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December 22nd, 2018

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22 December 2018

Subscribers: 24,000


No more Dublin Event Guides!?

Dear Reader!

After 11.5 years and 600 editions, the Dublin Event Guide has been retired on 14 December 2018.

Since 2007 a weekly E-Mail Newsletter with between 170-220 free events per week was sent to more than 24,000 subscribers. In addition a daily event reminder post on the Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/DublinEventGuide provided more than 80,000 Facebook Fans a list of headlines for the free events of that day since 2013.

The Dublin Event Guide was a spare time project for which I invested approximately 35 hours every week. It wasn’t created to make money and it never did and after 600 weekly mails and 1957 Facebook Posts I made the difficult decision to retire the Dublin Event Guide so that I will have this time back for other interests and projects.

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If you are a new visitor to this website, I am very sorry that you only now find out about it and obviously missed out on 11.5 years FILLED with free events, but read on because some information will come back…

If you are a previous Dublin Event Guide user, please come back again and again. The plan is to overhaul this website and to provide information again about free events. Not in an as regular fashion as before, but still interesting and valuable details. I didn’t get to it yet, but I will in the near(-ish) future. ;-)

In the meantime, come over to the Facebook Page at www.fb.com/DublinEventGuide and join us there where I will still – every now and then – post information about interesting bigger free events.


–Joerg Steegmueller
dublineventguide AT gmail.com

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