Event Guide 36: 80s Party, Buck Taylor, Monster Truck, Film Festival Project Arts Centre, Sunday at Noon, Climate Lecture, Zodiac Sessions, Rush Hour Recital, Tour de France

February 22nd, 2008

Hi all!

I was at a brilliant seminar last weekend. It was a free three day seminar about personal development and NLP and it was amazing. About 600 people were at it (in the RDS) and while it is a sales event where the organisers are promoting their (quite pricey) week long courses, the three days are so filled with useful information and exercises that it is worth going there. I recommend the course “Breakthrough to Success” by Christopher Howard to everybody and I will probably go again when Chris Howard will be back from the 17-19 Oct this year. You can register already by following this link and I would expect that in October at least 3 times as many people take part in the course, so registering early is a good idea:
You will learn about Goal Setting, you will find out how you limit yourself in life and what do do/change to have a hugely increased chance to reach your goals in life. The 3-day course is formally sold for GBP 825 per person and by following the link above you will get it for free. But I doubt that ever anybody has paid for it, so the GBP 825 is more a pro-forma price. You might wonder why I recommend it and if I gain if you follow the above link. The seminar did show me a few new things and motivated me even more, so that was my gain and if all of you can experience that it is a good thing. Enduring the sales talk is not too high a price to pay since you get valuable information during the rest of the time. If you follow the above link you are referred to by me and should you book a paid-for course, I would get up to 10% of the fees, but since that is not very likely (the courses are very expensive) and since I would be happily to share this referral reward with you, I have no moral problems recommending the event. Oh, I met some great people there as well! Iza, Yvonne, Yulyia, Remis and myself had lots of fun and we will probably be all back for more in October. :-)

Another thing that caught my attention big time in the last few was this: On Monday evening I received a mail from an occasional event organiser who expressed his confusion over the name of this Event Guide. He thought that “Dublin Event Guide” was the same name that the fortnightly printed publication “the event guide” uses. I explained that my understanding was that “the event guide” did not use the rather boring, bland and generic term “Dublin Event Guide” and that I had no intention to interfere with “the event guide” or steal their name. “the event guide” doesn’t limit itself to FREE events and with the full name “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)” of my Event Guide, I didn’t think there was a conflict.
Coincidence or not, the next morning I get a call from someone who is in charge of “the event guide” informing me that he is of the opinion that he will have to send me a legal letter protesting against my use of the term “Dublin Event Guide”. I haven’t received that letter yet and am not sure what will happen next. But I now urgently need your help! I was never tooo keen on the name “Dublin Event Guide” but since it is very descriptive and I didn’t have a better idea, I only mentioned a few weeks back that maybe changing the name would be something to consider. Now I need help with that! I need suggestions from you for a new name! Send me a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with your ideas and suggestions for how we could call this community newsletter in the future, should I be forced to rename it. Be creative, be whacky if you want or boring if that fits better. I am open for all suggestions and will list them here next week. There will hopefully be a reward for your help in the form of some tickets, but I can’t promise that yet. Unfortunately there is a true saying “If you want peace, you need to prepare for war!” and despite the fact that I hope a simple and constructive solution for all involved will be found, the threat of a legal letter does force me to get prepared for the worst. So, this is the second thing I need your help with: I am looking for a solicitor with experience in Intellectual Property and Trademark law. But since I am not earning money with this Event Guide, I am looking for some advise for free. Do you maybe know somebody? A friend? Or a friend of a friend? Thanks for thinking about it! I will keep you all posted about the developments in this area.

Apologies for the long introduction today, but we’ll get down to business right away.


The Dublin Volleyball Club organizes a 1980s dance party in the Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2, on 06 March and has made a pair of tickets available to a member of the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) Community. The event takes place on Thursday 06 Mar from 20:00 until late and only the best music from the 80s will be played all night. If you want to win the pair of tickets, please send a mail with the title “Volleyball” and your mobile phone number in the body to dublineventguide@gmail.com. The mail has to be with me on 03 Mar at 13:00 and the winner will be notified by phone on that afternoon.
This deadline will give you still enough time to buy tickets in case you didn’t win, so that you can enjoy the 80s fun in the Sugar Club either way! Tickets are EUR 10 and can be ordered by sending an email to 80sparty@dublinvolleyballclub.net. For more information, visit the website www.dublinvolleyballclub.net
The event is an important fundraiser for the Volleyball Club. Jana, who is a member of our Event Guide community and heavily involved with the Volleyball Club asked me to tell the readers that she hopes you will all come along and bring your friends & family with you. With great dance music and prizes for best dress (encouraged, but not compulsory), best dance moves and also raffle prizes for the evening, this will be a great event no doubt. Spread the word!


The Conolly Festival, organised by Labour Youth will take place in Liberty Hall on Fri 22 Feb and Sat 23 Feb.
The topics that will be discussed are
Friday: 19:00-21:00 Will a Democrat in the White House bring peace?
Saturday: 11:00-13:00 “The Shock Doctrine – What’s the alternative to privatisation and disaster capitalism?”, 14:00-16:00 Is Venezuela a model for change?, 16:00-18:00 Which way forward for the Student Movement?

The Coronas are playing in HMV in Grafton Street on Fri 22 Feb from 17:00.

Welllll, not the real James Brown, but “The Buck Taylor Experience” presents Ireland’s greatest James Brown Impersonator and he will perform in The Gasworks (the pub in the Grand Canal Hotel) on Fri 22 Feb. (The Gasworks Bar
Upper Grand Canal Street, D4, 01-230 9628). There is no cover charge and the event starts at 20:30. The song samples on the website are absolutely impressive, so if you like soul, this is an event for you!

The gallery with the slightly confusing name (I still think of big-wheeled American trucks rolling over little cars.) but with an interesting programme shows a new exhibition for a very limited time only. Monster Truck Gallery in 73 Francis Street is showing “Experiments in the Field of Fun*” by “team YES*” from 21 Feb-26 Feb.
teamYES* is a creative collaboration formed by Ben Mullen and John Moriarty.
The description says (and I have cut out three quarters of it): “Neither strictly an Art or a Design exhibition and comprising drawing, sculpture, design and photography, Experiments in the Field of Fun* is a fresh take on how art and design may co-exist and inform each other in a world without creative prejudice.” Who comes up with that blurb? I am SURE the exhibition is interesting and if I find some time I will definitely go there myself, but why is it nowadays impossible to describe what an exhibition is all about? It must be me!!
Exhibitions in the Monster Truck Gallery run from the opening night on a Thursday (18:00-20:00) until Tuesdays. Dally times are from 13:00-19:00 Fri, Sat, sometimes Sun, Mon and Tues. The gallery is closed on Wednesdays for installing the next exhibition and reopens on the Thursday at 18:00.

The Mill Gallery in Dundrum Town Centre (i.e. Dundrum Shopping Centre!) shows an exhibition by Isabelle Gaborit and Cassandra Dorer called “RE-VEILING” from 16 Feb-13 Mar. Unfortunately it is not clear from the website if this exhibition is free, but I would expect so! The opening hours are Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00.
A veil conceals, a veil reveals. A veil covers and because of its elusice nature it requires the viewer to stop, look and see what is hidden or appears to be hidden. The theme of the “veil” bears several layers of meaning. In their work, Dorer and Gaborit explore the concept of veiling from two different perspectives. Their works invite the viewer to enter their space.

The Original Print Gallery, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 is showing Black Church Print Studio’s latest exhibition Defining Space from 21 Feb-09 Mar. The phrase ‘defining space’ is intended to capture the many ambiguities and tensions inherent in the ways in which space – as a term and a property – is variously used in different fields. Space can be defined in very concrete and in very abstract ways. It can be social, political, spiritual and cultural as much as physical. Admission is free. www.originalprint.ie
Opening times: Mon-Fri: 10:30-17:30 Sat: 11:00-17:00 Sun: 14:00-18:00


Remember that the Science Gallery is showing “Lightwave” for another week.
The exhibition will be on show until 01 March. The opening hours are 17:00-21:00 (it has to be dark outside for the light objects to have the desired effect!) from Tues-Sun.
The Science Gallery is only a 7 minute walk from Grafton Street (at the Pearse Street/Westmoreland Street side of the Trinity College campus) and if you only want a quick peak, you won’t need more than 20-30 minutes. Admission is free.

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is running until the 24 Feb and Dublin’s Cinemas will be celebrated with one more event. Last week eleven events already celebrated cinemas in different part of the city. The event is in association with the Dublin Library and the final celebration is taking place in the Central Library in ILAC Centre in Henry Street and will focus on Savoy, Carlton, Adelphi, Lighthouse, Cineworld and the Irish Film Institute. The event will explore the history of cinema-going in Dublin, identify the local cinemas in the area, the film programmes, premieres and guests, the architecture of such buildings and the memories, past and present these venues provoke. A line-up of film writers, historians, filmmakers and critics will participate in this city-wide celebration.
The full schedule is here www.dubliniff.com/event_live.php?id=5

To celebrate the vital role which Dublin has played on screen, the Dublin International Film Festival is presenting 6 programmes of films and non-fiction material shot on the streets of Dublin since 1897. The screenings are all outdoor screenings (Dress warmly! It still gets freezing cold when sitting outside for a while.) and are a great idea for the Dublin International Film Festival to get closer to the people in Dublin. The only remaining screening is:
– The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Sat 23 Feb at14:00+16:30 at Smithfield Market, D1. The screening is free of charge. www.dubliniff.com/screening_live.php

The Project Arts Centre in East Essex Street (Temple Bar) one of the most vibrant art projects in Dublin is presenting a performance installation originated by Mary Nunan (Choreographer) and James Kelly (Film-maker) and developed in collaboration with Michael McLoughlin (Visual Artist). Filmed by Michael O’Donovan. The description says “Installation, images, movements and sound, rhythmical and repetitive patterns, overlapping and interweaving at apparently random times, providing for recurring encounters in space, suggesting meeting and parting, unavoidable intimacy followed by inevitable distance.” The installation can be visited from 20 Feb-01 Mar from 12:00-20:00 (Mon-Sat). Return Journey incorporates a live performance element by Mary Nunan, Immaculada M. Pavon and Mary Wycherly – performances will be running continuously throughout each Admission is free and no ticket is required.
You are free to arrive, stay, depart and return as you choose.

Every Saturday the Rye River Band plays in the Brazen Head in Bridge Street (near Merchant’s Quay and Usher Quay on the south side of the Liffey) from 21:30. Admission is free and you can listen to some of the songs here www.ryeriverband.com/music.htm the pub’s website is www.brazenhead.com

A book launch party and a one night exhibition will take place in The Back Loft, La Cathedral Studios in Augustine Street on Sat 23 Feb from 18:00-23:00. The launch is for “friendly energy being”, a limited edition artist book. It will include a one night exhibition, giant tea ceremony, refreshments, and musical performances from, amongst others, Ugly Megan. The event will be an opportunity to purchase your copy of the book, which will be on sale at €30, a portion of which will go to charity. friendly energy being is a series of hand-drawn illustrations accompanied by a story. The narrative – a creation story – is characteristically playful and humorous, the images light and prismatic. The book has been produced to the highest possible standards, is hard-bound, and is an edition of 500. Of this 500, 50 special copies are enclosed in a slipcase, and 50 have a hand-painted cover. friendly energy being is supported by The Arts Council, Culture Ireland and The Academy of Everything is Possible. www.oisinbyrne.com

Canadian’s living in Ireland, are having a night out on Sat 23 Feb from 21:00. They are meeting in the Odeon in Harcourt Street and I would expect that you won’t be sent home if you don’t have Canadian blood. ;-)  Contact Info: 083-3485801 and jennythemonkey@hotmail.com

______Sunday __________________

Again the Hugh Lane Gallery is inviting to Sunday at Noon. This week the performers are Ioana Petcu-Colan (violin) and Izumi Kimura (piano) playing two new works by Ronan Guilfoyle (Composer). The concert in the Hugh Lane Gallery (Parnell Square North) starts at 12:00 and goes on for one hour. It is free and allows you to enjoy classical music for NO cost.

The Purty Kitchen in Monkstown, on the Coast Road to Dun Laoghaire is hosting the weekly Purty Sessions. Every Sunday evening from 19:00-22:00 up and coming musicians perform their original material in this pub. This Sunday the performing bands will be Old Red, Celine Carroll, Fourdots, Shane Hayes, The Skin We’re In, Xavier and Andrew Mann. The evening is hosted by Stace Gill and admission is free. www.myspace.com/purtysessions

A number of weeks ago I sent Carolina and Przemek on a wild goose chase, by accidentally giving a wrong location for the Collector’s Association Toys of Yesterday fair. This Sun 24 Feb will be another fair and it is taking place in the Sandyford Community Centre (this is definitely correct this time! :-) ) from 11:00-16:00. Admission is nearly free (EUR 1 and the proceeds go to the RNLI).
You can buy sell or swap your favourite old toys, including plastic soldiers, diecasts, railway sets, old dolls and whatever else you might remember from your youth.
If you are interested in selling or exchanging toys at the fair, you can contact the Collectors Association on 2852308 or 4576751.
______Next Week_______________

The “Abbey Talks” are theatre related discussions in the Abbey Theatre. They take place in regular irregular intervals and whenever I come across a discussion pre-announcement I will let you know.
On Tues 26 Feb, director Annie Ryan discusses her approach to directing “Fool for Love” and is titled “Meet The Makers: Annie Ryan”. The discussion goes from 18:15-19:00 and takes place in the Abbey Theatre in 26 Lower Abbey Street.
Only two days later on Thur 28 Feb, Director Jason Byrne, Designer Jon Bausor and Lighting Designer Paul Keogan discuss their longtime love affair with Juliet – and Romeo from 18:15-19:00. www.abbeytheatre.ie/whatson/talks.html
All talks are free but booking is essential on 01 87 87 222.

The next Environmental Protection Agency Climate Lecture will take place on Tuesday 26 Feb in the Alexander Hotel (near Merrion Square, Dublin 2). This fifth lecture in a seven part series is titled “Technological Solutions: Grey Clouds and Silver Linings” and the speaker is Dr Leonard Bernstein of the core writing team for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Synthesis
Report and convening author of Working Group 3. The event goes from 18:00-20:30. Attendance is free, but advance booking is essential. Bookings and enquiries to:
Clara Clark Tel: 01- 289 8533 Email: info@claraclark.ie. Information on the lecture series is available on www.epa.ie/news/events/

From the 26 Feb-02 Mar, the Totally Swedish Festival is taking place in and around Temple Bar. Concerts in the Button Factory, Food in restaurants in the area and Films in the Irish Film Institute are Swedish themed. The only free event, however, is an art exhibition showcasing the work of talented Swedish Artists at the Sebastian Guinness Gallery (18 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2) from 26th February until 9th March. www.swedishfestival.ie/art.html

The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is inviting to a lecture. Dr Richard Hurley, Architect will deliver the 2008 Kevin Fox Memorial Lecture on Wed 27 Feb at 17:00 in the Michael O’Donnell Theatre, DIT Bolton Street.  The lecture is entitled “Art into Architecture” and all are welcome to attend.

Every Wednesday Bruxelles in Harry Street (just off Grafton Street near the Westbury Hotel) has an Open Mic Session called “The Zodiac Session”. Eight or so musicians go up, play a few tunes and express their musical talents. The event starts at 20:30 and finishes at about 01:00 and admission is free. Closer to the Wednesday the band list is usually on www.thezodiacsessions.com
On Thurs 28 Feb at 20:00, the Zodiac Sessions will launch their second CD “The Potential Collection: Volume 2” in the Sugar Club. All 12 acts that have been recorded on the CD will perform, so it should be a great night with lots of variety. The event in the Sugar Club is not free (EUR 10 or EUR 15 with the CD included) but deserves a mentioning considering that all weekly events are free! On www.thezodiacsessions.com you can find a list of the bands on the CD who will all play in the Sugar Club.

The singer/songwriter ODi, who is originally from Wexford and lives now in Leeds (UK), is performing in Thomas Reads on Wed 27 Feb from 21:00. It is in the Thomas Reads pub on the corner of Parliament Street and Dame Street (Dublin 2, 01-6728200). The description says “ODi spent her early years in Wexford and Dublin listening to and being inspired by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, David Gray, The Frames and PJ Harvey to mention but a few. After taking in the music of such songwriters and the influences of the Dublin College scene which produced the likes of Damien rice and Bell X1, ODi was driven to write her own songs. These songs have already been described as “beautiful” “emotional” and “well crafted”. Combine these songs with a unique and captivating voice (already likened to Suzanne Vega, Natalie Merchant and Beth Orton) and a bit of Irish charm and beauty you have a very exciting prospect for the very near future and years to come. ODi will be on tour throughout the early part of 2008 to promote the release of “What You Deserve” before returning to the studio to begin work on her Debut album. www.odimusic.co.uk

The Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Cultural Institute) will show the film “El Tren de La Memoria” on Wed 27 Feb at 18:30. The film screening is free and the film will be shown in Spanish with English subtitles. dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha47013_16_2.htm
The Instituto Cervantes has its offices in Lincoln House on Lincoln Place (back of TCD, between Kildare Street and Westmoreland Street).

The Gasworks Bar in the Grand Canal Hotel (Upper Grnad Canal Street, D4, 01-2309628 is inviting to free salsa lessons on Thur 28 Feb from 20:00. Beginners & Experienced Dancers Welcome!

The UCD Equality Society Inaugural Lecture 2008 “Championing Equality” will take place on Thur 28 Feb at 19:30 in Theatre R, Newman Building, UCD (Belfield Campus). The event description explains “Special guest speakers are Katherine Zappone & Ann Louise Gilligan, who will speak about their own experiences of inequalities and how they are challenging inequality in Ireland. The event will be chaired by Judy Walsh (Barrister of Law & Head of the Equality Studies Centre in UCD) and will be followed by a reception. Katherine and Ann Louise are currently waiting to hear when their appeal to the High Court decision not to recognise their marriage will be heard in the Supreme Court. It is expected that this appeal will be heard late this year or early in 2009.” If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP by Monday 25th February: equalitysocietyucd@hotmail.com to help with the planning for catering.

The Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC) is running a series of Thursday Night Talks. All talks will start at 20:00 sharp at LASC 5, Merrion Row, Dublin 2 (in front of Unicorn food emporium). The talks are free of charge, but due to recent high attendance, numbers will be limited for safety and late-comers may not be admitted.
The Thursday Night Talk on 28 Feb is titled “Soya Plantations for Bio Fuels in Paraguay” and the speaker is Fionuala Cregan. Fionuala has recently returned from Paraguay where she visited a number of rural communities suffering the impact of soya production. She will give an overview of this impact and also look at the efforts of communities to resist it. www.lasc.ie/activities/TnT.html

And some advance notice for three events that I will mention again next week:

”Rush Hour Recital” – the fourth in a series of recitals hosted by the Students’ Union of the Royal Irish Academy of Music. This free recital will feature performances from some of Ireland’s most promising musicians. It will take place on 29 Feb from 18:30-19:30 in the Katherine Brennan Hall of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Westland Row. I am mentioning it already this week so that you can put it in your diary. Enjoy an hour of classical music after work, it would be a perfect start for a relaxed weekend. Any queries can be sent to riamsu@gmail.com. I will try to make it to this recital and maybe I will meet some of you there!

If Italian Poetry is more your thing, you are invited to an Italian Poetry Evening on Fri 29 Feb from 18:00. The Istituto Italiano di Cultura together with the Italian Department at the Trinity College is organising this Poetry Evening. The event will take on the first floor of the Institute and will be introduced by the Italian literary critic Andrea Ortelessa (University of Roma Tre). A number of well-known contemporary Italian poets will be participating as well: Antonella Anedda, Maria Attanasio, Riccardo Duranti. Together with them their Anglo-Irish colleagues and translators: Eilean Ni Chuilleanain, Jamie McKendrick, Iggy McGovern.
A performance of dance and mime will be held during the evening and a wine reception will follow.

Rendezvous at Tours de France 2008, the French travel & cultural event, is taking place this year in the Mansion House in Dawson Street next Friday and Saturday. You can ask the experts at over 35 information stands manned by hoteliers, tourist boards and golf resorts about holidays in France. The event, which is organised by Maison de la France, the French tourist office, runs for two days, on Friday 29 Feb from 11:00-20:00 and Sat 01 Mar, from 10:00-19:00. Entry costs Euro 5 but you can find coupons for free access in newspapers and magazines during the week or apply for a free invitation on-line at www.franceguide.com. And by following this link ie.franceguide.com/ you get there even faster! ;-)  In order to give you a chance to get your tickets, I am listing this event as well earlier than usually.

With such a full Event Guide again this week, I won’t keep you much longer! Remember to send me some suggestions for a name for this Event Guide and…

Enjoy the weekend!


Disclaimer: This Event Guide (the “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”) is an Event Guide with a difference. It covers mostly free events based on the thinking that free events deserve additional support and that ticketed events have a better chance to pay for advertisement. The Guide is a _guide_ and not just a listing and is sent to friends, colleagues and whoever else is interested.
If you have feedback – good or bad – PLEASE tell me. If you want to be added to the mailing list or know somebody who would like to receive this guide, just send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com. If you don’t want to receive this mail anymore, send a mail to the same address, telling me to remove you from the distribution list.
BTW: I am not paid or otherwise rewarded for compiling and distributing this Event Guide it is purely a hobby. Any donations are appreciated. ;-)

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