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Event Guide 79: Dockland Christmas Market, Powerscourt Townhouse Christmas, Farmleigh House, Free Art Project, Flea Market, Christmas Eve Mass

| DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events) No. 79
| 19 Dec 2008                      Subscribers: 2870

Hi all!

Many of you are leaving Ireland this weekend and so let me quickly wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS before you run away. ;-) Keep in mind that Dublin Airport is MAD busy at this time of the year and give yourself plenty of time. Have a great time at home wherever that may be and I am looking forward to having you back again in January. :-) If you didn’t get a chance yet to get me a present, don’t worry, I will take Christmas presents in January as well. :-D If it is of the pecuniary type, then you can find below a description on how to get it to me safely. For any large-size presents (I am not fuzzy!!) just drop me mail and I will tell you my address. Last year I said that I would be very happy with a Segway (www.segway.com/individual/models/i2-commuter.php), but it still hasn’t arrived. Well, this year I will be less specific and accept anything from a bar of chocolate (my biggest addiction) via money (hugely helpful) to a helicopter (my biggest dream). So, don’t hold back! :-P

And if you have some friends that you can’t find a suitable present for, then here is an idea: Do you want to give them an inexpensive present that is hugely valuable? One that will remind them of you lots and lots of time during the year? And one that they will DEFINITELY appreciate and like? Do you really want to impress them? Then give them a subscription to the amazing and wonderful “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”. Your friends will think of you EVERY week, they will value this rich resource of information and will be hugely grateful to you! Send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with your name and your friends name + e-mail address and I will send them a nice e-mail OR forward this week’s Event Guide with your own words to your friend and tell them that your present is the amazing opportunity to subscribe for free by just sending a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com. Best present ever!!!! :-D

A quick re-cap of last weekend: Last Saturday was great. I first had to do a few hours of work in the freezing cold (don’t ask!), but then went to the Super Natural Food Market (www.supernatural.ie) in St. Andrews Resource Centre on Pearse Street, after that I had a look at this years Docklands Christmas Market (www.dublindocklands.ie/12daysofchristmas/index.jsp) and later I even managed to squeeze the Toe Jam Car Boot Sale in.
At the car boot sale I met the most charming and convincing Christmas Log seller and I think she would be able to sell you anything. :-) Her name is Monica Daily (or Daly) and if you ever receive an application from her for a sales job, EMPLOY her! :-P
Unfortunately on Sunday I paid for the work in the cold and for going to a birthday party on Saturday evening with an annoying and un-shakeable flu and all my wonderful plans for the week had to be cancelled! From Sunday until Thursday I was most of the time in bed and you can imagine that working through the night to write this Event Guide is not the best idea. So, unfortunately, this week’s Event Guide might be a little briefer and I might even miss some events, I hope you forgive me.

During the week I came across an amazing statistics in the context of the RTE programme “When the Party’s Over”, a programme that talks about the level of alcohol consumption in Ireland. The statistics says that the alcohol consumption in Ireland increased by a massive 40% from 1993 to 2003 and that every year every adult in Ireland is drinking 550 pints or 140 bottles of wine! Wow!! …now I want to know WHO is drinking my pints?? ;-) – You can still watch the programme online until 04 Jan (if you are in Ireland) here: www.rte.ie/tv/whenthepartysover.

A huge thanks to Nicola J. this week, who was so generous to make a donation to me. I like these surprises and Christmas being nearby her donation is a very welcome Christmas present. :-) I wouldn’t reject a present from YOU either! ;-)

And please read this: This Event Guide is sponsored by Esme E., Cliodhna D., Brian L., Padraig S., Kathie S., Orla niF, Jef B., Susanna N., Kate C., Nicola J. and www.stickyfingerstravel.com, the travel guide for parents travelling with their children. The main sponsor is www.kravmagaireland.com, the self-defence training centre for everyone, which provides 12-week or 2-day self-defence training courses for beginners.
I am grateful for the support, but the sponsoring is still well below the cost, so YOUR support is NEEDED! Going to free events saves you a LOT of money. True? ;-) Knowing about these free events is the first HUGE step so that you then can decide if you want to go or not. True as well? This is at least worth 1 Euro per month? Do you agree? Can I count on your 12 Euro per year?
To contribute go to “http ://url . ie/v6z” and just remove the three Spaces in the web address (I have to write it like this, otherwise Spam Checkers complain about the url .ie address.) you then can donate using PayPal or your credit card!
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All events listed in this Event Guide are free of any admission charges or at least appear to be free unless otherwise stated. I try to find confirmation in all cases and do my best to double-check the information. However errors can happen and therefore no guarantee for correctness can be given.

______Joerg’s Plans______________

After my brilliant plans for the whole last week had to be cancelled, I hope this weekend all will work out fine:
* On Saturday I will look for the Free Art Project in Grafton Street and will enjo Grafton Street and Temple Bar in their Christmas mood (including hectic ;-) ).
*On Sunday, I will go to the Dublin Flea Market, then I have to go to a rehearsal for an Elvis Charity Gig on Monday and in the evening I will be in Gardiner Street Gospel Mass.
* During the week: On Monday I will be at our Elvis concert in Ballyfermot, and on Wednesday I will be in Grafton Street for Dublin98 live transmission and in the evening I will be in Gardiner Street Church for the Christmas Eve Mass.


Paddy Foggarty is organising a big event on 28+29 Dec, called “The Performance 08”. It will take place in the Village and in Whelans and 100 bands will play on 4 stages over the 2 days. Exclusively for the readers of the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) Paddy offered some tickets (pair of day passes). Would you like to win this prize? Check out www.theperformancelive.com to get a better idea about the event and then send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with “Performance08” in the Subject and your name and mobile phone number in the body of the mail. The mail has to be with me by 17:00 on 26 Dec.  The value of a pair of day passes is more than 60 Euro. Oh, and please help Paddy a bit and let other people know about this event. It is a bit of a challenging time of the year for a festival like that and any PR would be appreciated.

The book “Redemption Song” by Niall Stanage tells a unique insider’s account of Barack Obama’s journey from fledgling politician in Chicago through his acrimonious tussle with Hillary Clinton and culminating in his momentous victory over John McCain. Liberties Press published this really interesting book and they were so nice to make two copies available to you for a competition. The winners of the two copies are Sophie Lallemand and Candice Craig. Congratulations! Check www.LibertiesPress.com for more information about the book and to order it online.

The free massage from Studio 23 was won by Maureen Gill. Congratulations!
And if you have still some Christmas presents to “sort out”, how about a Gift Certificate from Studio 23? Studio 23 is a specialist studio for Pilates, Personal Training and Bodywork Therapy (including Massage and Weight Management) and is run by Aine Crossan. “Studio 23, offers treatments for chronic back, head, neck and shoulder pain, sports injury, remedial and holistic massage, using a rounded approach to treat and alleviate pain, through treatment and then rehabilitation. They also offer regular classes (Pre- and Post-Pregnancy) in Pilates and Yoga. Studio 23 is in Dame House, 24-26 Dame St. Dublin 2. And you can find all the information about the comprehensive therapy and training types on www.studio23.ie or ring 01-633 6023.

All events in this Competition Section are non-free events, but the organisers are making free tickets available for you to win. I usually get lots of competition entries and unfortunately not everybody can win, so even if you are not the winner, please consider going to an event to support the organisers. :-) If you don’t win, and will go to the event, please help showing the organisers that promoting their event in the Dublin Event Guide is beneficial and mention to them that you heard about the event through “Joerg’s Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”. Thanks!

______Dublin News______________

Until the first week in January all “normality” is gone and consequently there will be a lot less events. Nevertheless, there is always something to do and if you have more time and don’t know what to do, have a look at the websites of the museums for opening hours or go for a walk in Phoenix Park or Howth or Bray.
Over the next two weeks the “Regular Events” might not take place as and when they normally do, so please be aware of that and double-check before you go to a venue.

21 Dec is the day of the winter solstice, which was a very important day in the celtic year. If you have ever been in Newgrange you might remember that it is the only day of the year when the sun rays of the rising sun reach the centre of Newgrange. So if they have built this massive building precisely for one day, you can imagine how HUGELY relevant that day was.
Nowadays it is the start of winter AND it is the day from which the nights get shorter and the days get longer again and that is great thing in my opinion. ;-)


Thisisnotashop will have an Christmas (Art) Fair on Thurs 18 + Fri 19 Dec from 15:00-21:00 with mulled wine, Christmas films and toy-making workshops by Louise Bagnall. The exhibition/fair has been put together in an interesting way: Any artist who wanted to include his/her work just had to bring it along on Wed or Thurs and had to find a space on the wall for it. Sounds interesting. (Gallery Details: Thisisnotashop, 26 Benburb Street, Dublin 7, www.thisisnotashop.com)

The Leinster Gallery is inviting to their Christmas Affordable Art exhibition on Sat 20 + Sun 21 Dec. Which is really a double event. One part is a group show of gallery artists and the second part is the “affordable” part. “Affordable Art” in this case means that a room is dedicated to art for under EUR 1,000. And to celebrate the occasion there will be a Christmas drinks reception from 12:00-18:00 on Sat 20 Dec. Sunday opening times will be 12:00-16:00. The exhibition will include works by regular gallery favourites such as: Martin Cooke, Killian Dunne, Joop Smits, Orla Egan and James Cahill. In addition work by renowned London-based printmakers is available (Paul Catherall, Megan Fishbone, Kate Boxer, Melvyn Petterson, Jane Bristowe). (Gallery Details: Leinster Gallery, 27 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2, www.leinstergallery.com)

26 separate people created a group of 36 small canvas works and this project is “RandomDreamSystem”. Jay Roche is the author of it (but I have to admit that I don’t understand the word “author” in this context). The exhibition runs from 17 Dec-31 Jan.  Jay Roche will discuss RandomDreamSystem in conversation with Fergus Feehily on 29 Jan 2009 at 18:00 followed by a short sound improvisation performed by Anthony Kelly and David Stalling in response to the exhibition. (Gallery Details: The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1, www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/ArtsandFacilities/Pages/TheLabFoleyStreet.aspx, Open: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00)

“River of Stars and Shadows” are new drawings by Joe Coveney, inspired by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi. The exhibition runs from Fri 19 December 2008 (18:00) until 21 Dec at the exhibition/project space Space 2 and Unit H at The Market Studios, Dublin 7. www.josephcoveney.com (Gallery Details: Unit H, The Market Studios, corner of Mary’s Lane & Halston St, Dublin 7
(Turn onto Mary’s Lane at Slattery’s Capel St, UNIT H is opposite Dublin City Council fruit markets), www.themarketstudios.wordpress.com))

On Sat 20 and Sun 21 Dec Martina Galvin will show 15 sculptural pieces from her current series “Huan”. (Venue Details: Red Stables, St. Anne’s Park, off Mount Prospect Avenue, Dublin 3, www.redstables.ie, Open: Mon-Fri: 12:00-16:00, Sat+Sun: 11:00-17:00)

Across the Way Gallery and Studios in Kinsealy House on Chapel Road in Kinsealy are inviting to an exhibition of painting, drawing, print, photography and sculpture by over forty Irish and International artists. Among others, the artists are Magnhild Opdöl, Laura Fitzgerald, Aileen Murphy, Fiona Chambers, Niamh Flanagan, Damien Flood, Rachel Gilbourne, Clare Henderson, Eoin Holland, James Kirwan, Ailbhe Large, Ken Lambert, Marie Le Men, Barry Lynch, Damien McGlynn, Clare Louise Bligh, Rayne Booth and Deirdre Byrne. The exhibition will open on Sat 20 Dec at 15:00 with a mulled wine and mince pie reception and will continue on Sun 21 and Mon 22 Dec from 13:00-19:00.

“Findings” by Leonie Tang will run from 18 Dec – 05 Jan Leonie Tang (www.hi-visphotography.com) grew up in Dublin and has the Irish and Chinese nationality. In 2007 she travelled to China for the first time, and the photographic work on display is a selection of images from this journey of 2007. It represents a beginning of understanding and an opening into Leonie’s exploration of the diversity of life in China. (Gallery Details: NGG (No Grants Gallery in Temple Bar Cultural Information Centre, 12 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2)

‘Without a Trace, destroying the archive’ is a new installation of photographic work by Emma Haugh. The exhibition runs from 18-21 Dec.
www.emmahaughphotography.com (Gallery Details: The Joinery, Arbour Hill, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, www.thejoinery.org, Open: ???)

“Get Your Drawings Out!” with artists Aileen Murphy, Hugh McCarthy, Imelda Healy, Julia McConville, David Gordon, Jonathan Mayhew, Peter Prendergast, Colm Mac Athlaoich, Niall Flaherty, Sharon Phelan, Alan Butler, Rayne Booth, Magnhild Opdoel. The show will open on Friday 19 Dec at 18:00 with music and celebrations until late. The exhibition will continue until 23 Dec. (Gallery Details: Monster Truck Gallery, 73 Francis Street, Dublin 7, www.monstertruck.ie, Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun: 13:00-19:00, Wed closed, Thurs: Opening night 18:00-20:00)

A sale and exhibition of original Disney studio drawings from 1937 to 1967 is taking place at Mondrian’s Room art gallery in Dublin until 24 Dec. The drawings on show are from the classic Disney films ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ (1937), ‘Pinocchio’ (1940), ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (1951) and ‘The Jungle Book’ (1967), amongst others. www.mondriansroom.com

“Life” will open on Fri 19 Dec with roasted chestnuts and hot spiced drinks and will be an ongoing exhibition with no specified end date. The exhibiting artists are Laura de Burca, Oisin Byrne, Fiona Hallinan, Ruth Lyons, Rachel Ni Chuinn, Kate Strain, Alex Synge and Amy Walsh. The gallery will be open each Saturday after the show and will be accompanied by a concession store called Bread and Butter selling magazines, records, zines, artists’ prints and other merchandise and crafts from associated artists and musicians. (Gallery Details: Joy Gallery at RedSpace, 2 Rutland Place, Dublin 1, www.redspace.cc)

Anewspace’s Christmas Exhibition will take place on Wed 17+ Thurs 18 Dec from 17:00-21:00. The exhibition will feature work by An?, Banksy, Cat Johnson, Eelus, Obey, Daniel Danger, Pure Evil, Prefab, Blek le Rat, Mike B, Dan Kettzy, Arron, XPIR, Will St Leger and many more. The exhibition will take place in 4 Dame Lane, not in the normal gallery space of ANEWSPACE, which is the mezzanine level of Urban Outfitters. www.anewspace.info/page13.htm


The only Christmas Market in Dublin, The 12 Day of Christmas at George’s Dock, will run until 23 Dec and is open every day from 12:00-20:00. Go there for a stroll it is nice and has a real Christmassy atmosphere! Find out more about the Christmas Market here www.dublindocklands.ie/12daysofchristmas/index.jsp
Yes, the Gluehwein (Mulled wine) is TOTALLY overpriced. 5 Euro for a cup is just shocking, especially considering that a litre of Gluehwein in shops in Germany costs less then EUR 1.50. But then, if you are prepared to pay 5 Euro for a glass of cheap wine in a pub in Ireland then you won’t be as shocked as I am.

The Christmas Events in the Powerscourt Townhouse are continuing until the last minute. This weekend the following events will take place:
Fri 19 Dec: Cor Cois Life (12:00-14:00) + Michael Behan Jazz Trio (Early Evening)
Sat 20 Dec: Simon Community Choir (Afternoon)
Sun 21 Dec: Il Coro Italiano di Dublino (Afternoon)
Mon 22 Dec: Piano 15:00-17:00 + Dolce – Peter McVerry Trust 16:00-18:00 + Michael Behan Jazz Trio (Early Evening)
Tues 23 Dec: Piano 14:00-16:00 + Sion Hill Girls School Choir 16:30-18:30
Wed 24 Dec: Hodie 11:00-13:00

On Fri 19 Dec Patrick Deeley will read at the Out to Lunch Reading in the Irish Writers’ Centre, 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1 between 13:15 and 14:00. www.writerscentre.ie

* Chapters And Verse Lunchtime Reading in Chapter and Verse on Parnell Street at 13:15. More information: Sarah 0872283351 or sarah@seventowers.ie or www.seventowers.ie/cms/index.php?option=com_extcalendar&Itemid=27&extmode=cal&date=2008-12-01
* Sahaja Meditation program every Friday at 19:30 at 4/5 Eustace Street (bell 3, next to the IFI), Temple Bar. For more information contact Seamus on SHarten@upc.ie www.templebar.ie/home_ns_9_action_view_nid_229.html


Before I will move this event into the “Regular Events” section for Saturdays, I want to mention it again. Every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 a quite new and interesting food market is taking place in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. Beibhinn Byrne established the SuperNatural Food Market (www.supernatural.ie) over the last few months. A market for organic foods and eco-friendly household products. There is no admission charge and everybody is more than welcome to vist, browse and buy. ;-)
This week a few special treats are in store. For Christmas a number of secially invited traders will offer their wares: Extras’s on the 20 Dec are Bauble-Raquel Schwarz’s unique jewellery (www.baublejewellery.com), Marrit from Amsterdam will be there with her eclectic collection of surprises and Helen Vella’s paintings and sketches sold by the artist herself. www.supernatural.ie.

On Sat 20 Dec from 12:00 the Free Art Project will take place in Grafton Street. www.mart.ie will ne handing out free art on Grafton Street to the public. The idea is to hand art back to the public but at the same time to give artists a platform to promote their art and to highlight that art does not have to be unaffordably expensive.
In addition to the handing out of art, hand massages and “kamikaze production line” (???) are provided and there will be outdoor projections at the Twisted Pepper onto Arnotts in Middle Abbey Street.

The “12 Day of Christmas” Christmas Market is open from 12:00-20:00 at George’s Dock near the IFSC. www.dublindocklands.ie/12daysofchristmas/index.jsp

The Christmas Programme in Farmleigh House in Phoenix Park is on for the last weekend. The schedule for the day is
* Christmas Food Market – 10:00-17:00
* Live Crib & Childrens Christmas Room – 10:00-17:00
* Storytelling for Children – 12:45-13:30, 14:30-15:15, 16:15-17:00
* Childrens Puppet Show – 12:00-12:30, 13:45-14:15, 15:30-16:00
* Carol Singing with The Garda Ladies Choir – 13:30-15:30
* Barbershop Harmonies with ‘The Mellowchords’ – 14:00-16:00

The Christmas Events in the Powerscourt Townhouse are continuing until the last minute. For today’s events, please check the FRIDAY section or www.powerscourtopen.com/

The Live Animal Crib brought to you by Dublin City Council and the Irish Farmers Association returns to the Mansion House this year. Admission is free and the Crib is open from 08-24 Dec. For Details please contact 01 222 6200.

Your last opportunity to experience these events on Sat 20 Dec:
* Christmas Customs around the World: A Schools Project Competition & Display
The multi-cultural nature of Dublin today brings with it a myriad of traditions and customs. We have invited Secondary schools in Dublin to submit projects describing Christmas customs, traditions and beliefs in different countries around the world.
Venue: Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar
* Jesus in Context: A Modern Nativity. Presented by Seleck Imagery, Designer Mart at Cow’s Lane. (In aid of the Dublin Simon Community)
Traditionally, a valued part of Christmas is the erection of a nativity crib. If the Christmas scene was played out in Dublin today, the holy family would be desolate on the streets of Dublin, turned away from accommodation and forced to shelter wherever they could find. Through digital media, a nativity scene will be created using modern representations of the traditional scene. This reconstruction aims to highlight the plight of many who find it impossible to meet modern expectations at Christmas time. Venue: Smock Alley Café, West Essex Street, Old City Temple Bar

For events in the context of the Tallaght Christmas Sparkle, check out
libraries.southdublin.ie/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=151 and www.southdublintourism.ie/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=266&Itemid=263.
Here is a description of the main event “Deck the Walls…” from Sat 13 Dec at 16:30 and daily from that time until 24 Dec festive images, done by local children, will illuminate the walls of the County Library on Library Square in Tallaght. Entertainment on Sat will include a Magical Carousel, Tallaght Youth Band, Aerial Performance by The Dream, seasonal hospitality and much more. Leading up to Christmas week, the new County Library Tallaght is running a variety of free workshops on all things Christmas from making angels to flower arranging. www.visitsouthdublincounty.ie/thingtodo.asp?ID=114

All events are in this documents www.museum.ie/GetAttachment.aspx?id=77841bfe-3b9a-40e4-8830-aed0cb22f325 and individually they can be found here www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx

And as always: Don’t forget that the Temple Bar Markets (Temple Bar Food Market on Meeting House Square and the Temple Bar Designer Mart near Cow’s Lane) are taking place every Saturday from 10:00-16:30.

______Sunday __________________

The “12 Day of Christmas” Christmas Market is open from 12:00-20:00 at George’s Dock near the IFSC. www.dublindocklands.ie/12daysofchristmas/index.jsp

At the end of November the very first NEW Dublin Flea Market took place and I had a great time there that weekend. Now, just in time before Christmas the 2nd Dublin Flea Market will give you an opportunity to find some cool Christmas presents on Sun 21 Dec from 11:00-17:00. The venue is the Dublin Food Coop Building, 12 Newmarket (off Cork Street), Dublin 8. “It promises to be a great day out with live music, food and plenty of bargains to be found from vintage & second hand clothing, accessories, hand made and organic goods, art, furniture, records, books, dvds and loads of other quirky odds and ends. As it is the festive season there will be Christmas cheer in abundance and plenty of ideas for Christmas presents for family and friends and that something special to wear for the party season that’s unique and affordable.” For more information check out dublinflea.blogspot.com Admission is free and you should give it a go! :-) A map that shows where the Food Co-op is can be found here: www.dublinfood.coop/html/about_find.html

The events on Sunday in Farmleigh House are:
* Christmas Food Market – 10:00-17:00
* Live Crib & Childrens Christmas Room – 10:00-17:00
* Storytelling for Children – 12:00-13:15, 14:45-15:30, 16:45-17:30
* Christmas Magic Show – 13:30-14:30, 15:30-16:30
* Horse & Carriage Rides – 13:00-16:00
* Carol Singing with Dublin Welsh Male Voice Choir – 13:30-15:30
* Barbershop Harmonies with ‘The Mellowchords’ – 12:00-16:00

Maeve Collins will present her new, public, time-based temporary sound and film installation ‘Crossing Times’, which will be shown at Meeting House Square in Temple Bar on the winter solstice, 21 Dec. The piece will be played at 12:15 (low tide) and at 19:04 (high tide) and a looped four-minute film will be screened from dusk at 16:40.

The Sunday at Noon Concerts are free, 1-hour concerts in the Hugh Lane Gallery. Every Sunday at 12:00 a free concert will take place in the gallery. No booking is required. The final concert in the 2008 Sundays at Noon series marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the 20th century’s greatest composers: Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992). Pianist Thérèse Fahy is joined by Virginia Kerr (soprano), Mia Cooper (violin) and Eugene Ginty (tenor) for a performance of some of Messiaen’s early and rarely performed chamber music.

“Sunday Sketching” is a workshop for 7+ year olds. It will take place on Sun 21 Dec from 15:00-16:00. The title this week is “Draw your own winter wonderland!”. No booking necessary but early arrival is recommended. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=138

The Christmas Events in the Powerscourt Townhouse are continuing until the last minute. For today’s events, please check the FRIDAY section or www.powerscourtopen.com/

* “Winter Solstice Special” for Age 7–12 from 15:00-16:00 in the National Museum in Kildare Street. 21 Dec marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Join Education Assistant Mary-Jane Fitzsimons and explore how people might have celebrated this event in Stone Age Ireland. No booking required. Max 20.
* A Family Tour is taking place at 14:30 in Collins Barracks. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=235

There are a number of regular live events every week and over the coming weeks I will try to gather more of them and include them as a regular feature:
*The Mary Stokes Band (Blues) from 18:30 in Bruxelles near Grafton Street and near the Westbury Hotel. I listened to them a few times and they are brilliant!
*Jazz in The George in George’s Street from 16:30-18:00: Jazz Band Zrazy.
*Sunday Roast is the event in Thomas Reads “The Oak” in Dame Street/Parliament Street every Sunday from 19:00. Provided are free live music, games & roast potatoes.
* Loose Change play in Gibneys Pub, New St., Malahide every Sunday from 18:00-20:00.
* Songs of Praise, a Rock Karaoke is taking place every Sunday from 21:00 in The Village in Wexford Street, Dublin 2. www.getpraise.com
* Gardiner Street Gospel Mass in St. Francis Xavier Church at the top of Gardiner Street near the junction with Dorset Street every Sunday at 19:30. Everybody is welcome independent from your level of religiousness. www.gardinerstreetgospelchoir.com
* Ballymun Gospel Choir Mass at 19:00 in Virgin Mary Church, Shangan Road, Ballymun.

If you are just looking for Sunday events, please check the event list for Saturday as well. A good few events are taking place on Saturday AND Sunday, but it wouldn’t make sense to list them twice.

______Next Week_______________


The Christmas Events in the Powerscourt Townhouse are continuing until the last minute. For today’s events, please check the FRIDAY section or www.powerscourtopen.com/

“Volta Cinema is a collective designing events that use film as a hinge for discussion. We aim to use and abuse the medium to enquire into the conditions in which we find ourselves. We aim to assemble themes and discussions simply so we can begin the conversations that move us on to a better world.” www.myspace.com/voltacinema On Mon 22 Dec from 19:30-23:00 Volta Cinema will show two short films and a feature film about the Greek Junta (1967-1974). The event will take place in Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1, near Mountjoy Square.
The feature film is called “The Rehearsal (1974)” and is a 1974 film produced
by Melina Mercouri and directed by Jules Dassin that is a cinematographic indictment of the Greek junta of 1967-1974. The film tries to give a reconstruction of the events in the Polytechnic School of Athens (November 1973) by documents, rehearsal, interviews, songs and poems. It was never shown in cinemas as the junta fell a few days after the shooting was finished. www.indymedia.ie/article/90249 and

Please note, this is not a free event, but I am directly involved and therefore have used my influence with the editor of this newsletter to get this event listed. ;-) Some of you know that one of my many hobbies is music and in this case specifically singing. I am singing in a Gospel Backing choir that usually performs with Ireland’s best Elvis impersonator Kevin Doyle and The Way It Was Orchestra. Kevin is from Lucan, but owns a shop in Ballyfermot and on Mon 22 Dec we are doing a charity concert in Ballyfermot Church (the big one at the roundabout). It is a Gospel Concert and we will combine Elvis Presley Gospel Songs (he sang more than 70 Gospel songs) with some other cool arrangements of Gospel and Christmassy songs. I would expect that some tickets are still available at the door and typically the admission charge is EUR 10, but I am not 100% sure if that is the case this time again. If you are interested, send me a mail and I will get with all the required information. The concert will start at 20:00. Some information about Kevin and the band (but not about this specific concert) can be found here: www.elvisthewayitwas.net/

* The weekly “Zodiac Sessions” have been moved to Monday for this and next week. Check the Wednesday listing for venue details etc.
* Chapters And Verse Lunchtime Reading in Chapter and Verse on Parnell Street at 13:15. More information: Sarah 0872283351 or sarah@seventowers.ie or www.seventowers.ie/cms/index.php?option=com_extcalendar&Itemid=27&extmode=cal&date=2008-12-01
* Pint&Picture or Cine Café. From 19:30 Howard Linnane is screening short films and full-length films in his fortnightly alternating movie event in the Portobello Pub in South Richmond Street. Ring Howard (086-3614787) for more information. The film screenings are free.
* From 21:30 in the International Bar, Wicklow Street: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Jacqueline Tuck. Entry is free. The music styles vary from pop to folk to traditional. www.myspace.com/jacquelinetuck


Today is the last day of this year’s Docklands Christmas Market at George’s Dock. The doors will close for another year at 20:00, so it is your last chance today between 12:00 and 20:00. www.dublindocklands.ie/12daysofchristmas/index.jsp

The Christmas Events in the Powerscourt Townhouse are continuing until the last minute. For today’s events, please check the FRIDAY section or www.powerscourtopen.com/

* In the Bankers Inn on Trinity Street (off Dame Street) at 21:30: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Dave Murphy. A contribution is requested but not required. This is a listening club so is very quiet and features a lot of experienced songwriters trying out new material. www.myspace.com/davemurphyandfriends


Wednesday is Christmas Eve and apart from being it one of the madest shopping days because soooo many people (ok, I admit, it is mainly men! ;-) ) only start doing their Christmas Shopping on that day. In Germany shops would close around lunchtime and then the quiet and festive part of Christmas begins. When I was a child it was only on Christmas Eve that we decorated the Christmas tree! Then we went to mass at Christmas Eve and after mass the most important part of Christmas took place. It was the family spending the rest of the evening together celebrating Christmas. Presents (brought by the Christ Child, not by Santa Claus) are obviously part of this. :-) Christmas Day is not as important as Christmas Eve and no specific customs are taking centre stage on the 25th.
If this description sounds totally normal to you and you can’t imagine it any different, then I guess I have to explain the other “side”:
In Ireland, the shops stay open on Christmas Eve until late and people will shop until the last minute. Then there are in the churches masses for Christmas Eve, which are often followed by another visit to the pub (cause you can’t go to the pub on Christmas Day! ;-) ) or people go to midnight mass. Presents are brought by Santa in the middle of the night and the children will find them on the 25th in the morning. Christmas Day (25th) is the BIG day in Ireland. Unwrapping presents in the morning, visiting neighbours, family or friends afterwards and finally at around 15:00 the big Christmas Dinner with Turkey and Ham and Brussel Sprouts define the Christmas Day.

The morning programme of Dublin’s 98 (what once was 98FM) will be transmitted live from Bewley’s in Grafton Street and between 08:00 and 10:00, the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir will sing a number of songs. It is not clear yet if people will be able to watch and listen in Bewley’s, however, since the shop is often for Christmas business, I am quite certain that there will be some opportunity to see us sing. If you are in the area, put your head in the door! ;-)

The Christmas Events in the Powerscourt Townhouse are continuing until the last minute. For today’s events, please check the FRIDAY section or www.powerscourtopen.com/

I am totally biased on this, but for the best Christmas Eve Mass you have to come to St. Francis Xavier Church on Wed at 19:30. The mass starts at 20:00, but there will be Christmas Carols from approx. 19:30. The wonderful Gardiner Street Gospel Choir is singing before and during the mass and they are in GREAT form! If the sound is not so great, you can blame me, but I will do my best to deliver a nice sound. :-) Be EARLY, the church will be TOTALLY packed. www.gardinerstreetgospelchoir.com www.gardinerstparish.ie The church is the greek-temple-like church at the top of Gardiner Street near the junction with Dorset Street.

The most well known Christmas Eve mass is the candlelight Christmas Eve Vigil in the St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral in Marlborough Street, the seat of the bishop of Dublin. The Palestrina Choir (comprised of 9-14 year old boys) will start at 21:30 and at 22:00 the mass will start. To get in you have to come early and to get a seat you have to arrive REALLY early. www.procathedral.ie/

Don’t expect the REGULAR WEDNESDAY EVENTS to take place as usual:
* The Zodiac Sessions in this week will already be on Monday! “The Zodiac Sessions” is a regular open mic event from 20:30 in Bruxelles (between Grafton Street and Westbury Hotel) for unsigned musicians. Admission is free and there is a different line-up every week. www.thezodiacsessions.com/
* I am not sure about The Song Room, but I would expect that is not taking place on that evening. “The Song Room” is another open mic event. It takes place in The Globe in George’s Street at 20:30 on Wednesdays as well. www.myspace.com/thesongroom


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is Christmas Day!
Have a wonderful day today, with friends or family or even on your own. No matter who you spend it with remember that your patience might be challenged today but that spending time with your family or on your own is not a burden but is an opportunity. If you are in your family use the opportunity to show them and to tell them that you care about them and if you are on your own, remember that you are not alone! It might feel like it at the moment, but I am sure there are people that care about you and if you can’t think of anybody then just think of all your fellow Dublin Event Guide Community Members. :-) More than 2800 people with a common interest! I am sure there is at least ONE other person like you among that group. Oh and if you have nobody to send a mail to, then just send one to me (dublineventguide@gmail.com), I will definitely appreciate it!

A number of traditional “sea swims” and some sporting events to raise funds for charity are taking place in the morning on Christmas Day. One of the wider known ones is the Sea Swim at the 40 Foot in Sandycove south of Dun Laoghaire. What was formerly a Gentlemen’s Bathing Place is now a popular place for people to go for a (quick) swim in the coooold sea on Christmas Day. Not for me! But it is meant to be very healthy (due to the effect it has on your circulation not because of the “healthy” properties of the murky sea water). You reach the 40Foot from Dun Laoghaire Dart Station by walking south along the sea (approx. 20 min) until you sea a Martello Tower. Directly at the Tower is the 40 Foot. www.fortyfoot.org/

Most shops will stay closed or will close after around lunchtime. The only corner shops that you still might find open are the ones owned or run by people to whom Christmas has less of a meaning for religious or other reasons.


With two bank holidays on Thursday and Friday, we get a great loooong 4-day weekend. Most shops in the City Centre will open on Friday and you can expect that the Sales will start nearly everywhere on Friday as well. And going by the 20% discounts BEFORE Christmas, I would expect dramatic discounts in this year’s Sales!

______This is odd!!______________

This is not a nice or funny story this time, but one aspect is odd nevertheless. On Monday a 46 year old woman was killed in Howth. The husband was just out of the house when the incident happened and came back to struggle with the attacker who then escaped. The husband says the attacker broke into the house, but the police says there are no signs of a break-in. I can imagine that there is at least ONE name already on the suspect list. :-/
The odd thing however was what a Garda Superintendent said on radio. He explained that they were particularly interested in finding out more about a “gentleman running away from the house with a balaclava”. I am not toooo sure if I would call a running person with a balaclava a “gentle”man. What do you think? www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1095224/Bond-actress-murdered-disturbing-intruder-luxury-home.html

Have you bought all your Christmas presents? No, well, there is still PLENTY of time! :-) And the good thing is: If you miss Christmas 2008, there will be another one again! :-))) But seriously, if you are in employment, there are only 3 days left (Sat, Sun, Wed), so you better get going!

Enjoy the weekend!


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