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Dublin Event Guide 704: First green shoots: Markets are re-starting again! plus New Music Dublin Festival, Poetry Day Ireland

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First green shoots: Markets are re-starting again!

New Music Festival, Poetry Day Ireland

Hi all!

Soo, the biggest spectacle of 2020 that never was, will happen in 2021, but without us! :-o It was announced today that Euro 2020, the European Football Championship, will now not have ANY matches in Dublin (originally Dublin was meant to host 4 matches). Instead St. Petersburg (3x) and London (1x) will step in as venues. This is a pity and a disappointment, but I guess it is not really a surprise.

The problem was that our authorities could not guarantee that the Aviva Stadium at Lansdowne Road could be filled to at least 25%. Other countries could, so the matches have been moved.
Not a huge surprise, but still a disappointment and a big loss…although we couldn’t have benefitted in the current times as much as was originally anticipated.

It will be interesting to see how many small businesses will still be alive when the dust settles. From big Carphone Warehouse to a small hair dresser in Fairview, the announcements of closures this week are just the very very tip of the iceberg.

And while “Rome is burning”, Dublin City is busy messing up or improving (depending on your view point) our city further. The newest thing was a consultation about a general 30 km/h speed limit ALL OVER Dublin, even on major roads. Unfortunately I didn’t find out soon enough, otherwise I would have mentioned it here.

In my opinion (and I am aware that I might be the only one with this opinion ;-) ) this is the wrong approach! It means that busses also will only be allowed to travel at 30 km/h, it also is done without the slightest improvement of public transport. Bicycle theft in Dublin City is still shockingly high and nothing is done about it and alternative and short distance transport like e-Scooters and Electric Unicycles, which are environmentally much better than cars, are still illegal in Ireland. In addition Dublin City could remove a fair amount of cars from the city if they removed the toll from the East-Link bridge, which is now owned by Dublin City.

Yes, 30 km/h makes a lot of sense around schools and in areas with high foot-fall, but to ignore all the five other aspects (and there are many more) and just going like a dog after a bone about the speed limit is – in my opinion – the completely wrong approach.

What do you think about 30 km/h EVERYWHERE in Dublin?

The first MARKETS are BACK!!!

And  before we come to the list of events for this week I want to draw your attention to the fact that some of the weekly markets are re-opening this weekend!!!Only a few for now, but what a great sign!

On Saturday St. Anne’s Park Market and Bushy Park Market will be back. On Sunday the Herbert Park Market will re-open again and on Thursday the Merrion Square Lunchtime Market will be waiting for you.

The topic of Dublin Event Guide support is difficult one. Some weeks are good, some weeks are bad and last week was very bad. ? But there is always hope that good follows bad! ?
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The EPIC Zone


“EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum” (www.epicchq.com) are currently sponsoring the Dublin Event Guide and this section of the weekly newsletter will contain relevant information about events in general or about EPIC-related news and happenings.

++ Tiny Tots Pirates Adventure
01 May – 10:30-11:30 – Online – Adm: EUR 5
Join Irish pirate William Lamport, the inspiration for the infamous Zorro, in this original adventure tale alongside your tot as they engage in a whole host of arts, sensory and mathematics tasks. Suitable for ages 6 and under and delivered via Zoom. epicchq.com/event/tiny-tots-pirate-adventure-with-william-lamport/

++ EPIC Explorers: Bealtaine with Family
01 May – 13:00-14:30 – Online – Adm: EUR 5
This Bealtaine, spend some quality time together by joining EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum for an intergenerational story exchange themed around love and distance. Parents, Grandparents and children are encouraged to sign up in pairs to take part in this virtual story exchange experience where they will share tales with their loved ones from their own lives, and bond over history.  epicchq.com/event/epic-explorers-bealtaine-with-family/

++ 17 ways that St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in 2021
St Patrick’s Day is known worldwide for its colourful parades and busy social gatherings. This year, with so many countries under lockdown restrictions, it was a different affair. But Irish people around the world found innovative ways to celebrate and get into the spirit. Using everything from drones, live video and drive-through celebrations, here are just some of the ways St Patrick’s Day was marked in 2021. epicchq.com/story/17-ways-that-st-patricks-day-was-celebrated-in-2021/

Free events in Dublin this weekend…

Saturday 24 April

International Sculpture Day – www.sculpturedublin.ie/international-sculpture-day/

+ Honest2Goodness Market – Food & Farmers’ Market – 09:30-15:00 – 136a Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 www.facebook.com/GlasnevinMarket/

+ Conference for An Alternative United Ireland 10:00-17:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/145834405633 (Booking required)
+ Bushy Park Market – Food & Farmers’ Market 10:00-16:00 Bushy Park, Terenure, Dublin 6W www.facebook.com/bushyparkmarket
+ Red Stables Market – Food & Farmers’ Market 10:00-16:00 Red Stables, St. Anne’s Park, Raheny, Dublin 5 www.facebook.com/RedStablesMarket

+ The Science of Horses – Family Workshop – Theatre of Science, UK 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/events/384701012503765/
+ Franco-Irish Samuel Beckett Brunch 2021 10:00-15:00 Online www.facebook.com/BeckettBrunch

+ Gaia – Music Performance – New Music Dublin 11:00-12:00 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/gaia
+ Temple Bar Food Market 11:00-16:00 Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 www.templebarmarkets.com/foodmarket
+ Blackrock Market (Food Traders only) 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/
+ Yoga for Children with Autism (Age 8-12) – dlr Libraries 11:00-12:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/137395161627 (Booking required)
+ Sculpture Talks (5x) with Irish Artists on International Scultpure Day 11:00-18:00 Online www.sculpturedublin.ie/sculpture-talks-2/
+ Puppet Storytime and Craft with Julie-Rose McCormick – dlr Library 11:30 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/148775406245 (Booking required)
+ Dream Like Maya Deren – Film & Dream Workshop – The Source Arts Centre, Thurles 12:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/479566423465284
+ Sonic Adventures for Brass – Concert – New Music Dublin 13:00-13:30 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/sonic-adventures-for-brass

+ Bealtaine Festival – History of May Day and how to craft your own May garland – Talk – 14:00 Online www.museum.ie/en-IE/Museums/Country-Life/Events/Q22021/Bealtaine-Festival-Celebrate-the-start-of-summer-w
+ The Sea and Me – Performance – Music Together Band – Music Town Festival 15:00 Online www.musictown.ie/event/music-together-presents-the-sea-and-me/
+ Crash Ensemble: This Is The Space/Part I – Gig – New Music Dublin 15:30-16:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/319027876228697/
+ Yoga for Mental Health  – Live Webinar with Isha Online 16:00-17:00 Online www.ishayoga.eu/index.php/live-webinars/
+ Earth Day Quiz – E-ducare 18:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1702061413319567
+ Atomic Hope – Concert – RTÉ Concert Orchestra 19:00 orchestras.rte.ie/events/3510/atomic-hope/?ticketID=1619290800

+ Aiteach: Cú Chulainn to the Quare Fellow with Bob Gallagher – Songs and Spoken Word – Music Town Festival 19:30 Online www.musictown.ie/event/bob-gallagher-presents-aiteach/
+ Brian Kennedy – Live Gig 20:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/136764295082351/
+ On The Record: The Destruction and Creation of Custom House Records – Burning of the Custom House on 25 May 1921 – Talk 20:00-22:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/214025926729312/
+ Crash Ensemble: Wingform – Gig – New Music Dublin 20:00-21:15 Online www.facebook.com/events/4643474895667850/
+ Saturday Adult Quiz with Dun Laoghaire Libraries 20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/189413126139568/
+ Saturday Night Singalong with Aoife & Lenny Unplugged from Vintage Vibes Band 20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/235333875007814
+ Karlos (McDermott) from The Receipts – Saturday Karlo-oke – Gig – Blue Light Pub 21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/281821126876610/
+ ChoiceCuts present STREAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Discussion on music, DJ culture, Club Culture & Music – Music Town Festival 22:00 Online www.musictown.ie/event/choice-cuts-present-streams-of-consciousness/
+ Introduction to SKY Breath Meditation Workshop – Art of Living Foundation 21:00-22:00 Online www.eventbrite.com/e/58096834195 (Booking required)++

Sunday 25 April

+ The Science of Horses – Family Workshop – Theatre of Science, UK 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/events/494691588375671/
+ Herbert Park Market – Food & Farmers’ Market 11:00-16:00 Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 www.facebook.com/Herbert-Park-Market-405930226496273
+ Kirkos – For Private Use – Performance – New Music Dublin 11:00 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/kirkos-for-private-use
+ Blackrock Market (Food Traders only) 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/
+ Sundays@Noon – Classical Music Concert – Elizabeth Hilliard, soprano and David Bremner, piano – Hugh Lane Gallery 12:00-13:00 Online www.hughlane.ie/forthcoming-sunday-concerts/3193-sundaysnoon-online-elizabeth-hilliard-soprano-and-david-bremner-piano

+ Crash Ensemble: This Is The Space/Part I – Gig – New Music Dublin 15:30-16:30 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/crash-ensemble-free-state-13-2
+ Fresh Start – New Music from Australia – New Music Dublin 17:30 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/fresh-start-new-music-australia
+ Chamber Choir Ireland – Live Concert – New Music Dublin 19:00-20:00 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/chamber-choir-ireland
+ Gardiner Street Gospel Choir – Online Mass 19:30-20:30 Online www.facebook.com/TheGSGC
+ Blind Date Jazz Episode 6: Meilana Gillard + Chris Guilfoyle – Improvised Music Company 20:00-20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/1471803563172785
+ Rooftop Lullabies – Songs with Faye O’Rourke of Soda Blonde, Brigid Mae Power and Monjola – Performance – Music Town Festival 20:00 Online www.musictown.ie/event/sofft-productions-presents-rooftop-lullabies/
+ Crash Ensemble – Granulated Frequencies – Performance – New Music Dublin 20:30-21:20 Online www.newmusicdublin.ie/crash-granulated-frequencies

What’s on and free next week….

Monday 26 Apr

+ Rainbow Phil – Daily Lockdown Live Show 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/RainbowMusicPhil/
+ William Partridge (1874-1917) – a poet, trade unionist and community leader in Inchicore by Richmond Barracks – Talk – Online Virtual Culture Club 17:30 Online cultureclubdublin.ticketsolve.com/shows/873623477 (Booking required)
+ My Life in Loyalism by Billy Hutchinson – Talk – Trasna na Tire 20:00 www.facebook.com/events/1390938327933743/

Tuesday 27 Apr

+ Rainbow Phil – Daily Lockdown Live Show 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/RainbowMusicPhil/
+ 3 Sales Strategies that Work in a Crisis – Webinar – Iconic Offices and Anis Qizilbash 11:00-11:40 Online iconicoffices.ie/events/3-sales-strategies-that-work-in-a-crisis/ (Booking required)
+ Nature Live: Where the Penguins Live – Talk – Natural History Museum London 12:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/407851087069915/
+ The Irish Startup Conference 2021: Practical Steps to Scale your Startup – Webinar 16:00-17:30 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/143836913079 (Booking required)
+ Yoga for Peace – Webinar with Isha Online 18:00-19:00 Online www.ishayoga.eu/index.php/live-webinars/
+ Beautiful Speech: A Tribute to Eavan Boland – Tribute – Poetry Ireland 19:00-20:30 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/151467640791 (Booking required)
+ Eight Days a Week: Developing as a Writer with Donal Ryan & Rónán Hession – Talk – One Dublin One Book 19:00-20:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/150185000379 (Booking required)
+ Spell Songs in Concert for the Urban Nature Project – Live Concert – Natural History Museum London 20:15-21:45 Online www.facebook.com/events/863912264451334/

Wednesday 28 Apr

+ Rainbow Phil – Daily Lockdown Live Show 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/RainbowMusicPhil/
+ Making Webinars Work for You or Your Business – Webinar – Iconic Offices & Deanna O’Connor 11:00-11:40 Online iconicoffices.ie/events/making-webinars-work-for-you-or-your-business/ (Booking required)
+ First Design for a Proposed Gallery of Modern Art, St. Stephen’s Green – Coffee Conversation – Hugh Lane Gallery 11:00 Online www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3159-coffee-conversation-first-design-for-a-proposed-gallery-of-modern-art-st-stephens-green
+ ChamberFest Dublin – Lunchtime Concert – Royal Irish Academy of Music 13:00-14:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/149107619905 (Booking required)
+ Richmond Barracks in 19th Century Dublin – Talk – Culture Club 14:30 Online cultureclubdublin.ticketsolve.com/shows/873623468
+ Natural History in the Making – Family Drawing Session – Natural History Museum London 17:00-18:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/452587639148478/
+ Living with Pride: Bill Foley in conversation with Aifric Ní Chríodáin – Talk – National Library 19:00 Online www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx (Booking required)
+ The Northern Ireland centenary: A Carnival of Reaction or a cause for Celebration? – Talk – Trasna na Tire 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/2873688306283946/

Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)

Thursday 29 Apr

Poetry Day Ireland: New Directions: Maps and Journeys www.poetryireland.ie/poetry-day/whats-on/category/dublin

+ Rainbow Phil – Daily Lockdown Live Show 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/RainbowMusicPhil/
+ Yeats: the Life and Works of William Butler Yeats – Exhibition Tour 11:00 Online www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx (Booking required)
+ Merrion Square Market – Food & Farmers’ Market 11:30-14:30 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 www.facebook.com/MerrionSquareMarket
+ Poetry Workshop: ‘The Human Family’ – One Dublin One Book – National Library 14:00-16:00 www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx (Booking required)
+ Drawing Fashion – Workshop for Teens – Chester Beatty Library 15:30 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/live-online-workshop-for-teens-drawing-fashion/ (Booking required)
+ Digital Economies – Digital Inti macies – Digital Cultures Webinar Series – NCAD 19:00-20:30 Online www.ncad.ie/gallery-event/view/digital-cultures-webinar-series-2021
+ Live From The Shed – Interactive Woodturning Demonstration 19:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/970753487076772

Friday 30 Apr

+ Rainbow Phil – Daily Lockdown Live Show 10:00-10:45 Online www.facebook.com/RainbowMusicPhil/
+ The Sculptors – Talk – Sculpture Dublin Lecture Series 13:00-14:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/148215958923 (Booking required)
+ Let’s Make Thai Food Live – Webinar – Iconic Offices 18:30-20:00 Online iconicoffices.ie/events/lets-make-thai-food-live/ (Booking required)
+ Respighi and Sibelius with Prionnsías Ó Duinn – RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra – Concert 19:00 orchestras.rte.ie/events/3499/respighi-and-sibelius-with-prionnsias-o-duinn/?ticketID=1619809200
+ Kevin Hurson Live on Irishgigs 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1284620231933585

And there is more…

+++ Virtual School Tours? Is that the future?
Tayto Park has announced that they will offer now a virtual school tour and while this is maybe a smart way for Tayto Park to make at least SOME money and to stay in the mind of the kids, I feel sad for kids that for another while will have to live a virtual life. The “tour” includes some short animal video clips and a one hour film where two characters will bring the kids on a “hilarious whirlwind journey” through Tayto park. EUR 6 per kids with a minimum purchase of 15 tickets.
taytopark.ie/events/tayto-park-adventures I am just not convinced we should accept that as normality for our kids. :-O

+++ New Music Dublin
New Music Dublin is a contemporary music festival that happens in the National Concert Hall and other venues throughout Dublin. It runs from Fri 23 – Mon 26 April and all events are free. You will find all the events in the listings above. There is also a projection of musicians that is done in cooperation with the Music Town Festival. All details are here www.newmusicdublin.ie/

Is learning a new skill part of your plans for the new year? Maybe it is a language or an instrument or some technical skills? Or NLP or some Business related “soft skills”? Check out Udemy via the link below, they have thousands of courses and there is good chance that what you are looking for is available.
The lowest cost for courses this month will be around 12.99. Check out the website at shor.by/GqCk And if you buy through that link, you help the Dublin Event Guide! ;-)

For physical books and e-books I recommend Book Depository because they are usually cheaper than others and they always include delivery for free and by using this link you help the Dublin Event Guide when you purchase a book and it doesn’t cost you a cent: shor.by/BookDepository  .

And this is it for another week! Have a good weekend and new week.

Take care,

–Joerg (dublineventguide@gmail.com)



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