Event Guide 244: Festival of Russian Culture, Aontas – Adult Learner Festival, Spanish Design Exhibition

February 17th, 2012

| DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events) No. 244
| 17 February 2012 Subscribers: 10440

Hi all!

Every week I get lots of mails. (Some of them are from LivingSocial, CityDeals and all these other group buy schemes and every time I get one such e-mail I think I should unsubscribe. – But still haven’t done so. ;-) ) Some are from event organisers of free (Yeah!) and non-free (Uhhh!) events. And another proportion are from “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)” readers like yourself. The last ones I like the most. People tell me about great events they experienced or how they found out about something special only through the Dublin Event Guide, or they have some ideas and suggestions for the Dublin Event Guide, or they just thank me for getting the e-zine every week. Keep them coming! I appreciate hearing from you! I TRY to reply to all mails, but often can’t keep up, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear back from me immediately.
In one e-mail this week Mel C. made a very good suggestion. She told me that she reserved tickets at a number of free events where prior booking was required and in every mail she mentioned that she heard about the event in the “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”! As you know, I am trying to spread the word and to let more than JUST 10,400 people know about this weekly newsletter. One important aspect of this is to let the event organisers know that they/their events benefit from the Dublin Event Guide. So, please mention where you found out about an event id you decide to book free tickets for it!
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The “Feel Good Slot” at this place in the Dublin Event Guide is to share some inspirational, motivational or thought provoking quotes, stories or video clips. You wonder why I added this section to this e-zine? If your week was great, you might not need it, but most of us had some challenging moments in the last week and this section is for the people that want to remind that despite all, life is great and it is important to be alive!
We all feel bad sometimes about something. Are you aware what makes you feel bad? The surprising (for some) news is that it is YOU who makes you feel bad! It is the meaning that YOU give a certain situation that makes you feel bad or good! Imagine a situation where you are all alone on your own in your living room: Maybe you have felt lonely at times? And other times in the EXACT same scenario you might have enjoyed the peace and quiet? The difference between the two times was the meaning you have the situation. Now I you can make yourself feel bad, does that mean you can make yourself good as easily? Yes, it is indeed the same amount of work! So which would you choose? ;-) This video looks at it from a marriage/relationship perspective, but the same applies in work or in any other situation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrrjRYLKOGk

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______Joerg’s Picks______________

This section is intended to provide some help in picking and choosing from the huge number of events by sharing with you what I will/might or would do. This is not a “best of…” list and if an event is not listed here, it by no means implies that the event is not interesting. Instead my “picks” are just based on my personal preferences. All events mentioned here are described in detail further down.

Are you bothered, bewildered or just bogged down with life at the moment? – Mary Keating, MA, trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist, is available for appointments in Custom House Medical Centre, IFSC or at 20 Lower Baggot Street. Please phone 01-6776253 or 0868783086 or email mkeating@iol.ie for enquiries or to make an appointment. Her fees are appropriate to circumstances, so talk to her if you could do with some help and support. www.agalma.ie/therapists/mary-keating

I have to make a choice: Delay the sending of this newsletter even further or leave the Joerg’s Pick empty today!? Because it is already very late (reasons at the very bottom of this newsletter!) I will leave the Joerg’s Picks today.

Have a look at the Aontas Adult Learning Festival events, though, I mention the festival in the Monday section, but wasn’t able to list the events, there are sooo many!


The Temple Bar Cultural Trust (TBCT) made is a number of tickets available for a whole night of movie entertainment at the “A Date with Dublin”, the movie screening on St. Valentine’s Day on Temple Bar Meeting House Square. The competition was extremely popular and I got (virtual) buckets full of competition entries. The winners of the tickets were Clodagh Colleran, Jonathan Woods and Angela Amirault. Congratulations! And thanks a lot to the TBCT for the tickets! There will be lots and lots of free (and non-free) events in Temple Bar again over the spring and summer and I will tell you about every detail. If you want to check the TBCT site yourself, you can find it here: www.templebar.ie

eBuzz Builders, Karolina Gwinner’s Social Media Training and Consultancy company, provided places for a Facebook for Business Training Course for a competition. The training course took place on Thursday, but Karolina will run more training courses about Facebook, Twitter and in general about Social Media and if you want to learn more about it, check www.ebuzzbuilders.ie/ The winners this week were Nadia Macari, Barbara Quétel-Brunner and Aishling Monaghan.

______Dublin News______________

In an odd coincidence, four music venues have closed down in the same week. Tripod and Crawdaddy are owned by the same owner, but the also closing Odeon and the Lower Deck in Portobello are owned by different owners. Allegedly the Odeon will only close for a while, but there are no proper reasons given and it is odd to close a working and successful enough pub like the Odeon for an unlimited time.
The Lower Deck will be turned into a Pool Hall if the rumours are right. You might have never known about the Lower Deck, but it was a Live Music Venue that regularly ran events there. The remaining two, Tripod and Crawdaddy on Harcourt Street are directly next to the Odeon (coincidence?) and allegedly the owner sold it to another pub group (the owners of Flannagan’s) who want to turn the venue into a super venue, maybe similar to the Wright Venue in Swords. Some articles say that the plan is to build a big venue to compete directly with Copper Face Jacks, but many ask the valid question: Does Dublin REALLY need another Copper Face Jacks?
The events that took place in the Odeon, like the Latin Night and the Movie Nights have been moved to 4 Dame Lane, which is owned by the same owner. The events that were meant to take place in Tripod or Crawdaddy and which were still promoted after the closure, will move to the Button Factory or the Workman’s Club or Grand Social. A BIG Shake-Up of the Live Music scene in Dublin!
Some further details (e.g. The Odeon is controlled by publican Paul Keaveney, who is also behind Dakota on South William Street and 4 Dame Lane in Dublin city centre.)
can be found in the following articles:

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Scott Petoff a long-term reader of the Dublin Event Guide realised that some venues in Dublin inform their audience about their work with newsletters, but many other don’t and so he decided to collate that information and set up a website called SubscribeDublin.com He told me ” I prefer email newsletters such as your own as the best way to know what to do in Dublin. Unfortunately as you know many venues and events have no easy way to stay informed and many websites are lacking in detail which makes your job more difficult. My directory of Dublin “Things To Do” websites highlights which sites offer a subscribe button. I hope to encourage sites without an email newsletter to create one as well.” Great idea! Have a look at his website in case you want to subscribe to some newsletters directly:

The Tall Ship Races 2012 will come to Dublin in August. For most of us it will be some sort of a festival (details have not emerged yet). But some can be a trainee on a tall ship on the stage from A Coruna in Spain to Dublin (13-23 Aug). You will work hard on the ship, I guess, but instead of getting pay, you will have to pay for your place on board. Up to EUR 120 per day is the price….unless you are between 18 and 25 and live in Dublin City, are involved in a local Youth organisation AND are one of 25 lucky ones. Then you can get the traineeship part funded. There will be “Trainee Open Information Days” in the CHQ on Custom House Quay for everybody who is interested. The information days take place this weekend 17, 18 and 19 Feb from 12:00-18:00. www.dublintallships.ie/trainees/


In order to beat an economic downturn not governments can help, but individuals are needed that take the initiative and create new markets and new opportunities for themselves and for their customers and hopefully employees. The Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) will help you if you have recently started a company and if you could do with spreading the word. Being mentioned here and being seen by the 10,000+ readers of the Dublin Event Guide should help to kick start something big for you. In return I expect you to tell your clients and friends about the Event Guide and once you have made a nice bit of money, a donation would be very much appreciated. ;-) (This offer is for start-ups in relatively early stages only. Established companies can contact me regarding very affordable advertisement options in the Dublin Event Guide.) If you want to promote your start-up/young company here for free, let me know: dublineventguide@gmail.com.


Based on your feedback, I have decided to do the following with the Exhibition section in this newsletter from now on: I will provide you with a link to a near-comprehensive listing of exhibitions provided by www.visualartists.ie. For me to list all exhibitions would only be doubling their good work and would be an inefficient use of my resources. The link is visualartists.ie/category/listings/exhib-lein/
On top of that I will every now and then include here a small selection of exhibitions that either are not mentioned in the Visual Artist listing or are note-worthy to be mentioned separately.

21 Feb – 28 Apr: (Mon-Thurs: 14:00-19:00, Sat: 10:00-14:00. Closed on Fri, Sun and Bank Holidays) – Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place (near National Gallery), Dublin 2. – Desigñ arrives at the Instituto Cervantes Dublin with the objective of giving Spanish design its rightful place. Spanish design is internationally recognised with creations and brand names such as Camper and Munich or designers such as Manolo Blahnik, David Delfín and Patricia Urquiola. The exhibition consist of 100 posters that include work of various design disciplines such as graphic, furniture, industrial and interior design. The opening reception and a talk entitled “Innovation and recycling” takes place on Tues 21 Feb at 18:00, followed by a wine reception. dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha79359_16_2.htm

24 Feb – 13 Apr: (Mon – Fri 09:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 14:00-17:00) – National Print Museum, Garrison Chapel, Beggars Bush Barracks, Haddington Road, Dublin 4.
A Cork Printmakers Touring Exhibition will be at the National Print Museum and admission is free. www.nationalprintmuseum.ie


Fri 11:00-18:00 – 72 Thomas Street (between the Vicar St venue & Cafe Notto)
The Ferocious Mingle Market, a permanent indoor flea market takes place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is also a Café, the Oscar Verne Café, open for business at the market. www.facebook.com/mingle.mkt

The Curator’s Talk: “Irish Lace and Crochet” will take place on Fri 17 Feb from 12:30-13:00 in Collins Barracks (Decorative Arts & History). It is suitable for adults. ” Unravel the history of Irish lace and crochet with curator Alex Ward to discover its position at the height of Edwardian fashion. Places limited and allocated on a first-come basis 15 minutes before event starts.” www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=2627

Fri 17 Feb: 13:00+17:00 – Tower Record, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2
The Young Guns will be in Tower Records for an In-Store Event at 13:00. And at 17:00, the Lost Brothers will be there.

Fri 17 Feb: 13:05 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
A lunch time reading with Paul Grattan will take place. The Lunchtime Readings will run on Fridays throughout February and March in the Irish Writers’ Centre and are organised in association with Poetry Ireland. The readings will be alternating between prose and poetry, offering audiences the chance to experience a wide-range of literary talent. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

Fri 17 Feb: 18:30-20:00 – Gutter Bookshop, Cow’s Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 8
The book launch for ‘Collected Poems’ by Michael Murphy will take place in the Gutter Bookshop on Friday. This is a posthumous collection of poems by the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize winning poet Michael Murphy who grew up in Liverpool but was of Irish descent. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. gutterbookshop.com/events.html

Fri 17 Feb: 19:00-21:00 – Exchange Dublin, Upper Exchange Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. – Last week I informed you about a taster workshop in Sacred Harp Singing and it seems that this workshop was so successful that a group has formed in Dublin who will from now on meet every Friday evening in the Exchange Dublin. Find out more details here corksacredharp.com/post/17337848698/dublinsing

Fri 17 Feb: 19:30 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
Spoke is a new open mic night at the Irish Writers Centre, taking place on the third Friday of every month. Writers, spoken word artists and musicians are all welcome to perform. Admission is free. If you’d like to perform, please be early. People will be signed up at the door. http:// spokedub.wordpress.com/ very Spoke will feature a guest performer and on 17 Feb this is Jill Battson, poet and activist from Canada. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

Cornucopia Café & Restaurant (19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2) host live music three evenings a week (Thurs, Fri and Sat). The restaurant is a Wholefood & Vegetarian Restaurant and is open until 22:15.
+ Every second Thursday N.C Lawlor, a songwriter, session player and troubadour plays a mix of country, bluegrass & blues from 19:30-21:30.
+ Every Friday (19:30-21:30) Junshi Murakami plays Irish Harp.
+ Every Saturday (19:30-21:30) Nollaig Mann plays a collection of popular and jazz classics that often have customers singing along and requesting their favourites.

Fri 17 Feb: 19:00-21:00 – Bianconi’s Bistro, 232 Merrion Rd, Dublin 4
Bianconi’s Bistro & Restaurant in Dublin 4 is providing Jazz every Friday night from this week until the end of January. Bianconi’s is an Italian restaurant with delicious food and, while a little outside the City Centre, it is worth the trip into Merrion Road. There is no cover charge. www.bianconisbistro.ie www.facebook.com/pages/Bianconis-Bistro/271041702925005?sk=wall

Fri: 20:30 – Ormond Wine, Restaurant & Cafe Bar, 6 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7. Swing from Paris in the Thirties performed by a duo of Guitar and Vocal will entertain you every Friday in the Ormond Wine Bar. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ormond-Wine-Bar/181985853298

Fri 17 Feb: 21:00-03:00 – Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1
Carnaval 2012 (Yes, the spelling is correct if it is meant to Brazilian as in this case. Otherwise it would mostly be “Carnival”, but not in all cases. :-) ) is taking place in the Grand Social on Friday. There will be live capoeira, carnaval movies and Brazilian Carnaval Grooves. This is the first of a series of Friday night ‘Batucada’ tropical beat parties at The Grand Social. Admission is free and the contributors are Mundo Capoeira and Babalonia DJs Lex Woo and Double-V. www.facebook.com/carnavaldublin

The Stillorgan Orchard at The Hill in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin has a full programme of live music. The upcoming gigs are:
Fri 17 Feb Lucky Bones
Sat 18 Feb Full Circle
Admission is free and the gigs start at 21:00 unless otherwise stated. www.stillorganorchard.com/live_music.html

* James Sheeran (Acoustic/Rock/Trad) is playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. And The Eastern Harps (Trad) are playing there from 20:00. Admission is free.
*Graeme McKenna is playing an acoustic gig (Trad to contemporary) every Friday in the Maldron Hotel, Kingswood near CityWest from 19:00.
* Need to wind down after a tiring week? Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation (not physical yoga, but “yoga meditation”!) classes every Friday at 19:30 at 4/5 Eustace Street, Temple Bar (next to IFI, ring bell no. 3) and every Monday from 19:00 in Blakestown Community Resource Center, Blakestown Way, Dublin 15 (next to Lidl). These are drop in classes, newcomers are welcome. For more information check www.coolspirit.info or www.sahajayoga.ie.
* Ruairi Maguires Bar & Organic Kitchen, Pembroke District, Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum has every weekend live music from Friday until Sunday at 21:30. Sometimes the line-up is listed here www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000462805646&sk=wall often not.
* The Covers play Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Later: DJ Carlos Irie. Admission is free.
* Songs of Praise, a Rock Karaoke is taking place every Friday from 23:00 in the Mercantile, Dame Street, Dublin 2. www.getpraise.com


Sat 18 Feb: 09:00-13:00 – Tallaght Stadium, Whitestown Way, Tallaght, Co. Dublin
A weekly car boot sale, one of less than a handful that is still reliably taking place, gets up to 200 cars to sell goods from. The stadium is just a few minutes walk from the Red LUAS line terminal and numerous bus stops. For traders the Car Boot Sale opens at 07:00 for buyers from 09:00. If you are interested in selling, check the details and register on www.irishcarboot.ie

Sat 18 Feb: 10:00 – Chesterfield Avenue, Phoenix Park
The Operation Transformation 5k Fun Run will take place in Phoenix Park and while this is not a free event for participants and on top of that, registration is closed now, some of you might be interested in attending as a spectator. 5000 people will run 5 km. That’s a lot of people! All details are available here www.rte.ie/ot/events/funrun.html Because of the STILL ongoing road works in Phoenix Park, there is no parking. But shuttle buses are provided and all details are on that website too.

Thurs-Sun (Thurs-Sat 10:00-17:30, Sun 12:00-17:30) – Unit 95, Malahide Road Industrial Park, Malahide Road, Coolock, Dublin 17. – A new-ish indoor market is open in Coolock. Over 40 traders offer a wide range of goods and a café is on site as well. www.facebook.com/MotherRedcaps.Market

Sat 18 Feb: 11:00-17:00 – Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street (near Ha’Penny Bridge), Dublin 1. The weekly Ha’penny Flea Indoor Market takes place on Saturdays and stalls offer Vintage Men and Womens Clothes, Contemporary Crafts, Books, Vinyl Records, Vintage and Handmade Jewellery, Vintage Hair Styles, Art, Photography and lots more. For more details, check www.thegrandsocial.ie/event/hapenny-flea-indoor-market

Sat 18 Feb: 11:00-18:00 – 72 Thomas Street (between the Vicar St venue & Cafe Notto) – The Ferocious Mingle Market, a permanent indoor flea market, takes place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Oscar Verne Café and live music at the weekends are further attractions. www.facebook.com/mingle.mkt

10 Feb – 06 Apr: Science Gallery, Pearse Street, TCD, Dublin 2
Make sure that you check out the new Science Gallery exhibition “Edible – Would you Eat an Exhibit?” It is about eating, digestion, food technology and has something interesting for everyone. Even a bouncy castle-type digestive tract for children! I had a quick look at the exhibition last Saturday and will go there again to spend more time. Check out the “Feeding Time” idea as well. For a small price (EUR 3) you can participate in a Feeding Time where you get some small amounts of interesting foods/recipes to try. The Feeding Times have to be booked in advance and lots of people are interested, so be prepared to book days if not weeks in advance. Admission is free (donations are appreciated) and the exhibition is open Tuesday-Friday 12:00-20:00 and Saturday-Sunday 12:00-18:00. Find out more on www.sciencegallery.com/edible

Sat 18 Feb: 12:30 – Eason’s, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1
Meet Ex-Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann when he signs his book ‘The Didi Man: My Affair With Liverpool’ in Eason’s. www.easons.com/events_display.asp?K=e2012012715195736

Sat 18 Feb: 13:00-16:00 – Science Gallery, Pearse Street, TCD, Dublin 2
This is a weekly meetup for young (10-18 years) coder, designer, Internet enthusiasts. Every week there is a hands on session with technologies like HTML5, PHP or Python. For more details visit coderdojo.com/ or contact the Coder Dojo team at dublin@coderdojo.com. Bring your laptop if possible and participants under 16 must be accompanied by a parent. Parents do not need to register, only attendees. Book here www.sciencegallery.com/events/2012/02/coder-dojo-feb-18th-free-coding-club

Sat 18 Feb: 13:30 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
The Ink Slingers Creative Writing Hour now takes place every Saturday at the Irish Writers’ Centre. It is a free creative writing session that is organised and led by the Centre’s voluntary arts administrators. The hour includes writing exercises and prompts to get ideas flowing. It is open to everyone and is suitable for all levels of experience. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

SIGN OF SPRING – CHILDREN’S ART WORKSHOP – BOTANIC GARDENS Sat 18 Feb: 14:00-16:00 – National Botanic Gardens, Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
Winter is not over yet until 21 March, but the Botanic Gardens already claim: “The first signs of plant life after winter have been early this year. After completing observational drawings, participants will develop a project in mixed media to illustrate some of the signs they have seen.” www.botanicgardens.ie/news/events.htm

Sat 18+25 Feb, 03+10 March: 14:00 – Farmleigh House, Castleknock end of Phoenix Park. – A Series of Talks and Reminiscence Days will take place at Farmleigh House over the next 5 weeks. Admission is free and if you would like to to attend, you should come to Farmleigh House reception 15 minutes before the start time. The topics are:
+ 18 Feb: Ann Marie O’Grady of Russborough House will present a talk covering aspects of life in the big house.
+ 25 Feb: Andrew Smith of St. Patrick’s Cathedral will give a talk on the Guinness family’s long association with the cathedral.
+ 03 Mar: Evelyn Roche of Guinness Archives will present a talk on working life and conditions at the Brewery in times past.
+ 10 Mar: Georgina Davis (House Manager at Farmleigh) will give an insight into the State Visits at Farmleigh and the running of the house during such a visit. www.farmleigh.ie/Events/Title,17891,en.html

+ The Family Tour “Super Animals” will take place on Sat 18 Feb from 15:00-16:00 in the Natural Museum in Merrion Street. “Discover more about the super strengths animals have and then design your own “new” animal with its own super powers.” No booking required. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=2628

Sat 18 Feb: 15:00 – Hugh Lane Gallery, 19 Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
You are invited to the joint educational folk concert by two Lithuanian folk groups “Sedula” and “Lietuviškas dobilas” – “Sun Wheel”. The folk music performed in the concert will be typical Lithuanian folklore. The explanation of the traditions – told by archeologist D.Steponavi?ien? (Rugiaveid?) – will be translated in to English.

Sat 18 Feb: 15:00-16:00 – National Gallery, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2
The Family Programme on Sat is entitled “Food fit for a King and Queen!” with Kate Dick. Admission is free, no booking required. www.nationalgallery.ie/whatson

Sat 18 Feb: 19:30-23:00 – Button Factory, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
The AC/DC Tribute Band AC?DC will be in the Button Factory for a free gig. They will be supported by Shoctopus (19:40-20:10). www.facebook.com/events/250364101704623/

Sat: 19:30 – Ormond Wine, Restaurant & Cafe Bar, 6 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7. Saturday nights “Wax Lyrical” is a lively Swing and Bossanova performance of a guitar, trombone and vocal trio. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ormond-Wine-Bar/181985853298

Saturdays: 22:00-00:00 – Oil Can Harry’s, 31 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2
“The Urban Mojo Blues Band, a Dublin based five piece band drawing influences from electric Chicago blues and rock to produce a lively uptempo grooving blues will be performing every Saturday.” www.facebook.com/pages/The-Urban-Mojo-Blues-Band/87569518524 www.urbanmojobluesband.com

Sat 18 Feb: 22:00 – Bia Bar, Stephen’s Street, Dublin 2
Austin M asked me to tell you about an event in the Bia Bar. It is called “Assembly” and features the External Sounds crew from Drogheda, Nightflight’s Louche and Subject’s Austin M. www.facebook.com/pages/Assembly-Bia-Bar/213828955369289.

18 Feb: 23:30 – Waterside Bar, Howth
Guitarist and Song writer Mike Brookfield plays the Songs of Bruce Springsteen together with his band (Cian Boylan, Paul Moore and Guy Rickarby). “The set list is an uncompromising blast through Springsteen’s career with the emphasis on giving you a good night of Rock n’ Roll.” www.dublinevents.com/events/live-music/mike-brookfield-plays-the-songs-of-bruce-springsteen-.php

* Don’t forget that the Temple Bar Markets (Food Market on Meeting House Square, Book Market on Temple Bar Square and the Designer Mart near Cow’s Lane) are taking place every Saturday from 10:00-16:30.
* The SuperNatural Food Market is taking place every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. www.supernatural.ie
* Dublin Food Co-op is open every Saturday (09:30-16:30) at Newmarket, Dublin 8 for organic wholefoods and sustainable household products, plus over a dozen producer stalls offering organic fruit and veg., baked goods, dairy produce, wines, hot and cold food, etc. Additional Co-op opening Thursdays 12:00-20:00. www.dublinfood.coop
* The weekly Honest2goodness food market with fresh meat, vegetables, fish, baked goods, wines in Glasnevin is open from 09:30-16:00. It is behind Lidl in the Industrial Estate just after the Glasnevin Cemetary coming from the City Centre. (www.honest2goodness.ie)
* At the Blackrock Market in the centre of Blackrock, you find 50 stalls selling collectibles, antiques, handmade goods, books, food + there’s free popcorn and ballons&facepainting for the kids. www.blackrockmarket.com/ Opening: Sat+Bank Holidays: 11:00-17:30, Sun: 12:00-17:30
* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Saturday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* Nearly every day and especially at the weekend, the Porterhouse in Temple Bar is hosting live bands that are always worth a visit. www.porterhousebrewco.com/livetemplebar.html
* Trad Session – Schoolhouse Pub in 2-8 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge. Every Saturday from 22:00 singers, guitar, fiddle, banjo, accordion, whistle, pipers, bodhran etc are all welcome to join in. www.schoolhousehotel.com/
* The Black Sheep play Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Later Dj Glenn Brown (Dublin Calling). Admission is free.
* Havana Tapas Bar is inviting to a Salsa Night with afro-latin percussion every Sat night 22:30-02:00. Bachata, salsa, merengue, reggeaton with latin DJs. Food is available until 00:30 and usually there is plenty of room to get dancing and you are invited to add your own percussion. www.facebook.com/pages/Havana-Tapas-Bar/10503361821

______Sunday __________________

Sun 19 Feb: 11:00-17:00 – Dublin Food Coop, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8
The Brocante Furniture Market will take place on Sun. It is a collection of antiques, furniture, collectables and curiosities from the past and present, second-hand, refurbished, antique and hand-crafted stuff for your house and garden. This is the only market of its kind in Dublin, for everyday people, collectors and new enterprises. If you are an interior designer or just have and eye for style and are looking for a special piece or maybe a bargain then this is the market for you. The market is held every 3rd Sunday of the month. www.facebook.com/thebrocantemarket

Sun 11:00-18:00 – 72 Thomas Street (between the Vicar St venue & Cafe Notto)
The Ferocious Mingle Market, a permanent indoor flea market, takes place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Oscar Verne Café and live music at the weekends are further attractions. On Sundays the Ferocious Mingle MARKET is a fancy dress market: In addition to stalls/tables for sellers, there are some “chalets” in the venue where regular sellers have set up. www.facebook.com/mingle.mkt

Sun 19 Feb: 12:00-19:00 – Bernard Shaw Pub, 11-12 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2. – “Third Sagra dell’Arrosticino – The Italian Food Festival” will take place for the third time. It will take place on the car park of the Bernard Shaw, which you can reach through the outdoors smoking area.This is a Sagra dell’Arrosticino meaning this festival’s theme is the trademark grilled lamb skewers but there will also be loads of other stands selling different Italian foods and other all sorts aswell as music and all the other ingredients for a good day out. Admission is free.
www.thebernardshaw.com www.bodytonicmusic.com/events/2758/

Sun 19 Feb: 12:00-13:00 – Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
The Sundays at Noon Concert Series takes place in the beautiful Sculpture Gallery at the Hugh Lane Gallery. Now in its 36th year, this series of free (mainly classical) concerts continues to present the best of Irish and International music and musicians. Concerts run from September to June. The next concert will feature Haydn. Over the next 2 years Fionnuala Moynihan and Peter Tuite will perform the Complete Haydn Piano Sonatas in 12 recitals. The first recital will feature both pianists. www.hughlane.ie/past-sunday-concerts/529-haydn-the-complete-piano-sonatas

The Dublin Sketchers Group is an informal group of typically hobby artists who go somewhere different in Dublin every Sunday (e.g. Collins Barracks, Farmleigh, Botanic Gardens, Dublin Castle), sketch for an hour or so, and then meet up for coffee afterwards and discuss their sketches. www.dublinsketchers.blogspot.com/ Find out on their website where they will meet and join them if you do some sketching/drawing yourself. Meeting time is usually around 14:00.

Sun 19 Feb: 14:00 – Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place (off O’Connell Street), Dublin 1. – A free information session with True North Practice about the “Phil Parker Lightning Process” will take place. I have never heard of this process, so I let the organisers speak: “Imagine if you could influence your health and well-being every day…? Well this is just what thousands of people around the world have done, people with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, MS, Depression, IBS, eating disorders, anxiety, low self esteem, among many others. The Phil Parker Lightning Process is a cutting edge mind-body connection training. In this information session True North Practice will present more information on the Lightning Process and how it can help you.” The event is free, but registration is required: www.truenorthpractice.ie/Events.aspx

+ The My Museum event “What’s the Story?” for families will take place on Sun 19 Feb from 15:00-16:00 in Collins Barracks (Decorative Arts & History). “Join storyteller Jack Lynch, who’s back from his travels around the world with lots of new tales to tell. Places limited and allocated on a first-come basis one hour before event starts.” www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=2629

Sun 19 Feb: 15:00-15:45 – National Gallery, Merrion Square, Dublin 2
The talk “Evie Hone (1894-1955) – a pioneering artist” with Dr Sighle Bhreathnach Lynch, Art Historian and Author will take place and admission is free. www.nationalgallery.ie/whatson

Sun 19 Feb: 15:00-16:00 – Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
The next Sunday Sketching for 7+ Year olds has the title “Ornamental Frames”. No booking necessary. Admission is free and early arrival is recommended. www.hughlane.ie/childrens-workshops/forthcoming

Sun 19 Feb: 17:00-23:00 – Grand Social (former Pravda), Liffey Street, Dublin 1 (near Ha’Penny Bridge). Saucy Sundays is a weekly live music afternoon and evening in the Grand Social. This week’s line up is: Paul Crane & The Changing Band, Lennon Family Project, The Mambir, Enda Reilly, Jem Mitchell, Lisa McLaughlin, Crow Black Chicken and 4 more bands will be announced. Details and links to the performing bands and artists are here: www.facebook.com/events/244633195618381/

Sun 19 Feb: 21:30 – The Mercantile, Dame Street, Dublin 2
The weekly Sunday Roast is an event in the Mercantile where live music is combined with free roast potatoes. The next Sunday Roast has this line up: Juicy Bits, Crow Black Chicken, Noisy Coincidence, Myles Manley. Links to the band sites and more information can be found here: www.facebook.com/thesundayroast www.facebook.com/events/211018165657931/

Sun 19 Feb: 21:00-00:00 – Stag’s Head, Dame Lane, Dublin 2
The Comedy Crunch is a free Stand Up comedy downstairs in Stag’s Head, Dame Lane from 21:00 every week on Sun+Mon. Every week different comedians entertain and on top of that there is some free ice cream. This Sunday’s line up is Gerry McBride, Michael Downey, Aidan Greene, Gary White and headliner Trevor Browne. MC is Colm McGlinchey. www.facebook.com/events/157556647695275/

“Rhythm Rocker at The Globe” is a weekly event on Sunday night in The Globe in Sth Great Georges Street, Dublin 2. It is a Rockabilly, R’n’R, Roots night with alternating (week by week) live bands Pavement Kings, Donna & The Sazzy Catz, The Mosquitoes and The Pacifics from 21:00 and with DJs from 23:00-01:30. Admission is free. www.globe.ie/events.php

Sun 19 Feb: 22:30-01:00 – The Mezz, 23/24 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
The great Soul / Funk / Rock/ Reggae band “Mob Fandango” is every Sunday in the Mezz for a late night gig. www.facebook.com/mobfandango

* The Temple Bar Book Market is taking place every Sat+Sun on Temple Bar Square from 11:00-18:00.
* Jamestown Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Sunday from 10:00-17:00 the Jamestown Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. www.jamestownmarket.com
* Afternoon Jazz in Café en Seine. The Sweet & Lowdown Jazz Trio play every Sunday from 14:00-16:00 in Café en Seine in Dawson Street. Admission is free. www.stellabass.com and a video is here gush.ie/clients/sweetlow/video/
* Sunday Roast is a weekly event in the Mercantile in 28 Dame Street from 21:00-01:00. Provided are free live music, games & roast potatoes. www.facebook.com/thesundayroast
* “Loose Change” play in Gibneys Pub, New St., Malahide every Sunday from 18:00-20:00.
* From 21:00 in The Bleeding Horse on Camden Street “The Apollo Sessions” is a free show featuring multiple styles of original music from local and international musicians and songwriters www.myspace.com/thebleedinghorsesessions
* Every Sunday “The Latin Beat” will take place in 4 Dame Lane in Dame Lane from 20:00-02:00. A band will play from 21:00-22:30, a Latin Beat Club, Brazilian DJs and Salsa Classes (from 18:00) will be additional features. Admission is free. www.facebook.com/events/225904860831469/
* Comedy Crunch – The Comedy Crunch is a free Stand Up comedy downstairs in Stag’s Head, Dame Lane from 21:00 every week on Sun+Mon. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Comedy-Crunch/83791357330
* The Burning Effigies are playing afrobeat, jazz, funk and soul every Sunday from 23:00 in Turk’s Head in Parliament Street. www.turkshead.ie
* The Gardiner Street Gospel Mass invites to a Gospel Mass in St. Francis Xavier Church at the top of Gardiner Street near the junction with Dorset Street every Sunday at 19:30. Everybody is welcome independent from your level of religiousness. www.gardinerstreetgospelchoir.com

If you are just looking for Sunday events, please check the event list for Saturday as well. A good few events are taking place on Saturday AND Sunday, but it wouldn’t make sense to list them twice.

______Next Week_______________


Mon-Sun 20-26 Feb: City Centre
Dublin City’s Festival of Russian Culture is taking place from Mon until Sun with the main attraction of a Family Day next Sunday. This is the third year of this celebration and a whole range of events await you: Traditional music, dance, children’s activities, lively performances, chess challenges, artisan food and cookery, cinema, informative exhibitions and lectures. Dublin City’s Festival of Russian Culture always takes place in the Maslenitsa, the Pancake Week. In Slavic mythology, Maslenitsa is a sun festival, celebrating the imminent end of the winter. On the Christian side, Maslenitsa is the last week before the onset of Great Lent.
The Family Day will take place in Temple Bar, but more about that in next week’s Dublin Event Guide.
Many events this week are free, but not all. Unfortunately the website at www.dublinrussianfestival.webs.com/ doesn’t make it totally clear which events are free and which aren’t.
From Mon 20 Feb until Fri 24 Feb, the Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 will host a Children’s Art Exhibition, a Photographic Exhibition and a Russian Art Exhibition in aid of To Russia with Love. In addition there are three film screenings (not free) in conjunction with the Dublin Film Festival on Mon, Wed and Fri.
+ Tues 21 Feb:
10:00: “A year in Russia: An Irish Student’s perspective” TCD Undergraduate talk followed by “What do we know about Russia?” a Secondary School’s Transition Year Quiz at The Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8
18:30 – 20.00 Literary Reading in the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin
+ Wed 22 Feb:
13:10 “Introduction to Pushkin’s short stories. The Undertaker. Remembering the 175th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin’s death.” at the National Library of Ireland
19:00 Discussion: Contemporary Russia: Political, Economic, Commercial and Social Aspects in the Arts Block of Trinity College Dublin, room 2041:SL
+ Thurs 23 Feb:
10:00 Teenagers Chess Workshop with the Chess Grandmaster Alexander Baburin at the Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices, Wood Quay
13:30 University Student’s Chess Challenge with Chess Grandmaster Alexander Baburin at the Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices, Wood Quay
16:00 Lecture and simultaneous play exhibition by Chess Grandmaster Alexander Baburin at the Atrium, Civic Offices, Wood Quay
18:30 – 20:00 Public Lecture on Russian Culture in the Arts Building, room 5039, Trinity College Dublin
18.30 – 21.00 Russian Cooking Class at Cooks Academy, 19 South William Street, Dublin 2. www.bookyourplace.ie/russian-festival-of-culture-page.html This event is not free and at EUR 70 is quite pricey.
+ Sat 25 Feb
11:00 Children storytelling and drawing, Russian fun and Russian lessons at the National Library of Ireland
10:00 – 16:00 Russian Community Forum in association with the Russian Embassy at Council Chamber in City Hall
13:10 Lecture on “Russia and the Renaissance: History, Artistic Tradition and Cultural Identity” with Anatole Tchikine at the National Gallery of Ireland
21:00 Russian Disco at The Czech Inn
+ Sun 26 Feb:
Family Day with Russian food & craft market, Face painting & children’s nail painting, Children’s Workshops: Doll painting & puppet making and Russian Acting Materclass with Losif Raykhelgauz, Musical entertainment, Street Music Workshop, Russian folk tales and fairy tales reading for children, Children’s musical show and games, Video Presentation, Dance performances, Russian fairytale film screenings and a Concert with the Moscow City Symphony Orchestra Russian Philharmonic Quartet.
Off all the listed events, it seems that only the ones that I explicitly tagged as non-free, actually cost an admission charge. The website doesn’t mention either if pre-booking is required anywhere, so assume it is a first-come, first-serve basis.

20-24 Feb: Various times and locations
The sixth yearly AONTAS Adult Learners’ Festival is taking place and the Libraries are big contributors. AONTAS believes that all adults in Ireland should have equal access to learning opportunities and that adult learning has a hugely important role to play in the economic and social future of Ireland. The programme of the libraries is here www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/libraries/Events/Pages/adult_learners_festival.aspx but this is only a small subset of the total of more than 80 events in Dublin alone. Have a look for all events here www.adultlearnersfestival.com/yourarea/county.html#dublin to find what interests you.

20-24 Feb: 11:00 Daily during the Adult Learner’s Week – National Library, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. – During the Adult Learner’s Week you are invited to get to know the National Library and how to become user. Learn how to get a Reader’s Ticket, how to search the catalogues, how to order materials and much more. No booking required and admission is free. www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx

Mon 20 Feb: 13:00-14:00 – RDS Concert Hall, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
The RDS continues its series of lunchtime recitals in the RDS Concert Hall called “Rising Stars Music Recital”. The Spring Series features music from three young Irish pianists chosen to participate in the Dublin International Piano Competition 2012, as well as musicians from the CIT Cork School of Music. On Monday Nadene Fiorentini will perform Messiaen: Le Baiser de l’Enfant Jesus, Liszt: Valee d’Obermann and
Ravel: Valses Nobles et Sentimentales.
The next recitals in the series will take place on 27 February and 05 March. Admission is free and no advance booking is required. www.rds.ie/cat_event_detail.jsp?itemID=1099522

20-23 Feb: City Library, Ilac Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1
The Dublin City Public Libraries Career Direction and Development Programme 2012 continues with 3 Information Stands and 1 workshop during the month of February.
+ Mon 20 Feb: 13:00-16:00: Attention Job-Seekers. Get the Skills you Need
+ Tues 21+22 Feb: 13:00-16:00: A World of Equal Opportunities through Learning
+ Thurs 23 Feb: 14:00-16:00: Looking for Information on Adult Learning Opportunities

Mon, Wed, Sat in Feb: 13:10 – Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 – The IFI continues with its free Archive at Lunchtime screenings. A number of free programmes will be shown at lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays. The details and the relevant dates when the programme will be screened are:
8, 13, 22, 27 February: www.ifi.ie/film/archive-at-lunchtime-programme-1-19/
6, 15, 20, 29 February: www.ifi.ie/film/archive-at-lunchtime-programme-2-20/
A double-bill of both Programme 1 and Programme 2 will be screened on the Saturdays:
4, 11, 18, 25 February: www.ifi.ie/film/archive-at-lunchtime-double-bill-5/
Admission is free, just collect your ticket at the ticket desk.

Mon 20 Feb: 18:00-19:00 – Science Gallery, Pearse Street, TCD, Dublin 2
“World-renowned philosopher and anthropologist Bruno Latour, the world leader in science studies who pioneered actor-network theory, speaks at the Science Gallery.” The website www.sciencegallery.com/events/2012/02/bruno-latour is full of his achievements and accolades, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the topic of his talk. Maybe he will just talk about his life, studies, work etc. Without a doubt he will be able to fill an hour easily. Make sure you register on the website if you are interested in this talk. www.sciencegallery.com/events/2012/02/bruno-latour

Mon 20 Feb: 18:00 – Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place (near National Gallery), Dublin 2. – “In a different voice” is conceived as a tribute to four voices. It is a reading that brings Ireland and Spain, Spanish and English together. Tribute will be paid to Thomas MacGreevy and Miguel Hernández with Luis Ingelmo reading poems by MacGreevy in Spanish and Michael Smith reading poems by Miguel Hernández in English. dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha79099_16_2.htm

Mon 20 Feb: 18:00 – UCD School of Architecture, UCD Campus, Richview, Belfield, Dublin 4. – This lecture series is intended to present a view of the architectural interests and preoccupations of former teachers in relation to those of new members of staff. Each speaker is asked to present a short lecture (15-20 minutes) on a particular work of architecture from the period 1911-2011 which they found inspirational at first sight, a first encounter with modern architecture that made a lasting impression on them. On 20 Feb the speakers are James Rossa O’Hare and Yvonne Farrell.

Mon 20 + Wed 22 Feb: 20:00 – S. Kilian’s German School, Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14. – The German-speaking theatre group at Trinity College presents the play “Kottan ermittelt” on 20+22 Feb at St. Kilian’s German School. The play is co-funded by the German Embassy and admission is free. The play is a theatre adaption of the first episode of an Austrian “cult” TV program. It presents a cynical and satirical view of the civil service, police work, hierarchies, prejudices by and in a modern multicultural society.

Mon 20 Feb: 20:00 – Workman’s Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2
Disaffection presents an evening of play readings of new plays by emerging and established Irish playwrights. Om Monday you will hear “Them” by David J. Clune, “Let Love Speak Up Itself” by Del Lennon, “Is There a Place Called Madeira” by MJ Harnett. The free event starts at 20:00 sharp and there are is no late admission.

Mon 20 Feb: 20:00 – Button Factory, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
The Sound Training Centre runs this monthly showcase for local bands. This month the bands are Mother Mooch, Blue Sun, Hard Rockin’ Hobos. Admission is free. Doors open at 19:30. www.facebook.com/events/363919980304018/

Mon 20 Feb: 21:00-23:00 – Stag’s Head (downstairs), Dame Lane, Dublin 2
The Comedy Crunch is a free Stand Up comedy event every Sunday and Monday. Every week different comedians entertain and on top of good comedy you will get free ice cream. Admission is free. This Monday’s line up is not fully announced and no Event Facebook Page has been set up this week. But two names are mentioned: Edwin Sammon and John Brennane will entertain.

* Solar Trio Gig in Anseo (Camden Street, D2) on the first three Mondays of every month. Jazz standards along with totally improvised on the spot jams.
* Comedy Crunch – The Comedy Crunch is a free Stand Up comedy in the Stag’s Head, Dame Lane from 21:00 every week on Sun+Mon. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Comedy-Crunch/83791357330
* Upbeat Generation is playing Soul/Funk/Rock Covers in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 from 23:30. Admission is free.


The Tuesday before lent is called Pancake Tuesday in Ireland and interestingly also in Russia! Even Irish people that wouldn’t touch a pancake the whole year through seem to have a strange and inexplicable craving or even obsession with eating pancakes on that day. ;-) Traditionally pan cakes where a luxury and were the last bit of luxury before the 40 days of lent on the way to Easter. But why people that don’t adhere to the rules of lent anymore, still have to have their pancakes is a sociological mysterium.

Tues 21 Feb: 10:30-11:15 – National Gallery, Merrion Square, Dublin 2
The talk “The World of the Stained Glass Artist! with George Walsh, Artist will take place and admission is free. www.nationalgallery.ie/whatson

Tues 21 Feb: 18:00 – Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place (near National Gallery), Dublin 2. The opening talk and reception for the exhibition Desigñ will take place on Tuesday. The title of the talk is “Innovation and recycling” and the talk will be followed by a wine reception. Find out more about the exhibition in this week’s Exhibition Section in this Event Guide or here dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha79359_16_2.htm
The talk/discussion will be about the new trends of Spanish and Irish design, under the common statement that sustainability of all products starts on design. The participant on the Spanish side is Carolina Blázquez, Creative Director of ECOALF, a company designing urban-outdoor apparel, footwear, luggage and other articles with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Some of ECOALF’s products are represented in the exhibition Desigñ. The Irish side will be represented by Kate Cronin, the creative force of Klickity, an Irish company devoted to quality design and the protection of the environment. She is also involved in Remake, a network of Irish designers working with recycled materials. dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha80052_16_2.htm

Tues 21 Feb: 18:00 – Trinity College Dublin, GMB Building, Debating Chamber.
University College Dublin vs. Trinity College Dublin is the line-up and the topic is “Deutsch ist out – English ist in? Zu viele Anglizismen bedrohen die deutsche Sprache!”. Interesting question…I find! :-) The German Ambassador Dr. Lübkemeier will attend and so can you: Everyone is welcome!

Tues 21 Feb: 17:00-18:00 – Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8. A Talk + Exhibition Preview of “Conversations: Photography from the Bank Of America Collection” with Dr. Justin Carville, Lecturer in History & Theory of Photography, School of Creative Art, IADT, Dr. Justin Carville, Lecturer in History & Theory of Photography, School of Creative Art, IADT, will discuss the significance of photography in the Bank of America Collection to the wider context of American cultural history. www.imma.ie/en/subnav_50.htm

Tues 21 Feb: 18:00 – House 86 St Stephen’s Green Dublin 2
Book Launch – A Labour History of Ireland – Newman House, Dublin2
The book launch of “A Labour History of Ireland 1824-2000 ” by Emmet O’Connor with guest speaker Dr. Conor McCabe (author of Sins of the Father), will take place. All are welcome. www.indymedia.ie/article/101360

Tues 21 Feb: 18:30-19:30 – Science Gallery, Pearse Street, TCD, Dublin 2
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of TCD’s Green Week, the longest running college green week in Ireland, the Simon Perry Sustainability Lecture 2012 “Think Global, Act Local” will take place. This event will cover how each and every person can contribute to improving sustainability and how engineers can promote sustainable development. It will also outline Trinity’s path to gaining a Green Flag (similar to those for Green Schools).
This lecture’s speakers will include the host, comedian Abie P. Bowman; MD Kingspan Renewables, Gerard Whelan; CEO www.EnergyElephant.com, Joseph Borza and other guest speakers. This event is brought to you by the Trinity College Recycling & Environment Committee (CREC) & Engineers Ireland Young Engineers Society (YES). Admission is free and all are welcome but booking a place is strongly advised on

Tues 21 Feb: 18:30 – Alliance Francaise, 1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2
The talk “The Invention of Paris” by Éric Hazan will take place. “The Invention of Paris” is a tour through the streets and history of the French capital under the guidance of radical Parisian author and publisher Eric Hazan.
“Hazan reveals a city whose squares echo with the riots, rebellions and revolutions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Combining the raconteur’s ear for a story with a historian’s command of the facts, he introduces an incomparable cast of characters: the literati, the philosophers and the artists —Balzac, Baudelaire, Flaubert, Blanqui, Hugo, Maney, and Proust, of course. What has changed in Paris in the last 10 years since the book was published in 2002?” The talk will be in French and the Q&A will be in French and English. Admission is free and books will be available in French & English for signing. alliance-francaise.ie/culture/

21 Feb (19:00) + 23 Feb (18:00) –
“Mexico, the way towards democracy” by Dr. José Woldenberg is an account of Mexico’s democratic path, described by one of its most important witnesses and key players. José Woldenberg, a prominent professor, researcher and writer, served as Director Chairman of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) during the historic 2000 election, in which an opposition party won the Presidency of Mexico for the first time in more than seventy years. Undoubtedly, one of the most authoritative voices to discuss Mexico’s democratic transition.
The lecture on 21 Feb will take place in Trinity College (Robert Emmet Lecture Theatre – Arts Building) in Spanish with English consecutive interpreting. The lecture on 23 Feb will take place at the Instituto Cervantes Dublin in Spanish (Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place (near National Gallery), Dublin 2)

Tues 21 Feb: 19:30 – Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre, Dalkey, Co. Dublin
“Dubliners” is the nominated book for the ‘One City -One Book’ in April and this series of events will discuss, analyse and enliven the book. Dubliners is a collection of fifteen short stories by James Joyce. It took three years to write and it was published in 1914. The first three stories deal with childhood, second three with adolescence (in Joyce’s day this went up to thirty – there were no teenagers then!). The final ones deal with adult life. All the stories are drawn together in the final well known story… ‘The Dead’. At the event speakers and actors will help to bring the text to life. The series of events continues on 06, 20 March and 17 April. Admission is free, but booking is essential on maeve@dalkeycastle.com or 01-285 8366 www.dlrevents.ie/dubliners.html

Tues 21 Feb: 19:30 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
At this Opening Night of the Peregrine Reading Series, Ulick O’ Connor, Geraldine Mills, Ferdia MacAnna will read at the Irish Writers’ Centre, kicking off the series of prose readings, Peregrine Readings. The readings will commence in the Centre and be taken afterwards to the County Library and Boyle Library in Roscommon. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

Tues 21 Feb: 20:30 – Harbour Bar, Bray, Co. Dublin
Kinoteka will be screening “Kontroll”, a Hungarian black comedy from 2003. Admission is free. www.facebook.com/Kinoteka.Bray

* Open Mic Night with The Last Tycoons in O’Donoghue’s on Suffolk Street every Tues from 20:00. It’s free and anyone can get up, sing a song or do whatever they like. www.facebook.com/pages/ODonoghues-Open-Mic/71834618844
* Live Jazz and Blues from 21:00 every Tuesday in the International Bar on 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2.
* In the Bankers Inn on Trinity Street (off Dame Street) at 21:30: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Dave Murphy. A contribution is requested but not required. This is a listening club so is very quiet and features a lot of experienced songwriters trying out new material. www.myspace.com/davemurphyandfriends
* White Chocolate is playing Rock Covers from 22:00 in The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2


This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the end of carnival (in other countries) and the beginning of lent (for Christians). In Ireland you will see still some (often older) people with what appears to be dirt on their forehead. It is not dirt, it is ash that they got in a church during the mass and decided not to wipe it off. I was puzzled about that tradition when I saw it the first time and still didn’t get used to it. ;-)
Lent means the oddest thing to people. Some will give up chocolate and will complain about if for the next 40 days. Others give up alcohol or cigarettes and manage for 40 days, just to break and ruin this achievement again at Easter. On the odder end (from a logical point of view) are the people that give up this one spoon of sugar that they normally add to their tea of coffee. Interestingly, the lent “goals” are often more successful than the New Year’s Resolutions.

Wed 22 Feb: 07:00-08:45 – National College of Ireland, IFSC, Mayor Street, Dublin 1
The business breakfasts at the NCI are continuing. The series features outstanding, innovative speakers on a range of thought-provoking topics in the areas of management, marketing and human resource management. On Wed 22 Feb Karen McCormick, Vice President HR Europe with Kellogg’s will talk about Human Resources. Admission is free and a free, light breakfast will be served. Places are limited and to reserve your seat, book here

Wed 22 Feb: 13:00 – Academy House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2
The Library Lunchtime Lecture Series of the Royal Irish Academy continues. The lectures are in conjunction with the Libraries’ current exhibition ‘From Cromwell to Cholera : A history of Ireland from the Pamphlet Collection of Charles Haliday’. Come along and learn more about this collection and the role of pamphlets in Irish history. This week’s lecture is entitled “One man and his library: Charles Haliday’s pamphlet collection” by Sophie Evans, Library, RIA. No booking required, just come along. www.ria.ie/Events/Events-Listing/Library-Lunchtime-Lecture-Series-%281%29.aspx

Wed 22 Feb: 13:00 – Central Library, Ilac Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1.
“Historic Photos as the Memory of the City” is the tile of this lecture. The Digital Projects Section of Dublin City Public Libraries present a lecture on how the ongoing development of the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection has created a resource that captures the ‘memory’ of Dublin’s streets, shops, and sights in the second half of the twentieth century. These seemingly ordinary photos taken by Dublin Corporation staff have become extraordinary with the passing of time.
Admission is free, but booking is required at 01 8734333 or centrallibrary@dublincity.ie For more information

Wed 22 Feb: 13:10 – National Library, Kildare Street, Dublin 2
This event is part of the Festival of Russian Culture. “Introduction to Pushkin’s short stories. Remembering the 175th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin’s death. The Undertaker” is the long title and explanation of it. www.nli.ie/en/list/current-events.aspx

Wed 22 Feb: 15:00 – National Botanic Gardens, Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
The lecture “Science of Plants – Saving plants can save the planet” with Noeleen Smyth will deal with the vital role that Botanic Gardens play in conserving plants threatened with extinction both here and overseas, and why such work is so important to our daily lives. www.botanicgardens.ie/news/events.htm

Wed 22 Feb: 18:00 – Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place (near National Gallery), Dublin 2. – “La soledad” (2008) by director Jaime Rosales is the title of the next film in the film series “Goya Awards”. The film will be in Spanish with subtitles. dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha78822_16_2.htm

Wed 22 Feb: 19:00 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
Seven Towers Agency Ltd. invite to the launch of Census 3, The Third Seven Towers Anthology. Containing the work of just under a hundred writers and artists, Census 3: the Third Seven Towers Anthology, offers the very best from the cutting edge international world of performance art and live readings. Drawn from live performances by local East Wall (Dublin) writers, including sculptor Joe Moran, novelist Oran Ryan, broadcaster and writer Steve Conway, activist and historian Joe Mooney, and International writers including New Zealand poet Ross Hattaway, New York based Oklahoma poet Quincy Lehr, San Franciscan Lora Lee Templeton, also Irish poets Seamus Cashman and Greagoir O Duill among many others.

Wednesdays: Mother Reillys, 26/28 Upper Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6
Bad Boy Jake, a band from Dublin that draws influences from all over the music spectrum including Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, blues rock and classic rock, is playing every Wednesday in Mother Reilly’s.

Every Wed from 21:00-23:00, The Swing Factory (Paul Sweeney – trumpet, Neil McMahon sax, Bob Whelan vocals/keys Dave Fleming bass, Ian Hyland – drums) will be playing Jazz in O’Reilly’s Pub in Sandymount, D4. Admission is free.

* The “Havana International Language Exchange” is taking place every Wed from 16:00-19:00 in Havana Tapas Bar in George’s Street. There are many Spanish speakers and English-speakers are explicitly invited, but everyone else is certainly very welcome too, to meet for a chat to improve your Spanish or English. www.havana.ie/opening%202009.htm www.facebook.com/pages/Havana-Tapas-Bar/10503361821
* “The Zodiac Sessions” is a regular open mic event from 20:30 in Bruxelles (between Grafton Street and Westbury Hotel) for unsigned musicians. Admission is free and there is a different line-up every week. www.thezodiacsessions.com/
* “The Song Room” is another open mic event. It takes place in The Globe in George’s Street at 20:30 every Wednesday. www.hamletsweeney.com/events/
* Traditional Irish Music Session in Hedigan’s (The Brian Boru) in Phibsborough from 21:30 every Wednesday. If you play an instrument you are especially welcome (all levels are welcome).
* Seven Deadly Skins are playing Reggae/Ska Covers from 22:00 with DJ Dotsie later. The Mezz, 24/25 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, D2. Admission is free.


Thurs 11:00-18:00 – 72 Thomas Street (between the Vicar St venue & Cafe Notto)
The Ferocious Mingle Market is a flea-market type permanent market with stalls and “chalets” for traders. The Oscar Verne Café and (at least at the weekends) live music adds even more character. www.facebook.com/mingle.mkt

Thurs 23 Feb: 13:00 – Central Library, Ilac Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1
Join Michael Grant to explore “The World of the British Musical”.
For the last event on Thurs 23 Feb the theme is “The Great Era of the British Musical” when Michael Grant will be looking at the British musicals of the second half of the 20th century. (The Boyfriend, Oliver, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats, Starlight Express, Phantom of the Opera, Blood Brothers, We Will Rock You, Billy Elliot etc.)
Admission is free, but booking is essential at the Music Library via 01-6744843 or musiclibrary@dublincity.ie

Thurs 23 Feb: 14:30-16:30 – Long Room Hub, Trinity College, Dublin 2
The public seminar ‘Women and Homelessness in Ireland’ with Paula Mayock and Sarah Sheridan, School of Social Work and Social Policy & Children’s Research Centre will take place. www.tcd.ie/Secretary/Communications/Noticeboard/data/21572.html

Thurs 23 Feb: 16:00 – Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
The public lecture “Barry Flanagan, Concrete Poetry and the Experimental Avant-Garde” by lecturer Jo Melvin will take place. This lecture is free and open to the public. Early arrival is recommended as places are limited. Find more details here www.hughlane.ie/lectures/lectures-past/510-barry-flanagan

Thurs 23 Feb: 18:00 – Boydell Room, House 5, Trinity College, College Green, Dublin 2. Irish Composer Andrew Hamilton speaks in Trinity College. Hamilton will focus on his recent piece “right and wrong” (2011) and will examine in detail his writing process and the various types of music that inform it.
This event is part of the Music Composition Centre, launched in January 2012. The Centre is providing a new platform to produce active, practical composers equipped for the emerging music of the 21st century. The talk is free and tickets must be reserved by emailing Claire Hefferon at compcent@tcd.ie www.tcd.ie/music-composition/news www.facebook.com/events/297769460284311

(see details in Tuesday section)

Thurs 23 Feb: 18:30 – Central Library, Ilac Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1
Dublin City Public Libraries, in association with The Communications Clinic, continues its 2012 Career Direction and Development Programme, on Thurs with the free workshop How to Get and Keep the Job You Want.
“This workshop will be delivered by careers expert Eoghan McDermott. Eoghan is head of the Careers Clinic in the Communications Clinic in Dublin and has many years of experience working with people in the employment market, in good times and bad. On a daily basis he is helping people get the jobs they want. He is a frequent contributor on career-related, communication and media topics to newspapers, professional publications and other media. He is also author of The Career Doctor.”

Thurs 23 Feb: 13:00 – Tower Record, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2
Keywest will be in Tower Records for an In-Store Event at 13:00.

Thurs 23 Feb: 19:00 – Cassidy’s Hotel, Cavendish Row, Parnell Square, Dublin 1
As part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 (20-27 Feb), the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign hosts a talk and film screening with Iyad Burnat, a leader of the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall. Iyad will talk about the ongoing civil, non-violent resistance campaign, both in Bil’in and in other areas like Nabi Saleh, Nil’in, Budrus and Sheikh Jarrah. Born in 1973, Iyad Burnat is the head of the Bil’in popular committee and Friends of Freedom and Justice. www.ipsc.ie/press-releases/iaw2012

Thurs 23 Feb: 19:00 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
The next Lonely Voice Short Story readings will take place on Thurs. Four short-listed writers will read from their winning stories. The readers will be selected anonymously by a guest judge. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

Thurs 23 Feb: 18:30 – Customs House, Dublin 1
This event was originally announced for a location on the UCD campus, but seems to be moved to Customs House now. The event is a Q&A with Dr Tony Scott and Evelyn Cusack. Dr Tony Scott is the founder of the BT Young Scientist Exhibition and is a physics lecturer in UCD. Evelyn Cusack, Gerald Fleming, Gerry Murphy and Aidan Nulty are among his past pupils and he has many tales to tell. The audience will also get a chance to ask both Tony and Evelyn questions. Admission is free but booking is required here www.irishmetsociety.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&view=Events&layout=register&Itemid=219 It seems that all seats are booked up, but standing room and a waiting list are still available. Refreshments will be served from 17:30. More information is available here: www.irishmetsociety.org/feb-2012-lecture

Thurs 23 Feb: 19:00-22:00 – Whelan’s (Front Bar), 25 Wexford St, Dublin 2
The Western, Rockabilly, Rock n’ Roll band “Moo!” will perform in Whelan’s and admission is free. www.mooband.com www.whelanslive.com/index.php/archives/8389

Thurs 23 Feb: 19:30 – Twisted Pepper Café (Loft Bookstore), 54, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1. – The Dublin Writers’ Forum is back after the Christmas break and welcomes writers of all genres, of all ages and all levels of experience. Founded and facilitated by writers Liz McSkeane and Anne Tannam, DWF is an open group of writers who share a common passion for all things literary. It is a safe ‘working space’ where on a weekly basis writers can bring their work to be critiqued by other writers. More information can be found at www.facebook.com/DublinWritersForum

Thurs 23 Feb: 20:00 – Workman’s Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2
The line up for this gig on Thurs in the Workman’s Club is Hazy Dayz, The Chaperones, Daniel Ring. More information about the performers can be found here: www.theworkmansclub.com/2012/02/17/control-230212/

What was the Odeon Movie Club is now the 4 Dame Lane Movie Club since the Odeon closed down. However, the Odeon programme will currently not be continued. Instead the movies will be 23 Feb: The Class, 01 Mar: Napoleon Dynamite, 08 Mar: Psycho, 15 Mar: Labyrinth. Admission is free. www.facebook.com/events/338051012884510/

Thurs: 20:30 – O’Reilly’s Rock Bar, underneath Tara Street DART Station, Dublin 2
If you are a Singer, Songwriter, play an Instrument or just want to jam then come to the Railway Sessions in O’Reilly’s every Thurs at 20:00 and showcase maybe a new song or a cover. All performing musicians will receive a complimentary drink. The event starts at 20:30. To contact the organisers: info@dublinsocialtv.ie An Indie-Rock Club starts immediately afterwards at 23:00. Admission free.

Thursdays: 21:00 – Sin É, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1
Sin È are running regular live music events and one regular event is with the Brazilian Soul + Funk Band “Banda Baque Soul” on Thursdays. www.facebook.com/sin.e.dublin?sk=wall

Thurs 23 Feb: 21:30-23:30 – Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Dundrum (near Luas Stop)
Acoustic and Roots music performed by The McGrane Family with Cathy McEvoy (Fiddle) Con Butler (bass) Gerry Fitzpatrick (Dobro). Special Guests Pat McGonagle & Dylan Macauley (Blues/Roots), Pat Killalea & Cathal Cusack (Trad), Jo Ryan (Folk/Soul), Dave Hardy (Clarinet). Admission is free.

Thursdays: 21:30 – Frank Ryan’s Bar, Queen Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7
Every Thursday “Left Right & Centre” plays a mix of blues & soul with a bit of rock&roll. www.frankryans.com/2011/10/10/left-right-centre-the-homecoming/

* Lunchtime Market at Christ Church Cathedral from 12:00-15:00. www.irishvillagemarkets.ie/christchurch.php
* Quiz Night in The Lotts Cafe Bar, 9 Lower Liffey St, Dublin 1. Every Thurs a quiz night with great prizes is taking place at 20:00/20:30 depending on football. Participation is free.
* Dimestore Recordings run a weekly event in Sweeney Mongrel’s, Dame Street (formerly Le Cirk) with a variety of bands and performers. It starts at 20:00 and the line up is here: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000163463304&sk=wall
* Songs from a Café is a Dublin singer-songwriter showcase session, dedicated to the art of contemporary songwriting. 20:00-22:00 at Brick Alley Cafe. www.facebook.com/songsfromacafe
* The Max Zaska group and the Patrick Groenland group will perform on alternating Thursdays from 21:00 in the International Bar on 23 Wicklow Street.
* “Thirsty Thursday” Open Mic Night from 21:00 in the Bridge Inn in Chapelizod Village. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bridge-Inn-Chapelizod/350005960758
* The Bionic Rats play live Reggae and Ska every Thursday in Turk’s Head from 22:00. Admission is free. www.facebook.com/TURKSHEADDUBLIN


Fri 24 Feb: 12:00-14:00 – Arnotts, Henry Street, Dublin 1
A fundraising concert by the Dublin Gospel Choir & Guests will take place. Come along and support Oesophageal Cancer Fund’s Lollipop Day. www.lollipopday.ie and www.facebook.com/lollipopday

Fri 24 Feb: 14:30 – RDS, Minerva Suite, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
This talk will coincide with the exhibition currently running in the RDS Library:
‘An Anatomical School in Cork: John Woodrooffe and the Cork Anatomists’. It is also in keeping with a theme of visual culture which is a key feature of the other talks in the Speaker Series this spring www.rds.ie/speakerseries .
John Fraher is Professor of Anatomy at University College, Cork and was the foundation Director of UCC’s multidisciplinary BioSciences Institute. His talk at the Society will be on the subject of the figure in Art. He will give insight into the great variety of artists’ approaches to depicting the body in their work. His talk will consider themes such as realistic anatomy, as depicted by major artists Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the Pollaiuolo brothers.
Admission is free, but you have to book and all details are here: www.rds.ie/cat_event_detail.jsp?itemID=1099556

Fri 24 Feb: 13:00 – Tower Record, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2
The Grand Pocket Orchestra will be in Tower Records for an In-Store Event at 13:00.

24 Feb – 04 Mar: Various locations throughout Ireland
The Engineers’ Week is a week long programme of nationwide events with the aim of celebrating the world of engineering in Ireland. The aim of the week is to create a positive awareness and spark enthusiasm about the engineering profession to people of various ages with little or no engineering background. The week is coordinated on a national basis by Engineers Ireland.
There will be workshops, talks and all sorts of other events. Currently the website at www.engineersweek.ie/ lists 54 events for Dublin alone. Some are for students at school age, but there are a good few for grown ups too. The website contains all the information, but is not the easiest to navigate and collating 54+ events (there could be more over the next few days) to put in the Dublin Event Guide is not really possible, so please check the website. www.engineersweek.ie/

Fri 24 Feb: 13:05 – Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
A lunch time reading with Shane Connaughton will take place. The Lunchtime Readings will run on Fridays throughout February and March in the Irish Writers’ Centre and are organised in association with Poetry Ireland. The readings will be alternating between prose and poetry, offering audiences the chance to experience a wide-range of literary talent. www.writerscentre.ie/html/events/atthecentre.html

Fri 24 Feb: 19:00 – Synge Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 1
The Humanist Association of Ireland is inviting to their Annual Darwin Day Lecture by Dr Stephen Oppenheimer, author of “A Re-analysis of Multiple Prehistoric Immigrations to Britain and Ireland Aimed at Identifying the Celtic Contributions”. His subject will be Tracking Migrations with DNA with relevance to Britain and Ireland. Admission is free. www.humanism.ie/darwin-day/hai-darwin-day-2012

Fri 24 Feb: 21:00 – Tolka House, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
Rebel Rebel, Ireland’s only David Bowie Tribute Band will play a free gig at
the Tolka House in Glasnevin. www.rebelrebeltribute.com


This section contains events that will happen in the future. Some of them require free tickets and it is mentioned where this is the case. Put the events in your diary and for the ticketed events hurry to request your tickets:

Sat 03 Mar: 12:00-13:00 – Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8. – The IMMA talk “What is Photography?” by Fiona Loughnane will take place. And because the “What is …?” talks are very popular you better book your place soon. The talk provides an overview of photography and its role as medium and mode of documentation in contemporary arts practice. This is accompanied by an essay by Fiona Loughnane, Art Historian and Lecturer, titled Image of Reality / Image not Reality: What is Photography? The talk is supported by an information leaflet which includes summary information about the topic, an essay and supplementary resource material including bibliography, resources and a glossary of terms. www.imma.ie/en/subnav_50.htm

______This is odd!!______________

Please note: This section contains observations taken from the world I live in that strike me as odd. I express my personal opinion and you might not share it. If you are easily offended by opinions that are not identical with your own, please don’t read this
section. ;-)

Did you see the news about the disastrous decentralisation project. It was a completely nonsensical idea right from the start and bit by bit offices will be closed. But inbetween the lines of this article there is something VERY interesting that can’t just be a coincidence. Have a read here www.rte.ie/news/2012/0215/decentralisation.html You will see that one office will be completely closed down and there will be some re-distribution of people and then there is one other office where at the end of the article it says that staff move to it will be maximised. Do you remember from which county the previous Taoiseach was? It was Co. Offaly. And from which county is the current Taoiseach? It is Co. Mayo. And where will the big office be closed? In Offaly!! And where is it planned to maximise the staff move to? Co. Mayo. What a self-serving bunch of egoistical #*$
!&# (fill in your preferred curse word here) are running this country? I never thought much of Enda Kenny, but he has definitely underwhelmed even my extremely low expectations!


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