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Dublin Event Guide 672: Days are getting shorter, but the event list is still nice and loooong! Next week: Dublin Festival of History, Music Town Festival

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  05 September 2020 – No 672

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Days are getting shorter, but the event list is still nice and loooong! Next week: Dublin Festival of History, Music Town Festival

Hi all!

Do you remember the horrible term “non-nationals”? It was a term that was used a few years ago for people that were not Irish nationals. Instead of calling them correctly “non-Irish Nationals” or even “foreigners”, someone in a government department came up with the idea of calling us foreigners “non-Nationals” even if we have a nationality from some other country. After a while the government at the time realised that this was a really bad term and they stopped using it. But it was still in the mind of lots of people and used by the media, so it took a long time until it disappeared.

Interestingly, the government has stopped or significantly reduced the use of the bad term “social distancing” and more and more they call it “physical distancing”. But again, the media is well behind and also we, the public, still use “Social Distancing”. We don’t want to distance ourselves from each other socially, but ONLY physically! So we need to change the language and today I am asking you help ACTIVELY to change that. If you hear someone talking about “social distancing” at work or in your family or among friends, please remind them that we will happily do “physical distancing”, but NOT “social distancing”.

Be part of this change for better use of language!

And speaking about our social life: I get the impression that it could take another good while until pubs will re-open. But during the week the idea of allowing events/gigs/performances in an alcohol-free environment was mentioned, what do you think about that idea? Would you be happy to go to a gig in a pub if it was an alcohol-free event? Such an event would probably not be free, because the pub has to pay the performer somehow, but at least it would be a return of gigs and comedy in pub venues.

And this is now getting more and more important, because the last three weeks were soooo bad: Without your help, the Dublin Event Guide will not continue week after week! So I really need your donations to pay for the cost of the sending the Dublin Event Guide. I am not asking for a lot, but I think ONE or TWO Euros per MONTH is a very fair suggestion. So for the year, this would be 12 Euro or – for people you can afford a bit more – just 24 Euro per year! That is ONLY 23 or 46 cent per Dublin Event Guide edition! An amazingly low cost for the great value that you get every week!

So, I need your help! Please donate via www.paypal.me/DublinEventGuide
or for Revolut users among you just via 0872931571.

And if 12 Euro is too much for you, then it would be great if you bought one or two or even three virtual coffees for the Dublin Event Guide and you can do that on the “Buy Me a Coffee” page here www.buymeacoffee.com/DublinEventG

And come over to www.DublinEventGuide.com to check out some of the ads and click on the ones that you find interesting, that also helps!!

Thank you!!

Thank you very very much!

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EPIC is very proud to be listed alongside brilliant family and visitor attractions in the “Museums and Me” awards. They said “We really hope that our warm welcome, our inspiring stories and our interesting events will help people choose to give us a vote in the competition.”

So, let’s help EPIC a bit and if you agree that they are among the “Best in Ireland” and run the “Best Programme”, let’s vote for them at least in these two categories! I did my voting! ;-) Now it is your turn! You only have until 07 Sept to support EPIC and the others with your vote.



And here are lots of free events extra for you:


+ Honest2Goodness Market – Food Market – 09:30-15:00 – 136a Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 www.facebook.com/GlasnevinMarket/
+ St Anne’s Park Market 10:00-16:00 St. Anne’s Park, Raheny, Dublin 5 www.facebook.com/RedStablesMarket/
+ Bushy Park Market 10:00-16:00 Bushy Park, Terenure, Dublin 6W www.facebook.com/bushyparkmarket
+ Marlay Park Market 10:00-16:00 Marlay Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 www.dlrcoco.ie/en/markets/marlay-park-coco-market
+ Big Bang Dance Project 2020 11:00-12:30 Richmond Barracks, off Bulfin Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8 www.facebook.com/events/686571932069670 (Booking required)
+ Ukulele Licence – Play Along – Rock Jam School 11:00-11:30 Online rockjam.ie
+ Temple Bar Food Market 11:00-16:00 Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 www.templebarmarkets.com/foodmarket
+ Blackrock Market 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/
+ STREETrave – Ayr Pavilion – Livestream 12:00-02:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1391665261028330/
+ La mano invisible – Spanish Film with English Subtitles (80min) 12:00-00:00 (available until 19:00 on Sunday) Online www.facebook.com/events/588631668500476/
+ Brioche Buns – Baking Workshop 14:00-15:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/1018970211885636/
+ Capital by Christodoulos Makris – Performance Art 15:00-16:30 Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 www.facebook.com/events/653642865274654/ (Booking required)
+ Tao Te Ching – Ancient Chinese Wisdom for today – Talk 17:00-18:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/311510939921901/
+ Irish Trance Family – Saturday Session 17:00-01:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/3323048841119140/
+ Online Karaoke 19:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/366808121006490/
+ Totally Wired – Comedy & Music 20:00-22:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/357832661905025/
+ Brian Brody – Live on Irishgigs 20:00-21:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/870621463467486/
+ Singing Session with Thomas McCarthy – Irish Trad – Seamus Ennis Arts Centre 20:30-23:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/911623729342664/ (Registration required)
+ Cloak Dagger’s Casa Tropical – Hard Rock Cafe Gig 20:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/557958338252600





+ Dun Laoghaire People’s Park Market 10:00-17:30 People’s Park, Park Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin www.dlrcoco.ie/en/markets/d%C3%BAn-laoghaire-coco-market
+ Marlay Park Market 11:00-16:00 Marlay Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 www.dlrcoco.ie/en/markets/marlay-park-coco-market
+ Blackrock Market 11:00-17:30 Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin www.facebook.com/BlackrockMarket/

+ La mano invisible – Spanish Film with English Subtitles (80min) 12:00-00:00 (available until 19:00 on Sunday) Online www.facebook.com/events/588631668500476/
+ Quidditch Open Practice 13:00-16:00 Fairview Park, Fairview, Dublin 3 www.facebook.com/events/304421407311692/
+ Stretch & Conditioning (4 week course) 14:00-15:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/666179797315326/
+ Hellelil and Hildebrand, the Meeting on the Turret Stairs – Viewing 14:00-15:00 National Gallery, Merrion Square, Dublin 2 www.nationalgallery.ie/whats-on/hellelil-and-hildebrand-meeting-turret-stairs-10
+ Vintage Boombox – Gig/Brunch 14:00-17:00 Cafe en Seine, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 www.facebook.com/events/348239022863236/
+ Gardiner Street Gospel Choir Online Mass 19:30-20:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/618767912076311/
+ Jim & James Ring live on Irishgigs 20:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/2381395762163985/
+ The Night Before Larry Got Stretched – Irish Trad Singing 20:30-23:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/1740177292816752/


Next Week

++++ Dublin Festival of History 07-27 Sept with daily events (online and free): dublinfestivalofhistory.ie/programme/
+ Buddhism Meditation Mon 07 Sept 20:25-21:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/360430975118251/

+ Nature in Lockdown – Live Talk with Natural History Museum Scientist – Nature Live Online Tue 08 Sept 11:55-13:00 Online www.facebook.com/naturalhistorymuseum/videos/1530809020435121/
+ Yoga at The People’s Pavilion at Irish Museum of Modern Art Tue 08 Sept 13:00-14:00 Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8 www.facebook.com/events/587617502117163 (Booking required)
+ Ruby Sessions at Home Tue 08 Sept 20:30-23:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/2411359412411716/

+ Life without mental health stigma: A conversation Wed 09 Sept 11:00-12:00 www.facebook.com/events/312310463400655/
+ Coffee Conversation: In the Spitalfields Synagogue – Hugh lane Gallery Wed 09 Sept 11:00 Online www.hughlane.ie/lectures/lectures-past/2946-coffee-conversation-9-sept-2020
+ Citizens’ Think-in on Artificial Intelligence – Science Gallery Discussion Wed 09 Sept 12:00-13:15 www.eventbrite.ie/e/116863855939 (Registration required)
+ Beethoven 2020 – Concert by Royal Irish Academy of Music – Music Town Festival Wed 09 + Fri 11 Sept 19:00 www.musictown.ie/event/beethoven-2020-4/
+ Scribbledehobble, a “funferal” of words and music – Music Town Festival Wed 09 Sept 19:00 Online www.musictown.ie/event/scribbledehobble-live/
+ Civilian Casualties from the Belfast Blitz 1941 – History Lecture Wed 09 Sept 20:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/351187616117714/
+ Axis Bootleg Season: Identity Other: Live Conversation with guest Marie Boyle Wed 09 Sept 20:00-21:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/662546804364730/

+ Virtual Education Expo – Online education fair Thu 10 Sept 10:00-16:00 Online www.virtualeducationexpo.ie/ (Registration required)
+ Smart Food Factory – Online Conference & Exhibition Thu 10 Sept 10:00-16:00 Online www.smartfoodconference.com/ (Booking required)
+ Ukulele Licence – Play Along – Rock Jam School Thu 10 Sept 11:00-11:30 Online rockjam.ie
+ Hold onto the good things, imagine the best things – Covid-19 Workshop Thu 10 Sept 15:00-16:15 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/117004205729 (Registration required)
+ Yeats: the life and works of WB Yeats – Exhibition Tour Thu 10 Sept 15:00-16:15 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/117418994373 (Registration required)
+ Philosophy for Living: Towards the new Normal – Course Thu 10 Sept 19:30-20:45 Online www.eventbrite.ie/e/117689834463 (Booking required – first 3 classes out of 14 are free)
+ David Muise – Live on Irishgigs Thu 10 Sept 21:00-23:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/433529710915881/

+ Agile Coaching Fri 11 Sept 10:00-11:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/987212501691261/ (Registration required on www.kingstowncollege.ie/kingstown-college-webinars/)
+ Susceptibility to and Transmission of COVID-19 among Children and Adolescents Compared with Adults – UCD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Lecture Fri 11 Sept 12:30-13:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/2734925720111583/
+ Lavinia Fontana Project: Watch conservators at work Fri 11 Sept 13:00-15:00 National Gallery, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2 www.nationalgallery.ie/whats-on/lavinia-fontana-project-watch-conservators-work-2
+ An Irish Premiere: The Prophet – Music Town Festival Fri 11 Sept 19:00 Online www.musictown.ie/event/an-irish-premiere-the-prophet/
+ Beethoven 2020 – Concert by Royal Irish Academy of Music – Music Town Festival Wed 09 + Fri 11 Sept 19:00 www.musictown.ie/event/beethoven-2020-4/
+ An Online Tour of Dublin’s Tech Infrastructure – Science Gallery Fri 11 Sept 19:00-20:30 www.eventbrite.ie/e/118150556495 (Registration required)
+ Night in with Eleanor Shanley & Mike Hanrahan – The Seaview Sessions Online & Live Fri 11 Sept 20:00-21:30 Online www.facebook.com/events/700953317123117/
+ Celtic Rant – Live on Irishgigs Fri 11 Sept 21:00-23:00 Online www.facebook.com/events/302517107504637/


You want for more events and suggestions?

I found a few more things to keep you going or that you might find interesting:

1) Culture Night
Culture night is now less than two weeks away. On Friday 18 September it will take place and you really should have a look during the week how you want to take part of it this year.
Culture Night is a great event – in normal times. But I am not 100% convinced that it can come anywhere near to the great atmosphere that the “normal” Culture Night has when most events will take place online.
Nevertheless, some sort of Culture Night is better than none! There won’t be a special Dublin Event Guide for Culture Night, but I will include some selected events in next week’s listings.
All events are all listed on culturenight.ie/ and because you MIGHT still find a real life event that is not booked out and to see what is happening online, I suggest you have a look already now!

2) Dublin Festival of History – Global and Free
The Dublin Festival of History is taking place from this coming Monday 07 Sept wnd will run until 29 Sept. (The dates seemingly have changed a little to the original plans.). This year the festival will be fully online and all events will be free.

In addition to the online talks, there will be a number of walking tours of historical places, like St. Anne’s Park, Raheny, Croke Park, and Richmond Barracks, Inchicore.

Check out www.dublinfestivalofhistory.ie/ where the full programme can be found.

3) Music Town Festival
Music Town is a music festival that is initiated by Dublin City and was meant to be a festival around the anniversary day of Georg Friedrich Händel’s premiere of Messiah. What was meant to be a free festival changed its character a lot lst year, but this year with all online events there are more free events again. Because it couldn’t happen in April,  Music Town will happen now from 09-26 Sept.
The website has a colour scheme that makes it quite difficult to read, but check it out anyway at www.musictown.ie/schedule/

4) Fringe Festival
The Fringe Festival is running from 05-20 September. MANY events have been cancelled already, but a few will seemingly go ahead. The website at www.fringefest.com/ is not at all helpful, so I was not able, reasonably easy, to find out if there are any free events. It doesn’t look like it, but if you discover anything, that is free, please tell me.

5) Online Courses – Special Offer
During the Covid lockdown, enrollments in Udemy courses increased by 425%! Wow! What did you learn during that time? In September most Udemy courses will cost between EUR 10.99 and 12.99 again. At some point in August the courses were even reduced to 9.99, but these things happen sometimes without advance warning. I checked though and in September and October there are no 9.99 discounts planned, so you better get the courses when you see form for between 10.99 and 12.99. Please use this link shor.by/GqCk because if you buy through that link, you help the Dublin Event Guide! ;-)

4) Books
A new free Book summary can be found here every week: readitfor.me/91927 Readitfor.me actually provides a number of weekly free book summaries and they also have a special offer at the moment still that will expire soon: For $99 you will get Lifetime access to ALL book summaries! This is a great price if you consider that their normal monthly charge is EUR 10, so in just 10 month you would have spent more than with the lifetime access.

To buy physical books and e-books I recommend Book Depository because they are usually cheaper than others and they always include delivery for free (and by using this link you help the Dublin Event Guide). Please don’t use any other links than the one below!! (Book Depository changed all their links and with the old one you don’t help the Dublin Event Guide.) With this link you do help the Dublin Event Guide when you purchase a book and it doesn’t cost you a cent: shor.by/BookDepository


And this is it for another week! Have a good weekend and new week.

Take care,–Joerg


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