 every Sunday with a line up of fantastic musicians from all round the country. It is organised by Singer/Songwriter Lisa Mc Laughlin and Joey Sauce (The Hot Sprockets) and was launched on Sun 03 Oct.
In their wisdom the organisers decided not to make event information available to people that did not “Like” their Facebook Page. Not very smart! I can’t join every single Event Facebook Group just to find out what people do. If they are not interested more in letting people know, I will list this event the last time today. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001494016795&v=info

+ The My Museum Samhain Special “Bad to the Bone” for Families with children 6+ will take place on Sun 24 Oct from 15:00-16:00 in Kildare Street (Archaeology). “Come and examine the ancient Viking bones in the National Museum and create your own bad to the bone skeleton for Samhain! No booking required. Places are limited to 18 and are allocated on a first come first served basis.”

On Sun 24 Oct at 15:00 the talk “Roderic O’Conor (1860-1940): A life in Art” with
Lecturer Dr Roy Johnston, artist, art historian, critic and guest curator of several O’Conor exhibitions will take place in the National Gallery in Clare Street/Merrion Square. Admission is free. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html#3

The next Sunday Sketching for 7+ Year olds has the title “Patterns and Optics; Ronnie Hughes in focus” and will take place on 24 Oct from 15:00-16:00. No booking necessary. Early arrival is recommended. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=534

The Samhian (Halloween) Festival organised by Dun Laohaire-Rathdown Events is taking place on Sun 24 Oct from 17:00-21:00 in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin. There will be Fireworks at 19:00. Admission is free.
“Visit Marlay Park in your Halloween costume for a spooky walk through the haunted forest. Made bigger and better for 2010 the haunted woods are not for the faint hearted with spooky characters, scary noises, the eerie fog and strange sights. The haunted trail through the woods will be open from 17:00-21:00 so visitors can enjoy the spooky woods in their own time either before or after the fireworks. One of the highlights of the evening is the fireworks display which can be viewed from the fireworks viewing area is in front of Marlay House. The walk is approx 1.2 km long and all on tarmac paths.” There is very limited car parking in the car park off College Rd. The fireworks display is weather dependant – please check the DLR Events website and/or the DLR events Facebook page for updates on the day. www.dlrevents.ie/samhain_10.html

“Eat Cake!” are hosting a free comedy show about history in the style of “The Panel”. Entry is free, seating is limited and there’s free cake for the first ten people. It starts at 19:15 (sharp) on Sun 24 Oct in the Exchange Dublin, Temple Bar. “It’s a comedic discussion about Wikipedia and all the hours we’ve wasted on it thinking “ha, facts are mad.”” Guests include George Fox (Edinburgh Fringe), Kevin McGahern (Dublin City FM) and Damon Blake (RTE’s Apartment RED).

The Comedy Crunch is a free Stand Up comedy which is downstairs in Shebeen Chic, Sth Great Georges Street every week. It starts at 21:00 and the line-up is changing and I was at the Comedy Crunch a few weeks ago and experienced a very interesting and fun evening. The comedians where a mixed bag: From good, via ok to the, ahem, other side of the spectrum ;-), they spanned the whole range. I was there with some friends and all in all we had a really good laugh. The next Comedy Crunch is on Sun 24 Oct Sept. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Comedy-Crunch/83791357330

* The Temple Bar Book Market is taking place every Sat+Sun on Temple Bar Square from 11:00-18:00.
* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Sunday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* The Odeon Bar & Grill (Old Harcourt Street Station, Dublin 2) are inviting all families on Sat+Sun from 12:00-18:00 to a “Matinee Brunch Club”. Good Food, Kids movies (14:00) and kids under 3 eat for free. www.odeon.ie/matinee.html
* The Crafty Market in Shebeen Chic on South Great Georges Street is taking place from 13:00-18:30. Admission is free and there are Art and Crafts, Vintage clothes and bric a brac stalls, live acoustic music upstairs and downstairs – ranging from Singer song writers via Trad bands to Jazz. www.thecraftymarket.com
* Sunday Roast is a weekly event in the Mercantile in 28 Dame Street from 21:00-01:00. Provided are free live music, games & roast potatoes. www.facebook.com/pages/Dublin-Ireland/Sunday-Roast/57594006610
* Graeme McKenna plays an acoustic gig (from trad to contemporary) every Sun at 18:00 in Number6 on Smithfield Square. www.number6.ie/
* “Loose Change” play in Gibneys Pub, New St., Malahide every Sunday from 18:00-20:00.
* From 21:00 in The Bleeding Horse on Camden Street “The Apollo Sessions” is a free show featuring multiple styles of original music from local and international musicians and songwriters www.myspace.com/thebleedinghorsesessions
* Every Sunday “The Latin Beat” will take place in the Odeon in Harcourt Street from 20:00-02:00. A band will play from 21:00-22:30, a Latin Beat Club, Brazilian DJs and Salsa Classes will be additional features. Admission is free. www.odeon.ie/
* The Burning Effigies are playing afrobeat, jazz, funk and soul every Sunday from 23:00 in Turk’s Head in Parliament Street. www.turkshead.ie
* Gardiner Street Gospel Mass in St. Francis Xavier Church at the top of Gardiner Street near the junction with Dorset Street every Sunday at 19:30. Everybody is welcome independent from your level of religiousness. www.gardinerstreetgospelchoir.com

If you are just looking for Sunday events, please check the event list for Saturday as well. A good few events are taking place on Saturday AND Sunday, but it wouldn’t make sense to list them twice.

______Next Week_______________


This is the last ordinary bank holiday this year (the next bank holiday is Christmas) and you better make most of it. :-) 10,000 people will make the most of it by running (or walking) 42 km in Dublin when they take part in the Dublin City Marathon. Others might go shopping or explore nature. Whatever you do, enjoy the day off.
Pay&Display parking will not be enforced today, so you don’t have to pay for on-street parking. The museums that are normally closed on Mondays do close on a bank holiday as well. And if you are planning to go to some of the Regular Events, don’t rely on them taking place. Bank Holidays change a lot of things, so it could be that Regular Sunday Events take place today instead of taking place on Sunday evening. And other Regular Monday events are just cancelled.

It is too late to register, but you can still watch and cheer on the 10,000+ runners. Start and Finish will be in the City Centre (Fitzwilliam Street and Merrion Square), but then the run covers a wide area. Lots of road closures are part of it and all the details and race map can be found on www.dublinmarathon.ie

On Sat 30 Oct a “Halloween Flash Mob” will take place at the Point Village Market. Jane Shortall is staging Ireland’s first ever “Thriller Flashmob” at the Point Village Market at 15:00. YOU can take part in it and to learn the Michael Jackson “Thriller” Routine step by step to perform on mass, in costume and in public, Jane will be running rehearsals for the dance routine at:
Mon 25 Oct YMCA, Aungier St at 20:00
Tues 26 Oct YMCA, Aungier St at 19:30
Sat 30 Oct Liffey Trust Studios, beside the O2 at 13:30.
If you want to take part, just appear at one of these rehearsals and join in. Admission is free. www.pointvillagemarket.ie/events

Drunken Boat + Land Lovers + Kramies will perform at a free event upstairs in Whelans on Mon 25 Oct. Bands start at 21:00 and Hefty DJs will continue until 02:00. On Mon 25 Oct the performers are Drunken Boat (www.myspace.com/drunkenboattunes), Land Lovers (www.myspace.com/landlovers) and Kramies (www.myspace.com/kramies). The event will take place upstairs at Whelan’s, 25 Wexford St., Dublin 2. Doors open at 20:00 and Admission is free. www.whelanslive.com/listings

A new free Comedy Night with comedy improv, stand up and sketch every Monday night in Panti Bar on Capel St is hosted by Joe Kearney. The October Schedule is
25 Oct: Karnage Improv Stand Up Fran Winston Foil Arms and Hog
The events start at 21:00. www.dublin.ie/calendar_details.aspx?eventid=2446

* Suspended until September, but resuming after that: Every Mon from 20:00-22:00 in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre, 78 Grafton Street, the music collective the ‘Lazy Band’ is playing roots, trad and folk songs from Ireland, England, America and anything else they like. Admission is free and the bar serves during the show. Laid-back atmosphere, unplugged and informal. www.myspace.com/thelazyband
* Cine Café (an evening of short films) and Pint & Picture (full feature film screening) are Howard Linnane’s Irish movie screening nights at 20:00 in Mother Reilly’s in Rathmines, Dublin 6 (Uppercross House Hotel, 30 Upr Rathmines Road (opposite Tesco)). To make sure that it is still continuing, check with Howard 085-1351822.
* ‘Hugh Cooney Don’t Like Monday’, a cabaret and live visual performance by Hugh Cooney, will take place every Monday night from 20:30 at The Pygmalion, South William Street, Dublin 2 (in Powerscourt Shopping Centre). Admission free. www.facebook.com/pygmaliondublin
* From 21:00 in the International Bar, 23 Wicklow Street: The Glór Sessions feature acoustic singer-songwriters, comedy, spoken word and poetry hosted by Stephen James Smith. Entry is free. www.stephenjamessmith.com/Glor.html www.facebook.com/TheGlorSessions
* In O’Byrne’s Beverage House at 199 King St North (Corner of Capel Street and Bolton Street) a live music session “Jam with Karmann Reeves” will take place. Musicians are welcome to participate. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001158421465
* From 21:30 a traditional Irish music session is taking place in Kennedy’s Pub in Drumcondra. Admission is free.
* From 22:00, the front bar of Whelan’s is the venue for the Open Mic event “Acoustic Nightmares Night”, organised by the band The Mighty Stef and some members from The Last Tycoons. This is a free event. www.facebook.com/pages/THE-MIGHTY-STEF/17575454643
* Upbeat Generation is playing Soul/Funk/Rock Covers in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2 from 22:00. Later: DJ Rasheed. Admission is free.


On Tues 26 Oct at 10:30 a lecture in the National Gallery on Merrion Square/Clare Street will take place. The title is “Dutch Masters of the Interior” by Lecturer William Gallagher, Freelance Art Historian. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html#3

+ The Samhain Tour “Viking Gods, Beliefs & Burials” will take place on Tues 26 Oct from 11:00-11:30 for all ages in Kildare Street (Archaeology). Take this tour of the Viking Ireland Exhibition and learn more about the pagan Vikings beliefs in gods, monsters and the afterlife. No booking required.

From Tues 26 – Fri 29 Oct “Halloween Antics” will take place on Barnado Square, next to the City Hall in Dame Street. Fave painters will be there from 11:00-17:00 and a twenty minute family-fun comedy show centred around the hilariously incompetent Inspector Slayer who is trying to track down the infamous Dracula with the help of the audience are scheduled at 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00.
“How to Kill a Vampire” will take place on Tues 26 October from 12:00-14:00 and 15:00-17:00 and on Wed 27 Oct from 10:00-12:00. Blackthorn Arts return to City Hall with Halloween Mask Making, the Story of Samhain, Traditional Halloween Games including a fun treasure/scavenger hunt and a Fancy Dress Fashion Show. (To book call 01 4089750 as places are strictly limited.) Further information about the events is here

The Hallowfest in South County Dublin (with HQ in Tallaght) is famous by now. Every year lots of events are planned and this is the same for 2010. Not all of them are free, but many are and you can find all the details on www.hallowfest.ie/ Many events are taking place in libraries and if you have children that need entertainment, you will definitely find lots for them to do.
(Watch out for one thing though: The Game Expo is NOT taking place, so where you see events taking place at the Game Expo, these events are cancelled.)

John Aldridge will be signing copies of “Alright Aldo” in Eason’s on O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 on Tues 26 Oct at 13:30. www.eason.ie/events/upcoming

On Tues 26 Oct at 18:00 the event “It’s Good to Know… how corruption is measured” will take place in the Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2. It is part of a series of public workshops by Transparency International Ireland and will launch the Corruption Perceptions Index. Contributors are Gillian Smith (Researcher on perceptions of corruption, DIT), Professor Gary Murphy (Dean of Academic Research, DCU), John Devitt (CEO, Transparency International Ireland).
The Corruption Perceptions Index is published annually by Transparency International and measures international business and expert perceptions of levels of public sector corruption around the world. Our workshop contributors will offer their practical insights and experiences on what it says about Ireland; how Ireland is viewed around the world; how ethical our public officials and business people are; and what our leaders can do to improve trust in them.
The event is free and to book your place contact David Dunn, Transparency International Ireland, 01 612 7067 or communications@transparency.ie For more information visit www.transparency.ie

Joel Thomas Hynes is an award winning Canadian author and he will read from his book ‘Down to the Dirt’ on Tues 26 Oct from 18:00-19:15 in the Gutter Bookshop in Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar gutterbookshop.com/

On the last Tuesday of every month (26 Oct) a 20:30 the Tongue Box takes place at The Cobblestone, 77 North King St., Smithfield. “The most exciting performance poetry and other forms of spoken word in Dublin will be presented” and admission is free. www.facebook.com/pages/Dublin-Ireland/Tongue-Box/118230894865908

* Open Mic Night with The Last Tycoons in O’Donoghue’s on Suffolk Street every Tues from 20:00. It’s free and anyone can get up, sing a song or do whatever they like. www.facebook.com/pages/ODonoghues-Open-Mic/71834618844
* O’Byrne’s Beverage House at 199 King St North (Corner of Capel Street and Bolton Street) has a live music session with Sean Og McKenna and Friends every Tue at 21:00. Musicians welcome to participate. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001158421465
* Live Jazz and Blues from 21:00 every Tuesday in the International Bar on 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2.
* In the Bankers Inn on Trinity Street (off Dame Street) at 21:30: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Dave Murphy. A contribution is requested but not required. This is a listening club so is very quiet and features a lot of experienced songwriters trying out new material. www.myspace.com/davemurphyandfriends
* From 21:30, O’Briens on Dame Street (next to the Mercantile Pub) is the venue for a further Open Mic event of acoustic rock’n’roll organised by the band The Mighty Stef. Admission is free. www.facebook.com/pages/THE-MIGHTY-STEF/17575454643
* White Chocolate is playing Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2


The use of bioenergy crops is often cited as a way of reducing greenhouse
gas emissions, although quantification of their true impact at the ecosystem
scale is still unclear and likely dependent on the type of crop, soil
conditions and climate. As part of the GHG Europe, FP7 project a workshop is being held on 27-29 October in the Mont Clare Hotel in Dublin that will address these issues and provide the basis of a review of the impacts of land use conversion for bioenergy production on greenhouse gas emissions. There are a few places still remaining and if you are interested please contact Bruce Osborne (Bruce.Osborne@ucd.ie). I am not 100% certain that the event is free, but there are indications that is might be.

+ The Samhain Tour “Bog Bodies” suitable for all ages will take place on Wed 27 Oct from 11:00-11:30 in Kildare Street (Archaeology). Interested in mysterious bodies preserved in bogs, magic cauldrons and 2000 year old butter? Take this tour to find out more about these and more in the wonderful Kingship and Sacrifice Exhibition. No booking required. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=1734
+ The Inspectorium “Things that Go Bump in the Night (and squeak, nibble, munch…)”, suitable for all ages, will take place on Wed+Thurs from 14:00-16:00 in the Natural History Museum in Merrion Street. “As it’s Halloween have a close encounter with our handling collection, including skulls, bones, skins and our mystery object boxes. No booking required. Due to popular demand you may have to return later to take part.” www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=1735

On Wed 27 Oct from 12:00-14:30 the group Act for Palestine will hold a Solidarity Protest for Palestine at the Israeli embassy in Pembroke Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland. www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116553091734635 Act for Palestine is calling for and end of the siege of Gaza. facebook.com/ActForPalestine

On Wed 27 Oct (14:30-16:00) a mask-making workshop will take place in the WB Yeats exhibition of the National Library in Kildare Street. At this workshop children will have the opportunity to draw inspiration from the exhibition’s collection of Yeats’ masks to create their own Halloween masks. Places are free but must be booked in advance, by calling (01) 6030 259. www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx

The XX Factor will take place at the Science Gallery on 27 Oct from 18:00-19:00. This is a series of short talks as part of TWiSTing Science by creative and passionate scientists who will speak for 5 minutes around a key object, person or place that have inspired them. TWiSTing Science involves 3 days of events (27-30 Oct 2010), celebrating women in science and technology.
Speakers and titles include:
+ Science for Beginners: Jane Mc Loughlin (Science Teacher of Year 2010 UK/Ireland)
+ From pumpkins to fire – its all because of Technology!: Niamh Corrigan (Project Engineer with Kingspan Environmental)
+ A Drop of Blood: Irene Regan (Chief Medical Scientist, Coagulation Department, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin)
+ Technical, Design & Communication Graphics : Eimear Nolan (Engineering student, UCD)
+ Why XY?: Aoife Mc Lysaght (Lecturer in Genetics, TCD)
+ Computers made with Pencils: Brenda Long (Nanotechnology Group, Tyndall National Institute, Cork)
Admission is free but booking is required via www.sciencegallery.com/events/2010/10/

Project Arts Centre is pleased to present Repertoire on Selected Films and Screen Savers, a four-day film and performance programme in the Cube theatre from 27-30 Oct (from 19:00). Feidlim Cannon of Brokentalkers will perform a voiceover, consisting solely of memorised lines from previous performances, and in response to a series of films selected by Aurélien Froment, as well as Nina Beier’s previous performance Repertoire. Repertoire on Selected Films and Screen Savers will change nightly to include Jean Comandon, Jean Painlevé, Andy Warhol, Hollis Frampton and finally close with The Best of Screen Savers, Ever. This is a free, ticketed event but seats are limited so be sure to book your place with Box Office on + 353 1 8819 613 or at box-office@projectartscentre.ie. For more information please see www.projectartscentre.ie

“The Lonely Voice: Short Story Introductions” will take place on the last Wednesday of every month. Up to four short story writers will be selected and invited to read their work at the event. The guest judge in October is writer John Givens. The deadline for submission of stories has passed, but the event itself will take place on Wed 27 Oct at 19:00 at the Irish Writers’ Centre. Admission is free. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/thelonelyvoice.html

On Wed 27 Oct from 19:30 the next Seven Towers ‘Last Wednesday’ Open Mic will take place. It is an evening of Open Mic Poetry and Prose at Chaplin’s Bar, Hawkins St., Dublin and it includes the launch of the new poetry magazine ‘The Poetry Bus’. Admission is free. www.indymedia.ie/article/97946

On Wed 27 Oct the monthly Brownbread Mixtapes will take place in The Stag’s Head in Dame Lane at 20:30. The show is hosted and run by Kalle Ryan and Enda Roche and this month’s theme is “Imagination”. Performers are MUSIC: Elder Roche, EleventyFour and Enda Reilly; POETRY: Stephen James Smith and COMEDY: The Brownbread Players with Sean McDonagh, Eva Bartley, Gus McDonagh and Kalle Ryan. www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108758229187308&index=1

* The “Havana International Language Exchange” is taking place every Wed from 17:30-19:30 in Havana Tapas Bar in George’s Street. The majority of people there are Spanish or English-speaking, but French, Italians, Polish and Chinese are sometimes coming to and everybody is welcome to meet for a chat to improve your Spanish or English.
* “The Zodiac Sessions” is a regular open mic event from 20:30 in Bruxelles (between Grafton Street and Westbury Hotel) for unsigned musicians. Admission is free and there is a different line-up every week. www.thezodiacsessions.com/
* “The Song Room” is another open mic event. It takes place in The Globe in George’s Street at 20:30 every Wednesdays. www.myspace.com/thesongroom
* Songs of Praise, a Rock Karaoke is taking place every Wednesday from 21:00 in The Village in Wexford Street, Dublin 2. www.getpraise.com
* The Alex Mathias Jazz Quartet will perform every Thursday from 21:00 in the International Bar on 23 Wicklow Street. www.alexmathias.com/
* Rhythm ‘n’ Booze in Sin É, Ormond Quay takes place every Wed from 21:00. Live music with DJ afterwards is the weekly programme and the details are here www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001171626567
* Traditional Irish Music Session in Hedigan’s (The Brian Boru) in Phibsborough from 21:30 every Wednesday. If you play an instrument you are especially welcome (all levels are welcome).
* Seven Deadly Skins are playing Reggae/Ska Covers from 22:00 with DJ Dotsie later. The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Admission is free.


+ The Samhain Tour: “Marvellous Mummies” will take place in Kildare Street on Thurs 28 Oct from 11:00-11:30. “Learn more about the Ancient Egyptians and the unusual but creative art of mummifying the dead. No booking required.” www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=1738
+ Also check out the Inspectorium event as described in the Wednesday section

+ The Babies on Board Tour “Halloween at the Museum” will take place on Thurs 28 Oct from 11:30-12:15 In Collins Barracks. Bring your babies and toddlers in Halloween costume for some spooky, but not too scary, stories from the Museum. Monthly tour for parents, grandparents or carers with pre-toddler age children. Buggies welcome! No booking required. Places are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=1737

The UCD Earth Sciences Institute lecture will continue until December and talks are taking place on Thursdays from 12:30-14:00. The upcoming talks are
+ 28 Oct in Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Dublin 2:
“Urban Sustainability Indicators” by Dr. Ainhoa Gonzáles Del Campo, TCD and
“The Choices for the Greater Dublin Region” by Dr. Brendan Williams, UCD.
+ 04 Nov in Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Dublin 2:
“Smart Cities” by Michael Roche, IBM and
“Citi for Cities project” by Jim Kelly, Citi
Admission is free, but booking is required. For more information contact check www.ucd.ie/earth/ and to book your seat go to www.ecce.ie/esi/

FreePlay is an interactive audio-visual performance experience where sound and visual output are uniquely generated through physical movement. Through the use of Maria Coleman’s ‘Body Response System’ (BRS) the movements of dancer Niamh Condron will initiate sound material for the musician, Seán Óg to respond to. The BRS also allows audience members to have an input, with floor mats giving them an input on proceedings. This piece will be improvised and this open process of artistic collaboration will allow all parties to contribute meaningfully and respond to each other as the work unfolds. On Thurs 28 Oct at 14:00 a public rehearsal of the performance will take place in the Broadcast Gallery, DIT Portland Row, Dublin 1. Admission is free. A further performance of ‘FreePlay’ is planned for the Crypt in Christchurch in November. More information on www.broadcastgallery.ie in the “Current Exhibition” section.

Every Thursday in October and November from 15:00-18:30 you can explore and discover a wide-ranging mix of Irish short films by award-winning film makers. There’s something for everyone – comedy, drama, documentary and animation. There will be two sessions/screenings on the day so don’t worry if you don’t get the seat first time round. The “Discover Irish Film” is being launched on 14 October and will take place in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre, 78 Grafton Street. Admission is free. The first session will go from 15:00-16:30 and the second session from 17:00-18:30. The dates are 28 Oct and 04, 11, 18, 25 Nov.

A Gallery Talk entitled “The Story of the Great Masters John Butler Yeats (1839-1922), William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) with Guest Speaker Professor Roy Foster, Hertford College, Oxford will take place on Thurs 28 Oct at 18:30. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents2.html#3

Director of IMMA Enrique Juncosa, invites Bruce Arnold, author and chief critic of the Irish Independent, to discuss the historical impact of Modernism in Ireland. In particular Bruce Arnold argues “Modernism in Ireland largely failed, playing virtually no part in the evolutionary sequence of international Modernism through the 20th Century”. This “In Conversation” event will take place in the Irish Museum of Modern Art (Lecture Room) on Thurs 28 Oct at 17:00. www.imma.ie/en/page_212283.htm

Niall Costigan will launch his book “Sweet” on Thurs 28 Oct in the Mill Street Studios, not far from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. “Sweet” is photographic work that involves sweets and other toys that are involved in “street scenes”. Aou can view the book here: www.blurb.com/user/store/niallcostiga and more information about the launch is here www.niallcostigan.com/launch.html. The event will take place from 18:00-20:00 and admission is free. Some wine will be served. A limited number of books and postcard packs will be available to buy on the night. Mill Street Studios are here www.niallcostigan.com/millstreet.html

Do you think you have to spend hours at the mirror to look beautiful? We can show you how quickly you can turn into a princess. Professional International make-up artist, hairdressers, & stylists to your disposal all for free. Free make-up advice, free beauty treatments and free photo session. The event takes place in The Secret Bar, 122 Capel Street, Dublin 1 and starts at 18:00 with Big Makeovers. At 20:30 a Fashion Show (lin gerie) will take place and Live music and a DJ will follow. Admission is free.

“Oliver Jeffers in conversation with Martin Salisbury” is an event of Children’s Books Ireland in association with the National Library and Harper Collins. It will take place on Thurs 28 Oct at 18:30. Oliver Jeffers is an artist, illustrator and writer. He has published a number of picture books for children including How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found, The Incredible Book Eating Boy, The Great Paper Caper and The Way Back Home. Martin Salisbury is an illustrator and painter, and author of Illustrating Children’s Books and Play Pen, both on the subject of children’s book illustration.
Admission is free but you have to book in advance on 01 872 7475 or info@childrensbooksireland.ie www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx

The topic of this talk is “Pourquoi j’ai choisi le Francais” with Naim Kattan. It takes place on Thurs 28 Oct at 18:30. Naim Kattan, writer, literary critic (born at Baghdad, Iraq in 1928) studied law at the University of Baghdad before studying literature at the Sorbonne. His fictionalized memories of these years appeared as Adieu, Babylone (1975) and Les Fruits arrachés (1977). In 1954 he immigrated to Canada and in 1984 became head of the writing and publishing division of the Canada Council. The presentation is in French and the Q & A is in French and English. Admission free, but booking via info@alliance-francaise.ie is required. alliance-francaise.ie/culture/

The Public Lecture “Ernest Hemingway’s Collection of Paintings” is taking place on Thurs 28 Octat 16:30 in the Hugh Lane Gallery. In this lecture Colette C. Hemingway, will speak about the paintings that Hemingway owned and about his relationships with the artists who created these paintings during one of the most critical periods in modern art. The lecture is free and early arrival is recommended as places are limited. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=555

“In Conversation with Damini Kumar: Creativity and Innovation in Science and Technology” is a talk with award winning designer Damini Kumar (Director of Design & Creativity, NUI Maynooth) as part of “TWiSTing Science”. TWiSTing Science involves 3 days of events (27-30 Oct), celebrating women in science and technology.
Damini’s lifelong ambition was to be an inventor and since the age of five she has been actively designing solutions to problems that she has encountered. In 1998 Damini invented the world’s first non-drip spout, a simple award winning innovation, which disproved years of scientific research into the ubiquitous problem of the dripping teapot. The worldwide, patented invention is simple and can be applied to any pouring spout, from teapots to petrol pumps and can be manufactured in any material.
This event will take place in Studio 1 of the Science Gallery on Thurs 28 Oct from 18:30-19:30. Admission is free and booking is essential on the event page via

“The Beauty Spot at Dakota” is a weekly event on Thursdays from 19:00-01:00 in the Dakota Bar, 8/9 South William Street, Dublin 2. It is a new night of Fashion, Beauty, Shopping and Drinks in association with Style Nation. “Featuring at the Beauty Spot will be regular beauty tips and advice given by Top Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, alongside a ‘Pop Up Shop’ hosting vintage & contemporary fashion and accessories. The weekly Beauty Bar will have a different theme and treatments every week.

The Darklight Festival is a yearly music and film festival in Dublin. If I remember it right, there were a good few free events part of the festival last year, but it seems that this year there is only one free event: The Festival Launch will take Grand Social (former Pravda) on Thurs 28 Oct from 19:00. There will be State.ie DJs and live music from synth-sensations Le Galaxie and metal/powerpop/rockers Vengeance and the Panther Queen, as well as a special screening of the Free Your Film competition winners short films. To get your name on the guest list send a mail to contact@darklight.ie www.darklight.ie/

Every Thursday the Odeon Pub in Harcourt Street is running a Classic Movies Club from 20:00. Admission is free. The theme of this month’s movies is “Horrors” and the list of movies is 28 Oct: The Omen. To book a table find all contact details here www.odeon.ie/gallery.html

* Quiz Night in The Lotts Cafe Bar, 9 Lower Liffey St, Dublin 1. Every Thurs a quiz night with great prizes is taking place at 20:00/20:30 depending on football. Participation is free.
* “Thirsty Thursday” Open Mic Night from 21:00 in the Bridge Inn in Chapelizod Village. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bridge-Inn-Chapelizod/350005960758
* The Bionic Rats play live Reggae and Ska every Thursday in Turk’s Head from 22:00. Admission is free. www.turkshead.ie
* The Poor Boys play Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Later: DJ Tim. Admission is free.


Very specialised, but I know that a good few accountants and solicitors read the Event Guide. Comhar Sustainable Development Council, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency, UCD Earth Sciences Institute, Smart Taxes and Feasta would like to invite you to a Stakeholder Conference on Environmental Tax Reform on Fri 29 Oct in the Clarion Hotel, IFSC, Dublin
The Conference will provide an opportunity for practitioners from a number of different countries to share experience and will also allow for dialogue amongst stakeholders on the considerable potential on the role that environmental taxes might play in the evolution of taxation in Ireland. The conference is free to attend but register early as places are limited. Register by emailing sheila.hynes@environ.ie.

The Ink Slingers Creative Writing Hour takes place every Friday at 13:00 at the Irish Writers’ Centre. It is a free creative writing session that is organised and led by the Centre’s voluntary arts administrators. The hour includes writing exercises and prompts to get ideas flowing. It is open to everyone and is suitable for all levels of experience. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html Strangely the event is not listed for the 29 Oct on the Writers’ Centre website, so you might want to double check if it is taking place.

“Qui a assassiné Jacques Perrin?” is the title of a Life Size Cluedo in the Alliance Française on Fri 29 Oct at 19:30. Who killed Jacques Perrin? The situation is serious at the Manor of La Main Noire… Jacques Perrin, a French teacher of the Manor, has been strangled. All the residents of the Manor are upset and each one becomes a suspect. That’s why the Landlord of the Manor decided to call Grolumbo, the famous French inspector. He will resolve this enquiry but must be helped to interrogate all the suspects by a lot of aspiring investigators…YOU. If you want to be part of this event (sounds like fun, but my French is definitely not good enough!) contact info@alliance-francaise.ie to set up a team. Admission is free. alliance-francaise.ie/culture/


This section contains lots of events this week that happen in the future some of them require free tickets and it is mentioned where this is the case. Put the events in your diary and for the ticketed events hurry to request your tickets:

Funded by 3 Mobile and the Sunday Business Post and therefore free for the participants is this workshop for deaf and hard of hearing teens:
The Irish Deaf Kids social enterprise is running a series of Life Skills workshops in Dublin, for deaf and hard-of-hearing teens. The first workshop is on 28 Oct with ISL interpretation and real-time captioning provided. Accommodation is available for out-of-town teens. It is entitled “Life Skills Workshop for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teens” and will take place in the Carmelite Community Centre, Whitefriars, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 from 10:00-16:30. Refreshments will be provided. To book contact Caroline Carswell at info@irishdeafkids.ie before Mon 25 Oct. The day aims to give the teens tips to improve everyday situations they may find themselves in. If you have affected children it might be for them. If you know somebody who has, please forward this information. www.irishdeafkids.ie/2010/workshop-teens-dublin/

You are invited to this very special discussion “The Long Debate” which will take place on 11 November (19:00-22:00) as part of the Inventorium project, during Dublin Innovation Festival. You need to register for it and because there could be a good bit of interest, I am telling you so early.
An Innovation Taskforce report was launched earlier this year. It sets out recommendations for developing Ireland into an International Innovation Hub through developing the country’s creative and smart economy. Nine months after the release of this report members of the Taskforce, including some of Ireland’s leading economic commenter’s, industry and government members, academics, creatives and entrepreneurs are invited to discuss the nature of innovation within Ireland, and to give their views and opinions on the current-state-of-play.
An evening of lively discussion and networking, Inventorium have devised a special debate format, 18 of Ireland’s key contributors and commentators have been invited to give their views and opinions. Each speaker will present his or her viewpoint for five minutes, the emerging conversations will be documented and presented on the Inventorium website. It will take place in NDRC, Crane St, Digital Hub, Dublin 8
Registration for this event is essential: www.inventorium.org/events

The Academy Discourse “The antibody revolution; turning scientific inventions into medicines & companies” by Gregory Winter (Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK) is taking place on Mon 01 Nov at 18:00 in the Royal Irish Academy. Admission is free, but booking is essential on www.ria.ie/Events/Events-Listing/Academy-Discourse–The-antibody-revolution;-turnin.aspx
In recent years there has been a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry with therapeutic antibodies displacing small molecule drugs as blockbuster pharmaceuticals. The talk will explain how this revolution started and where it is going.

______This is odd!!______________

Please note: This section contains observations taken from the world I live in that strike me as odd. I express my personal opinion and you might not share it. If you are easily offended by opinions that are not identical with your own, please don’t read this section. ;-)

Did I hear anybody mentioning the “R” word recently? And did I hear people complaining about the expected tax increases in the next budget and about salary cuts? And does the media keep going on and on about how much money our children’s children will still have to pay back?
As long as shops like the Donnybrook Fair or Fresh are still full of customers and as long as hordes of people are prepared to indulge in the “Dine in Dublin” (www.dineindublin.ie/) experience where a 3 course dinner costs EUR 30 per person (excluding wine and in most cases for a lesser value than standard menu meal in these restaurants) it is VERY difficult to see where the recession is “gripping the country.” The “special offers” in some of the luxury-supermarkets and the “good value” that the Dine in Dublin week allegedly gives are indications that many are still totally unaffected by any economic challenges. And from this some would suggest that the customers of the establishments that took part in “Dine in Dublin” are probably the ones that have still so much disposable income that taking it from them during the next budget will be enough to balance the books.
Sure if you have money, enjoy it, but don’t be surprised if many think you should be milked in the next budget. I can understand both sides, but I have to admit that I find it odd that some really think that EUR 30 for dinner is a bargain. And NO, it doesn’t matter how “high-class” the restaurant is, it might be RELATIVELY cheaper than the ridiculous normal prices, but it still is a high price.

MySURVEY – Get rewarded for taking part in surveys. You can get PayPal vouchers or donate to a charity and you make your opinion count!

Enjoy the bank holiday this weekend and if you run in the Dublin Marathon, then I wish you good luck! I will be back with lots more free events next Friday morning!

Take care,


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