Event Guide 101: Dublin City Soul Festival, Africa Day, National Drawing Day, Surviving History, Let’s Walk & Talk Tours

May 22nd, 2009

| DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events) No. 101
| 22 May 2009                      Subscribers: 4053

Hi all!

This weekend is after the St. Patrick’s Day weekend the next big weekend in this year’s calendar and I have mentioned in the past that the main event this week was one of the three trigger events that “made” me start writing this Event Guide: It was two years ago when the Dublin City Soul Picnic in Merrion Square was a BRILLIANT event, but not really known by many. After realising that I started telling friends about some of the wonderful free events in Dublin and it all started there. ;-)

Hey, did you see the slight layout changes last week? Many of you unfortunately didn’t. :-S I found out that Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc. do reformate e-mails quite substantially. So if you are a webmail customer, unfortunately you will not get a chance to enjoy the little changes yet. More will come and hopefully everybody will be able to get benefit from the next changes.

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All events listed in this Event Guide are free of any admission charges or at least appear to be free unless otherwise stated. I try to find confirmation in all cases and do my best to double-check the information. However errors can happen and therefore no guarantee for correctness can be given.

______Joerg’s Picks______________

Since this newsletter is getting longer and longer with all the free events available, this section is meant to provide some help in picking and choosing the events I will or would go to. This is not the “best of…” list and if an event is not listed here, it by no means implies that the event is not interesting. Instead my “picks” are just based on my personal preferences, so if it helps you I am glad, but feel free to ignore this section completely! :-) All events mentioned here are described in detail further down.

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Tonight I “have” to go to a Telecoms Industry Charity Ball. Not tooo exciting, but it should be ok. If that wasn’t on tonight, I would go to the Meeting House Square to listen to the upcoming bands. Tomorrow I plan to go to the Blackhorse Flea Market (in Regular Events) and in the evening hopefully to another Soul Festival gig. On Sunday we perform with the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir at the Africa Day in Iveagh Gardens at 13:45, so I will be there at that time, but I prefer Soul Music to the music at the Africa Day, so after our stage performance I will go over to Merrion Square for a while. In the evening we (Gardiner Street Gospel Choir) will be back at the Gospel Mass in Gardiner Street Church. So Sunday will be a busy day. Unfortunately I will miss the gigs in The Mezz. They sound great, but unfortunately I can’t be everywhere. ;-) Next week will be a bit quieter. Apart from my regular Krav Maga training I will work hard on the Event Guide to get it finished a little earlier than normal (hours not days!) because I will be away over the bank holiday weekend.


Do you want to learn to dance Salsa with the most optimistic, bubbly and enthusiastic person I have ever met in my whole life? ;-)  Meet talented Salsa dancer Audrey McGrath! Audrey has teamed up with “salsero” Piers Floyd and together they are “Strictly Come Salsa” and teach classes in Greenwood Studios in Clanbrassil Street. All details about their courses are on www.salsadancedublin.com or on www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=58058058695. To promote their regular 6 week courses, Audrey and Piers have provided me with a nice prize for a competition. The winner will get two places on the current Salsa Beginners course. The first class of the 6 weeks course was yesterday, but due to a late cancellation two spaces became available. So the two Salsa experts decided to take that opportunity to let the Dublin Event Guide Community know about their courses and YOU (+ a friend) could be their Salsa student for the next five weeks from next Thursday (28 May). What was done in Class 1 will be taught to you when you come next Thursday. The course takes place every Thursday from 20:30-21:30. To be in with a chance to win the Five Week course for two, send a mail to dublineventguide@gmail.com with the Subject SALSA and your name and mobile phone number in the body of the mail. Your mail has to be with me by 15:00 on Tuesday 26 May. Please don’t enter the competition if you can’t make the Thursday class!

This is a brilliant prize from Outdoors Ireland! Outdoors Ireland is Nathan Kingerlee’s company and a good few of you will remember that Nathan offered recently climbing trials/tasters for free. I hear it was very successful and this time Nathan has an even better offer!
Outdoors Ireland are offering a free place on one of their upcoming Yoga Adventure Breaks in Killarney in Kerry. Relax and get back to basics with a weekend of yoga, gentle kayaking, leisurely hiking, healthy food & luxurious guesthouse accommodation. This sounds like an amazing weekend and you can find out more on their website outdoorsireland.blogspot.com/2009/04/yoga-activity-weekends.html where you find all booking information as well.
For the readers of the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events), Outdoors Ireland are making one free place available. This prize has a value of EUR 275!!
To enter this fantastic competition check out the details of the Yoga Adventure Breaks on outdoorsireland.blogspot.com/2009/04/yoga-activity-weekends.html and then e-mail the name of the yoga teacher to info@outdoorsireland.com. The e-mail must have EVENT GUIDE as the subject and your name and mobile phone number has to be in the body of the mail together with the name of the Yoga Teacher. Your e-mail has to be with Outdoors Ireland by 18:00 on Wednesday 03 June.
Outdoors Ireland run adventure breaks and trips including Kayak Trips on the Lakes of Killarney, Guided Ascents of Carrauntoohil and Rock Climbing in the Gap of Dunloe.

The Solo Flamenco workshop with renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher Felipe de Algeciras will take place tonight and there are just a few places left if you are interested, but you have to contact Damien (086-8146496) as soon as possible. The workshop will take place on Fri 22 May from 19:30-21:30 and is open to all levels. The fee for the workshop is EUR 30 per person. The workshop will take place in The Studios (www.thestudios.ie/directions.html), a new dance studio in the Docklands area, approx. 200m from the Point Theatre (The O2). Solo Flamenco had made two tickets available for a competition and the lucky winner is Helena Barker! Congratulations! For more information about the workshop go to www.flamencoyalegria.net/?cat=8

All events in this Competition Section are non-free events, but the organisers are making free tickets available for you to win. I usually get lots of competition entries and unfortunately not everybody can win, so even if you are not the winner, please consider going to an event to support the organisers. :-) If you don’t win, and will go to the event, please help showing the organisers that promoting their event in the Dublin Event Guide is beneficial and mention to them that you heard about the event through “Joerg’s Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”. Thanks!

______Dublin News______________

The street itself has been modernised a few years ago but nearly unknown to most there is a part of O’Connell Street that still needs modernisation. Just a little distance north of the Spire there was the Carlton Cinema on the left and it still has its façade, but the building next to it is gone and in its place there is just a fake façade to O’Connell Street. (I have an interesting aerial photo of this area where you can see the Carlton cinema on the left and the empty gap with the fake front to the right. The link is very long so I had to abbreviate it, but the abbreviations are not liked by Spam Filters so you have to build the link yourself. Just copy tinyurl.c om/phdn6k in your browser and delete the space between the c and the o of “com”.)
The WHOLE area from O’Connell Street to Moore Street and from Henry Street to Parnell Street is owned by one consortium (Chartered Land) now and you probably have seen that for quite some while the formerly vibrant Moore Street area is not what it was. Nearly all shops are closed and there are planning notices hanging everywhere. The planning application has been discussed many times and there are many many objections. www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/0421/1224245070732.html
This week a further delay was added: www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/eykfkfcwidkf
The area is meant to be called “Dublin Central” and on the website www.dublincentral.ie you can see a few interesting pictures of what is planned.
I think a renewal of the area makes sense, but it is a pity that all the shops in Moore Street have been closed down. No, they were not the best looking shops, but they had a lot of character. So, I am in two minds about this re-development.

During the week a member of the Event Guide Community contacted me with a very serious issue.
The Dublin of today with all its multiple facets and interesting aspects would be significantly different if it hadn’t been for the inflow and influence of the international population in Dublin. It was not always smooth but it widened the horizon and opened the hearts and minds of most. Unfortunately economic challenges often are the end of tolerance and openness and suddenly existential fears come back to the surface and unfortunately the Irish Government has reacted to these fears in a hasty and rather intolerant way.
In late April, the Tánaiste, Mary Coughlan, announced major changes to the Work Permits system to restrict Work Permits issued to non-EU workers. These changes are due to come into effect on 01 June 2009 already and they will affect all new work permit holders, along with existing work permit holders already in Ireland who are made redundant.
Remember that Non-EU workers are all African and Asian workers in Ireland, but as well US citizens and Australians etc. and only the few EU countries are obviously not affected by this. The new rules are quite tough and make it very difficult for people that have a work permit but were made redundant to get a job in Ireland again.
It is a countries right to determine who is allowed to work and for how long, that is unquestionable. But should humanity not be considered in all this with a very high priority? If a non-EU worker looses his/her job is that not already bad? Should he or she now be as well threatened with being kicked out of the country after having contributed to the Irish economy for years and despite having made Ireland his/her home?
It is a difficult issue and I am not suggesting a clear solution, but I would appreciate if you could inform yourself about it and take action if you feel that the Government is ignoring its Christian foundation.
The Migrant Rights Centre is explaining their take on things here www.mrci.ie/news_events/documents/StoptheChangestotheWorkPermitssystem.email.doc

The Irish Fashion and Beauty website, iVenus, is offering a 2-for-1 voucher in co-operation with Milano, the pizza restaurant. You can find the link here www.ivenus.com/2439/#/2439 or if you want to cut through the chase you can go directly here www.ivenus.com/survey/milano/

Connector and Canon are inviting digital filmmakers to submit short freecording movies (max. 3 minutes long) for the Connector & Canon Digital Video Contest. Freecording is capturing your world in your own unique fashion and from your own perspective. Prizes include a Canon XH A1 and runners up will receive EUR 500 and EUR 250 respectively. In addition, the shortlisted top 10 entries will be showcased at a very special Connector screening event in June 2009 attended by Liam Cunningham. Entrants can enter their work for consideration by videos to YouTube.com and have to register on www.connector.ie/sponsors/canon. The deadline for submissions if 01 June 09.
Deadline for submissions: 1 June 2009


The current economic situation requires many of us to be a lot more flexible, innovative and to venture in new directions. No government can’t turn the ride around! They can balance the books – or at least try to, but the solution will not be found by the government. In my opinion only courageous individuals will be able to trigger the turn around. If you are one of the courageous people and have recently started a company – out of need or because you saw this great opportunity -, I am happy to help you! If you want, I will let the 4000+ readers of the Event Guide know about your new business and hopefully that will help you a bit. Let me know what you do and over the coming months I will regularly introduce a new company/project/venture/idea.
(Please note that this offer is for start-ups in relatively early stages, not for established companies/enterprises. If you are established and you want to reach the readers of this Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) I will be happy to discuss the (very inexpensive) advertisement options with you. :-) )

If you want to promote your start-up/young company here for free, let me know (dublineventguide@gmail.com).

Ana Conlon contacted me last week and told me about her new venture. Ana’s company Video Productions Ireland (www.videoproductions.ie) is producing wedding videos and is currently offering some special deals (go to PACKAGES) on the “Wedding Videos” Site if you book before July. If your wedding is coming up soon or if one of your friends will stroll down the aisle in the coming months, have a look at the samples on the website and let your friends know about Ana’s business.


The 179th RHA Annual Exhibition will take place at the RHA Gallagher Gallery on Ely Place from 26 May – 25 July 2009. Over half the work included in the exhibition is selected by the academy Council from an open call and the remainder is made up of work by Members, Academics, Associates and Honoraries, as well as invited artists. The RHA Annual Exhibition will open on Monday 25 May 2009 from 4 to 9pm.
(Gallery Details: Royal Hibernian Academy, 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2, www.rhagallery.ie, Open: Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00 Sun 14:00-17:00)

‘The operation was successful but the patient died’ is an exhibition of work by Maeve Clancy and Chris Haughton. The exhibition will be on show from 21-24 May. (Gallery Details: Crow Gallery, 6 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, www.crowgallery.net, Open: 12:00-18:00)

‘Human Landscapes’ is an exhibition by Odette Farrell and it will be on show from 21 May – 20 June. (Gallery Details: Urban Retreat Gallery, at the chq Building on Hanover Quay, Docklands, 01-478 5159, Opening Hours: Tues-Fri: 12:00-18:30, Sat 12:00-16:00.)

‘Brandwashed’ is an exhibition of spray painted figures and hand painted characters and logos by John O’Connor. It will be on show at No Grants Gallery in Temple Bar from 18 May to 01 June 2009. www.johnoconnor.ie (Gallery Details: NGG (No Grants Gallery) in Temple Bar Cultural Information Centre, 12 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2)

‘Lightbox’ is an exhibition of photographic works by 23 third year BA Photography students from DIT Temple Bar. The exhibition will run from 21-27 May 2009 at The Joinery on Arbour Hill. (Gallery Details: The Joinery, Arbour Hill, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, www.thejoinery.org, Open: ???)

‘Iridescence A’ is a collaborative work by The Good Hatchery artists Carl Giffney and Ruth Lyons. The exhibition will open at Monster Truck Gallery & Studios at 19:00 on Friday 22 May 2009 and runs until 02 June. www.thegoodhatchery.wordpress.com
www.carlgiffney.wordpress.com and www.ruth.ie
(Gallery Details: Monster Truck Gallery, 73 Francis Street, Dublin 7, www.monstertruck.ie, Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun: 13:00-19:00, Wed closed, Thurs: Opening night 18:00-20:00)

‘Crippling Images’ is a visual art exhibition that will be on show in Gallery 2 of Rua Red in South Dublin Arts Centre in Tallaght from 19 to 29 May 2009. The show is featuring work by South Dublin Arts & Disabilities Training Programme Graduates, which aims to look at society’s views, opinions, conceptions and misconceptions about people with disabilities. (Venue Details: Rua Red, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, www.ruared.ie, Open: Tues-Sat: 10:00-18:00)

‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’, an exhibition of paintings, mosaics and sculpture by Fiona Dowling will run from 21 Maya – 13 June at Hillsboro Fine Art. (Gallery Details: Hillsboro Fine Art, 49 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1, www.hillsborofineart.com, Open: Mon-Fri: 10.30-18:00, Sat: 10.30-16:00)

‘Ghosts of Mars’ is an installation of wall texts, a grouping of three single channel video loops entitled ‘Untitled (parallax)’ and the audio loop ‘Untitled (blackbox recorder)’ by Mark Hamilton. The exhibition will run from 21 May – 18 July 2009. (Gallery Details: Four Gallery, 119 Capel Street, Dublin 1, www.fourdublin.com, Open: Tues+Wed+Fri: 11:00-17:00, Thurs: 11:00-19:00, Sat: 12:00-17:00)


The UCD Earth Systems Institute is inviting to a weekly seminar about climate change. The next public lecture will take place on Fri 22 May from 12:30-13:30 in The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. The topic is “Using evolution to understand the past and predict the future” by Dr. Emma Teeling, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science. An overview over the whole seminar programme until June 2009 including links to abstracts is here www.ucd.ie/earth

The National Botanic Gardens cultivates and conserves more than 400 rare and endangered plants from around the world. To mark ‘International Biodiversity Day’ a special guided tour of some of these threatened plants will be presented on Fri 22 May at 14:30. Come and see the plant listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “possibly the rarest plant in the world” and hear other stories of the work being undertaken by the Gardens to safeguard biodiversity around the globe. Admission is Free. Meet at the Education and Visitor Centre. (Venue Details: National Botanic Garden, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, www.botanicgardens.ie, Open: Winter (mid-Nov to 16 Feb): Mon-Sun 09:00-16:30, Summer (17 Feb to mid-Nov): Mon-Sun 09:00-18:00, Admission is free)

Tower Records are inviting to an In Store event for an Sound Training Centre Album Launch on Fri 22 May from 17:00. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

The next Worldview Film Club screening is not on Fri 22 May at 18:45 but instead on 12 June!!

On Friday 22 May the Meeting House Square in Temple Bar is the venue for the “Rising Stars” competition where new bands from all over the country could enter a song and you can vote which band you like.
The Top 100 entries are on the Soul Festival Website and you can listen to them there. From 17:00 today some of the bands will perform on Meeting House Square. Admission is free and tickets are available by e-mailing your request to tickets@dublincitysoulfestival.ie. I am not sure if there are still tickets available or if it is now too late, but you might as well try it!

The Dublin City Soul Festival is has started yesterday and is continuing until Sun 24 May. www.dublincitysoulfestival.ie On Friday and Saturday there are a number of gigs in the evening and the remaining free events are here:
21.05.2009 – 24.05.2009 Trad Soul Farrington’s, Temple Bar
21.05.2009 – 24.05.2009 Festival Club @ Cassidy’s, Westmoreland St. (18:00-00:30)
22.05.2009 The Goods, a soul funk groove, Porterhouse, Temple Bar from 23:00
22.05.2009 Everyday People, Auld Dubliner, Temple Bar from 23:00
23.05.2009 Padraig Rushe & His Soul Band, Porterhouse, Temple Bar from 23:00
23.05.2009 The Goods, a soul funk groove, Auld Dubliner, Temple Bar from 23:00
24.05.2009 The 9 Bar Band, Porterhouse, Temple Bar from 18:00
To find out more AND to find out about the free movie screenings, check out www.dublincitysoulfestival.ie

* James Sheeran (Acoustic/Rock/Trad) is playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. And The Eastern Harps (Trad) are playing there from 20:00. Admission is free.
* Sahaja Meditation program every Friday at 19:30 at 4/5 Eustace Street (bell 3, next to the IFI), Temple Bar. For more information contact Seamus on SHarten@upc.ie www.templebar.ie/home_ns_9_action_view_nid_229.html


On Sat 23 May from 09:30 – 17:00 the 11th Medieval Dublin Symposium will take place in the Robert Emmet Theatre in the Arts Building in Trinity College Dublin. The event is free and all are welcome and you can find all the details of the days schedule here fmd.ie/symposia/symposium-2009.html

I still don’t know if admission to this flea market is free and I am not even sure if it is taking place this week. The organisers are not good at all when it comes to advertising their event! :-( In March I read that the May date will be 23 May, but I can’t find any confirmation so don’t rely on it too much.
This is a flea market/car boot sale (without the car boot) in the Basement of the Abbey Presbyterian Church on Parnell Square (next to the Writers Museum). From 11:00-15:00 you can buy treasures there or enjoy a cup of coffee and a cake. If you want to sell goods, please contact Alan or Ruth 01 8378600 or on findlatersfleamarket@gmail.com, a table for sellers costs EUR 15.

As part of National Drawing Day, a nationwide initiative started by the National Gallery of Ireland, the following galleries and art centres, as well as many more around the country, are holding special drawing events this Saturday, 23 May 2009. For a full list of participating institutions, please visit:
* The LAB (Dublin)
‘Drawing the Shadow’ is a workshop with visual artist John O’Connell that will take place on 23 May 2009 in The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1. The LAB invites adults and families to participate in this fun day of drawing that will involve the use of a shadow play screen. Times: Adults: 11:00, Families: 14:00. www.thelab.ie
* Mermaid Arts Centre (Wicklow)
Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray will be holding a Drawing Day Animation Workshop at 14:00. Suitable for all ages and abilities, visual artist Aideen Barry will demonstrate stop motion animation techniques and teach participants how to animate drawings. Prepare to see your own drawing come to life! www.mermaidartscentre.ie
* Hugh Lane Gallery (Dublin)
The Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square invites families, adults and children to come and help them create a large-scale drawing entitled ‘Walking in the City’ in the gallery’s forecourt from 14:00-16:00 on Saturday 23 May 2009. The gallery’s surroundings and the passing traffic can be used as a backdrop. No booking required.

Farmleigh House and Fingal County Council have teamed up to programme a series of events for National Drawing Day on 23 May from 12:00-16:00. All detiuals can be found here www.farmleigh.ie/media/National%20Drawing%20Day.pdf
Fingal County Council’s Arts Office, have invited a number of contemporary artists to deliver unique drawing workshops. The aim is to present a broad approach to drawing so that everyone can find a way to take part.
For Information and booking on all the events please contact Caroline Cowley, Public Arts Co-ordinator,The Arts Office, Fingal County Council Tel: 01 870 8449 or e-mail: caroline.cowley@fingalcoco.ie or Julie Clarke Youth & Education Officer Tel: 01 890 5960 or e-mail: julie.clarke@fingalcoco.ie
All Events are free, but some require booking.

Viatores Christi, a Catholic lay missionary organisation is holding information seminars for people interested in volunteering in development work at Viatores Christi, 8 New Cabra Road, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 on Saturday 23 May at 11:00

Henry Winkler will be signing copies of “Hank Zipzer Summer School What Genius Thou” in Eason’s in O’Connell St, Dublin on Sat 23 May 2009 from 12:30. www.eason.ie/events

On Sat and Sun 23+24 May the Cactus and Succulent Show will be presented at the National Botanic Gardens. The show will open at 13:00 on Saturday and at 10:00 on Sunday  and it will take place in the Gallery of the Education and Visitor Centre. (Venue Details: National Botanic Garden, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, www.botanicgardens.ie, Open: Winter (mid-Nov to 16 Feb): Mon-Sun 09:00-16:30, Summer (17 Feb to mid-Nov): Mon-Sun 09:00-18:00, Admission is free)

The Irish Aid Centre on 27-31 Upper O’Connell Street is inviting all children from 8-10 to Children’s Workshops on African Stories and Crafts on Sat 02 May and every Saturday in May. The event is free, but booking is essential via irishaidcentre@dfa.ie or 01 854 6923 or barbara.wilson@dfa.ie. africaday.irishaid.org/celebrations-throughout-ireland/Dublin-Events.aspx Strangely another website specifies an age suitability of 4-10. If you have children younger than 8 years of age you should give the Irish Aid Centre a call and check if younger children are allowed as well. The workshops are from 10:30-11:30 and from 12:00-13:00.

* Drawing Day on Saturday means that the National Museum is inviting to “come and improve your drawing skills under the supervision of a professional artist.” The event is taking place on Sat 23 May from 11:00-13:00. No booking required. Free drop in event for adults. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=409
* “Drawing Day – Drawing Animals!” is the title of this event in Kildare Street on Sat 23 May from 14:00-16:00. To celebrate Drawing Day the National Museum have the return of the very popular drawing animals workshop from last January. No Booking required – drop in event. All Ages www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=439
* The Adult Gallery Talk “Reclining Bulbous: a Question of Contemporary Ceramics” with Caomhán Mac Iomaire, NGI, Artist & Ceramicist will take place on Sat 23 May from 12:00. www.museum.ie/en/list/calendar-of-events.aspx?eventID=371

“Let’s Walk & Talk” is a Dublin City initiative, a series of walking tours throughout different areas of Dublin and with varying topics. All tours are free and booking is not required. On Saturday 23 May at 12:00 a walking tour entitled “Dublin’s Legal Quarter” will take place. Meeting Point is at Phoenix House, Phoenix Street North, Smithfield, Dublin 7 (Smithfield LUAS Station nearby).
And this is what awaits you: “Dublin’s Legal Quarter has a rich and diverse history, with fascinating stories and stunning architecture to be found in this often less visited part of Dublin. From the spectacular building of the King’s Inns to the original Dublin Georgian Street (Henrietta Street) the legal quarter in Dublin 7 was the scene of many pivotal moments in Irish history. And many of these will be discussed during this event which we’ve organised in partnership with the Courts Service. The 2.5 hour walking tour will encompass old and new legal sites of importance, include stop-offs at the ancient Green Street Courthouse and Law Library’s Distillery Building, and culminate in a presentation within the atmospheric Round Hall of the Four Courts, where participants will hear a brief legal history of Ireland from a Senior member of the Judiciary. www.letswalkandtalk.ie

Nearly every Saturday from 15:00-16:00 a National Gallery Family Programme will provide an opportunity for adults and children to enjoy the excitement of learning about the arts through a wide range of free Gallery-based activities including exploring storytelling, music, art, poetry and drama. This week, however, the National Drawing Day will take place on Saturday and for this reason there will be a Gallery Drawing Day from 10:30-16:30. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents4.html

On Saturday 23 May, the Heineken Cup Final Leinster Vs Leinster will be shown on the cinema screen in the Sugar Club in Leeson Street. Admission is free and the event starts at 17:00. www.thesugarclub.com/what-is-on.html

Delta Creed are performing on Sat 23 May live rock and blues at the Slaughtered Lamb, Swords, Co. Dublin swords from 22:00. Admission is free. www.gumtree.ie/dublin/20/39154320.html

Check the Friday section for a number of free concerts tonight.

* Don’t forget that the Temple Bar Markets (Temple Bar Food Market on Meeting House Square and – on a long break until 14 March – the Temple Bar Designer Mart near Cow’s Lane) are taking place every Saturday from 10:00-16:30.
* The SuperNatural Food Market is taking place every Saturday from 09:30-15:30 in St. Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse Street, Dublin 2. www.supernatural.ie
* The Dublin Food Coop runs a food market every Saturday (09:30-16:30) and Thursday (14:00-20:00) at Newmarket in Dublin 8. Fresh local and artisan produce, mainly organic, and other products for sustainable living are on sale. www.dublinfood.coop
* Sunday Market & Car Boot Sale at Kart City
Old Airport Road, Santry, Dublin 9. The Kart City Weekend Market is open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 08:00-16:00 and until the end of May all car boot sellers can sell for free. sundaymarket.ie/
* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Saturday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* Enda Reilly (Acoustic/Rock/Trad – www.myspace.com/endaderoad) is playing from 19:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Fiach (Acoustic/Rock/Soul – www.myspace.com/fiachmusic) is playing there from 21:00. Admission is free.
* Island of Tranquility – A meditation evening organised by the Worldview Project at 19:00. worldview.project.googlepages .com/invitationtotheislandoftranquality (Pls remove the space before the “.com” in the web address.) is taking place in 24 Burlington Road near the Burlington Hotel in Dublin 4.
* Conrad Hotel Latin Club – ObsessionSalsa is running a weekly Latin Club in the Conrad Hotel at Earlsfort Terrace. Admission is free before 22:00 and EUR 5 after that. obsessionsalsa.com
* Havana Tapas Bar is inviting to a Salsa Night with afro-latin percussion every Sat night 22:30-02:00. Bachata, salsa, merengue, reggeaton with resident DJ Papi Chulo. Food is available until 00:30 and usually there is plenty of room to get dancing.

______Sunday __________________

On Sunday from 12:00-19:00 the Soul Picnic, a free Open Air Concert, will take place in Merrion Square. I would love to tell you who will perform on stage in these 7 hours, but unfortunately the line-up will not be revealed. Instead it is a lucky dip-type scenario. The Dublin City Soul Festival is in its third year and in the last two years, the band line-up was very good. Let’s hope that the same will be the case this year. I expect that Ms Nicki & The Memphis Soul Survivors will perform, which will be a super special treat, but who else will be on stage will remain a mystery.
Let’s hope the line-up is good and the weather holds out.
This event is definitely children-friendly, so if the weather is ok, bring your kids with you. ;-) www.dublincitysoulfestival.ie/

As we know well in Ireland: It doesn’t rain, it pours! There is not only ONE free Open Air festival this weekend, there are TWO. Unfortunately two great festivals are competing with each other on the same weekend and that is a big pity. Each of them would keep us going for a weekend on its own. The Africa Day is this year taking place in the Iveagh Gardens, a formerly little known garden between Harcourt Street and the National Concert Hall. But since the Spiegeltent was there for the Dublin Frince Festival and since Comedy Festival and the Taste of Dublin event took place there, a LOT more people know Iveagh Gardens.
The Africa Day at Iveagh Gardens this Sunday  24 May will go from 12:00-20:00 (but please note, there is no access INTO the gardens after 18:00 so if you want to stay until 20:00 you have to have arrived before 18:00. Why? NO idea! It doesn’t make sense to me).
Admission to the event is free and access will be through the Clonmel Street entrance to Iveagh Gardens (off Harcourt Street, Dublin 2). The event programme will include:
– Music by Vieux Farka Touré, with special appearances by Cathy Davey, Kíla, Liam Ó Maonlaí and Frances Black, Paddy Casey, Republic of Loose and African Irish hip hop group Millaz, alongside Congolese musician Niwel Tsumbu, Malawian chart-topper Kenny Gilmore, South African group Heartbreak Cartel, the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir and the Discovery Gospel Choir and Stone & Jezreel.
– An African Bazaar featuring a mock village wedding from Malawi; coffee-making ceremonies from Ethiopia; drumming and dance performances from Uganda and Ghana, and free food samples from all over Africa.
– African board games and giant family jigsaws.
– A hip-hop / DJ area, with R’n’B and rap performances by Rap Ireland, True Blood Souljaz, B.I.C., Resurrection Crew and Crystal Ice.
– Art, craft and photography exhibitions.
– Spoken word by Zimbabwean-born blogger Itayi Viriri; travel writer Manchán Magan; sustainable development expert Professor Frank Convery; world music aficionado Gerry Godley, and social commentator Bryan Mukandi.
– Art for kids: hieroglyphic bookmarks, face-masks and African rain-sticks.
– Hair-braiding and face-painting.
– Sports with SARI, the FAI, the GAA and the Camogie Association.
The full programme for the event is available at www.irishaid.gov.ie/africaday.

Until December 2009 an impressive programme of workshops for children will be provided in Phoenix Park every Sunday from 10:30-12:30. Participation is free. The max number is 20 and the workshops are suitable for ages 5+ (Parental supervision required.) The children’s workshops combine art, nature awareness, history and heritage and are taking place at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre. The upcoming themes are:
24 May – Kings and Queens of Ashtown Castle
07 June – Animals in the Phoenix Park Zoo
14 June – Summer flowers in the Park
21 June – Tracing fun
Bookings & Further Info: 01 6770095 or phoenixparkvisitorcentre@opw.ie

Nearly every Sunday a free “Sunday at Noon” concert is taking place. Until recently that concert always took place in the Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square but it has now been moved to City Hall for a while. From 12:00-13:00 classical music will be performed for you. No booking is required. The next concert on 24 May features the Eolina Quartet. In cooperation with the Bulgarian Embassy it will be a Celebration of the Bulgarian Day of Education and Culture and this day will be celebrated with music for harp, piano, flute and viola, featuring the voice of Valya Balkanska. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=312

On Sunday 24 May 2009 the Hugh Lane Gallery will celebrate Africa Day with poetry readings from 12:00 13:00 and African fabric design sketching, inspired by Yinka Shonibare from 15:00-16:00 in the Hugh Lane Gallery, and interactive workshops with storytelling and origami animals from 14:30-15:30 in the Iveagh Garden. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=286

The Events in the National Museum today are:
* My Museum Family Event: Deadly Moons! On 24 May from 15:00 -16:00 the International Year of Astronomy is celebrated in Kildare Street and Deidre Kelleghan looks at the ten most unusual moons in the solar system- then vote & draw your favourite moon! No Booking required. Age 7–12

Cathal Dunne informs me that The Mezz are running a series of free gigs. Every Sunday five acts ranging from Soul to Funk, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and Alternative/Indie music will perform between 15:00-21:00. The Mezz is in Eustace Street, Dublin 2, in Temple Bar near Dame Street. The event is also a recording session for a video podcast series (to be broadcast on the brand new online media site www.mixtape.ie). This week the performing bands are Mob Fandango, Serious Mischeif, Superkasanova, The Lonely Schizophrenic & Chaser.
And Danny Groenland from Mob Fandango (www.myspace.com/mobfandango) told me that his band will play at 20:00.

On Sun 24 May from 15:00 the National Gallery will invite to the lecture “Drawing Today: A Curatorial Perspective” by Lecturer Jonathan Carroll, Project Arts Centre. www.nationalgallery.ie/html/programevents4.html

“Sunday Sketching”, the weekly workshop in Hugh Lane Gallery (Parnell Square) for 7+ year olds from 15:00-16:00 is this week entitled “Africa Day – Shonibare inspired African designs”. www.hughlane.ie/whats_on_detail.php?id=283

On Sunday 24 May, Jonathan Angus will talk about Steiner/Waldorf Education at 16:00 in the Unitarian Church, St. Stephen’s Green. The talk is entitled “The Ideal Education for Children Today”
This is a hands-on lecture, by an important American Steiner educator, working in Ireland, for Parents, teachers and childcare-workers about why academics brought too early to children is not good, and how a truly holistic education can prepare them to become young people who embrace the future with enthusiasm, compassion, and a deep interest in the world. Admission is EUR 10 but the first TWO arriving there and mentioning the “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)” will get in for free!!

* Sunday Market & Car Boot Sale at Kart City
Old Airport Road, Santry, Dublin 9. The Kart City Weekend Market is open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 08:00-16:00 and until the end of May all car boot sellers can sell for free. The website of the market is sundaymarket.ie/
* Blackhorse Flea Market + Car Boot Sale. Every Sunday from 10:00-18:00 the Blackhorse Market is taking place. You can reach it from Tyrconnell Road and from Kylemore Road and it is within 3 min from Black Horse stop on red Luas line. theblackhorsemarket.com
* The Mary Stokes Band (Blues) from 18:30 in Bruxelles near Grafton Street and near the Westbury Hotel. I listened to them a few times and they are brilliant! It is not clear to me if the band is currently playing every two weeks or only once a month. I will try to find out.
*Jazz in The George in George’s Street from 16:30-18:00: Jazz Band Zrazy.
*Sunday Roast is the event in Thomas Reads “The Oak” in Dame Street/Parliament Street every Sunday from 21:00. Provided are free live music, games & roast potatoes.
* “Loose Change” play in Gibneys Pub, New St., Malahide every Sunday from 18:00-20:00.
* The Tangenteers (Rock/Reggae) are playing from 18:00 in Peadar Kearney’s in 64 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Francois G reported that this 18:00 performance is not taking place. I am trying to find out more.
Ro Byrne (Acoustic/Rock/Indie – www.myspace.com/earthquakehair) is playing there from 21:00. Admission is free.
* The Brazilian Samba Rock Band +55 is playing every Sunday at the Odeon in Harcourt Street from 20:00-22:00, followed by a DJ playing Forro, Axe, and a mixture of Brazilian rhythms and salsa beats. Admission is free before 21:00 and EUR 5 after that.
* Songs of Praise, a Rock Karaoke is taking place every Sunday from 21:00 in The Village in Wexford Street, Dublin 2. www.getpraise.com
* The Burning Effigies are playing afrobeat, jazz, funk and soul every Sunday from 23:00 in Turk’s Head in Parliament Street. www.turkshead.ie
* Gardiner Street Gospel Mass in St. Francis Xavier Church at the top of Gardiner Street near the junction with Dorset Street every Sunday at 19:30. Everybody is welcome independent from your level of religiousness. www.gardinerstreetgospelchoir.com
* Ballymun Gospel Choir Mass at 19:00 in Vir gin Mary Church, Shangan Road, Ballymun.

If you are just looking for Sunday events, please check the event list for Saturday as well. A good few events are taking place on Saturday AND Sunday, but it wouldn’t make sense to list them twice.

______Next Week_______________


FITT Personal Training is offering a free trial session for the Platoon Fitness Boot Camp for Men & Women in Phoenix Park. Boot Camp is an outdoor training program and the 1 hour session can involve a combination of weight training, circuit training, agility and speed training. I am told, numbers are limited and you have to go to www.fittpt.com to register your interest.

On Mondays from 19:30-23:30 the new pub in No. 3 Fade Street hosts SHOOT-OUT, an evening of music and photography. Each night, the work of 5 photographers is showcased on flat screen TVs and projector screens. Throughout the night, guests can vote for their favourite image and the photographer behind the winning image joins 9 other winning photographers over three months to compete for the grand prize. The final is co-adjudicated by public vote and a panel of experts. The event rolls over to a new competition every three months, culminating in an annual grand finale.
No 3 Fade Street is located off Georges Street, a few doors down from Hogan’s Bar.

* From 21:30 in the International Bar, Wicklow Street: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Jacqueline Tuck. Entry is free. The music styles vary from pop to folk to traditional. www.myspace.com/jacquelinetuck
* From 21:30 a traditional Irish music session is taking place in Kennedy’s Pub in Drumcondra. Admission is free.


From Budapest to Brussels, from London to Lisbon, millions of people will be participating in events across Europe to celebrate European Neighbours Day on the 26 May.  “Let’s Walk & Talk” will be inviting you and your neighbours to join in on a couple of historical walking tours.
* Tuesday 26 May at 14:00 -“Historic Legacies from our Nearest Neighbour”.  Meet outside The Barge Pub, Charlemont Street, Dublin 2 (Charlemont LUAS Station is nearby)
* Thursday 28 May at 14:00 – ““Sandymount – A Unique Village”.  Meet at Sandymount Green in Sandymount Village (Buses 2,3 & 18 and Sandymount DART Station close by)

Abbey Theatre’s “Meet the Makers” series of Abbey Talks is inviting to a reading from the author of “Only an Apple”, Tom MacIntyre, on Tues 26 May from 18:00-18:45 at the Abbey Theatre. Admission is free, but reserving a place is essential. www.abbeytheatre.ie/whatson/talks.html

On Tues 26 May Dedalus Press is inviting to a Poetry Ireland Book Launch in the Irish Writers’ Centre, 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1 at 19:00. Three books will be launched on that evening and they are “Tolstoy in Love” by Ray Givans, “Frog Spotting” by Peggy O’Brien and “To Wake to This” by Enda Wyley.

Cine Café, the free fortnightly screening of quality short films, run by Howard Linnane, has found a new home and is now based in the basement lounge of the International Bar, 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 1, between Grafton Street and South Great Georges Street. Howard screens a host of quality short films, including both recent Irish shorts that have been shown at film festivals or on television (eg on RTE’s ‘Shortscreen’, Channel Four) and films from overseas. The next event will take place on Tues 26 May from 19:30. You can contact Howard on 085 1351822.

* In the Bankers Inn on Trinity Street (off Dame Street) at 21:30: An acoustic singer-songwriter session hosted by Dave Murphy. A contribution is requested but not required. This is a listening club so is very quiet and features a lot of experienced songwriters trying out new material. www.myspace.com/davemurphyandfriends


“Surviving History: Portraits from Vilna” is a programme of Photo Exhibition, Public Talks and Documentary Screenings between Wed 27 May and Sat 30 May. The events are taking place in Theatre M, Newman Building, University College Dublin,
Belfield, Dublin 4. Admission is free, but you should pre-register for public talks by calling Valerie Norton in UCD on 01 716 4690.
Surviving History: Portraits from Vilna presents the life stories of ten individuals who survived the Holocaust in Lithuania where ninety-five percent of the 240,000-strong pre-war Jewish population was annihilated. Jews who survived did so because they joined the partisans or the army, or escaped to Russia.
In addition to the photograph exhibition and film, the event will feature a series of talks by renowned Lithuanian historian Ruta Puisyte, Holocaust expert and UCD Professor of History, Dr. Robert Gerwarth, Holocaust survivor, Tomi Reichental and more…
The Photo Exhibition has the following opening hours: 27 May: 18:00-21:00, 28 May: 10:00-21:00, 29 May 10:00-20:00, 30 May: 10:00-13:00
The Evening Seminar Program will take place on 27+28 May with the main talks “The Holocaust in Lithuania – Ruta Puisyte”, “Surviving History – documentary screening”, “Holocaust in Europe – Dr Robert Gerwarth”, “Confronting the Past – Ruta Puisyte” and “Talk by survivor Tomi Reichental”.
The Documentary Screenings will be throughout the four days and the seminar/event programme will provide all the details:

A Seventowers.ie event is taking place in Chapters and Verse in Parnell Street. It is an open mic night with readings from featured Writers and guests, including you! This month the contributors are Lisa McLaughlion,  Quincy R Lehr and others. The event is taking place on Wed 27 May from 19:30-21:30. www.seventowers.ie/cms/index.php?option=com_extcalendar&Itemid=27&extmode=view&extid=289

The Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Cultural Institute, wants to take you on a journey through Spanish cinema, from its inception to more recent productions, at the hands of directors that may be described as young, mythical, exceptional and internationally renowned… You can enjoy the best of Spanish comedies, drama, animation and documentaries. Every week a film will be screened in the Café Literario of the Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2 (near the National Gallery). The next film on 27 May at 18:30 is “Una mujer invisible” (2007) by Gerardo Herrero. All films are in Spanish with English subtitles. dublin.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha53692_16_2.htm

On Wed 27 May the Champions League Final: Manchester United vs Barcelona will be shown from 18:00 on the big screen in the Sugar Club.
6pm www.thesugarclub.com/what-is-on.html

* CoCo Markets at Docklands. Every Wed from 15 Apr-28 Aug from 12:00-14:30 a CoCo food market is taking place at Excise Walk in the IFSC. www.dublindocklands.ie/index.jsp?p=94&n=341&i=26
* The “Havana International Language Exchange” is taking place every Wed from 17:30-19:30 in Havana Tapas Bar in George’s Street. The majority of people there are Spanish or English-speaking, but French, Italians, Polish and Chinese are sometimes coming to and everybody is welcome to meet for a chat to improve your Spanish or English.
* “The Zodiac Sessions” is a regular open mic event from 20:30 in Bruxelles (between Grafton Street and Westbury Hotel) for unsigned musicians. Admission is free and there is a different line-up every week. www.thezodiacsessions.com/
* “The Song Room” is another open mic event. It takes place in The Globe in George’s Street at 20:30 on SOME Wednesdays. The frequency got less predictable in recent weeks/months and you should check the website before going. www.myspace.com/thesongroom
* Traditional Irish Music Session in Hedigan’s (The Brian Boru) in Phibsborough from 21:30 every Wednesday until July. If you play an instrument you are especially welcome (all levels are welcome).
* The Covers play Indie Rock and Alternative from 22:00-01:30 every Wednesday in the Turk’s Head in Parliament Street. (www.turkshead.ie)


Tower Records are inviting to an In Store event with “Margaret Healy” on Thurs 28 May probably from 17:00, however a time was not specified when this was written.. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

Hilary Carty manages a UK investment of GBP12 million in culture. What does it hope to achieve? Could it happen here? Would we want it? In discussion with Mick Wilson, Dean of GRADCAM. The event will take place on Thurs 28 May from 18:00-18:45 at the Abbey Theatre. Admission is free, but reserving a place is essential. www.abbeytheatre.ie/whatson/talks.html

The Connector Meeting No. 10 will take place in the Church in Jervis Street/Mary Street on 28 May from 19:00. The theme this time is “Tribes”. You can find out all details and register here www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=193621315423

* The Bionic Rats play live Reggae and Ska every Thursday in Turk’s Head from 22:00. Admission is free. www.turkshead.ie


The UCD Earth Systems Institute is inviting to a weekly seminar about climate change. The next public lecture will take place on Fri 05 June from 12:30-13:30 in The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. The topic is “The future of crop production in Ireland: climate change and sustainable land use” by Dr. Fiona Doohan, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science. An overview over the whole seminar programme until June 2009 including links to abstracts is here www.ucd.ie/earth There will be NO Climate Change Lecture on 29 May, it seems.

Tower Records are inviting to an In Store event with DC Tempest on Fri 29 May from 17:00. entertainment.ie/venue_information/Tower-Records/32057.htm

The monthly French Friday, a party for all French and Francophiles, will take place on Friday 29 May from 21:00 in the Bia Bar in 28/30 Lower Stephens Street. french-friday.com/

This section contains lots of events this week that happen in the future but where free tickets are required, please check if you are interested in any of the events and request your tickets or book as soon as possible:

On 04 June Carlos Ruiz Zafon will be in Hughes&Hughes in Dundrum. This event with the author of the worldwide bestseller “Shadow of the Wind” will most likely be extremely popular, so you should pre-order tickets from info@hughesbooks.com

From 29 May – 01 June the Docklands Maritime Festival will take place on the North and South Docks along the Liffey. www.docklands.ie/maritimefestival/

On 30-31 May the Battle for the Bay, a breathtaking Kitesurfing competition will take place on Dollymont Strand between Fairview and Howth. www.battleforthebay.com

From Fri 29 – Sun 31 May the Woman’s World Show will be in the RDS in Ballsbridge. Tickets will be EUR 12 on the day, BUT if you register now on www.womansworldshow.com you will get your tickets for free. Have a look if this event is something for you!

______This is odd!!______________

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica the word “libertas” means freedom or liberty (www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/1389461/Libertas) and you would think that whoever uses that word has checked the definition, wouldn’t you? Oddly it seems that Derek Ganley’s party in Poland does understand the meaning and promotes freedom of movement in the EU for all Polish workers. But Libertas in Ireland wants to keep us foreigners out of Ireland! Very very odd!

Re: GOLD FISH MEMORY IN TAXIS from last week, Blandine told me that the first 2722 taxi numbers were redistributed at the time of the liberalisation to avoid resentments against the new taxi drivers. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks Blandine!

Let’s hope that the weather for the Dublin City Soul Festival and for Africa Day is significantly better than it was in recent weeks! ..and if it isn’t go out anyway but bring a big umbrella. :-)

Have a good weekend!


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