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Dublin Event Guide 743: Mad busy in Dublin!! – Tradfest Temple Bar, Dublin Lunar New Year Festival, Brigit Festival

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Mad busy in Dublin!

Tradfest Temple Bar, Dublin Lunar New Year Festival, Brigit Festival

Hi all!

You guys get around!!! ;-) The Dublin Event Guide’s of the last two weeks were read in Nicaragua, Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Bermudas, Japan, Morocco, China and lots of European countries and – obviously – in Dublin. I love that people all over the world have still an interest in free events in Dublin, even in these crazy times.

I don’t know who the people are in these far flung places and why they read the Dublin Event Guide, but I know that when you are far from home, bits of information – even about free evens – from the homeland are sometimes more important than when you are not far away.

And going by the e-mail opening rates and – even more so – by your engagement on Facebook, I could do / HAVE to do a much better job to keep you interested. :-O (There will be a questionnaire needed, I think to find out more about your preferences!)

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The EPIC Zone


“EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum” (www.epicchq.com) are currently sponsoring the Dublin Event Guide and this section of the weekly newsletter will contain relevant information about events in general or about EPIC-related news and happenings.

+++ Irish Educators Abroad: Building Something Wonderful – Exhibition
Jan-Mar 2022 – 10:00-17:00 – EPIC Museum, CHQ, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1 – Adm: included in entry fee
This exhibition at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum reflects on the role and influence of Irish educators across the globe over the centuries.

The Irish had an important role in early Catholic colleges in France, Spain and Belgium. Later, education in Ireland itself was revolutionised with the establishment of the National Schools’ system in 1830, the development of convent schools and from 1892 the compulsory education of all children aged 6–14. By 1911, Ireland was second only to Finland in the proportion of women attending university.

The combination of these factors led many Irish women to train as educators. Some of those featured in the exhibition include Dublin-born Sr Gabriel Hogan, who founded the first Catholic school for the deaf in New South Wales; Limerick’s Dr Pamela O’Malley, educator and part of the communist resistance against the Franco regime; Donegal-born Sr Julia McGroarty, who founded one of the first women’s colleges in the USA, as well as schools for immigrant and African-American children; Belfast man Revd Frederick O’Neill, who established girls’ schools in China and Scotch-Irish man William Holmes McGuffey, who authored a textbook that sold 120 million copies in the USA.

This exhibition highlights Ireland’s long history of sending our male and female educators to work with communities all over the world – a tradition that continues today. epicchq.com/event/irish-educators-abroad-building-something-wonderful/

+++ History at home: St. Brigid’s Day – Quizzes / Puzzles / Games
St. Brigid’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of February in Ireland. But who was St. Brigid, and why do her stories continue to this day? With this History at Home Pack, discover the history of St. Brigid, and how the arrival of “Spring” heralded new beginnings for the Celts. Learn about the traditions enjoyed on the day and enjoy word searches, trivia quizzes and activities such as making your own Brigid’s Cross! To get your free pack with 14 pages of engaging activities for children aged 8+ just go to dublin.epicchq.com/st-brigids-day-pack-2022 and fill in the form.

Free events in Dublin this weekend…

Saturday 29 January

+ Supernatural Food Market – Food & Farmer’s Market 09:00-15:00 St Andrew’s Resource Centre, 114-116 Pearse St., Dublin 2 www.facebook.com/thesupernaturalfoodmarket
+Airfield Estate Farmers’ Market 09:00-14:30 Airfield Estate, Overend Ave, Dundrum, Dublin 14 (lower car park) www.airfield.ie/farmers-market-at-airfield-estate
+ Honest2Goodness Market – Food & Farmers’ Market – 09:30-15:00 – 136a Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 www.facebook.com/GlasnevinMarket/
+ Glasnevin Indoor Market 10:00-14:00 Brooks Timber & Building Supplies Ltd, Ballyboggan Rd, Dublin 11 www.facebook.com/Glasnevin-Indoor-Market-107579840635438
+ Temple Bar Food Market 11:00-16:00 Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 www.templebarmarkets.com/foodmarket
+ Blackrock Market 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/
+ BIAS: Built this way – Digital exhibition about how human bias and prejudice even affects machines that use artificial intelligence in the areas of data equity, privacy, surveillance culture, facial recognition. – Science Gallery 12:00-17:00 Science Gallery, TCD, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 dublin.sciencegallery.com/bias
+ Tibetan Buddhist Thangka, The Arhat Upasaka Dharmatala – Talk – National Museum – Dublin Lunar New Year Festival 12:00 www.museum.ie/en-IE/Museums/Decorative-Arts-History/Events/012022/Dublin-Lunar-New-Year-Spotlight-Talk
+ Tiger Hat – Drawing Workshop for Families – Chester Beatty Museum 12:00 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/live-online-workshop-for-families-tiger-hat/ (Booking required)

+ Tiger talisman – Workshop for Teens (Age 12-17) – Chester Beatty Museum 14:30 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/live-online-workshop-for-teens-tiger-talisman/ (Booking required)
+ Ukulele Tuesday – Gig – Tradfest 15:00 Arlington Hotel, 23 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/ukulele-tuesday/
+ Paddy Casey – Gig – Tradfest 16:00 Norseman, 28 Essex Street East, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/paddy-casey-3/
+ Phelim & The Drew House Band – Gig – Tradfest – 16:00 Porterhouse Temple Bar, 16 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/phelim-the-drew-house-band-3/
+ George Murphy & The Rising Sons – Gig – Tradfest 16:00 The Old Storehouse, 3 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/george-murphy-the-rising-sons-2/
+ The Henry Girls – Gig- Tradfest 16:00 Morgan Hotel, 10 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/the-henry-girls-2/
+ Niamh Regan – Gig – Tradfest 16:00 Fleet Hotel, 19 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/niamh-regan-2/
+ The Colonials – Gig – Tradfest 16:00 The Auld Dubliner, 24 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/the-colonials-3/
+ International Folk Session at Hartigan’s 16:00-19:00 Hartigan’s, 100 Leeson Street Lower, Dublin 2 www.facebook.com/events/657138951986038
+ The Kilkennys – Gig – Tradfest 18:00 The Temple Bar, 47 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/the-kilkennys-3/
+ Superceili – Gig – Tradfest 18:30 Fitzsimon’s Temple Bar, 21 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/superceili/
+ Metall 2 The Masses (M2TM) – Heat 1 with with Lugösi, True Home, Pain in Vain, Stone Sea, One Part Man – Gig 19:30-00:00 Fibber Magees, 80 Parnell Street, Dublin 1 www.facebook.com/events/955766708711324/
+ The Bratz Band – Gig 22:30 Tolka House Pub, Glasnevin Hill, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 www.facebook.com/events/690979398733498

Sunday 30 January

+ parkHIIT Phoenix Park – Resistance Training 10:00-10:30 DASH Container Cafe, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7, D07 V663 Dublin 7 www.eventbrite.ie/e/parkhiit-phoenix-park-tickets-253951755537 (Booking required)
+ Glasnevin Indoor Market 10:00-16:00 Brooks Timber & Building Supplies Ltd, Ballyboggan Rd, Dublin 11 www.facebook.com/Glasnevin-Indoor-Market-107579840635438
+ Herbert Park Market – Food & Farmers’ Market 11:00-16:00 Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 www.facebook.com/Herbert-Park-Market-405930226496273
+ Blackrock Market 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/
+ BIAS: Built this way – Digital exhibition about how human bias and prejudice even affects machines that use artificial intelligence in the areas of data equity, privacy, surveillance culture, facial recognition. – Science Gallery 12:00-17:00 Science Gallery, TCD, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 dublin.sciencegallery.com/bias
+ The Fashion Flea – Market for Vintage, Sustainable & Preloved Fashion and Local Designers 12:00-17:00 The Well, 130 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 www.facebook.com/events/5108958082471348

+ The Colonials – Gig – Tradfest 14:00 Porterhouse Temple Bar, 16 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/the-colonials-4/
+ Drops of Green – Gig – Tradfest 14:00 The Auld Dubliner, 24 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/drops-of-green-3/
+ Hugh Lane Gallery Public Tour 14:15 Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1 www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3355-sundays30 (No booking required, but limited numbers)
+ Sunday Sketching: Art on the Move – Family Workshop (Age 6-12) – Hugh Lane Gallery 15:00-16:00 Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1 www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3396-sunday-move
+ Lorraine Nash – Gig – Tradfest 15:00 Morgan Hotel, 10 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/lorraine-nash/
+ All Folk’d Up – Gig – Tradfest 15:00 Fitzsimon’s Temple Bar, 21 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/all-folkd-up/
+ Ukulele Tuesday – Gig – Tradfest 15:00 The Old Storehouse, 3 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/ukulele-tuesday-2/
+ The Finns – Gig – Tradfest 15:00 Fleet Hotel, 19 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/the-finns/
+ The Kilkennys – Gig – Tradfest 16:00 Norseman, 28 Essex Street East, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/the-kilkennys-4/
+ Paddy Casey – Gig – Tradfest 18:00 The Temple Bar, 47 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 tradfesttemplebar.com/event/paddy-casey-4/

And some free events for next week….

Monday 31 January

+ Photography, femininity and leisure: Augusta Crofton Dillon’s photographic practice (1865-1895) – Talk – Gallery of Photography 13:15-14:00 Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dame Street, Dublin 2 visualartists.ie/events/artist-talk-photography-femininity-and-leisure-augusta-crofton-dillons-photographic-practice-1865-to-1895/
+ The Word for ‘Tiger’ in Chinese and Other Asian Languages – Talk – Dublin Lunar New Year 18:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/242422591497 (Booking required)
+ St Brigid’s Day: Customs, Folklore and Traditions – Talk – National Library 19:00 Online nli.ticketsolve.com/shows/1173620367 (Booking required)
+ Solar Activity and Space Weather Impacts on Earth – Talk – Irish Astronomical Society 19:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/911112836253507

Tuesday 01 February

++ St. Brigit’s Day with a full programme of events. Many events are listed below, but for the full list, check out: dublin.ie/whats-on/brigit/ Note: 01 Feb is NOT the start of spring in today’s Ireland. Full explenation in the section below!

+ St. Brigid’s Shoe Shrine – Talk – National Museum – from 10:00 Online www.museum.ie/en-IE/Museums/Archaeology/Events/01-032022/Online-Pop-up-Talk-St-Brigids-Shoe-Shrine
+ How to Draw a Tiger – Workshop – Chester Beatty Museum – Dublin Lunar New Year Festival 11:00 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/online-activity-how-to-draw-a-tiger/
+ Celebrating Women in Business – Talk – LEO Women in Business Network 11:00 Online www.crowdcast.io/e/Celebrating-Women-in-Business/register (Booking required)
+ Cooking Demonstration with Asia Market – Dublin Lunar New Year Festival 11:00-12:15 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/online-activities-lunar-new-year-of-the-tiger/ (Booking required) + Girls Education Transforming Lives Global North and Global South – Talk – Aidlink 12:30-13:30 Online aidlink.ie/brigit-2022-girls-education-transforming-lives-global-north-and-global-south/ (Booking required)
+ An Intellectual History of the Welfare State – UCD Zoom for Thought – Talk 14:00-14:15 Online www.ucd.ie/discovery/zoomforthought/anintellectualhistoryofthewelfarestate.html (Booking required)
+ Canadian Bridges to Celebrate Brigit – Talk 15:00-16:00 Online www.crowdcast.io/e/Canadian-Bridges-to-Celebrate-Brigit/register (Booking required)
+ Curator’s introduction to “Christ & His Cousin: Renaissance Rediscoveries” – Talk – National Gallery 15:00-16:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1077336639788831 (Booking required)
+ 50 First Skates Workshop – Roller Skating 16:00-19:00 Capital Dock, 82 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2 www.eventbrite.ie/e/251927942257 (Booking required)
+ Diverse Thinking for a Sustainable Future – with Colombian biodiversity expert Brigitte Baptiste – Talk 16:00-17:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/249441916487 (Booking required)
+ We Were There, We Are Here: Women in Politics – Panel Discussion 17:00-18:00 Online www.crowdcast.io/e/Women-in-Politics/register (Booking required)
+ From Wise Mother/Good Wife to Tiger Mom: Women in 20th Century China – Talk – Dublin Lunar New Year 2022 18:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/242424286567 (Booking required)
+ Restored Pictures (2012) with Mahasen Nasser-Eldin – Mission of the State of Palestine – Film Screening 18:00-19:00 Online www.crowdcast.io/e/mahasen-nasser-eldin/register (Booking required)
+ Inspiring Women in STEM – Talk & Discussion 18:15-19:15 Online www.crowdcast.io/e/Inspiring-Women-in-STEM/register (Booking required)
+ 100 years of Women in Irish Traditional Music – Talk 18:30-19:30 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/251853419357 (Booking required)
+ Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation – Practice – Iconic Offices & Grace Tempany 18:30-19:45 Online iconicoffices.ie/events/yin-yoga-for-deep-relaxation-3/ (Booking required)
+ Defending the dark skies with resourcefulness and creativity – Talk – Women in Dark Skies – Mayo Dark Sky Park 19:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1188480111557986
+ Women and Theology To Celebrate St Brigid’s Day – Talk – Loyola Institute at TCD 18:45 Online www.tcd.ie/loyola-institute/
+ The Life and after-life of Brigit – Panel discussion about the early medieval cult of St Brigit – UCD 19:30 Online dublin.ie/whats-on/listings/the-life-after-life-of-brigit/
+ Saint Birgitta: The Widow who challenged the Powers in Europe – Talk – Embassy of Norway in Ireland 19:30-20:30 Online www.crowdcast.io/e/Embassy-of-Norway-in-Ireland-presents-Saint-Birgitta/register (Booking required)
+ To Catch a Dancing Star: The Story of “Extreme Precision” Spectroscopy Galaxies – Lecture – Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) 20:30-22:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/311313334381546/

Wednesday 02 February

+ The Accidental Leader – Workshop – Iconic Offices & Aoife Donovan Lee 12:30-13:00 Online iconicoffices.ie/events/the-accidental-leader/ (Booking required)
+ Joyce, Ulysses and the National Library of Ireland – Talk – National Library 15:00 Online nli.ticketsolve.com/shows/1173621082 (Booking required)
+ Contemporary Irish History Seminar: The ‘crime wave’ and ‘heroin epidemic’: the othering of working class youths in 1980s Ireland – Talk – Trinity Long Room Hub 16:00 Online www.tcd.ie/news_events/events/?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D157232326 (Booking required)
+ Public Tour – Chester Beatty Museum 17:30 Chester Beatty Museum, Gardens of Dublin Castle, Dame Street, Dublin 2 chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/free-public-tours/ (Booking required)
+ George Lennon, Commander of the West Waterford Flying Column – Historic Talk – Trasna na Tire 21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/246259830897817

Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)

Thursday 03 February

+ 3 Steps to Ensure Maximum Buy-In for Your Wellness Program – Workshop – Iconic Offices & Fox of Life 11:00-12:00 Online iconicoffices.ie/events/3-steps-to-ensure-maximum-buy-in-for-your-wellness-program/ (Booking required)
+ Chinese New Year Night Market – Street Food, Live Music, Lion Dances Cooking Demos (16:00-20:00), Lion Dances 17:30-21:30 Asia Market, Merrywell Business Park, Ballymount Rd Lower, Ballymount, Dublin 12 www.eventbrite.com/e/239069622677
+ Faces and Facades: Walking the City of Isfahan – Chester Beatty Annual Lecture – Chester Beatty Museum 16:00 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/chester-beatty-annual-lecture-2022/ (Booking required)
+ Net Positive – Talk by Paul Polman (former CEO of Unilever) – Trinity Business School 17:00-18:00 www.tcd.ie/news_events/events/?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D157528936
+ Francis Bacon – The making of an Anglo-Irish master – Pulitzer Prize winners Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan in conversation with Barbara Dawson – Hugh Lane Gallery 18:00 Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1 www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3393-fb (Booking required)
+ The Rise of Authoritarianism in the Global South – Talk – Trinity Long Room Hub 19:00-20:00 Online www.tcd.ie/news_events/events/?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D157441421 (Booking required)

Friday 04 February

+ Hiwa K Study Morning – Illustrated talks and readings in connection with the exhibition by Iraqi-Kurdish artist Hiwa K – Hugh Lane Gallery 10:00-12:30 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/245853082187 (Booking required)
+ Studio & State: The Laverys and the Anglo-Irish Treaty – Talk – Hugh Lane Gallery Culture Club 10:30 Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1 www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3436-culture-club-4-february-2022 (Booking required)
+ Deconstructing Architecture in Persian Painting – Online Activity – Chester Beatty Museum 11:00 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/online-activity-deconstructing-architecture-in-persian-painting/
+ A fresh look at Marx’s understanding of the Asiatic mode of production – Talk – Trinity College 12:00-13:00 Online www.tcd.ie/news_events/events/?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D157268330 (Booking required)
+ Health, Illness, and Disability in the National Tale – Talk – Trinity Long Room Hub 16:00-17:00 Online www.tcd.ie/news_events/events/?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D157306665 (Booking required)

And there is more…

+++ Start of Spring is NOT on 01 February!!
This week you will read in a lot of places about the Start of Spring. Even people and organisations that should know better, like the National Museum and others confuse people, but it is incorrect that 01 Feb is the start of Spring!

Yes, I know, there will be many of you (who went to an Irish primary school) will disagree with me, but read this first before you judge! ;-)

Back when the Celts were inhabiting Ireland from around 1000 BC, the day started at sunset and the year started with the festival of Samhain on 31 October. A year was divided in into a dark half (01 Nov-30 Apr) and a light half (01 May-31 Oct). and the two halves were further divided in halves, which combined made up the Celtic Seasons, starting on 01 Nov, 01 Feb, 01 May and 01 Aug.

The Celts are long gone and the Celtic calendar was replaced by a other calendars and ultimately the Gregorian Calendar and while the British Empire for a while declared the 25 March as the start of the year, eventually, from 1752 even in Ireland the year started on 01 January (and the day starts at midnight!).

So the Celtic calendar is not in use anymore for more than 2000 years and the seasons were either moved to the astronomical start dates (21 March for Spring, 21 June for Summer, 22 Sept for Autumn and 21 Dec for Winter) or to the meteorological start dates which are 01 March for Spring, 01 June for Summer, 01 September for Autumn and 01 December for Winter.

So, if you are a Celt (or at least a Neopagan) then you will start your year on 01 Nov and your day at sunset and in this case and this case only, your Spring will start on 01 February. But if you start your year on 01 Jan and your day at midnight, then you are NOT a Celt and consequently your Spring season does NOT start on 01 February.

The Christian St. Brigid’s Day is on the same day as Imbolc, the Celtic festival that celebrated the start of the growth of the seeds, but it is not the start of Spring, it is just a Christian of Celtic festival.

Met Eireann is trying to educate schools and pupils for years by telling them that Spring starts on 01 March as you can see here www.met.ie/cms/assets/uploads/2021/02/YP-Fun-Facts-Meteorological-Seasons.pdf But Irish primary schools STILL teach incorrect information. One day, probably in about 20-50 years, even the Irish Primary schools will get it right. ;-)

+++ Dublin Lunar New Year: Year of the Tiger
It was once called Dublin Chinese New Year, but now has been renamed to Dublin Lunar New Year. Possibly to confuse us all, but more likely because also Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea celebrate the start of the year based on the Lunar calendar. The next year is the Year of the Tiger and it starts on 01 February. The Dublin Lunar New Year festivities will be online and in-person this year and will run from 28 January to 06 February. The website with full programme of events is at www.dublinlunarnewyear.ie/

+++ Tradfest Temple Bar
This year’s Tradfest will take place from 26-30 January and will consist of Headline Concerts (not free), the Smithwicks Sessions in pubs (free), a Tradfringe programme (mainly not free, but with some free events) and two Tradkids events in The Ark.tradfesttemplebar.com/events/
A range of gigs from the Smithwicks Sessions are listed in the listings above for the weekend and you can find them all here tradfesttemplebar.com/events/category/smithwicks-sessions/

Is there ever a wrong time for learning a new skill or enhancing what you are already interested in? Maybe it is a language or an instrument or some technical skills? Or NLP or some Business related “soft skills”? Check out Udemy via the link below, they have thousands of courses and there is good chance that what you are looking for is available. Nearly all the courses are REALLY affordable!
The lowest cost for courses this month will be around 12.99. Check out the website at shor.by/GqCk And if you buy through that link, you also help the Dublin Event Guide! :-)

+++ The Treaty 1921: Records from the Archives – Exhibition
From 07 Dec to 27 March the Coach House in the gardens of Dublin Castle will be the home of a National Archives exhibition about “The Treaty 1921: Records from the Archives”. The Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 is the centre piece of the exhibition. Find out more here www.dublincastle.ie/2022_centenary/  Admission is free, but you need to book via www.nationalarchives.ie/2021commemorationprogramme/book-tickets/

+++ Low Priced Books with free delivery
Book Depository is the place where you can buy low priced books, usually for better prices than on Amazon and Book Depository always delivers for free. And by buying books from Book Depository you will also help the Dublin Event Guide for no additional cost to you. Use this link: shor.by/BookDepository

+++ National Gallery tickets available here
The National Gallery is usually free anyway, but in current times you will have to book tickets to get access and you have to enter the building on the Merrion Street side. Tickets are available here: www.nationalgallery.ie/visit-us/book-your-ticket The National Gallery also is running events again and because the events have limited number of spaces, they can book out relatively fast, at least before I can write about the events, so check out the events 1-2 weeks in advance here www.nationalgallery.ie/whats-on and then book tickets for them.

And this is it for another week! Have a great weekend and good new week.

Take care,

–Joerg (dublineventguide@gmail.com)


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