Dublin Event Guide » Blog Archive » Dublin Event Guide 690: Return to live events in two weeks is possible, but do we want it? — Dublin Bowie Festival, First Fortnight Festival, Ballyfermot Arts Festival

Dublin Event Guide 690: Return to live events in two weeks is possible, but do we want it? — Dublin Bowie Festival, First Fortnight Festival, Ballyfermot Arts Festival

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  16 January 2021 – No 690

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Return to live events in two weeks is possible, but do we want it? — Dublin Bowie Festival, First Fortnight Festival, Ballyfermot Arts Festival

Hi all!
If we stop for 10 minutes and think – without listening anymore to any experts – nearly all of us will be able to find a solution to the current Covid situation!! It is a VERY straight forward solution and it also clearly indicates where the problem is:
Based on all we know, if EVERYONE of us would not see ANYBODY outside of our own household, ALL infections would be gone within 2 weeks!

This is a 100% reliable solution and it would definitely get the infection numbers to ZERO. The first challenge though is how to achieve that, because seeing nobody means NOBODY can go to work, which is just not possible (think of hospitals and shops and other essential services). The second challenge is how to keep the numbers low after the two weeks if the borders are not kept hermetically sealed.

But since it is only a two week period, you would think that somebody had looked into a plan for it, wouldn’t you? It wouldn’t be easy to make it work, but I think it would be possible! The price is two weeks of your life. ALL non-essential jobs would have to be closed, but just for two weeks with the promise and guarantee that afterwards we could FULLY open society again. (All VERY essential employees would have to be kept in isolated pods and that adds complication, but it is definitely possible.)

Since we are messing around in this half-open, half-closed Ireland for the last TEN months and no improvement is to be expected for another while, I think the idea of just two weeks of “imprisonment” could be sold to the people in Ireland.

If you are interested in more thoughts and ideas about this (initially!) crazy-sounding idea, send me a mail (dublineventguide@gmail.com) and I will share more details with you during the coming week. Just as a thought experiment to think outside the box, because our government and NPHET are not thinking outside of any box.

After just two week, we could have gigs, theatre, concerts, comedy, talks, tours, dance, museum visits, festivals, markets, church visits and everything else again! How tempting is that!?

Until some sort of solution is found, though, the Dublin Event Guide will continue to help you keep your sanity during the next 4-6 weeks of lockdown. There are a lot less things happening online, in comparison to April last year, but many many great people still run great events week after week! Show them your support, by attending a few events every week and if you want, tell me what you did and how you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, I need to ask you again for your help. If you helped recently then THANK YOU!! I really appreciate your help! If you haven’t helped yet, then this week is the perfect week. ;-) There are a whole range of new bills on my desk for the Dublin Event Guide cost and by donating, you help to keep this weekly publication going.

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Thank you!!

The EPIC Zone

EPIC Logo “EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum” (www.epicchq.com) are currently sponsoring the Dublin Event Guide and this section of the weekly newsletter will contain relevant information about events in general or about EPIC-related news and happenings.

++ Virtual Tours available from Irish Museums right now
Although Irish museums have closed their doors once again, this is a great time to discover what they have to offer online. From IMMA to The Hugh Lane Gallery, immerse yourself in a museum environment, and try out one of these virtual tours from the comfort of your sofa! epicchq.com/virtual-tours-available-from-irish-museums-right-now/

++ EPIC Museum Gift Shop
This #BlueMonday, keep spirits bright with our selection of retro games and quirky prints! Get 20% off at #EPICMuseum’s January Sale. shop.epicchq.com/collections/january-sale  .




And here are as many free events for you as I could find:

I hope everybody knows that all events in the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) are actually free. ;-)



Most (food) markets on Saturday and Sunday did get cancelled and a full list of the cancelled markets can be found in the last section of this newsletter.

++ First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival (01-31 Jan) with a whole variety of events www.firstfortnight.ie/events
+ PROBABLE but unconfirmed: Honest2Goodness Market – Food Market – 09:30-15:00 – 136a Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 www.facebook.com/GlasnevinMarket/
+ Oi Aardvark – Hoglets Online Class – Storytelling for children (Age: 0-7) 10:00-11:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/158170102475506/
+ The Science of Ice – Theatre of Science (UK) Show (Age: 6-13) 10:00-10:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/3751857331596894
+ Around The World ballet class for kids (Age: 3-8) 10:00-10:20 Online www.facebook.com/events/1064321164045152/
+ PROBABLE but unconfirmed: Temple Bar Food Market 11:00-16:00 Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 www.templebarmarkets.com/foodmarket
+ CONFIRMED (but Food Traders only): Blackrock Market 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/
+ Online Yoga for Teens: Be the Best You Can Be – Chester Beatty Library 12:00 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/online-yoga-for-teens-be-the-best-you-can-be/

+ Apollo Project Creative Careers: Jewellery Design Workshop – National Gallery of Ireland 14:00-15:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/840571226730334/
+ Sarah Elaine Live Gig: Let’s just get through the week 16:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/3613737745382785/
+ Learn to draw the head – Guided Drawing event 16:00-17:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/881257692648107/
+ Yoga for Love – Live Webinar with Isha Online 16:00-17:00 Online www.ishayoga.eu/index.php/live-webinars/
+ Nicholas Peggs Queen B.tch Quiz – Dublin Bowie Festival 17:00 Online www.dublinbowiefestival.ie/queen-bitch-quiz21 (Booking required)
+ Online Karaoke Party 19:00-20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/128525225752578/
+ Jack Lukeman: Metropolis Blue Special – Live Gig 20:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/2735673576676172/
+ Heroes From Mars/The London Boys – Gig – Live from Whelans – Dublin Bowie Festival 20:00 Online www.dublinbowiefestival.ie/heroes-from-mars/the-london-boys
+ Seamus Fogarty – Concert Film 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/907819503299048/
+ Karl McDermott Live Gig – Virtual Blue Light Pub 21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/3853780701345577/
+ Bowie Raw Gig – Streaming of Grand Social Bowie Concert from 2017 – Grand Social Pub 21:00-22:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/242207054079598/
+ Bowie & The Blitz Club – Rusty Egan DJ set – Dublin Bowie Festival 22:00 Online www.dublinbowiefestival.ie/bowie-the-blitz-club





++ First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival (01-31 Jan) with a whole variety of events www.firstfortnight.ie/events
+ The Science of Ice – Theatre of Science (UK) Show (Age: 6-13) 10:00-10:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/213703646966117
+ CONFIRMED (but Food Traders only): Blackrock Market 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/

+ Are Our Souls Our Own? An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Women – Talk – Fortune’s Fool Productions 18:00-20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1116218998801451/
+ Let’s Talk – English-language Speaking Practise 18:00-19:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/226385915769726/
+ Piper Sunday Seminar with Cillian Vallely – Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club 19:00-20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/2928664290570655/
+ Gardiner Street Gospel Choir – Online Mass 19:30-20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/762558944611066/
+ Jack Lukeman – Winter Songs – Gig – Livestream from Cyprus Avenue, Cork 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/398227381404996/
+ Art Crime Inc – Gig – Live from Whelans – Dublin Bowie Festival 20:00 Online www.dublinbowiefestival.ie/art-crime-inc
+ El Troubadours Acoustic Nights – Live Gig 21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/154215312951180/


Next Week

+++++ BALLYFERMOT ARTS FESTIVAL (music performances, drama, film, poetry, book launch + historic talks) from 18-31 January. All events online and free. Full list is here www.DublinEventGuide.com/media/Ballyfermot_Progamme_2021.pdf
++++ First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival (01-31 Jan) with a whole variety of events www.firstfortnight.ie/events

+ Mini Music Sessions for toddlers and pre-schoolers Mon 18 Jan 10:00-10:30 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/124927408241 (Booking required)
+ Fingal HomeFit Live Sessions (Mon+Wed+Fri) Mon 18 Jan 10:00-10:40 Online www.fingal.ie/news/fingal-homefit-live-sessions-are-back (Booking required)
+ Mindful explorations: Online Ink Painting Demonstration – Chester Beatty Library Mon 18 Kan 12:00 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/mindful-explorations-ink-painting-online/
+ Daily Science: Amazing water – Theatre of Science, UK Mon 18 Jan 13:30-14:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/423246248803291/
+ Online Language Exchange for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, Irish Mon 18 Jan 18:15-20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/699210190797288/
+ Junior Brother – live stream from Cyprus Avenue, Cork Mon 18 Jan 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/869803150228292/
+ Monday Club featuring Sophie Doyle Ryder and Pastiche – Gig Mon 18 Jan 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1381479285525276/
+ RISE! The Life Revolution Challenge! by Chris Howard – 5 Days of Personal Development Talks Mon-Fri 21:00-22:00 gturl.eu/CH_Rise
+ Talk & Tea: Something From There – National Gallery Tue 19 Jan 11:00-12:00 www.facebook.com/events/333410741040675/
+ Online Audio Description of artworks for people with a Visual Impairment – Hugh Lane Gallery Tue 19 Jan 12:00-13:00 www.eventbrite.ie/e/131916637213 (Booking required)
+ Food for Wellbeing – Live Webinar Tue 19 Jan 18:00-19:00 Online www.ishayoga.eu/index.php/live-webinars/
+ Meditation on Twin Hearts Tue 19 Jan 18:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/770819297014087
+ Society for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Ireland Annual Lecture: Searching for a ‘normal Irish person’: metrics and race in nineteenth-century Ireland – Talk – National Library Tue 19 Jan 19:00 Online nli.ticketsolve.com/shows/1173606728 (Booking required)
+ Philosophy for Living – Week 1 – New Acropolis Ireland (14 week course with first 3 weeks free) Tue 19 Jan 19:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/2794344640818338/
+ RISE! The Life Revolution Challenge! by Chris Howard – 5 Days of Personal Development Talks Mon-Fri 21:00-22:00 gturl.eu/CH_Rise
+ Fingal HomeFit Live Sessions (Mon+Wed+Fri) Wed 20 Jan 10:00-10:40 Online www.fingal.ie/news/fingal-homefit-live-sessions-are-back (Booking required)
+ Worlds Without End: Stories Around Borders – Coffee Conversation – Talk – High Lane Gallery Wed 20 Jan 11:00 Online www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3019-wwe-20-january-2021
+ Tea Dance Tunes Online – for people with dementia, their carers and families – Music Performance – National Concert Hall Wed 20 Jan 11:00 Online  www.nch.ie/Online/article/Tea-Dance-Tunes-Online (Booking required)
+ RAMPUP your Sales for 2021 – Local Enterprise Office Dublin City Women in Business Network Webinar Wed 20 Jan 11:00-12:00 Online www.localenterprise.ie/DublinCity/Start-or-Grow-your-Business/Networking/Women-in-Business/Network-Events/RAMPUP-your-Sales-for-2021-Talk-by-Eva-Acton-of-ActOnSales-Wednesday-20th-January-2021.html (Booking required)
+ Re-imagining Future Talent in the Workplace – Discussion – DCU Wed 20 Jan 12:15-13:15 Online shapingthefuture.dcu.ie/attw2021/ (Booking required)
+ Tips for Eating Well by Farm to Table Wed 20 Jan 16:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/865115400911664/
+ Pathways to the Circular Economy – Talk Wed 20 Jan 16:00-17:00 Online upthink.works/pathways-to-the-circular-economy/ (Booking required)
+ Quiet History: Authors Marianne Lee and Clodagh Finn In Conversation about how research and fiction illuminate lesser known women’s history – National Library Wed 20 Jan 19:00 Online nli.ticketsolve.com/shows/1173606749 (Booking required)
+ Dublin BlaBla Language Exchange Wed 20 Jan 19:00-20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/513272675855312/ (Booking required)
+ AXIS HACKS: King Lear Speeches & Scenes – Talk & Q&A – Axis Ballymun Wed 20 Jan 19:00-20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/149688623429882/
+ Past Panto Wednesdays: Beauty and the Beast – Panto Screening by An Nuadha Players Wed 20 Jan 19:00-22:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/2453581608269601/ (Booking required)
+ Paddy Hanna – Gig – Live stream from Cyprus Avenue, Cork Wed 20 Jan 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/3913059268713586/
+ RISE! The Life Revolution Challenge! by Chris Howard – 5 Days of Personal Development Talks Mon-Fri 21:00-22:00 gturl.eu/CH_Rise
+ Babysign Class – Clever Little Handies Thu 21 Jan 10:30-11:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/199798028505883/
+ From Turmoil to Truce: Photographs of the War of Independence – Virtual Exhibition Tour Thu 21 Jan 11:00-12:00 Online nli.ticketsolve.com/shows/1173606169 (Booking required)
++ Race for the Vaccine – Discussion – Science Gallery Thu 21 Jan 13:00-14:00 Online dublin.sciencegallery.com/news/live-discussion-the-race-for-a-vaccine (Booking required)
+ Going Green is good for your Business – Webinar & Discussion – Digital Dun Laoghaire Thu 21 Jan 13:00 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/130936305013
+ 100 Years of Carpet Dealing – Talk – Chester Beatty Library Thu 21 Jan 13:10 Online chesterbeatty.ie/whats-on/live-online-talk-the-persian-carpet/
+ Online Children’s Creative Writing Course – for the whole family Thu 21 Jan 16:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/778401172755737/
+ Can Literature be Therapy? In Conversation: Carlo Gébler and Edwin Higel – National Library Thu 21 Jan 19:00 nli.ticketsolve.com/shows/1173606750 (Booking required)
+ Knocking Nelson Off His Pillar: Writers and the Meaning of Statues – Lecture – Dublin City of Literature Thu 21 Jan 19:00-19:45 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/136446245393 (Booking required)
+ Vision from Vicar street, presented by Tommy Tiernan – Episode 5 with Paul Brady, Aslan and Tolü Makay Thu 21 Jan 21:00 – www.youtube.com/user/AikenPromotions
+ RISE! The Life Revolution Challenge! by Chris Howard – 5 Days of Personal Development Talks Mon-Fri 21:00-22:00 gturl.eu/CH_Rise
+ Fingal HomeFit Live Sessions (Mon+Wed+Fri) Fri 22 Jan 10:00-10:40 Online www.fingal.ie/news/fingal-homefit-live-sessions-are-back (Booking required)
+ Virtual Learning & Wellbeing Event – National Family Support Network Fri 22 Jan 10:00-16:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/2697205287259780/ (Booking required)
+ Worlds Without End: Stories Around Borders – Study Day – Hugh Lane Culture Club Fri 22 Jan 10:00-15:00 Online www.hughlane.ie/lectures/forthcoming-lectures/3020-wwe-22-january-2021 (Booking required)
+ Chance to Dance with Jess Rowell – – Dance Film – Draiocht Blanchardstown Fri 22 Jan 17:00-18:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/889176898294118/
+ Daithi – Gig – Live stream from Cyprus Avenue, Cork Fri 22 Jan 20:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/3601391576582917/
+ Piece by Piece #15: Vicky Langan – Sound & Performance Art – Live Fri 22 Jan 20:00 www.facebook.com/events/743124369950643/
+ RISE! The Life Revolution Challenge! by Chris Howard – 5 Days of Personal Development Talks Mon-Fri 21:00-22:00 gturl.eu/CH_Rise


You want for more events and suggestions?

I found a few more things to keep you going or that you might find interesting:

1) Virtual Irish Museum Tours and the best educational resources
“EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum” (www.epicchq.com) have gathered all virtual tours available from Irish Museums and the best online educational resources from Irish museums.
Check them out via the links below while you and your kids are waiting at home until life continues.
Virtual Tours: epicchq.com/virtual-tours-available-from-irish-museums-right-now/
Educational Resources: epicchq.com/the-best-online-educational-resources-from-irish-museums/  .

2) Blue Monday
Monday 18 Jan is meant to be the most depressing day of the year, according to a press release by UK travel company Sky Travel in 2005. It is most likely all nonsense, but to show them, you could turn it around and make it the most smiley day of the year. Nothing stopping you! So you can choose if you want to be miserable on the day or happy. I know what I will choose. ;-)

My friend and mentor Chris Howard is running a 5-day Personal Development Challenge from Monday 18 Jan until Friday 22 Jan. It will be a 1-hour per day event (21:00-22:00) and while I am not 100% sure of what it will entail, past programmes that I participated in were always worth the time. I will be on these calls this week and if you are interested, you can sign up – it is a free event – via gturl.eu/CH_Rise

The Ballyfermot Arts Festival with music performances, drama, film, poetry, a book launch and historic talks will take place from 18-31 January. All events will take place online. Their Facebook is here www.facebook.com/Ballyfermot-Festival-2021-1543988855699796 and a PDF with the full programme (all events are free!) is at www.DublinEventGuide.com/media/Ballyfermot_Progamme_2021.pdf

5) Marlay Park Lights Stay Up!
Christmas is NOT over yet! All over Dublin I see brave people who resisted the push by the guilt-trippers and left their Christmas lights up on their houses for another bit. There is NOTHING wrong with it. The 06 Jan deadline for Christmas decoration is totally arbitrary (Mammies of old needed to have order and Christmas decoration after 06 Jan was not order enough!) and in Winter we certainly can do with a bit if cheery lights. So “leave them up” is my motto, especially this year!
It is great to see that Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is agreeing and joining in!
They had a great “illuminated forest walk” in Marlay Park for Christmas and have decided to leave the lights up until Fri 29 Jan. It is a one-kilometer trail through the trees (fully accessible for wheelchairs and buggies) and is an oasis of calm beneath the twinkling lights. The lights are on from Monday to Friday from 16:00-20:00. (Grange Road car park will be open until 8pm).
Bring your family and enjoy another bit of Christmas sparkle!

6) CANCELLED Food Markets
Just to give you a chance to double-check which markets will NOT take place, I am listing them here this week:
+ CANCELLED: The SuperNatural Food Market 09:00-15:00 St Andrew’s Resource Centre, 114-116 Pearse St., Dublin 2 www.facebook.com/thesupernaturalfoodmarket
+ CANCELLED: Marlay Park Market 10:00-16:00 Marlay Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 www.dlrcoco.ie/en/markets/marlay-park-coco-market
+ CANCELLED: St Anne’s Park Market – Farmer’s Market 10:00-16:00 St. Anne’s Park, Raheny, Dublin 5 www.facebook.com/RedStablesMarket/
+ CANCELLED: Dun Laoghaire People’s Park Market 11:00-16:00 People’s Park, Park Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin www.dlrcoco.ie/en/markets/d%C3%BAn-laoghaire-coco-market
+ CANCELLED: Marlay Park Market 11:00-16:00 Marlay Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 www.dlrcoco.ie/en/markets/marlay-park-coco-market
+ CANCELLED: Herbert Park Market 11:00-16:00 Herbert Park, Dublin 4 www.facebook.com/Herbert-Park-Market-405930226496273/

Is learning a new skill part of your plans for the new year? Maybe it is a language or an instrument or some technical skills? Or NLP or some Business related “soft skills”? Check out Udemy via the link below, they have thousands of courses and there is good chance that what you are looking for is available.
The lowest cost for courses this month will be around 12.99. Check out the website at shor.by/GqCk And if you buy through that link, you help the Dublin Event Guide! ;-)

For physical books and e-books I recommend Book Depository because they are usually cheaper than others and they always include delivery for free and by using this link you help the Dublin Event Guide when you purchase a book and it doesn’t cost you a cent: shor.by/BookDepository  .



And this is it for another week! Have a good weekend and new week.
Take care,



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